How to straighten hair without a hair straightener and hair dryer

Cosmetic products against curls and curls

Today store shelves are filled with hundreds of different tubes and cans, among which you will surely find a fishing line for hair straightening. Let’s consider them in more detail:

  • Smoothing creams are similar in texture to a hair mask or body lotion. True, there are also options in the form of sprays with a point dispenser. The cream is applied to damp strands. In addition to its direct purpose, it serves as a good protection against overheating and ultraviolet. The only disadvantage of this product is its incompatibility with chemical dye, which blocks the cream inside the hair. Nothing bad, of course, will happen, but also the good of the procedure will not be.
  • Straightening whey. very similar to sour cream, although there are also oily mixtures that have a slightly different composition. They apply the same scheme as the creams. apply to clean and damp hair along their entire length, and then dry in the air or with a hair dryer.
  • Binding oils are available in small bottles with a vertical dispenser or dropper. They are used both as a smoothing and a heat-protecting agent. The first method involves rubbing the oil into the palms of your hands and running it over the braids of the hair. The second method is to apply it only on the ends to keep them from splitting.
  • Straightening sprays are suitable for both wet and dry hair. This form is simple and convenient, but has a significant disadvantage. most sprays contain silicone and various additives that tend to accumulate in the hair and destroy their structure.

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Straightening tools for straightening hair without a hair straightener at home

Iron and hair dryer are not the only ways to straighten the hair on your own. Talk about other effective gadgets and procedures.

Straightening comb

Best device for those who want everything at once, but also for those who have very long hair and even such a trivial procedure turns into a real marathon. A heated comb straightens hair without weighing it down, unlike a blow dryer. The gadget can’t get rid of frizz, but there are special detangling products: Frizz Dismiss Hair Oil Spray, Redken, for example, or Frizz Dismiss Oil Serum, Redken. They make combing easier and don’t give your hair a chance to frizz, even in high humidity.

Hair oil

To straighten the hair, you can try to apply oil to the hair to nourish and weight the strands. The recipe is simple: apply olive oil to the entire length, except for the roots, wrap your head in clingfilm and leave for a couple of hours. Then rinse (this will probably take another couple of hours). Do not expect instant results: it will appear after at least three treatments. If it appears.

Professional oils are easier to handle and more effective (in addition, after the natural oils you risk getting a greasy hair, and not at all straight, as expected). The one that gets the most rave reviews on the Internet is Oil Wonders “Amazon Murumuru” smoothing oil, Matrix.

Mysterious murumuru is a type of palm whose seed oil is enriched in this product. Oil Wonders smooths hair and removes frizz without weighing it down. The manufacturer promises smooth straight hair for 72 hours. if used with shampoo and conditioner from the same line. Users confirm that the effect is really long-lasting and cumulative, and sing the praises of the delicate scent of the product, which raises the delight of others.

Straightening masks

To straighten the hair easily, you should prepare for styling. wash your head with a smoothing shampoo and apply a special mask. Folk recipes advise to keep hair in cognac or beer, but experts are against it: professional products are much more effective. A hair stylist’s top 3 favorite:

Liss Unlimited Smoothing Cream, L’Oréal Professionnel: gives you four days of smoothness with its pro-keratin formula. There are also 3 natural amino acids: arginine, serine and glutamic acid. The hair is not smoother, it’s revitalized and nourished. The cream should be applied to wet hair before styling. No thermal protection needed, it’s already in the formula.

Frizz Dismiss Mask, Redken: Keeps hair moist and manageable, while protecting hair from humidity. The result comes from a mix of two ingredients: aquatoril, which controls moisture balance, and pracaxi oil, which moisturizes hair.

Maskeratine mask from Discipline, Kérastase: Disciplines the hair, keeping it light and manageable. No curls. the ultra smoothing polymer along with the modified starch protects the curls from the effects of moisture and keeps them under control. Restore hair. as a matter of course.

Maskeratine Mask, Kérastase

The “turban” or “toga” technique

You can try to straighten hair without temperature exposure or special products at all. In South America, the “toga” or “turban” technique is very popular. The idea is that wet hair should be thoroughly combed and wrapped around the head in one direction. Fasten it with bobby pins (it is desirable to use as few pins as possible so that there are no kinks). Wait until it dries naturally.

Gelatin straightening of curly hair

Don’t know how to straighten your hair without a straightener? Use food gelatin and laminate your strands at home. This substance has beneficial effects on the health of your hair, making it shiny and silky.

