How to style your hair with a hair dryer

Hair dryer styling rules

Styling with a hair dryer is carried out only on clean hair, as if the roots are dirty it will be difficult to give them the necessary volume. Before using the device, the strands should be well soaked with a towel and let a little dry naturally. When styling, keep the hair dryer at a distance of 1,520 cm from the hair.

HOW TO USE A HAIR DRYER | Blowdrying Tutorial | Men’s Hairstyle Tutorial 2022

Every hairstyle needs an individual approach, taking into account the length and structure of the curls. But there are a number of common techniques, such as the formation of the volume at the root, brushing, care curls, which will allow you to properly stack hair with a hair dryer for any scalp.

We make the root volume

The procedure always starts with creating root volume, which lifts the strands and makes the style more lush. It should be performed as follows:

  • Comb your tresses with a sparse-toothed comb.
  • Lightly blow-dry the strands along their length to avoid tangles during further styling.
  • Lean your head back and blow-dry at the roots, volumizing your style with a comb or your fingers.
  • Use varnish to fix the obtained result.
  • If you need more volume, brush a few strands on, spritz them with hairspray, and pat dry some more.

To form original styles it is convenient to use the concentrator nozzles, which direct the hot jets of air to a specific area of the head.

Using a hair brush

Considering how to properly do styling with a hair dryer, it is worth noting that for this purpose, there is such a useful object, such as a bradshing. It is a round-bottomed comb with fine metal, nylon or natural bristles. The brush has a different diameter, which is chosen depending on the desired objectives. For example, to give volume it is better to use a brush with a base of 3050 mm, for stretching from 60 mm.

To properly model your hair with a hair brush at home, follow the recommendations:

  • Comb the locks using a comb.
  • Start laying the locks by lifting them up from the roots with a brush.
  • Divide the curls into separate zones, twist the loose levels into spirals and fix with a hairpin.
  • Use a hairbrush for each strand, trying to lift it in the direction in which the electric hair dryer moves.
  • Finish drying the hair and apply varnish.

Nicely styling curly hair

For styling curls you will need diffusers with spikes (fingers), which create volume and allow you to keep the shape of curls. When drying, it is advisable to consider the following recommendations:

  • Brush out the curls before washing your hair.
  • After you finish washing your hair, wrap it in a towel and wait about 1015 minutes.
  • Apply a styling product (foam or mousse) to the curls and start drying.
  • Use a diffuser to create a full bodied look at the top of your head.
  • Blow-dry curls along their entire length, using the diffuser nozzle to lift each strand.
  • Apply hairspray to hold your hair in place.

You will need:

Hair mousse is a lightweight foam that’s great for styling if you want to create curls or add volume to your hair.

Hairspray comes in different degrees of hold. Choose fine hold if you wish to have a light, loose hold. If your style needs volume and hold all day, look for the strongest polish.

A fine-toothed, pointed comb is a must-have for any style. It’s easy to do any parting with it. You might also need a hair spray if you want to create some individual layers, as in braiding.

A round brush is a great tool for styling your bouffant. It is better if you have several round brushes of different diameters. With a large brush you can achieve the desired volume in the hair style, the brush with a small diameter helps in modeling curls and waves.

A hair dryer is a must, of course, for styling any style. Choose hair dryers from a semi-professional hair-dryer range. In terms of price and quality they will be the most advantageous. The hair dryer must have at least three power modes and three blowing modes: hot, cold and medium.

Headbands, hairpins, hairpins can’t do without these things if we are talking about braids or complicated evening hairstyles.

For an independent hair styling in a home arsenal in addition to those mentioned above should be present such tools as

Gel or wax are excellent helpers when styling short and very short hair. These products can easily simulate a variety of hairstyles variations. They are great at removing frizz on the hairline, which gives your hair a perfectly straight, graphic look.

Straightening tongs have long been a safe way to achieve perfectly straightened styles. Choose curling irons with a ceramic top, as they don’t damage the hair. The temperature of the tongs should be about 180 degrees. Do not overheat the hair, run the tongs through the hair in quick, clear strokes.

You can use curling tongs to create both beautiful dolled-up curls and waves.

Curling tongs are the equivalent of a curler. Styling with curling irons is similar to styling with hair straighteners.

Hairclips are a must if you often do complicated styles that require the separation of hair into small strands. These clamps also hold curlers well.

How to style medium to long hair?

Styling medium to long hair involves using both the hair dryer itself, and additional styling products such as heat protection, volume mousse, curlers, comb, spray or gel for fixation.

