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Ways to stroke a T.Shirt (with and without an iron)

T.Shirts, T.Shirts, Polo. The most democratic and popular type of clothing. These wardrobe items are easy to wash, they rarely require additional care, they cost inexpensively. A beautiful and stylish T.Shirt goes equally well with jeans and skirts. If the shirts with cufflinks do not have any fashionista, then a couple of t-shirts (or even a dozen or two) T-shirts will be found for sure. In this material, we will figure out how to stroke a T.Shirt correctly, and if possible. Generally avoid an iron. It is important to remember several nuances.

  • Carefully observe the temperature mode indicated on the label of the product.
  • Before ironing, turn the thing inside out, so as not to accidentally leave a spot or defects on the front side (for example, from the dirty sole of the iron).
  • Strengthen only clean T.Shirts, otherwise the dirt comes into the structure of the fabric.
  • Put the sleeves using special stands (look like mini-boots) or a narrowed end of the board.
  • Strengthen slightly wet things. If the T.Shirt has time to dry, spray the fabric with clean water from the spray gun (or use the appropriate iron function).
  • Do not fold the hot t.Shirt after the iron. There will be traces of creases. Let the product cool, and only then put in the closet.

How to iron

T.Shirts are made from various fabrics that need to be ironed at different temperatures. For some you need 200 degrees to put the product in order, others will be spoiled at the same temperature.

  • Cotton T.Shirts. It is advisable to iron them slightly wet. Color products with prints and drawings are turned inside out. Monophonic can be ironed on the front side. Cutting and folds will leave at 200 degrees. You can use steaming.
  • Wiscosis is only stroked from the inside. The temperature is set no more than 110 degrees. It is permissible for a small amount of steam. It’s perfect to set silk mode.
  • Things from polyester with proper drying can not be ironed at all. To do this, immediately after washing, they are laid out on a horizontal surface, previously covered with a towel or other moisture material. Straighten all the folds and creases. If there are jams, use an iron at a temperature of up to 110 degrees, without steaming. The most suitable will be the “silk” function, while it is desirable to carry out the process using a wet litter.

It is desirable to iron from yourself to avoid injury to a hot household appliance.

So we figured out how to stroke the T.Shirt with an iron. The process is not complicated, it will take a little time, but the appearance after the procedure you will have more tidy.

Several useful ironing tips

It is important not to harm the fabric. To do this, you should adhere to several simple rules and tips:

  • For the correct selection of temperature conditions, always watch a shortcut on a T.Shirt.
  • Prepare an ironing board in advance. In the absence of such a device, you can use the usual table, covering it with a cloth.
  • It is important that the room has a good light. This will help to see all the folds and creases on clothes. The best location of the light is on the left side.
  • If the sole is dirty, it needs to be wiped. Otherwise you will stain the T.Shirt when you iron.
  • Only dry products or half.Hearted, but not wet can be ironed.
  • If the clothes are overdried, you should moisturize a little.
  • White clothes are stroking from the outside, and color. From the inner.
  • In order not to stretch the fabric, the iron must be moved in one direction.
  • After ironing, the clothes are hung on the shoulders.
  • Do not keep an iron in one place for a long time.
  • Before ironing, you need to wash the thing.

Particular attention is paid to small details and stroke them first.

Things from different types of fabrics

T.Shirts are made from various materials that require a special approach.

  • Cotton products are sufficiently picky. Such clothes often change, as it consists of natural fiber. To iron, high temperatures should be set. From 200 to 220 degrees. It is possible to use pair function.
  • Polyester T.Shirt consists of artificial fibers. Therefore, such products are extremely rare, but sometimes creases appear. To stroke such materials, put a gauze slightly moistened in water. Set low temperature regimes.
  • Clothing from viscose is ranging constantly. T.Shirts are placed from 120 to 150 degrees for leveling.
  • Silk products do not like high temperatures. Although such fabrics are also often crumbling and they need to be ironed. Silk mode. From 100 to 130 degrees.
  • Knitwear is stroked infrequently. It is important to choose the right mode so that the product does not stretch and does not lose an attractive appearance.

Before stroking any product, you should look at the shortcut on which the necessary temperature is indicated.

How to properly iron a T.Shirt. We determine the fabric

The ironing process largely depends on what type of fabric we are dealing with. Let’s look at this issue in more detail.

Cotton T.Shirt

It is believed that cotton shirts are preferable to iron on the wrong side, but if there are no inscriptions and prints on the T.Shirt, you can not turn it inside out. Only dark things include exceptions to the exception-due to the influence of the iron on the clothes, shiny traces of the seams can remain on the clothes.

Cotton stroke at a temperature of 200 ° C. I did not have time to take off the clothes from the battery in time, and it was completely dry?

Before ironing, either spray things from a spray gun, or cover with wet gauze. If the iron allows you to use the steaming mode, use it. It is ideal for ironing cotton clothes.

How to stroke viscose?

Viscose. The material is quite tender, and therefore it should not be exposed to too hot iron. Therefore, the maximum temperature for such a fabric is about 100 ° C. If the modes are schematically indicated on the iron, then choose “silk”. Such products are preferable to iron in a humid state, turning the shirt inside out.

We iron a polyester

Polyester is most often used in the manufacture of sportswear. Such material does not need to be ironed so as not to spoil it, and therefore after washing, just shake the T.Shirt several times, straighten it and hang it. If the creases are left on the T.Shirt, and you can’t do without ironing, we act as follows: put wet gauze or cotton tissue on a T.Shirt and iron it with an iron. The temperature should not exceed 100 ° C.