  • Dissolve gelatin (3 tablespoons) in hot water (1 cup). Stir it until all lumps disappear.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.
  • Add a small amount of balsam to our gelatine mask as well. This makes it easier to rinse out.
  • Apply gelatin to damp strands, leaving a few centimetres from the roots.
  • Wrap with a polyethylene and a towel.
  • We wait 45 minutes and wash it off with cool water.

Special cosmetic products for smoothing out your hair without a flat iron or hair dryer

Considering how to straighten curls, it should be noted that in addition to mechanical methods, stylists widely practice styling and other means. They are not as effective as electric appliances, but they allow you to smooth out the curls well without a flat iron or hair dryer.

Smoothing cream styling

When using smoothing creams, you can achieve a smooth hair structure without a hair iron or blow dryer and protect it from negative influences. How to straighten curls this way? The product is applied evenly over the entire length of the hair, then the strands should be combed out and dried with a hair dryer. Processing is done by applying a small amount of cream to the palm of your hand and then to the curls with the strands pulled from top to bottom. It is important that the product is applied over the entire surface, without accumulating in the root area.

Straightening serums

Figuring out how to straighten curls without a curling iron and hair dryer, it is worth mentioning about smoothing serums, which are applied to the strands after washing. A couple of drops of the fluid is squeezed out onto the hand and evenly distributed over the curls through a brush or comb. The serum does not wash out after application, but stays on curls and allows to perform their straightening without a flat iron and hair dryer with the simultaneous improvement of hair structure.

How to straighten curls fixing oils

Oils are recommended for girls with fluffy and dry scalps. They are especially good for porous hair, which is characterized by a slight curl. If you are not familiar with how to straighten hair with oil, let us note that it should be applied after washing the head, distributing it evenly on the strands. It’s important not to let it build up at the roots, as it can make hair look messy.

Smoothing sprays

Most sprays contain silicone, which weighs down each hair and prevents it from curling. Means are applied by spraying, and they can be used on both dry and wet curls. They allow your hair to stay smooth for a long time, but if used frequently, they can damage the structure of your hair.

Mechanical Methods

The device most commonly used to straighten hair is a blowtorch. Indeed, with such a device you can quickly make the strands smooth, get rid of curls and excessive frizz. However, frequent use of the iron can cause damage to curls: they become dry and brittle, losing their original shine. To ensure that your hair is always healthy and well-groomed, you should perform such a procedure no more than 2 times in 7-10 days.

Applying it more often leads to:

If you can not do without the iron, it is worth buying a ceramic device, or set the regime with a low temperature. The strands should first apply a thermal protectant.

It is important not to keep the iron on the strands for a long time, besides you should not use it on wet curls.

Without a hair straightener straightens hair with a hair dryer and comb-brushing. Some models of hair dryers may have special comb attachments with prongs. With one, you can get your hair up and running in minutes. The round holes in the base of the brush ensure that your hair does not overheat during drying.

When straightening hair with a hair dryer, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • To perform the procedure on wet strands;
  • The air in the device should be warm to avoid drying out the hair;
  • Before you start the device, apply a thermal protection spray to the strands;
  • hair should be divided into certain zones, highlighting the crown, nape and strands at the temple;
  • The treatment is carried out starting at the back of the head, moving to the temples.

Smoothing fine locks, starting from the roots and moving toward the tips. The hair is then brushed along the entire length. For perfect straightness of the strands of hair the hair dryer is held perpendicular to the head, but the hair is not twisted. This style should last for up to five days.

How to straighten your hair with hair dryer

Combs with a ceramic base are best for unruly or dry strands. The action of hot air with such a comb helps to close the hair cuticle, while cooling the hair. Brush with an aluminum base is better to choose for oily and normal hair, it will give the desired shape, fixing it at the same time for a long time. For fine hair, a natural bristle comb with a wooden base is best. Using this brush, you can quickly smooth your hair, while giving it volume.

Hair stylists advise using a device with ionization to straighten hair. This will ensure the smoothing of the hair structure and eliminate unnecessary electrification. The electro-balance of the hair is normalized when using a hair dryer with ionization, and the ends are less brittle. Moisture begins to absorb into the hair faster, which helps get rid of excessive grease or dryness. Curls become smooth and can hold for up to 4 days.

Tight ponytail

You can straighten your hair without a curling iron using the tight ponytail method. No hot air is used during styling, it’s important to dry hair naturally. It will keep your hair healthy and look very attractive in the same time.

To smooth the curls in this way, you need to do the following steps.