Peculiarities of medium and long hair styling:

  • Wash your hair in the same way, then apply a heat protectant to the curls. Make sure you pay attention to the ends, possibly use a nourishing cream or balm. It is important to close the scales to avoid hair porosity or fluffiness during styling.
  • Distribute the entire volume of the hair into small locks, fix each lock with a hairpin, work on each lock in turn. Blow-dry curls with warm air first, blow dry with medium blowing speed.
  • Curl the lock into a round comb. You can use curlers to create dramatic curls. Place under the air jet, gradually untwisting the curl. The thinner the locks, the more vivid the curls and the more puffy the hair will be.
  • Finish by blowing cool air through your hair and applying a fixer. Use a light spray or mousse when styling bangs. Direct the air jet upward.

Curly brush styling

To do this you will need the following tools: hair dryer, round brush, foam to give volume to the hair. The round brush is great for creating big volume and looking natural-looking. This technique is best suited for medium-length curls. Hair drying with a hair dryer is necessary according to the following scheme:

  • Distribute them into three zones: the nape of the neck and the temples. Then hold each strand in place with a clamp.
  • Hair drying should be done in small strands of width. Preferably start at the nape of the neck.
  • Separate the strand and comb it through with a brushing brush.
  • Use a comb to hold it up by its roots and pull it up an angle of no more than 90 degrees.
  • Direct the hair dryer to the teeth of the brush and dry a strand of hair, moving from the roots to the tips.
  • Twist the ends of the strands inward or outward with a brushing brush, as desired.
  • Only after making sure the strand is completely dry can you start styling the next strand.

At the end of hair styling hair dryer necessary to lightly spray the hairspray.

Hair styling products for blow drying

With just a hair dryer and a comb it’s hard to achieve long-lasting styling. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of buying styling products that will give your hair a beautiful shape and fix it for a long time. The following products can help:

  • Mousse or foam. This versatile product is suitable for blow drying both medium and long hair. Therefore, it must be kept in the arsenal of every woman who wants to learn how to make beautiful styling hair dryer.
  • Wax. With its help, you can achieve a perfect smoothness. Wax works great for removing knots, fixing hair strands, and finished styling. It is a must for women with short haircuts.
  • Gel. Styling with gel is the most popular option for women with short and medium length hair. It can make your hair wet effect or achieve smoothness at the roots.
  • Varnish. It fixes the finished laying, so the varnish should be purchased in the first place. Without it, the hair will quickly lose its shape and fall apart. You should choose a thicker polish for evening looks, but a medium-colored one can handle a light styling product for most of the day.

No matter what kind of blow-dry you want, these products should always be on hand.

Why can’t I create volume and texture?? Typical mistakes and expert advice

Here’s how to choose the right volume and texture styling products, and how to use them correctly.

Slava Ryabokon, the leading coach of the company Authentica, told us how to select the styling products for your hair type and get the volume of your dreams by the example of RCo brand.

What is important to know about the volume before styling?

The volumizing products are applied only to the root zone. All of these products stiffen the hair. You may even hear a crunch (this is normal). If you apply over the entire length, instead of volume you get excessive stiffness and unnecessary fluffy cotton candy effect. Remember: volume or thickening products for the roots, texture products for the length.

If you’re uncomfortable with stiff hair at the roots, accept that volumizers are not for you. Without styling products, just the right cut can give you volume.

Don’t apply volumizer to the nape of your neck. There’s no way you’re going to get volume there. Also, it’s a sweaty area, and styling products can make your hair feel sticky.

blow-dry hair the right way. What it Means the Right Way?

  • Remove the concentrator nozzle from your hair dryer. It polishes and smoothes hair. Blow-dry without it, for maximum volume.
  • Moisten the lengths first, then go to the roots. Don’t do the opposite, or the volume will fade under the weight of the wet hair.
  • The best way to dry hair is to tilt it back. But it’s not for those with porous, curly hair. You’ll look like Angela Davis. Your option is to tilt your head to the right, to the left, and slightly back.

If after drying you style your hair on a brushing pad be careful not to comb out the volume styler from the crown zone. Most modern products are designed to be easy to remove with a comb. (This is so that you can completely change your style in the evening or 2-3 days after you wash your hair.)

I tell you the trick. First you do the roots as usual: fix the comb, do not move it, just blow dry.

Then a small distance from the roots and from this point, slip the brush along the strand.

