How to stroke a T shirt if there is no iron

Ironing is canceled! 5 simple ways to smooth things without effort and iron

For some, ironing becomes a variety of meditation, but on many this lesson evokes longing. In addition, the mountain of ill.Coordinated linen is used to arise at the most inopportune moment and grow rapidly. Let’s say honestly-sometimes we love to fade a blouse or two, but we are not ready to stand at the board with an iron at the ready! Therefore, another “improvement with Woman.Ru “we devote exactly this painful topic.

Irons, steam generators, steamers. Which devices were not invented to facilitate the process of ironing. But household appliances do not save. We still spend a sufficient amount of time on this, even using the most powerful units. Is it possible to do without them? Quite! Today we are ready to tell you about several simple ways.

Correct drying

The easiest way to avoid curtains on fabric is to properly hang things after washing. If the ironing is not included in your plans, try not to leave the underwear to lie in the drum of cars. Get it immediately after washing and hang it. Use shoulders or thick rods on drying. Before placing the product on them, thoroughly straighten and shake it, and also pull in different directions. Wet fabric is perfectly straightened with such simple manipulations.

All devices designed to smoothing linen work on the basis of steam, therefore we use its wonderful properties. In order to stroke without an iron, you need to hang a crumpled thing on the shoulders and place it with the bathroom, closer to the bathroom itself, and then turn on hot water to form steam.

5-10 minutes enough in such a wet room, and the thing will have time to smooth out on its own, without your effort. It remains only to wait for its complete drying or to dry out with a hairdryer.

By the way, many housewives have long been using this simple way, placing ropes for drying linen directly above the bathroom itself. Saving and time and space!

It would seem where the ice is and where is the steam? But although this method seems to be many amazing, it works reliably. You will need several ice cubes (depending on the number of things that need to be stroked, at the rate of 2-3 cubes per 1 thing), as well as a washing machine with “drying” or “elimination of odors” modes.

Fold the rumpled wardrobe items into the drum, pour ice there and install the washing machine on one of the mentioned modes. Melting, the ice will turn into steam, and it will perfectly spread the folds on things. After that, you only need to lay them out on a flat surface and dry them.

We recommend not to forget that “stroke” in the washing machine is definitely not worthwhile, as well as wardrobe items with metal decor or rhinestones.

If your T.Shirt or shirt turned out to be “in the fold”, do not rush to take up the iron. Instead, take a spray gun with the most small spray and spray it for creases.

How to iron without an ironing board

Due to the “water dust”, the product will quickly smoothed out, but, of course, it will remain a little wet. To speed up the drying process, we recommend that you put on a thing. From body warmth, this will happen much faster. A good way for those in a hurry!

Special solution

If your thing is made of dense material, then it will not work out with the help of water, you need heavy artillery. A solution of water, vinegar and air conditioner will act in its role. Mix all the ingredients in equal proportions and pour into a spray gun.

Thus, even dense jeans can be smoothed out. You can not be afraid for stains. They won’t. Checked personally.

Well, finally, we want to give you some advice to those who do not like to iron.

First, pay attention to what is written on the label: products containing a small amount of impurities of synthetic materials are less susceptible to folds than those that have 100% natural composition.

Secondly, keep things correctly. Often, even ironed things that are stored in the closet are incorrectly, they ultimately have a very dented look and nullify all the efforts spent. Therefore, we recommend knitted products such as T.Shirts and turtlenecks not to be folded, but to turn into a roller; You can also do with woolen things. They will not lose shape, and they will not get folds.

Well, if you refuse the iron, you are still not ready, but the time for ironing would be happy to be reduced, we recommend that you use such a life hack. Spread the foil on the ironing board. Then carefully decompose the thing that needs to be stroked, and walk along it with an iron. Due to the fact that the heat of the iron will be reflected from foil, you can iron the thing only on one side. Everything else will do the foil for you.

The main methods of ironing at home

Still, an alternative to an electric iron exists. Confirmation of this is the successful use of steam, wet towel and other home remedies.

T.M.Lewin | How To Iron A Shirt

In total, this category includes more than 10 original methods that can be useful in everyday situations for ironing clothes.

In this group of ironing methods without an iron, those of them are collected that are based on the action of an overheated liquid. The required effect is achieved in different ways, depending on what is available.