  • Wash your hair with hair straighteners that will make it more manageable and styling. At the same time, hair will not become tangled in combing and styling.
  • Wet hair can be dried gently with a bamboo towel to help remove static. It is important not to squeeze the strands, as this prevents the formation of crunches.
  • Wet strands should be combed out, a fine tooth comb is better for this.
  • Then they should be gathered into a tight ponytail and fixed along its length with elastic bands. This prevents the hair from becoming tangled and it can easily be brushed out when thoroughly dry.

Smoothing hair in this way can hold it in place for days until the next time you wash your hair.

Large curlers

To get smooth curls without straighteners, use curlers. For this purpose, it is better to choose large-diameter curlers with Velcro. Their diameter should depend on the length of the strands. The greater their length, the greater the size of curlers should be taken. It is better to choose equipment with a diameter of 5 cm or more. The hair can be styled in three steps.

  • Shampoo your head and blow dry hair gently. It is important not to use hot air while drying, but to dry with a stream of cool air.
  • Take a wide strand and twist it tightly on a large-diameter curler.
  • Keep curlers on head for 2 hours.

Through styling hair becomes smoothed, while increasing the volume of the hair. This style can last up to three days.

Keeping your hair straight

To keep hair smooth throughout the day, we recommend using a hair dryer. Choose the lowest power and coolest mode on your appliance. Blow-dry curls for 1 minute and then use hairspray to hold the style in place. Instead of nail polish, you can apply a fixing spray or silicone serum, which will make sure that the hair does not frizz.

For drying, it is better to use a hair dryer with an ionization function. The device emits millions of active ions that help eliminate static electricity and maintain the straightening result for a long time. With the help of ionization it is possible not just to straighten the strands, to remove their frizz, but also to add shine, to reduce hair breakage, to maintain the natural moisturizing. To learn more about what ionization in a hair dryer is, follow this link.


The choice of the straightener is the main step on the way to a beautiful smooth hair. It is the one that will determine:

  • the effectiveness of this straightening method;
  • preservation of hair health;
  • ease of use;
  • possibility of choosing the optimal temperature;
  • the safety of the appliance.

There are different types of irons. The main thing to pay attention to is the material from which the plates are made. This largely determines the functionality of the appliance. Let’s look at the most common ones.


This is the most budget-friendly option. At the same time it is dangerous to the health of the hair. Metal plates in the device have uneven thermal conductivity. The consequence is over-dried, damaged strands. It is impossible to minimize the negative effects of such an iron sufficiently.


These are metal plates coated with Teflon. It provides easier gliding on the strands. They do not stick to this material and have a healthier appearance after the procedure. Unlike metal plates, Teflon plates neutralize static and produce more efficient results. The significant disadvantage of these irons is a short service life, on average 1 year.

how to straighten your hair WITHOUT HEAT!!!! (15 minute routine)


Here you need to distinguish between ceramic-coated and all-ceramic plates. The first option is comparable with Teflon-coated plates in terms of properties and service life. The second option has become very common in terms of price/quality ratio.

Ceramic straighteners are always equipped with a thermostat. Can have different useful functions like ionization or steam. Will last such devices for a long time, depending on the quality of ceramics and assembling.



These plates are made of ceramic with a tourmaline coating, which significantly increases the quality of the irons. They do not need the ionizing function because tourmaline releases negatively charged particles when heated. It allows you to remove static.

The surface of the tourmaline straighteners is smooth to ensure easy gliding. No styling products will stick to it. Gentle in action, these irons are great for weak or colored hair. They cost more than ceramic ones, but their long lifespan justifies the expense.


Titanium is the lightest and strongest metal. The plates of this material heat quickly and evenly. They also neutralize static electricity. These straighteners are non-destructive and work well.


Such plates can include titanium-tourmaline, ceramic-marble and other types of irons. Combination plates combine the best properties of different materials to achieve wear resistance and improve straightening quality.

When choosing, you must consider the presence of a temperature regulator, the lack of sharp angles on the plates, mobility, smoothness and width of the plates depending on the length and structure of hair. The longer the length, the wider the plates can be. For stiff hair, it is better to choose narrower plates for better treatment. To straighten bangs and uneven hairstyles, you must also choose straighteners with narrow plates to prevent bangs during straightening.

Before you start styling, it is important to remember that the wrong procedure will result in damaged hair. Straightening should be performed on a clean and almost dry head. Dirty hair will look unkempt after using a styler. The preparatory stage consists of two main points: washing and drying the hair.