You can use several bulking products at a time. Hairdressers often use a duplicating technique: apply 2-3 layers of styling for a more pronounced effect. It can be different products (mousse on wet hair, then a spray on dry hair) or one (spray on wet the same spray on dry).

Consider the shape of your face. A voluminous ball around the head doesn’t suit everyone. Or rather, it does not go to almost anyone 🙂 Look in the mirror and think in which areas you should really add volume to make everything look harmonious. Maybe just at the temples? Or only in the front, at the edge of the forehead? If you have a round face, don’t round it out even more. Stack the front strands (elongated bangs, if any) in soft waves. They will frame the face, cast a shadow on it and sculpt the oval. Let the volume be concentrated on the top of the head.

Alena. straight and heavy hair that doesn’t hold up to root volume

Alena: My hair doesn’t hold any style and the only real way to get volume is to do a crimping at the roots.

Slava: Kudos to Aliona’s handyman for the haircut. (It was made by Roma Gelik. ed.) If the ends were trimmed straight, the hair would be even heavier. Now they are textured from the middle, and this makes them easier. I understand girls who want both length and volume, but it doesn’t work that way. With straight, heavy hair.

Hair without styling or styling

How to create volume on heavy, straight hair?

  • Go for extra-strength hold products. They usually have a mousse texture. The RCo is Rodeo Star Thickening Foam. It has a memory effect. That means your hair will remember the shape you give it.
  • Your batch of mousse for volume is the size of a tangerine. It doesn’t matter what length your hair is. See. Above, volumizer only works on the root zone.
  • Procedure: Mousse between the palms of your hands until it reaches a creamy texture and then rub it into your roots. Tilt your head back and blow-dry. You look in the mirror and just use your hands to add volume where you want it. Grasp the roots of your hair with your fingertips and make a salty, borscht-like gesture. At the same time, lift your hand a little at a time. and the strand is up. A mousse will lock it in place.

How to give your straight, heavy hair texture?

Not everyone understands what texture is and why you need it. Let’s break it down. Hair comes in straight, curly, curly. If you give them a shape other than natural, you create texture. For example, straight hair is now curly. It used to be curly, but now it is careless waves with bumps or curls on the second day.

The volume tools are applied to the root zone. Texture tools. by length.

Texture can be created with hot styling tools or with styling tools alone. At home many do without curlers and irons because it’s faster and the quality of the hair is not compromised.

Slava: In a live broadcast I showed how to create texture only with styling tools, without gadgets. Now using a curling iron. I guarantee that every girl can curl just about anything for 5-10 minutes. Accuracy in this case is not important. If you don’t want to use hot tools, braid or twist your hair into braids before bed.

So, which texturizer to choose for Alena?

  • Heavy hair lacks fullness. So it’s better if it’s a dry spray with the effect as if they were blown around by the wind. Hairstylists even have a term for blowing out hair, which means “forcing air” inside a mass of hair with a styling product. Glory recommends RCo Balloon Dry Volume Spray.

Glory: It’s a two-in-one spray. First, for texture. Lift at the tips of one strand. Underneath it. from the bottom. apply the spray. Add instant fullness. Second, for a fuller bodied look. Massage into roots and set with your hands. Balloon Dry Volume Spray works for everyone, but for girls with heavy hair, it’s a masthead.

Texture: Curl with Balloon Dry Volume Spray

What other styling products are good for wearers of heavy, straight hair??

  • Use Foil Anti-static Spray to get rid of any kinks or fluff. It would give shine, keep moisture and static out, and keep the frizz out.

Lisa. thin hair that is easily weighted down

Lisa: I’ve never been able to create a curly volume. When I apply a little bit of mousse, nothing happens. I use a lot of it, it messes up my roots. What to do?

style, your, hair, dryer

Fame: Lisa could have had good volume on her own, but she doesn’t because her hair is so long. I really like their texture, a light wave. I want to keep it, but make it more defined.

Hair without styling and styling

How to get volume out of thin hair?

  • Thin hair is soft and pliable, it lacks roughness and stiffness. Use Thickening Sprays. Usually labeled Thickening Spray. Be careful: sometimes the translation into Russian is for volume, not compaction. Look for the original name. Thickening products contain polymers that make hair more pliable and rougher. Foams and mousses can weigh you down, so make sure you use a spray. Lisa is fine with the liquid Dallas Thickening Spray and the dry Grid Structural Setting Spray. It’s a matter of how you feel: Dallas is softer, Grid is firmer, but you’ll get more volume at the root. That’s what Glory used.
  • Your routine: Spray it on wet or dry hair (if it’s a day two style). Apply only to the roots. In swaths and liberally: press the dispenser and hold for 4-5 seconds on one section. Blow-dry hair and shape it with your hands.

