How to style with a hair dryer on short hair

How to make a bulk stacking

The voluminous and luxurious strands give it a special beauty. Additional lushness can be achieved by using special products: foams, mousses and gels. Certain conditions must be followed:

  • Only wash hair after washing.
  • Rinse with conditioner or a special balm designed to visually enhance the cutting element.
  • Allow a little air to dry naturally.
  • Apply a volumizer to your hands and gently smooth it down the entire length with your fingers.
  • Slightly tilt the head and dry with a hair dryer.
  • Blow from the roots to the tips.
  • Apply a little fixing gel or wax. This will work the tips and help lock in the lushness.

DYSON AIRWRAP Review & Tips for Short Hair. Is It Worth It?

It is a good idea to comb the top of the head.

Types of short curls

There is a huge number of curls on the hair of short length:

  • Hollywood waves;
  • Brazilian curls;
  • spiral;
  • corkscrew;
  • Zigzag (or broken curls);
  • Sloppy curls;
  • And many other types of.

The main thing is to choose the right type of curls, so the hairstyle will not only harmonize with the overall image of the woman, but also bring her full satisfaction.

How to make styling with a blow dryer even more interesting?

If you go over the roots with a blow dryer with a diffuser nozzle, you can combine the waves from a blow dryer-brush to get just incredible volume.

Highlight individual strands in the waves by making clear curls with a curling iron. An interesting solution is to curl the top strands at the parting and then gather them in a loose ponytail over the top of the curl.

A similar style option would be to combine a blow dryer with a spinning attachment (for more volume and wave action) and a goffer curler (to add texture to your style).

Valera Turbo Style 1000 Tourmaline with thermal brush and concentrator

Experiment with different styling tools. For example, if you can go in a different direction with a blow dryer, you can create on-trend “chaos” on your head, which will perfectly highlight the wax applied to the tips of your hair.

The easy way to style your hair is with well-groomed strands. Choose a shampoo, conditioner, mask based on hair type (dry, normal, oily) and you will get rid of several problems that arise during the creation of hair. Most often stylists complain about the fact that the hair tangles, electrified, can not be styled, unsightly stick out in different directions.

To make sure that your hair retains its natural moisture, we used a sulfate-free shampoo, a moisturizing mask, and bio-argan oil. These products intensely nourish your hair without weighing it down. Regular use makes hair soft, shiny, manageable and silky.

Preparing for styling

Before you start drying and styling your hair, you should properly prepare it by washing and applying styling products. It helps protect them from heat and damage. In addition, wet hair is more flexible and easier to hold, so it’s easier to style than dry hair.

Wash your hair as usual with mild shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. For example, you can use products from TEKNIA BODY MAKER line of the professional brand LAKME. Moisturizes and repairs curls, giving them shine and natural volume without weighing them down.

Towel-dry hair until it is slightly dry and then apply a styling product that has heat protection on the entire surface of the hair, such as the i-TOOL heat protectant spray. This can help prevent the heat from scorching the hair as it dries and makes styling your style easier.

To create the effect of extra volume, you can apply a mousse-styling to the root zone, such as a mousse for root volume from the NATURAL BOOST line. The airy texture of the product does not weigh hair down and makes it resistant to high humidity, allowing it to maintain its voluminous effect throughout the day.

If your ends are dry, brittle or split, apply a small amount of nourishing oil or cream to soften them and prevent over drying. LAKME’s DEEP CARE DROPS Repair Serum forms a protective film around damaged ends, restoring them to a soft and well-groomed appearance.

Distribute styling products evenly over the entire length or just the tips, and then proceed to the next steps of creating a hairstyle. drying and pulling on the brushing.

To create a hairstyle on short hair is used:

Finger styling

A hairstyle created in this way, will be very useful for the hair, as during the styling of the head is additionally performed by massage. This is also known as cold styling.

The process of its design is very simple. This is done by spreading a small amount of mousse on slightly damp hair.

Styling with a curler

A short haircut can be varied with curls or waves. Curlers help to do this. The advantage of this method is that the curled hair can then be styled in different ways. Leave the curlers on curls overnight or walk around with them for 3 hours. Then remove them and fix the hair.