From the teapot

We achieve the desired condition of things with lower forces. To do this, you need an electric or ordinary enameled (stainless) kettle. Steam coming out of the nose delicately smoothes the furious folds of clothing. Does not work in large areas.

Steam room

Using a sauna, baths as an ironing installation. Pleasure costly. But, in extreme cases, this will fit. A bathroom, overflowed with hot steam formed as a result of filling a bath or a pallet of a dushkabina boiling water, is also a suitable option in return for the iron.

Hot bath

A relatively simple and effective way. He needs:

Under the influence of fumes, the fabric is gradually smoothed out, the clothing takes on a presentable look.

After the procedure, you will have to wait so that the clothes are not wet, so it is recommended to use this method the day before, in the evening.

Hot iron mug

A kind of miniature iron, granddaughter of an ancient steam grandfather. To stroke, you will need an enameled or steel mug, always clean from the outside. It must be heated (fill with boiling water). Metal contact with fabric of clothing inevitably causes the smooth effect.

Wet towel

Wet cotton fabric made of which a towel consists of is an excellent substitute for an electric iron. The method is suitable for sweaters, t.Shirts, pullovers. It is only important not to overdo it with moisture so that the clothes later do not have to dry.

Self.Tightening solution

The magic composition designed to help in smoothing clothes is not difficult to cook. You will need:

The components are mixed in a proportion of 1: 1: 1, poured into a spray gun. Next, it remains to spray the product to the processed clothes, and then wait for the liquid to evaporate from the tissue.


A household spray filled with water is an effective alternative to an electric iron. It is necessary to spray the clothes, evenly distributing the liquid on the surface, and then dry it. Evaporating, water will produce the effect of smoothing the fabric.

Under the mattress

An old tested method of “without an iron” for students and housewives. Helps to solve problems with crumpled clothing, but requires a reserve of time. Before you go to bed, the thing is carefully laid under the mattress, and by the morning it will become like a new.

Wet hand

To quickly smooth the folds on clothes, when there is no time for this, you can use your own hands. It is enough to wet your palm, then slightly draw on the fabric, trying not to wet it excessively.

A hot lamp

A hot incandescent lamp is suitable if you need to restore not too crumpled, small underwear. For example, T.Shirt or T.Shirt.

It is recommended to start from the wrong side so as not to accidentally put a stain on the fabric.


First wet, and then put, slightly stretching, under some kind of heavy, flat object. These are the components of this method. It will turn out like with an iron, only without heating the fabric and a little longer.

Hair forceps

If the house has forceps to straighten hair, then they will fit for smoothing clothes and they. You need to act carefully, after making sure that there is no hair or varnish inside.

Hot can

A large glass vessel with hot water will help put in order a scarf, tie or T.Shirt. Jeans, especially a suit, is difficult to smooth out in this way.

Curling iron

A curling iron in a road bag, a backpack takes up much less space than an electric iron. With some dexterity, it will help restore a crumpled tie, a small fragment (sleeve) of clothing or trouser.


Honestly crumpled pants will recover if the fabric is slightly wet, and then hang on the shoulders, slightly weighting the edges. The main problem is to fix the load on clothes.

Properly iron the shirt with an iron

If you are a happy owner of an iron, take note of our tips.

Before ironing

Remember. A perfectly ironed shirt turns out long before you touched it with an iron. Try to always do the following:

  • Dry the thing only on your shoulders.
  • Try to stroke not completely dried, but also a wet shirt. If you missed the moment, then before ironing slightly moisten the thing with water fringing from the spray. Or put on a wet towel.
  • Carefully study the shortcut and read the recommendations of the manufacturer about the operations with the iron.
  • Pour in the steam tank of the iron only distilled water that does not leave annoying stains.
  • Make sure the sole of the iron.

The choice of mode

Use this convenient table to set the optimal settings for the shirt.