What’s the right texturizer for fine hair??

  • Depends on what effect you want. Balloon Dry Volume Spray. Make curls. Trophy Shine Texture Spray. Now the most fashionable texture. sailed on a yacht, and splashing water on the hair. It’s not the same as a sea salt effect or a grey wave. Curls should be defined and tips should look like pointy needles. The effect can be created by using Sail Soft Wave Spray.
  • Your routine: Give your hair a gentle curl with a curling iron or spun (or curl it up in a bun before bedtime). Spray Sail Soft Wave Spray along the length. Just give it a little squeeze, and that’s it.

Glory: Note that I removed the volume at the front of my face. Lisa is exactly the type that doesn’t need it. The soft waves frame your face and bring it closer to an oval shape. The volume is now concentrated on the top, like Brigitte Bardot. One more thing: some girls ask their hairdressers to raise the top of their hair. It’s not really about the top. You have to take the volume off the front strands to get that sloping effect.

Texture: A little Sail Soft Wave Spray on the curling iron

What else is good for fine hair?? Moon Landing Anti-Humidity Spray. Pour it on and don’t regret it. The spray covers the hair in an invisible shell, through which moisture does not penetrate, and protects the style.

The products Slava used

Lena is porous and frizzy hair that is frizzy

Lena: My favorite style is sloppy waves. I don’t have to do anything for it. Two spritzes, two squeezes, and done. And if I curl a bun for 15 minutes, then I will walk with curls until the next wash. Hair is very easy to shape. Lucky? Yes, but no. With all my great desire, I can’t make them smooth and frizz-free.

Slava: I have the same type of hair, so I understand Lena. When you go outside, it gets frizzy. At the root zone, it’s ok (volume is ok)!), but the length gives the impression of unkemptness.

Hair without styling and styling

How do I make my hair volume stay on the roots but not the wave and the fluff??

  • Always use a leave-in conditioner before styling. This applies to everyone, but especially people with porous hair. The aim is to hydrate and seal the cuticle, so that they don’t fluff up during the day. For a length like Lena’s, a portion of a non-washing product is the size of 2-3 walnuts.
  • Make sure you use products for volume control in a spray format. Porous hair is tough on its own. I usually hate products which can make it tougher (foams and mousses). Glory recommends Dallas Thickening Spray. For a parting, use five sprays.
  • Your procedure: Apply an indelible conditioner, brush your hair and blow-dry it about halfway through, until it’s semi-moist. Now apply a volumizing spray to the roots and any smoothing or disciplining styler on the length of the hair. It could be a Mood Swing Straightening Spray or Two-Way Mirror Smoothing Oil, or Foil Anti-static Spray. Blow-dry hair all the way through or use a natural bristle brush (for perfect smoothness).
  • What to do if it’s raining and your hair does curl? Most importantly, don’t take any nail polish or texture products. Use Foil Spray. Spray generously, like a cloud. Allow the cloud to settle on your hair, and then smooth/style it with your hands.

What kind of texturizing products are good for porous hair??

  • The same ones that Slava advised Lisa. Balloon Dry Volume Spray (for lushness), Sail Soft Wave Spray (for a sea salt effect) or Trophy Shine Texture Spray, it’s perfect for curls. Gives her hair more volume, shine, and extra hold. That’s what Slava ended up choosing for Lena.
  • Your routine: Apply the Trophy Shine Texture Spray to dry hair. Curl them with a curling iron or a curling iron. Spray it on again at the end.

Glory: If you have an important event ahead of you and need your style to be as neat and smooth as possible. you can’t do without thermal tools. Porous hair needs to be straightened or curled so that it becomes shiny and glossy.

Texture: curls on a curling iron Trophy Shine Texture Spray

Styling medium hair

For straight hair of medium length will suit such a bouffant hairstyle:

  • Wash the curls, then they are dried with a towel;
  • We will work with a round comb, a comb and hairpins (with curlers and crocodiles);
  • All curls must be divided into 4-8 strands, the more bundles. the less curls;
  • Using one strand as an example: we sprinkle them with varnish, untwist them with the hands and twist them on a brush, after that we need to twist the curly hair bundles on the hairpins and dry them with a hair dryer again.