For short curls are more suitable thermal curlers or Velcro. The latter are coiled on slightly damp hair, which is then dried with a hair dryer. Remove these curlers should be carefully, so as not to disrupt the shape.

Various styles for short hair help to significantly refresh the image.

Pairing with a blow dryer

Preferable for this method:

Hair styling with a hair dryer

After treating wet hair with a heat protectant, start drying it with a hair dryer. Use a hair dryer with a hair dryer from the bottom upwards. A wet hairstyle can be created if the curls are not left to dry all the way through.

Beauty Express styling for short hair: 7 video tutorials

Haircuts of short or medium length are considered the most versatile and comfortable. In fact, however, styling often turns into agony, and leaving the house with something that was formed on the head spontaneously. We have found seven clear and simple video tutorials that will help diversify your everyday hairstyles and tame your hair cut, if it starts to seem less than ideal.

Grass buns and braids on a short bob

Not only long-haired women have the exclusive right to braids and plaits, and Spanish beauty blogger Patrie Jordan clearly proves it. In order to replicate these simple but unconventional hairstyles, you’ll need thin elastic bands, hair extensions, and, well, your hands. If your hair is unruly, it’s worth getting it ready. But faithfully braided grass braids last the whole day and at the same time they get rid of strands falling on your face. You can see many other styling options for short haircuts on the channel. Patrie Jordan seems quite fond of the “for the lazy” approach.

Quick shoulder-length styles

The blogger nicknamed Fabulous Hannah has a classic long bob, on which she shows ten styling options. Here’s the whole basic kit, including light curls, a morning ponytail, and one chic braid. This tutorial can teach you a number of things that can help create the illusion of sloppy hair (and not give yourself a real “bad hair day”). With proper sleight of hand, none of them will take more than ten minutes. At the end there’s a guide on how to style your hair with curling tongs, but only those who regularly use this device will manage to do it in five minutes.

Styling textured hair

Popular blogger Ingrid Nielsen shows how to diversify with two braids. The secret is in the preparation of the hair: first you need to texture it. The author of the lesson uses the usual mousse, but you can take a spray if you are not set up for a full cycle with washing and then drying the hair. The result is reliable: the hairstyle looks neat, but requires little effort and precision. The same lesson can be taken if you need to style not very clean hair. just use dry shampoo.

Hairstyles with bunches on medium length hair

Five fun ways to style your hair with buns, for which you need to have hair a little lower than your shoulders. The tutorial is designed for those who want to achieve results without much effort. In order for the hairstyle to look as touching as the author of the lesson, it is better to give the hair a tangible volume in the process of styling. But you don’t have to brush and straighten your hair-these casual frizzes require carelessness. If your hair looks extra frizzy, you can still use products that help keep it from getting too frizzy.

Hairstyles from Tumblr

Here are three other five-minute styles inspired by Tumblr’s looks: a neat straightened braid, a bob with half of the locks pulled back and the other half loose, and beach waves, which is the hairstyle everyone wants. Nothing surprising or impossible. A styler with a specific attachment is really ideal for creating such curls, but you can do with something more familiar. For example, braids dried with a hair dryer will give the same result, only taking a little more time.

A neat bun in five minutes

You can give your hair maximum, but quite achievable volume, as the author of the lesson, and you can prepare the hair and any other, more familiar and convenient way. In the main roles. dry shampoo, thin elastic bands and pins, of which you will need quite a lot, if the hair is thick. The lesson, contrary to the name, is not too simple, but detailed. In this case, a few training will do its job, and after mastering the most basic variants of tall hairstyles to show the imagination can be to infinity.

Basic blow drying techniques

Of course, any hair requires an individual approach. depending on its length, thickness, moisture, presence or absence of color pigments in the structure and so on. However, there are a few basic blow drying techniques that are effective in most cases!

Creating a volume bump with a hairdryer

If it’s not taken care of beforehand, it can leave the top of your head flat.

Follow our step-by-step instructions for great root volume!

  • Before you start styling, brush your hair thoroughly with a comb with sparse teeth.
  • Blow-dry hair lengthways first so that it doesn’t get tangled in your style.
  • Lean your head back and blow-dry hair at the roots, helping to create volume with your fingers or comb.
  • Fix the result with hairspray.
  • If you want maximum volume, after you’ve blow-dried it, comb a few strands in, apply a finishing spray, and then blow-dry it a little more.