Work plan

The principle of any ironing is the following. To start with complex elements and end with simpler. We will figure out how to quickly iron the shirt:

  • Collar. Moving the element first from the wrong side, and then from the front. The movement of the sole of the iron should be from corners to the middle of the collar.
  • Cuffs. The same actions as with the collar. The wrong side, then the “face” with thorough movements from the beginning to the edge, as in the video in this article.
  • Sleeves. If desired, you can buy a special sleeve stand on the ironing board. However, it is quite possible to do without it. Fold the sleeve strictly in half, placing the seam in the middle. You need to iron it on both sides, leading an iron from the seam to the edges. Then expand so that the resulting “arrow” is in the center and again reward. Leaving it is considered a bad tone.
  • Shelves. Start with the one on which a number of buttons are located. Go around them and s, move down from top. Do not ignore the fabric between the buttons. Completing the ironing of the front part of a shelf without buttons. How to iron a white shirt in this case? Only from the wrong side.
  • Back. From right to left, from top to bottom, take the back from the inside or “face”. Depending on the material. Start with the right half and end with the extreme seam of the left.

Advice! How to iron a cotton shirt is best? Make sure that the shirt is still wet. Do not heat the iron more than 200 degrees so as not to spoil the thing. Excellent if you buy a special tool for ironing cotton items.

Methods of ironing without an iron

He is not always at hand or can break. Sometimes before the responsible moment in the house they can turn off electricity. You need to know about the methods that will help make things even without an iron.

This is an old proven way. It is actively used in dry cleaners. Clothes are steamed independently at home.

  • Close the plug with a cork, dial the most hot water. The right thing to hang on the shoulders.
  • Carefully strengthen them over the bathroom so that they do not fall. Close the bathroom on the outside.
  • After 20 minutes, pick up a flat thing. Leave to dry on the shoulders.

Convenient for those who have broken the iron in the evening. Clothing will have time to dry until morning.

Tip: if the fabric is slightly crumbling, it is necessary to boil a pan of water and hold it over it. A bath is suitable for very crumpled.

stroke, shirt, there, iron

Suitable if the clothes recently or not very hard struck. You can smooth a couple of large creases.

If you do not want to mess with hot steam, water methods are recommended.

stroke, shirt, there, iron
  • Wet a large towel. Put the glue to the floor or table.
  • Put a towel on top. Distribute on it, smooth the necessary clothes with your hands.
  • When she becomes flat, hang until drying.

The method helps knitted products: sweaters, sweaters, cardigans.

Simple options to iron a small element of clothing on vacation:

Electric appliances

Hair curls will help to stroke trousers without an iron. It is necessary to heat them to the required temperature.

Then in turn clamping problem areas. Sprinkles are smoothed out for cuts on skirts or ties.

Important: before using the tool you need to degrease. Otherwise the clothes will remain on the clothes.

Light thin fabrics stroke this way.


Stroke a small tie, butterfly or handkerchief quickly with a light bulb. It is heated, the product is taken, carried out in both directions. Make from the wrong side so as not to pollute the material.

Hot mug will save small T.Shirts. It is necessary to fill it with boiling water and wait until heated. Lay out clothes and spend it like an iron. It is convenient to use it. There is a pen.

If necessary, to stroke a large thing, a pan will help. The method is the same as with a mug. It will be possible to make even bedding even.

Other methods

Long but effective way. Pressure. There are two options. Things are put under the mattress. Before this, it is necessary to thoroughly smooth all the folds and creases. The second option is to roll in a dense roll and put under the mattress. In the morning you get a smooth product.

A vinegar solution will help to smooth out a shirt, t.Shirt, skirt, trousers:

  • Combine 3 parts of water and 1 vinegar 9%;
  • Pour the composition into a spray gun and spray on a crumpled fabric;
  • Dry it on the street or balcony.

The vinegar aroma will quickly disappear, while picking up smells from the material (burning, food, fat). The method does not leave stains.

If the hotel does not have an iron, you can smooth out a slightly crumpled thing in the shower. The door to the bathroom is closed and left clothes on the shoulders for the duration of the shower.

  • Lay out on a flat surface and stretch to the sides;
  • Put a heavy object on top or sit on it;
  • With strong creases, moisten them a little.

It is not difficult to iron things without an iron. It is important to choose the most suitable option.

You can also watch a video that tells how to stroke things without an iron:

How to do it right

If you just direct a stream of air from a hairdryer to a rumpled T.Shirt or other clothes, nothing will happen.

You need to “iron” wet clothes with a hairdryer. The air stream should be powerful and hot. The hairdryer is kept at a distance of 10-15 cm.