Tips for ironing clothes with a pattern

Important: T-shirts with prints are stroked exclusively from the inside-due to the effects of the hot sole, the logo on the fabric may melt.

And remember that if you are going to iron on the table, and not on the board, then a paper sheet should be put inside the shirt. This will protect the T.Shirt from the image of the image.

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To wash the cotton sweater and other products from this fabric qualitatively, carefully read this article.

Polyester is a delicate material, and therefore you need to wash it carefully. Here all the tips for housewives for the care and cleaning of the material are collected.

General ironing rules

Your favorite thing can be very easily spoiled by incorrect ironing, especially if a print is a print or is it a Polo T.Shirt, so go to the procedure with all responsibility.

Use even, soft surface for ironing. If there is no ironing board, cover the table, the floor several times folded with a sheet or a coverlet.

Important! The thinner the fabric of the product, the thicker the material should be on the ironing surface.

Carefully inspect the fabric after washing. If there are spots on the T.Shirt, then it is early to iron it. The impact of high temperature will only strengthen the position of the spot. It will remain with you forever. Therefore, try to cope with difficult pollution even before the main washing. This is a mandatory rule.

How to stroke a T.Shirt to avoid creeps and glossy places? Iron it from the wrong side, especially if it is a colored or dark T.Shirt. A light canvas can be stroked on the front side. Choose the temperature regime based on the type of fabric. Such information can be found on the product label.

In order not to leave the arrows on the sleeves, the edge of the shoulder after the iron, use a special stand on the ironing board or a towel twisted into the roller. This is especially important during the ironing of the Polo T.Shirt.

Smooth the fabric along its length so as not to stretch the material.

Adhere to the ironing sequence. First take care of small details: sleeves, s. On the Polo T.Shirt, first of all, also a bar with buttons, cuffs, collar. Then you can iron the front side, then the back.

If you do not plan to wear things immediately after ironing, wait until the material cools down, and only then send it to the closet.

T.Shirts are best stored in the closet not folded in a stack, but on the shoulders, especially if the thing is decorated with a print or is it Polo.

How to smooth a T.Shirt without an iron with improvised means?

A steam iron is a good thing, but not everyone has. However, its essence is the use of steam, which can be obtained from other household appliances. The most common option is to use a bathroom. Experienced housewives know how to smooth a T.Shirt without an iron, resorting to the most popular method that appeared many decades ago.

Hot bath. It is she who will help to make clothes even and pleasant by eye. How? Very simple. All the same steam will come to the rescue. It is necessary to hang clothes directly above the bathroom, into which we pour hot water. Leaving it in this position for 20 minutes, we get the expected result. A significant decrease in folds. This method is especially good in emergency situations, since it does not require any extraneous devices. Now we know how to stroke a shirt without an iron, let’s look at the pros and cons of this method:

  • The clothes will be a little wet;
  • No electronic technique is required;
  • The smoothing of strongly rumpled things will not be one hundred percent;
  • Convenient in crisis, urgent situations.

Useful for housewives

Easiest Way To Un-wrinkle a Shirt Without Using an Iron | Quick and Easy

Jeans love everything: men, women, children, people in old age. And all because it is comfortable and practical clothes. But not everyone knows how to stroke jeans so as not to damage them. Let’s dwell on this issue in more detail.

Men should look perfect! To achieve this, you need to know how to iron a suit and tie correctly. Here you will find practical tips on the ironing.

General information

In order not to harm the product and stroke the T.Shirt correctly, you must follow certain recommendations:

  • – to study the information on the label of the product in order to choose the right temperature;
  • – to iron the use of a special board, you can also spread a dense blanket on the table;
  • – To see the folds on the product, you need to make good lighting. It is desirable that the lamp or window be on the left side;
  • – check the sole of the iron, if it is dirty, then you need to clean its surface;
  • – T.Shirts need to be allowed to dry after washing, only after that proceed to ironing;
  • – colored T.Shirts should be ironed from the wrong side, white. From the front;
  • – move the iron in one direction so as not to stretch the fabric;
  • – At the end of the T.Shirt, hang on the shoulders, and only after cooling to put in the closet.

Important: if there is no ironing board, and the ironing process will occur on the table, it is necessary to lay a dense fabric on it. The denser the litter, the better the thing will be ironed.

Clothing without electrical appliances

There are times when it was urgent to stroke clothes, but there was no iron at hand. For example, during a long trip on a train or at work, they accidentally knocked coffee and changed his shirt.

How to stroke a T.Shirt without an iron in this situation? Before the appearance of an electrical device, people used metal circles. It is filled with hot water, things are stroked. If necessary, the liquid is heated again, continued to treat clothing.

Another great way is a self.Cutting solution. You will need vinegar, water, a linen softened tool, a spray gun. All ingredients are mixed in equal quantities, spray things, leave to hang on the shoulders until drying.

The iron broke? The usual hair dryer and water will help to make clothes smooth and without wrinkles.

If the fabric is thin, the palm is moistened under the tap, straightened until the wrinkles disappear and left in this form until it dries completely.

A good way is to spray water from a spray gun on clothes, put on yourself. Things will lie correctly, they will immediately acquire a uniform and will not be wrinkled.

The first impression of a person is made up by clothing. Only this is why it is necessary to always seek to look neat and well.Groomed.

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