Mousses can provide firm volume and should be applied to damp strands before drying. This is how L’Oréal Pro Rebel Push-Up Powder, Redken Guts Spray, and Matrix Height Of Glam Heat Protection work. Depending on your hair type: the stiffer and messier your hair is, the more stylized it needs to be.

Making a brushing with a hair dryer

It’s not complicated, and it can be done with a hair dryer! Our detailed instructions will help you make it at home in just a few minutes:

  • First comb through the hair with a fine-toothed comb.
  • Start by styling at the roots, lifting each lock of hair up at the scythe line.
  • Once the roots are dry, go on to blow-dry the rest of the hair.
  • Partition the hair into zones and levels, twist free strands into soft spirals and secure with a light barrette.
  • Run a brushing brush through each strand from the middle to the tip, lifting it to meet the movements of the hair dryer.
  • Apply hairspray to fix the style.

How to straighten hair with a hair dryer?

You can use a flat iron, or you can use a comb and blow dryer! That way your hair will be not only smooth but also fuller.

Here’s how to straighten hair in four easy steps:

  • Use a fine-toothed comb to comb through your hair before you start.
  • Partition the hair into zones and levels, twist free strands into soft spirals and secure them with a light barrette.
  • Simultaneously comb through the strands from the bottom and blow-dry them with the concentrator attachment from the top.
  • Make sure both hands move upward, pulling a lock in an arc as if you were drawing a rainbow in the air.

Hair will stay smooth for a long time if only your styling (or at least your treatment) has smoothing properties. You can, for example, apply Matrix Mega Sleek Conditioner straight after washing, then towel dry and apply Biolage Exquisite Oil, starting at the roots. It’s important for straightening with a blow dryer and comb, but it doesn’t weigh hair down.

Styling curly hair with a hair dryer

Curly hair tends to have a luxurious volume all by itself and usually doesn’t need a lot of manipulation aside from blow drying.

However, there are a few universal rules to keep in mind to get a beautiful style and not a “bird’s nest!

  • Brush hair before you wash it, to help keep it in perfect curl.
  • After washing your hair, wrap it in a towel and leave it in for about 10 minutes.
  • Then towel it off and pat your hair dry. But make sure you don’t towel-dry your hair too vigorously, just dabbing the tips lightly!
  • Apply an indelible balm to create crisp curls.
  • Blow-dry hair with a diffuser attachment to keep curls intact.
  • Start by styling your look at the root zone with your head down.
  • Blow-dry hair lengthways, lifting each strand with a diffuser
  • Spray hairspray into place.

Here’s a step-by-step look that’s easy to compose at home with a minimum of cosmetic supplies. For clarity, each lesson is accompanied by a photo, but remember: your hair type may be different from the models’ hair type. The result is likely to be different, but no less beautiful. Here’s a thought: Would our style suggestions work for everyone??

style, hair, dryer, short

“When creating a curly cut, craftsmen take into account facial features and even the shape of the skull, focusing on the golden ratio, but when styling at home, problems begin. It may even seem that some styles are contraindicated to a particular type of face. But that’s not quite how it works. A high-volume bob-cut, soft waves and curls suit anyone; a Mohawk must be approached with caution if you have a rounded face. To make your face look even rounder, I suggest letting some of the top strands out on the sides to the cheek area and lightly securing them with varnish. If the shape of the face is rather rectangular, when styling a sleek, elongated braid, you should avoid a straight parting, which shifts the accent to the chin line.”.

Styling for the brave: a Mohawk

A true glam-chic Mohawk looks both glamorous and a little rebellious on any hair length. But it is easier to be a rebel with a bob, even a non-professional can cope with it.

  • Using a flat comb with frequent cogs and a metal rod on the end, separate some hair from the forehead to the nape of the neck in the width of the forehead scythe line about 10 cm.
  • Brush a lock of hair, spraying each strand with hairspray and styling it toward the nape of your neck. A comb should run along the root zone at the back, that is, on the nape of the neck, so that the top layer of hair remains smooth.
  • Gently brush the entire mass of hair slicked back to the back of the head over the top strands and secure the effect with a high-strength spray.
  • The Mohawk is ready, but the hair on each side looks flat? Give them a full bodied volume with a brushing comb and medium fluid styling mousse (or cream).
  • Finish off side tips and backcombed ends with a wax or gel to give them a tousled look.

