How to style medium-length curls with a hair dryer

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Hair drying with a hair dryer of medium length

Styling medium-length curls is considered versatile. It’s easy for professional stylists and hairdressing novices alike to work with your hair. You can use both a diffuser and a round comb to create a voluminous hairstyle. If your hair is too thick it does not hurt to apply smoothing agents to the curls, which will remove frizz, add smoothness and shine.

The entire blow-drying process should be done in a few steps:

  • Brush through the locks and blow-dry lightly so they don’t tangle as you style.
  • Tilt your head and add volume by drying out strands near the roots.
  • Divide the hair into separate sections, and fasten each section with bobby pins.
  • Start at the back of the head. Comb each strand with a comb, following the movement of the hair dryer.
  • Make sure your hair is styled like this around the temples.
  • Apply front styling foam on the slowest setting with a blow dryer.
  • Finish off your style with a spray of hairspray.

Cosmetics for hair styling

The uninformed sometimes find it difficult to understand the variety of styling cosmetics offered in stores. What products to use to keep volume longer?

  • Mousse, foam. The most convenient consistencies for volume with a blow dryer. To achieve a volume volume, it is better to choose a varnish with a slight or medium consistency that will not weigh hair down;
  • Gel, wax. It can make hair look a bit heavier because it can be used on short and medium hairstyles, as well as for highlighting the ends of hairstyles;
  • Varnish. The hair styling product is often used to hold in place when styling a hairstyle. Replaces mousse when styling with a brushing brush. To have volume, it is better to choose a spray of weak or medium consistency, not too weighing down the hair.

In addition to traditional means today there are many additional emulsions designed to protect against hot air. They will also prevent the strands from becoming magnetized, which often complicates styling with a hairdryer. Spray a little shine spray on the finished hairstyle.

Keep in mind that thin, sparse hair is better to style without foam at all, otherwise the volume will quickly disappear. It is better to complement the style with a little fleece or pinned chignon.

Styling techniques for medium hair

Styling medium length hair, regardless of the haircut, should follow these rules.

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  • Only use hair that has been washed out and styled. Then it will hold for a long time, without losing its attractiveness.
  • Apply a styling product to your locks. It can be a mousse or foam. This procedure will facilitate combing and make the curls obedient, so you can easily arrange them.
  • Allow the curls to dry. It should be noted that if styling hair involves the use of a hair dryer, you should only blot the curls with a towel, apply styling products and proceed to the procedure. In case you do not need a hair dryer in the process of styling, it is better if you let the strands dry naturally.
  • Only use combs with natural bristles during styling. They are the ones that do not traumatize the curls during the procedure. They also help improve the structure of the hair, which is great for your hair’s overall look.

curling the ends of the hair and grass braid around the perimeter of the head


Use a blow dryer or a diffuser to create volume at the roots

Light curling with curling irons and “fishtail” braid

Besides a hairdryer it is necessary to have a comb that can cope with the task. Usually a girl has the simplest massage combs or wooden flat varieties in her arsenal. But there are many other types of combs.

Any girl can use the most simple, flat type of combs. But in hairdressing salons you can see such variants of combs, with which you can do beautiful styling. A girl can repeat even at home what the professionals do, you only need to know about some rules and nuances.

If we talk about the bulk of brushes, then we can say that all of them perfectly cope with the combing of curls. But they also have a massaging effect that is necessary for a large mass of girls. Due to the massage is the revival of the hair follicles. In the end, they just start to grow actively. Such combs have balls on the tips, which prevent trauma to the scalp.

Besides usual combs there are also professional, which fundamentally differ in material and form.

It is possible to divide all the hairdressing combs into 2 types:

And, of course, in this case, the hair dryer helps to do the styling. It is clear that the hair dryer affects not only the curls, but also the selected comb. You should know that plastic or iron combs are not recommended for drying curls. It is best to use a ceramic comb. It is because ceramics does not conduct heat, it is necessary to use a ceramic comb.

A hair dryer is usually used to make them voluminous. And the volume can be different. Some people want volume at the roots, so you have to blow-dry each strand. First the strand is stretched a little and dried for a few seconds. The hair must remain wet, and then the mousse or foam is applied to the hair. Do not forget to focus on the roots. Now dry the strand with a hair dryer and a comb. You can brush your hair as soon as it has dried and cooled. You’ll be able to achieve a lot of volume.

Suitable for not very long strands. And if the curls are long, it is better to bend your head and dry them that way. It is so easy to apply and it makes the most of the volume. These tips are basic in hair styling.

A round comb is suitable for girls who want to make small curls. And the diameter of the comb should be appropriate. The strands on the comb will need to be twisted and dried. You can achieve great-looking blow-dry styling as a result.

Hair dryer brush with a wide surface is perfect for those who want to make a volume, going from the roots. Keep hair at the roots on the comb during the whole drying process. You can really build up your hair volume if you blow-dry it with a blow dryer. Often girls do not only want to curl their hair but also straighten it. Use a round comb for this. Take a separate strand, twist it on the comb and start to pull it out gently. You should do this with all the strands. The result will be straight and beautifully styled hair.

