How to stroke a silk dress with an iron

How to iron silk (natural and artificial) with an iron and not only: rules for ironing silk things

Silk fabric has a delicate and beautiful texture, but it is difficult to take care of it. It requires careful washing and neat ironing. For a long service of things from delicate material, it is necessary to know the intricacies of caring for shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts and linen.

If you keep clothes in order, then its appearance will delight with accuracy.

How to care for silk?

Silk is the result of the work of an unusual insect. Silkworm, this is a protein compound. Why is this all this theory in biology? To the fact that natural biological compounds are very moody and also expensive, and spoiling such fabrics by chance is very easy.

Before stroking natural silk, you need to conduct thorough preparation. I propose to conduct a short blitz-survey:

I recommend ironing the fabric slightly wet. However, to wet the material itself during ironing is prohibited.

Natural threads do not really like high temperatures, so you should choose a mode not exceeding 150 degrees.

Stry silk in a horizontal position

The most affordable way to stroke silk is to use the iron. The technique is especially convenient for straightening small wardrobe items. Shaov, scarves, shirts, blouses.

It is not enough to adjust the temperature regime and prepare the ironing board so as not to harm the product. How to correctly carry out the procedure with an iron? We will consider this issue on the example of how to iron a silk shirt:

Close the fabric and cover with gauze or thin cotton material.

Silk things should be ironed exclusively on the wrong side.

Stry silk in an upright position

Silk things that have many folds and bends or large products to steam is much more convenient than ironing. Such things include a silk dress, a shirt, a skirt, a decorated blouse.

During steaming, your movements should be accurate, uniform and fast. Any excess of moisture will be immediately noticeable, and you will have to cross the silk:

Put the steamer with a special nozzle for delicate fabrics and set the suitable mode.

In the absence of the device, you can use the pair function on the iron.

Stry silk bedding

Separate attention deserves the ironing of silk bedding. Crysticks and pillowcases have a denser structure than clothes, so high.Quality linen practically does not change.

In this regard, the question arises: is it possible to iron silk and whether it is necessary. There is no single point of view.

But there is a technique in my arsenal that will allow you to smooth out bedding with your own hands quickly:

Who wears silk?

Light, delicate and almost weightless material has been known for thousands of years. And during these years, not a single person has doubted the value of silk.

For thousands of years ago, silk was painted in various colors. Only princesses, queens, empress and other noble persons were honored to wear this noble material. Silk was put on the level of precious stones.

Arabs have always given silk to their wives so that their ladies sew their scarves and clothes. The more silk clothes were in the wardrobe of a woman, the richer her husband.

Today the material is no less popular. Any fashionista boasts a wardrobe in which there is a silk blouse, a shirt or a flying skirt.

In the modern world, silk is not so natural, and it has synthetic fibers, but no one canceled proper care of a thing from delicate material. Since stroke silk?

How to prevent the occurrence of strong folds

It is better to wash silk things manually, with a water temperature up to 30 ° C. Use liquid detergents. Also suitable for baby soap, powder for washing children’s linen.

Bleaching silk is unacceptable, since the aggressive effect of chlorine destroys the threads of the material. Silk things are not soaked, and if the pollution is strong, then the procedure lasts up to 10 minutes.

So that the product does not deform, do not twist and do not squeeze it after washing. Place it on a horizontal surface on a towel and wait until it absorbs excess water. After that, hang your clothes on a hanger. You can’t hang a silk product right away, otherwise it will stretch hard.

Before ironing the product, testing an iron or a steamer in an inconspicuous area of ​​clothing. If the sole of the iron does not stick to the surface of the product and does not spoil the fabric, you can start ironing.

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Is artificial silk really so capricious to care? Compared to natural material, it is easier to make ironing, however, it is necessary to follow the above rules with it.

If silk is knitted or acetate, then such a product does not tolerate any ironing. It is quite competently drying such things. Wash the product, put it on the countertop and melt all the creases, folds. Leave the product in this position until it dries.

Taft material strokes from the inside or on the front side. However, in the latter case, several layers of gauze must be applied to the product.

What to do so that the thing does not crumble for a long time

In order for silk to not crumbling and keeping an impeccable look, you need to properly care for products from such material.

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  • It is best to wash things in a washing machine in a special “silk” mode without spin or manually. It is advisable not to mix colored fabrics with white.
  • It is recommended to load clothes into the drum by turning it to the wrong side.
  • To remove stains, use a universal stain for washing machines, and not do this work manually.
  • Before ironing, apply a special spray to moisturized fabric, which seals the fibers. The product is sold in household chemical stores.
  • So that the thing does not crumble after ironing, it should not be folded, it is best to store such clothes in a suspended form on a hanger.

Before ironing items from silk, you need to study the information on the label and follow the instructions so as not to spoil the clothes.

Do not forget that careful attitude to clothing extends the term of socks of things and retains their original appearance.

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If there is a steam generator, then it’s better to stroke silk than an iron. Even if the latter has a function of vertical steaming. The steam generator affects the delicate fabric, respectively, does not injure the fibers. In addition, when processing hot steam, the slightest pollution disappear, particles of allergens remaining on the clothes are destroyed.

Before work, you need to make sure that the steam generator does not leave wet traces on clothes. To do this, iron a spare flap or a similar fabric in composition. If the spots of water remain. Adjust the device so that when ironing, do not ruin an expensive product.

