How to style your hair without a hair dryer

The voluminous ruffle

Curly crimp styling can quickly give your hair stunning volume. To perform it you need a special curling iron and thermal protection.

You should know that you can not do this hairstyle too often as it really damages the hair even if you put a protective spray on it. Curly curls last a long time on the hair, so you do not need to use hairspray. Especially such a styling will emphasize a graduated braid.

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How to style a bob? The choice of method depending on the characteristics of the haircut

The styling on the bangs depends on many factors and one of the main event you are going to, as well as the selected outfit. The haircut kare in some way universal, as it allows you to make both voluminous and smooth hairstyle. The straights can be waved, lifted, and even plaited into a braid, if you try hard.

Hair styling with bangs: 3 ways

Choosing a square square bangs it is necessary to choose a classic bob with a perfectly straight cut or elongated. Asymmetrical bangs and asymmetrical braids do not combine. Speaking of which, today there are three main types of bangs: elongated, curly and arched.

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For a detailed research of all the types of fashionable bangs and their choice see THIS ARTICLE.

There are several ways to style bangs and freckles. Consider the simplest ones, which can be repeated by yourself, without making any special efforts to the process. Let’s specify that it is better to style braids with bangs to have a volume.

With a curling iron

The easiest and fastest way to style a square freckle with bangs is to use a hair dryer, brush (round brush with natural or mixed bristles) and clips.

We begin by drying the hair by 70-80% and then take the brush and style the hair along the following zones: the side temples, the nape of the neck, the crown and the bangs. Dry the hair at medium temperature, remembering to blow dry the strands with cold air. So it will retain its shape and will not disintegrate.

Curls with a curling iron

If you plan an event for which you want to make voluminous curls, the haircut is not an obstacle to this. Choose a medium diameter curler (20-25mm) and start curling. Fix each finished curl with a metal clamp so that the curl cools and retains its shape. Dissolve it when you have twisted all of your hair. Comb it with a comb with long coarse teeth and apply a tack-free varnish.

With volume

To make the styling of a curl with bangs was voluminous, you can use a curling iron. Just remember that all the hair can be crimped, except for those strands that are near the parting. The top layer of hair should be flat and not wavy.

Styling a bangless braid without bangs: 7 ways to style your style

It is believed that the haircut without bangs is the most popular option at the moment. From this haircut can be made not only a stylish style, but also a hairstyle, and even a wedding hairstyle.

Classic styling

The classic haircut with no bangs can be styled in 5 minutes. To do this you need a hair dryer with a narrow concentrator and a round comb with a medium diameter. It is recommended to dry your hair in layers to achieve a smooth and fluffy style.

A side parting is a good idea, but it can also be done in the middle. In the second case, it is better to remove unnecessary volume from the crown, and the front strands behind the ears.

Massive blow drying

Additional volume will be obtained, if the styling for a curl is performed with a hair dryer and a curling iron. The curling curler is perfect for adding volume to dry hair. You can also use dry shampoo or baby powder. They remove excess moisture (fat) and lift the roots.

Tweezing the curls

Pretty styling for a regular braid is done with curling irons. The hair should be washed and dried with a hair dryer beforehand. Then we curl, one at a time. The tip of the tweezers should be facing down. And rotate the tool, from the face. Go from the left side to the middle of the nape of the neck, then to the right. Curls are soft and voluminous.

Curls with a curling iron

Stylish styling for a square haircut can be done not only with special round curling tongs, but also with an ordinary curling iron to straighten strands. True, the curls made with it will be somewhat different. The roots usually have less volume, and the tip is straight.

Watch this video to learn how to curl your hair with a curling iron :


If the bracket is grown off, and the hair reaches the neck, you can curl beautiful curls on curlers. It’s best to use soft rollers that curl up into a bagel. Regular hot rollers, Velcro rollers or curlers are not a good choice for short hair. It’s hard to hold, and the curls look messy.

Braided hairstyle

Voluminous styling or curls can be complemented by braiding. The waterfall version is suitable for the square freckle. It’s a spiked braid with a skip. It can be plaited as a mallow, or just one side to create a stylish side-swept hairstyle.

Combed through the parting

A bangs-free Karee lets you fantasize about styling. You can make a stylish hairstyle with loose strands, dividing them laterally. Strong fixation varnish is needed for this hairstyle.


A wet effect

Stylish and alluring hair style with a wet effect is suitable for those who want to surprise everyone at the party. It uses a special gel, which even as it dries, shines and gives the feeling of just washed hair. It seems that a woman just a few minutes ago got out of the shower or the sea.

Styling for an elongated square braid: 3 ideas

The lengthened braid style has short hair at the top and long strands at the front of the head. They can be the same length or different.

With a voluminous top

The easiest styling for a long bob with a fleece on the top. It is easy to create, as there short hair. Suffice it to blow-dry them up or blow on the bottom.


A long square does not exclude the possibility of making a stylish style with curls. Only the top layer and the strands at the face have to be twisted. The lower occipital area remains flat, as the hair is very short there.


Lengthened haircut kare harmoniously combines with different types of styling, including the straight version. It can be created with a flat iron and a fine-toothed comb. It helps to get the right locks out of the clutter.

Medium length

In this case there is a huge number of options how to style hair without a hair dryer. Popular among the female sex is the “Greek hairstyle”. To create it, you need to buy a special band, which is sold in any cosmetic store. These accessory should be put on the head, so that its parts pass through the forehead and the back of the head. The hair must be put behind the band to form a hairstyle. For a secure fixation and prolongation of the durability you can use varnish.

Quite often girls are interested in the question of how to style medium-length hair without a hair dryer. For example, a carriage implies perfect smoothness, which can be achieved only with the help of styling devices.