Scalp washing

It is necessary to rinse hair thoroughly, paying special attention to the hair roots, after which it must be conditioned. It is better if it has a smoothing property to facilitate further work. All products should be rinsed well in warm water to smooth out the scales. After that the hair should be wrung out lightly with a towel and combed using a wet hair brush.

Drying your hair

You can dry your hair either naturally or with a hair dryer. No styling products should be used before straightening. When exposed to high temperatures, they begin to bake into the hair, damaging it.

An exception is a thermal protection spray. It binds the hair plates and extends the straightening effect. It is better to apply the spray on wet hair before using a hair dryer. This makes it easier to distribute.

The main thing is not to dry out your head too much at this stage. If you use the hair straightener on absolutely dry hair during the procedure it will use the vitally needed moisture from its structure. However, do not perform the procedure on damp hair either, otherwise the effect of the device on it will be too long.

The hair should be about 5% wet after blow drying. This percentage is tactilely difficult to determine. During the drying process you should control the humidity with your hand. At the moment when the moisture is no longer felt on the treated area, it is necessary to stop the impact of the dryer. The residual excess water will remain and will not only minimize the impact on the health of the hair, but also help the iron to do its job well.

The entire preparatory step should be to ensure that the iron glides easily and has a short impact on the strands. Therefore, the hair for straightening should be well prepared. Especially if curly hair is to be straightened. In that case, it is better to start straightening them while drying them with a hair dryer with a brushing.

As soon as the preparation stage is over, it is necessary to proceed immediately to straightening, so that the remaining excess moisture is preserved.

Recipes of home masks for straightening curls

To straighten the locks without chemical means and salon procedures, you can use home recipes for masks. Natural ingredients and plant extracts have curative properties, revitalizing hair, making it smooth and shiny. You can make a mask of oils, gelatin, honey, decoction of chamomile or burdock.

Straightening curls mask of oils

Two teaspoons of olive or burdock oil are applied along the entire length of the hair, rubbed into the roots. Shampoo your hair for an hour.

Smoothing hair mask with gelatin

Soak 2 spoons of gelatin powder in 6 spoons of warm water, wait for dissolving. Add any balm, about half a teaspoon. Spread the mixture on the raw washed hair, hold until rinsed out for an hour. There is no need to put oil on roots, only on hair.

Rinse solution with apple cider vinegar

Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of any therapeutic oil, pour two glasses of warm water. Wash the strands with this mixture and dry with a towel and a hair dryer.

Professionals advise: the best ways to straighten hair

The simplest and most effective tool for straightening hair at home is an iron. by pulling the hair between two heated plates, it helps them to straighten and shine.

It is believed that this method is the most traumatic, but modern steam stylers cross out the old ideas about irons. These devices straighten the hair shaft and seal the cuticle under the influence of pressurized steam. Our favorite among steam stylers is the SteamPod 3.0. Quick, effective, stylish and gentle compared to classic stylers.

Step-by-step instructions: straighten hair with a hair dryer at home

    Apply heat protectant to keep hair from being damaged by the hot plates.

  • Tip from the stylists: leave hair to dry naturally, so it can be styled more easily!
  • Apply any styling product (e.g. foam or mousse) to your hair. Spread one portion over the entire length of the hair. The experts at L’Oréal Professionnel hairstyling salons dispose of professional styling products for ultimate smoothing: L’Oréal Professionnel Liss Control Serum, SteamPod Serum with Pro-Keratin, or Matrix Keep Me Vivid Velvetyzer.
  • Brush your hair very lightly and thoroughly before styling your hair.
  • Fix the top strands of hair closer to the back of the head: your styling will start from the lower levels, and the upper ones will simply get in the way.
  • Grasp the medium-thick strand of hair (A strand that’s too full will flatten, or too thin and cause styling problems Note. Rare.) and squeeze it between your index and middle fingers.
  • Slide the flat iron along the strand, working from the roots to the tips.
  • Repeat this step several times until you achieve the desired result.
  • Once the bottom layer is straightened, go on to the top layers. Your bangs will complete the style.
  • Just apply hairspray and you’re good to go with your perfect glossy hairstyle, just like a movie diva!

Be sure to adjust the temperature of the iron to your hair type. For fine, brittle curls choose a minimum heat of 130-145 degrees and for unruly, frizzy hair choose 190 degrees.

If you’re looking for heat protection, try a nourishing formula that helps restore the hydrolipidic barrier. L’Oréal Pro Absolut Repair (ideal for damaged strands), Nutrifier (which is enriched with coconut oil and glycerin to prevent dryness) and Matrix Brass Off, made especially for blondes, work like this.

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