It is best to start ironing immediately after washing the thing when it dries a little. At the same time it will be possible to quickly dry it.

Step-by-step instruction

There is nothing complicated in ironing clothes with a hairdryer. To get rid of bruises on clothes, follow the instructions:

  • Put slightly wet clothes on a flat surface.
  • If the fabric is dry, spray clean water from a bottle with a spray gun on it. You can just spray water with your hands.
  • Level the product as much as possible.
  • Turn on the hairdryer for maximum power and temperature.
  • Keeping the device at a distance of 10-15 cm, blow on the fabric at a slight angle.
  • Continue to “iron” (dry) the product until a satisfactory result.

Describe the way longer than applying it in practice. Usually ironing with a hairdryer takes no more than 10 minutes. Sometimes resorting to it is more profitable than using an iron. For example, when you need to stroke a tulle or chiffon skirt (dress), the hair dryer copes with the task several times faster.

Preventive measures

Problems of mint clothes can be avoided if you follow some recommendations:

  • Dry clothes in a straightened form (on a horizontal surface, on the shoulders);
  • After pushing, shake things well;
  • If you take things on the road, twist them with rollers.

When traveling, fold things in a suitcase, twisting them with a roller

How to quickly stroke things in other ways

To stroke clothes without an iron at home, it is not necessary to use steam or water. There are other simple and accessible methods that allow you to return to things a presentable look.

Welding with hair forceps is suitable for eliminating bruises on a skirt or tie, and also this device will help to put up arrows on trousers. Before applying the device, be sure to wipe the surface of the plates with wet wipes so that you do not accidentally leave spots from cosmetics on the clothes.

Hair iron can align not only hair, but also clothes

Next, heat the device to the desired temperature and proceed to sequentially aligning the folds, clamping between the plates each uneven section of the fabric. Keep in mind that the hair iron is unlikely to work out a qualitatively ironing shirt or dress with ruffles.

You can stroke things with an ordinary light bulb, which is used to light the home. The method is good for small wardrobe items, for example, for ties. Holding the thing on both sides of the hand, actively drive it on the light bulb. It is best to do this by the wrong side of the product so as not to damage or stain the fabric. Do not forget about precautions: a strongly hot lamp can leave burns on the skin.

A hot iron mug will help to quickly smooth out a crumpled thing. To heat it, pour a little boiling water inside and spent several times on the fabric. Hold the mug with a grade or act on gloves so as not to burn your hands. If the folds are too pronounced, and the material is dense, you will have to make some efforts and spend time, but the result will definitely please you.

Instead of a mug, you can use a small stewpan

Lingerie is well smoothed when tension, so you can align the fabric under the press. Stretch the thing and press it with something solid and heavy, pre-sprinkled a little water. A small product can save the folds using their own weight. Just put your clothes on a flat surface and sit on it for 15-20 minutes calmly.

Or in the evening put the wardrobe item under the mattress and go to bed. All the folds will disappear during the night. In the same way it is convenient to “smooth” the arrows on trousers if there is no iron at hand or just too lazy to do it. Be sure to fold your pants strictly on tucks so that the result does not disappoint you. How to do this correctly, described in this article.

Do you need to iron all things?

For those who do not like to iron, there are great news. Separate elements of clothing with a large amount of synthetics in their composition, when hanging them on the shoulders after washing in ironing, do not need them. Shops are full of fashionable synthetic things, because they are relatively inexpensive, and they need a minimum care. But not all synthetic things are good and pleasant to wear. Therefore, a large number of things are now made with special processing of cotton, after which the thing practically does not break. This technology is called “without an iron”. But still there are fabrics that need to be ironed and require care. Natural fabrics are more awake, require care time, but to this day they are more appreciated.

Correct care

Not only ironing can save or spoil the product. To wear their favorite things longer, they need care from the moment of washing.

Check the tag, usually t.Shirts are washed at a temperature of 40 degrees, if the product is with a pattern, then it needs to be turned into the wrong side. Dry clothes on a rope, trying not to use clamps.

Then proceed to ironing, given all the criteria described earlier. Also, the T.Shirt will be able to remain in good condition if it is folded. It is better to fold t.Shirts on each other or hang on the shoulders. Following such simple rules, it will be possible to not part with your favorite things for a long time.

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