Here is a video on how to style your hair with a hair dryer for volume:

If you want to make the styling process as easy as possible, you need to be aware of some rules.

  • You should not style your hair with a hair dryer every day. Up to four times a week.
  • A good technique is to run the hair dryer about 10 cm away from the hair as it dries. This way you can avoid damage.
  • The mousse can be a good way to express your hair’s texture.
  • Over the short hair can be experimented with, creating a volume on the head. The hair can be shaken afterwards, creating a kind of disarray.

In professional parlance, you might hear such terms as brushing and bombage. These are some of the well-known techniques for styling.

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And here’s what is the best mousse for hair styling, helps to understand the information from the article:

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Brushing. the technique involves drying hair with a flat comb by lifting it in the crown zone. The curls are first washed and then gently blotted with a towel. They can then be combed out. At the roots they are treated with a styling tool. Start drying at the tips of the hair, gradually moving towards the roots. The hair should be styled towards the face from the crown, and on the sides from the face to the crown.

What rules to follow when styling short hair?

  • The clean and wet hair is treated with the mousse, initially lifting the hair up. So you can achieve maximum volume.
  • By combing the strands back, you can apply the product evenly.
  • After that you can start drying your hair.
  • All curls should be divided into several parts. Part of the hair at the crown, temples and nape of the neck should be separated. To keep them tangle, use hairpins.
  • Each strand on the crown of the head to twist onto a comb and dry. Then you go to the temple area. The final stage will be the top of the head and bangs.
  • Hair is slicked back at the end and secured with hairspray.

Drying long hair is different from styling short curls.

  • Pre-wash the hair, and then apply mousse to it.
  • At the temples, they go back and blow-dry.
  • No need to dry hair till the end. Just a little drying is enough. After that they take each strand and dry it separately. You need a round comb for drying. Start at the back of the head.
  • The dried hair is secured with hairspray.

A blow-dryer is a device that often helps girls. In this case the appliance is one piece: a hair dryer plus a brush. And it’s comfortable enough. The heat brush can rotate, creating just the right amount of volume. Also this appliance can handle any kind of hair styling. And such a brush not only curls hair, but also straightens it.

This brush is convenient in that it allows you to do the volume at the roots. That’s great for short hair. A very important step is the choice of brush. After all, not only do you need to know the right steps in styling, you also need to have a good handy tool. The pins and the rotating element itself must be made of metal. It is good if there will be a ceramic coating or tourmaline. Preferably, the bristles should be natural. Even if you brush your hair a lot, it will be silky and soft. The power of a hair dryer-brush should be medium.

The hair dryer can come complete with a diffuser. Externally, the diffuser is a wide bell, which has many holes. The hair dryer delivers a powerful stream of air that passes through the diffuser, filtering. As a result, the flow of this air is softer. The pins, which are built into the holes, are able to move. It creates a slight vibration, and as a result you can give them volume. Using a hair dryer with a diffuser can dry curly or frizzy hair. Spray foam or mousse on wet hair. And it is necessary to choose a styling agent of light fixation. The soft flow of air gives volume to the hair, and the natural curls are preserved.

This video shows how to style hair with a hair dryer and a round comb:

Ways for men

Men often wear not only very short haircuts. The most common haircut today is the undercut. It was popular a long time ago, at the beginning of the last century. In the parietal zone are long strands of hair. The sides and back of the head are separated by a well defined border. Usually cut with a hair dryer. It is versatile, as it can be styled in many different ways. It is recommended to dry them with a hair dryer. It will help the hair to create the right direction. It is worth putting a nozzle on the hair dryer that will not scatter, but direct the flow of air to a specific place. The hair should be slightly lifted to create volume. And here’s how the men’s hair styling happens on their own, is explained in detail in this article.

It is not necessary to apply a very hot stream of air, which can cause damage to the scalp and curls themselves. It is best to use a heat protectant that will prevent damage to the hair. There are also expert recommendations, which state that after washing your hair you should use conditioner.

Whatever the length of the hair, dry it from top to bottom. Extra volume in this case is guaranteed. Do not be afraid to use additional styling products such as mousse. The main thing in this case is to use it in normal amounts. After applying the mousse, the strands are dried by lowering the curls. In no case you should not comb your hair with combs that have rare teeth. In this case, all the styling will go to waste.

You just straighten your hair, the volume may disappear. But if you need to make them straight, then each strand must be straightened separately. At the beginning of drying you need to choose a high temperature mode, and then reduce it. So you will prevent damage to the hair follicles. If you decide to style everything with a hair dryer, you need to dry them all the way.

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style, medium-length, curls, hair, dryer

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In the video. how to properly style hair with a hair dryer for men:

When a man or woman has long hair, which they prefer to style with a hair dryer, then it is imperative that you feed it. After all, such procedures can not be harmless.

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What to wear for styling

Hair can be treated with heat protectant to prevent damage from hot air. Apply it to the length of the hair and the tips, without overloading the roots. Then styling will look volume, and strands of nourished and healthy.