Styling a curly braid with a blow dryer: Sharp lines and sophisticated sophistication

Smoothness and mirrored shine are what’s most effective in this look. So it is easier to give owners of straight hair. If you’re handy, you can style your hair in just under five minutes and do it right. Here’s how you can get an amazingly smooth quiff with the limited-edition SteamPod styler, which combines the engineering excellence of L’Oréal Professionnel irons with a cute Barbie-inspired design from Mattel.

  • Apply a high heat protectant and smoothing product to your hair.
  • Whether you’re planning a straight parting or a side parting, the hair around it should look voluminous. Blow-dry the entire frontal area with a skeleton comb, picking up the strands.
  • When hair is already dry start straightening it with the flat iron, starting at the nape of the neck and working your way up to the face area. Always work from the roots toward the tips.
  • The accent of styling should be on the lengthened front strands. they need to be pulled forward with the flat iron, fixing it with varnish for security.
  • After conditioning each strand, comb through the mousse with a wide-toothed comb and fix the result with an anti-humidity spray to prevent puffy hair from damaging your style‘s clarity.

Easy Curl Haircut: Create Romantic Waves

Wavy waves are ideal for dates and carefree outings with friends. And what worries could there be if such beauty does not require much effort or time??

  • The first thing to do is to brush your hair with a medium hold mousse, distributing it from root to tip. As our stylists point out, brushing your hair after applying styling products is a very good habit, allowing you to evenly distribute the styling and remove any excess styling.
  • Fix the upper mass of hair at the nape of your neck with a clip and start curling your tresses from the neck to the top, holding the curling iron vertically or diagonally.
  • Once you’ve curled the top half of your hair there’s just enough time to sort out the waves with your fingers and no comb or a comb with sparse teeth.
  • Finish the bob with a spray of hairspray to make the curls look as loose and natural as possible.

Super volume bob-cut: for the street style stars

This is probably the most beautiful variant for a bob-cut. And it’s especially important to use the right styling products. If the slight wavy and moderate fluffiness somehow tolerate such an image, the “gaps” in the volume are unacceptable.

Here’s how to style your hair.

  • Work the hair with mousse or volume foam at the roots, focusing on the back of the head area. Tip: Just one styling product is enough!
  • Grip the strands with a skeleton comb, starting from the lower nape of the neck, and blow-dry them with a hair dryer. Use it in a circular motion, picking up each strand from the bottom and pulling it up and away from you. And in the upper layers of the haircut, where hair is longer, actively twist the comb on its axis.
  • Reaching the nape of the neck, move gradually to one and then the other temporal area. It is not necessary to make a big step for capturing the next strand, it is necessary to move slowly. As a result of the rush, there are usually “gaps” between the volume areas.
  • The strands on the top of the head is partially laid back with a brushing and drying, adding volume to the back of the head. Work the rest of the hair in the same brush, laying the hair around the face and on the sides of the head. Always twist and pull your strands up and away from you, and direct the airflow from the hair dryer along the hairline at an angle.
  • Finally, spray your hair with a light hold spray.

Styling a curly braid with thermal rollers, or the perfect curly mess

The simplest option gives 100 to charm and 150 to lightness, because, as you know, curly hair is curly thoughts.

And here’s how to make such a style at home.

BEST AT-HOME BLOW-OUT short hair edition | Muttus Hairdryer

  • Once again, you’ll need a good, tried-and-true mousse or bubble bath. If your hair is wavy on its own, at this stage you can choose a lighter-texture styling product: for example, a spray for shaping elastic curls.
  • Divide your hair into back, back-neck, side and face-top sections.
  • Curl the curlers strand by strand so that the hair is fixed raised at the roots.
  • Each curl wrapped around the curler can be lightly sprayed with varnish.
  • When thermal curlers cool (usually enough for 15 minutes), remove them and gently straighten the curls with your fingers.
  • For a perfect result, leave the paving in place all day long with EPS varnish.
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