Not many people know that the famous Mai Tai hairstyle can easily be done at home. Basic Lessons: Mai Tai is an easy casual hairstyle, loved by Rihanna, Katy Perry, Madonna and other showbiz stars, it’s all about voluminous roots and curls, but it also looks a bit sloppy, so to speak, a proper boho cut. The main advantage is that it can be done on dry, wet hair, with any length.

Photo Styling medium hair

Let’s wash our head and shake a few strands with our hands. If you want an eclectic effect, you should not even comb the hair. Cover the strands with mousse, gel to fix and volume, or a styler. Now turn your head down and dry it with a strong stream of warm air. This gives the hair a natural lift from the roots. After lifting the head, if necessary, slightly smoothing the curls and proceeding to form curls.

A modern Mai Tai is lush roots and curly ends, but it is possible to straighten them. On the ends of the strands need to apply a fixing compound, then curl the curls by the method described above, using a brushing or brushes. Also curling can be done with a flat iron, curling iron, curling irons, or even a thermal comb of the bombage type.

Hair styling with blow dryer and brush: a master class

How to do a simple day style-blending at home and where to learn how to do it? Julia went to a salon-school Brush, where everyone will learn how to deal with a hair dryer and brush. Let us remind you that Lena Korenkova also went there to learn how to make curls. But if curls aren’t an everyday option, but a moody option, then a blow dryer and a brushing brush are the basics you always need. So I made a pragmatic decision and went to Brush to train with her. Especially since since Alex Contier cut my hair, I always need to style it.

As you can see, at the time of this shoot, I had grown out considerably.) I was not very happy about it, because it was getting harder and harder to style it, especially with my clumsy hands.

First the master Olga Degtyareva. who runs these workshops at Brush, washes my hair and advises me to do it with a line of products.

The next step is to blow-dry everything with a hairdryer, after which a volume spray was applied.

After all, our job is to use a brushing brush to get your hair into the shape you want without losing any of its root volume.

Blow-dry hair with its head downward for volume, too.

Blow drying also has its tricks. For example, blowing on your head with a hair dryer should be done by holding it over your head, not from the side or underneath. You can also use your fingers or a comb to comb through your hair. If you blow too hard sideways, not along the updo, the scales won’t close, so the hair will be dry but lose some shine.

It’s important to get your hair all the way through before you start styling it. When they’re hot, it’s not immediately obvious. So you can either turn off your hair dryer and wait for it to cool down a bit to see if you need to blow dry it further, or you can turn on the cold air blast in your hair dryer too.

Now the goal is to keep just a little bit of that volume while styling.)

You just use your fingers to draw two parallel lines up from about the tips of your eyebrows to separate the central part of the hair from the side. Pinning them so they do not get in the way (when pinning, try not to make a ponytail back, and lift the hair and so they are fixed, so as not to lose volume). It’s best not to make the parting zone any wider than your brushing brush, otherwise it will snag the excess, tear the hair and cause you pain.

We divide the side areas into two rectangles, one before the ear (divide it with your finger straight up from the ear, leading it over the skin), the other after. Pin the strands that we don’t need yet so they don’t get in the way.

A photo for everyone who asked me where my hair was falling out. Here they are, my bald spots

Now the hair dryer and the brush in your hands is a duet and a dance of love, which should occur in tune with each other, poetically says Olga. Ooooh, I think, figuring out the best and most comfortable way to hold them. It is very important to hold the hair dryer and the brushing brush correctly. You have to lead them both in the same direction at the same time and along the growth of the hair (otherwise you lose shine). You can get used to it with your right hand, but you have trouble with your left hand. The master advises beginners to try first without turning on the hair dryer, just to see how you feel more comfortable.

Next: we separate the strand, twist it on the brush, putting it tightly to the head. Then lift the brush slightly, scratching the skin even slightly. This keeps the curl volume at the root and prevents it from creasing during styling. We put a hair dryer on the brush so the scales are not lifted up, but smoothed downwards. Turn on the hair dryer and move it together with the brush along the strand, at the end just a little twist the tips of the brush and release.

You can go over the strand a few times. If it works, leave it in, if not we can go over it from the midsection to the tips.

The important thing is ! Do not move the strand with the brush and hair dryer straight back and forth from the head. Otherwise it will curl in the wrong place and lose the volume.

And so, after some ordeals, I already have a more decent look. In the process, I realize how important a comfortable hair dryer is, not heavy, not too big, that is easy to turn in all directions and that has buttons in the right place. In the process of styling hair on the right and left, I change a couple of hair dryers from those that are in the salon, before adjusting.