It is very important to choose a good comb along with heat protection. The key to successful blow-drying is to use a hair dryer. It would be better to prepare several combs: a flat comb, a fine comb and a round comb. The latter is usually a brushing. It can make a stunning volume, even on the heavy and long hair.

The basic rules of styling hair with a hair dryer itself

Another effective hair dryer is the diffuser. The hair volumizer is a great way to give your hair a voluminous look. There are professional hair dryers with rounded brushes. They are convenient for those who have short haircuts or medium-length hair.

A hair dryer with a round brush attachment can curl the ends, making them more fluffy. These brushes come in a medium size, large, or small.

When a woman has a hair length above average, it is recommended to choose large nozzles. For short, small combs are suitable. Hair dryers with a rotating brush are the most effective. When using them, you should bring the nozzle to the ends, hold it, gradually curls will begin to curl. In addition, using them is easy to dry strands, creating hairstyles in any style.

Hair styling with a hair dryer for medium hair

How to blow dry your own hair? Many girls with medium lengths use different means. With a hair dryer you can create natural-looking strands, give them a well-groomed look.

To make them curly and smooth, the following tools and devices are used:

If the haircut is performed professionally, it can easily be simulated. The hair should be washed and styled afterwards. For fine hair, you can use a low level of air heating, because the hot air can damage the hair.

It’s a good idea to hold the appliance 10 cm away from yourself while styling. It is not recommended to use it too often, because the hair can become dull, dry. You can also apply a spray that can protect the strands.

Important: It is necessary to divide the hair into small parts, arrange them. You should start styling from the nape of the neck. Curling the curls on a rounded brush is a sophisticated way to style. It is necessary to direct the air from the top down so that they shine. Then it is recommended to apply a locking agent to the strands.

style, medium-length, curls, hair, dryer

Styling with a hair dryer for long curls

Stylists give their recommendations on how to style curls. With the help of special products and suitable tools, you can perform a beautiful hairstyle on long strands. A round comb with a sharp end is used.

You can also smear argan oil, use mousse, varnish to make them more fluffy. After drying the washed strands, it is necessary to pay attention to the roots. At the same time each strand can be pulled, because you need a puffy hairstyle.

Hair dryer styling for short hair

Compared with long curls the owners of short haircuts can not waste their time on washing the head, for a complex hairstyle. Beautifully styled short strands create a stylish look. A short haircut can be made sloppy, yet elegant.

The hairstyle needs the right styling tools and products to create a long-lasting, attractive look. With the power of mousse, wax, gel can easily fix the hair.

Bouncy strands need a firm hold and light curls a more moderate hold. You might need a long, pointy end brush. With the help of a brush you can make a straight parting, divide your hair into different parts. separate curls.

Hair dryer for styling is suitable semi-professional, having: cold, hot air. A curler is needed to straighten the strands, to create straight curls. First, you should wash your head with shampoo. Then you can apply balm, conditioner. Then you should style your hair with a hair dryer.

Hair dryer styling: advantages and disadvantages

So, you decided for the first time to style with a hair dryer. Perfect plan! However, before starting to perform it, it is useful to get acquainted with the procedure more closely.

  • The hair dryer is a universal tool. With its help, you can both dry and style your hair. This is convenient;
  • When used competently, the hair dryer is less traumatic than curlers and irons;
  • styling with a hair dryer will not last too long, which means you can experiment with new images;
  • The hair dryer allows you to give your hair considerable volume;
  • modern models are easy to use, safe, have overheat protection, temperature and blowing intensity regulation.

But this procedure has its disadvantages. Frequent use of a hair dryer at high temperatures leads to:

  • It can lead to split ends;
  • color dullness;
  • hair brittleness;
  • Hair flakes detach;
  • Drying not only the hair, but also the scalp.

In addition, it is important to understand that no temporary hair style will last more than a day, and using a hair dryer every day is dangerous to the health of your hair.

Smoothing with a round comb on short hair

A round comb, when properly applied, allows you to do a variety of styling. One and the same comb can curl straight hair and straighten curly hair. For short hair it is necessary to choose combs with the smallest diameter. Firstly the hair should be washed and dried so that it is not wet, but the moisture remains.

On the hair after that, it is necessary to apply mousse for styling. The hair is divided into zones and in turn is curled on a round brush. Pull the strands down away from the face and blow-dry first with warm air, then with cold air. When the hair dryer is set to a high temperature, its nozzle should be located no further than 10 cm. from the hair.

To make your hair more voluminous, lift it at the roots with a round comb at a right angle.

How to gather curls for the celebration

It is advised to curl and volumize. The wet strands are distributed in several sections. Use a medium-diameter hot rollers and fasten them with clips. To hairstyle a good hold on the strands of applied mousse. After an hour curls are untwisted, combed through with your fingers.

Hair would lose its allure if a comb was used. To create an evening styling also use a curling iron. If your hair is naturally dry, it is recommended to use oil and heat protectant. Curl the hair for no more than 30 seconds.

You will not have any difficulty in making a style for medium hair! Everyday version of a slightly sloppy bundle. Hair of this type rejuvenates its owner. First it is necessary to wash the hair, then dry it a little and apply thermal protection. The strands should be blow-dried, tilt your head and make a bundle.

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