How to care for silk after washing

If you decide to turn to a washing machine, be careful. It is allowed to wash exclusively in permitted mode, a gentle effect and relatively low temperature is important.

If necessary, wash or stretch the thing, be careful. In no case do not try much, so as not to spoil the product. Suitable water temperature. 30 ° C, and during rinsing. 25 ° C. It is advisable to rinse in water acidified by vinegar. To do this, take 5 tablespoons of 9%vinegar 10 l of water. This approach can strengthen silk saturation. Seas, it does not matter. Mechanical or manual. Also sparing. During street drying, you should choose shaded places.

Despite the decent cost of silk fabrics, natural clothing is widely popular. It is prestigious, interesting, suitable for everyday socks, for activities in the office, and a variety of celebrations.

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How to smooth the silk at home from folds and creases

With the help of an iron

  • We set the mode with the same name. After that, we try the heated sole of the iron on an inconspicuous section of the thing, so as not to accidentally ruin it. If the fabric is ironed and not damaged, then you can safely proceed;
  • Stroke the silk thing from the wrong side. If it is a complex cut, then before ironing on the front side, gauze or thin material is applied so as not to damage the surface, and the iron will not leave water stains;
  • Do not stroke wet silk so as not to spoil the fibers. Do not turn on the steaming mode. So, the silk will quickly become unusable and after such ironing it will become tough;
  • If the thing is dry, then a few hours before ironing on it are applied gauze or towel moistened in water.

Tip: if the fabric is pulled out (the same is done and if the creases are formed), then it is moistened in a solution of glycerol and dried. Prepare the mixture as: 1 t. Spoon of a substance for 5 liters of water. Then iron it again. When there is a subpalin from the iron, they are lubricated with soda and water gruel, then the dried mixture is cleaned with a brush with a soft pile.

With a hot bath or shower for steaming

Things of a complex cut can be stroked like this:

  • We hang a thing on a hanger;
  • We hang in a bathroom on a linen rope;
  • Open a tap with hot water. It is impossible for spray to fall on the fabric;
  • We cover the door to the room so that it is more filled with steam;
  • After a few minutes, steam itself will gradually straighten the folds on the fabric.

With a hot kettle

  • We take a thing and carry into the kitchen;
  • We pre.Boil the kettle;
  • We keep places that are not ironed over hot steam;
  • The most stubborn folds should straighten up.

Important: Do not spoil the fabric with hot steam. These manipulations should be repeated literally a few seconds.

The best way is a steam generator

The steam generator has the softest effect on the silk. Pour water into the tank, turn on the device, set the silk mode and start ironing.

This ironing method will be the most delicate. It does not spoil the fabric, acting on it much more tender iron.

What to take into account

Silk fabric is delicate, and it must be stroked in special conditions. If the products are made of high.Class material, they do not think at all, and therefore do not need to iron them. Typically, expensive accessories are made from such high.Quality fabrics. Cervical shawls, shai, blouses, dresses. So that the products have a aesthetic look, they are enough to dry them out after washing in a straightened form, decomposing on a perfectly even surface.

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If you have silk things, read the useful recommendations of specialists how to stroke natural silk:

  • Proceed with the ironing process should not be waiting for the product to completely dry. Experts do not recommend stroking dry fabric, spraying it with water, since drops can leave behind spots and stains. It is also impossible to allow the thing to dry, then it will become rude and stiff, and it will not be easy to smoot it.
  • On the ironing board, bed clean cotton tissue for ironing.
  • Put the iron at a low temperature, which is used to iron fabrics from ms of silk fiber. Modern devices are equipped with the temperature regime “Silk”. If there is no this mode, set the temperature between O and “wool”, it will be no more than 150 degrees. This is the optimum silk ironing temperature.
  • If you are not sure of the correctness of the selected temperature regime, gently spent a warm iron in an inconspicuous place. The angle of the product from the wrong side is suitable for this.
  • It is not recommended to iron natural material using the steaming mode. Since under the influence of a hot steam the product can deform and lose its color.
  • Stroke things made of natural silk from the wrong side or on the front, but through dry gauze or fabric made of thin cotton.
  • When ironing, the iron should be smoothly driven on the surface of the fabric. It is important not to linger on one site for a long time, otherwise you risk burning expensive material.
  • Sometimes it happens that the product is dry uneven, in hard.To.Reach places and in the seams, the fabric can be wet at the time of ironing. In this case, the appearance of a metallic shine on the material is possible. Only repeated manual washing and drying in a natural way will help to fix the situation.

To make silk fabric easily stroke, it is important to wash silk products correctly:

  • Products made of 100% natural silk can be washed exclusively by manual washing;
  • For washing, you should use special soft tools designed for delicate things;
  • The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees;
  • It is also important to squeeze out the cleaned product, it is also careful, you can slightly squeeze it with your hands and hang it so that the water itself is glass.

With such actions, after drying on the fabric, there will be no traces of rumples and creases, which are often difficult to remove even when ironing silk.

Please note: there is such a variety of this smooth material as “Wild silk”, or Tussa. It differs in that it has an unusual weave of fibers. It must be ironed differently. Only in a dry form and from the wrong side. The iron needs to be put on mode with a minimum low temperature.

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