Tip: When styling hair on the left, put the hair dryer in your left hand and the brush in your right hand, otherwise it will be hard to wield the hair dryer.

Another tip: You can first heat the brush with a hair dryer, and then use it to help lay the hair strands that you’ve worked through a bit more. This might be easier for beginners.

The hair in the middle is the last thing you want to do. The principle is the same Cut off a strand on the crown not wider than the brush, twist it on the brush, lift it a little and drive the hair dryer along the strand. It’s important to keep it straight up in this case. If you move it to the side, the lock will curl up into the same side and stick out from behind. You can overlap it with another strand that you take away to the opposite side, but only if you have room to maneuver and it’s not the uppermost hair.

It is important to hold the hot strand above your head for a while, and not let it go at once so as not to lose volume. Then the hair of the center part spreads itself to the sides of the head.

A separate trick with bangs or the very front strand of hair, over the forehead. You have to move it forward (as on the photo) at a 45 degree angle and then it’s nice and flat. And: there won’t be the frequent problem of having the right hair facing the face and the left hair away from the face (like I have here, for example). That is: we put the brush on the strand, lift a little, lead with a hair dryer and let it fall over the edges of the head. Like this:

I’m worried how to do the same for girls with long hair, because it’s not for nothing that many people accelerate hair growth to do long styles? Turns out, just where you can’t reach the strand with your hands anymore, you twist the ends a little with the brush and you get some twisted curls, too.

At the same time I’m starting to dream of a silent blow dryer. Why hasn’t anyone invented it yet?!

Now that everything is satisfied, you can fix the result with varnish. Take any professional they are all good now, says Olga. Not only should I go over the surface, but inside as well. So first we spray the whole mop from above. Then we tilt our head and spray the nail polish on the lower hair.

style, your, hair, dryer

Waiting for it to dry out. We make a cloud of varnish and dive into it.)

Then a little shake hands and voila. All done.

The result is quite natural, perhaps not the most perfect (I still have a lot to work on.) but the result is a neat and natural way of styling.

Now it only remains to send a request into space to the developers of a quiet, lightweight and preferably miniature hair dryer without a cord at all.) Which would be itself and fly around our head. Then my life becomes a fairy tale.)

By the way, the brush for brushing, if you do not have one at home, you can buy right there in the salon (I took one home need to practice). Option as I have Olga considers the most versatile it is possible and a brace to style, and long hair, and pull strands, and curl them.

The workshop I took is considered one of the most useful I’ve ever encountered on this subject. The basics of the basics that all hairdressers know.) Master helps to set your hand, explains the smallest details of movement, shows where you make a mistake and what the result in the styling it leads to (and how to avoid it). The main thing is not to be afraid to do, do, do.).

Individual lesson. 4500.

Group master classes are held mostly on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (as the group is full).

How to use the hair dryer

When first styling curls with a hair dryer brush, girls often think that it is uncomfortable to use. But if you understand how to use the device, the process becomes easier and more comfortable. During the use of the device, it is worth adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions and take into account the following nuances:

  • The choice of operating mode is adjusted to the length of the strands. Short hairstyles are better to style at low speed, and long curls at maximum speed. Thanks to this approach can eliminate overdrying of the hair and the appearance of split ends.
  • To get neat curls, start at the crown and curl the strands in different directions. But note that the device is not suitable for curling fine, bouncy curls. To this end, it is better to read the tips on how to curl hair on a curling iron, from our article.
  • Considering how to style hair with a hair dryer brush, it should be noted that in order to avoid over drying, heating each strand should not be made more than a few seconds.
  • To create beautiful waves, it’s better to use small strands for curling. A curling width of about 5 to 7 centimeters is best. This allows you to create a neat hairstyle without tangling.
  • You can use the concentrator attachment to maintain the finished hairstyle for a long time. This helps lift curls at the roots and add volume to the style.

When choosing a hair dryer-brush must take into account the structure of their hair. If they are thin and unruly, it is better to give preference to models with natural bristles. It is more convenient to arrange thick curls with a hair dryer-brush with plastic bristles, which will provide a good combing of the hair from the crown to the tips. It is better to have a rotating one, as it speeds up the styling process. For more information on how to choose a blow-dryer brush, see.

Among the best models of hair dryer-brushes on the market of home appliances are devices from the company Braun, which you can find in our store. They come with combs of different sizes and a wide range of nozzles, which are easy to choose while taking into account the structure of the curls. Many models have an ionization option and warm steam, which allows you to make hair styling with a hair dryer-brush without damaging the hair.

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