Experts give several recommendations:

  • On clean, damp hair, it is necessary to apply a small amount of fixing agent;
  • Using your fingers, you need to pull the strands down, making straightening movements;
  • Curl the ends on the inside for a neat look;
  • While your hair is drying, adjust your hair with your fingers, then you can spray it with hairspray.

Useful tips

To speed up drying without a hair dryer, it’s a good idea to listen to the recommendations of professional stylists:

  • When bathing, wash your head first and wrap a towel around it. Then at the end of the process the moisture from the hair will have been absorbed into the fabric, and it will be dried faster afterwards.
  • Use conditioner. This product creates a water-repellent film on hair that leaves curls manageable and speeds drying. But don’t apply conditioner to the roots if you need to dry your hair quickly.
  • Use a waffle towel or a piece of microfiber in the process. These materials absorb moisture faster.
  • Warm the towel with an iron or on a radiator before drying.
  • Be extremely careful when brushing wet strands. Blunt hairstyling can lead to split ends and breakage.
  • Use a special brush with microfiber. This device absorbs excess liquid, which speeds up the process.
  • If you have curly locks you shouldn’t rinse out the conditioner. It will make it easier to style your hair and it will make your locks more manageable.

And finally: go outside on a balcony or outdoors in summer. The warm sun and breeze will do its job, and a wet head will be dry in a matter of minutes.

How to style your hair without a blow dryer or a curling iron: practical advice for different hair lengths

All women know that there are no better tools to style hair than a hair dryer and a blow dryer. Only with their help we can achieve smooth and beautiful styling. First of all these products can be very destructive to your hair and if you use them too often you can lose your hair, especially if it has been damaged from the inside and has been dyed. Secondly, stylers are not always at hand at the right time. Of course, beauty salons offer many useful alternatives, but how to do it at home? How to style your hair without a flat iron or blow dryer? How to get beautiful, straight, silky strands without the salon procedures?

A variety of nozzles

Modern hair dryers are equipped with nozzles to make styling easier:

  • Concentrator. An indispensable part of a hair dryer, versatile for creating any hairstyle. Enables the air jet to be directed compactly in the desired direction. No more than 1cm wide and 7-9cm long;
  • Diffuser. Often found in popular hair dryers. It is designed to dry a large area of hair or create small curls in a chaotic manner. Has a small hole in the base of the nozzle and a few projecting “fingers” around which the curls curl.

A hair dryer with such a nozzle is brought, on the contrary, to the ends of the hair and collected to the roots. After that, turn on the medium power mode, and dry the strand with slow circular motions;

  • With brush attachments or rotating parts hair dryers are needed to facilitate the styling process, if you can not achieve the desired result with a separate hair dryer and comb.

Detailed instructions for your new perfect style:

Before you get your hair dryer and switch it on, we’d like to point out a few things for you:

For the method to work, we need to use a nozzle (nozzle on the hair dryer) for drying hair without it. you can not style your hair. An important point. the position of the nozzle. Don’t be afraid to twist the nozzle to adjust the airflow, placing it in the direction you want your strands to dry.

Also, note that this technique does not use a comb, but if you do have tangled hair, then apply balm or conditioner to the strands and gently brush the hair with your fingers, tilting your head down.

If you’re used to drying your hair head down, now is the time to change that habit. Start drying your hair by looking at yourself directly in the mirror. That way you can control the styling process.

Beautiful styling on the middle hair at home photo

Without leaving the house, even on short or medium length with the help of videos and photos, you can with great success make a hairstyle of any complexity. One of the most current methods. diffuser, which got its name thanks to the nozzle of the hair dryer. The long tangles give a wavy, voluminous curl effect. Wash your hair and foam dry strands, lean down and hold the hair dryer with this attachment perpendicular. And gradually dry the entire head. At the end by no means comb it, but just fix it with varnish.

Styling on medium hair with a blow dryer by yourself

Medium and short haircuts are very fashionable in the last few years, so there are a lot of photos and videos on the Internet on this topic, how best to style a naughty hair. Start by washing your head, apply conditioner, and dry your hair. Make sure a heat protectant spray is used. Allow the product to soak in and dry. Heat up the flat iron and begin twisting the curls in a vertical motion about its axis from top to bottom. The thinner the curls, the fuller the hairstyle and the longer it will last.

Hairstyle with bangs

A short or medium length bangs should not be a problem. Start with the easiest way to curl your ends with a flat iron or curling iron. Dry your head beforehand, comb it or use a gaffer iron on the roots.

To make neat waves, moisten the tips with moisturizer and start curling. Curl medium to short bangs with bangs on the side with a hook or use a soft curl and seal with hair spray or gel. Voluminous feathers fit the shortest haircut with bangs. To do this, use only a hair dryer and a round comb, coil up and dry the ends.

The original styling for medium hair with bangs:

Beautiful photos for inspiration:

The right way to dry your hair

The entire drying process can be divided into several stages, correctly performing which can reduce the damage to the strands to a minimum.

This includes washing your head and blow-drying your hair beforehand.

style, your, hair, dryer

It is important in preparation to fill curls with useful components, making a moisturizing or nourishing mask, so that the hair is easier to handle stress. The rest of the composition is washed off with a lot of warm water.

After washing, the remaining moisture is absorbed with a terry towel, and the curls are left to dry naturally for 20-30 minutes.

Just before styling, the thermal protectant should be applied, and the hair should be combed out with a fine-toothed comb.

To avoid damaging the curls, you should try to dry them at a medium air speed and at a minimum temperature.

style, your, hair, dryer

If you need to meet the shortest possible time, it is better to put a higher air speed than to increase the temperature. The effect is the same, but it will be less damaging to the strands. If the ends are prone to sectioning, it is better to leave them slightly undried.

The number of steps depends on the desired result.

This video shows how to make your own voluminous hairstyle blow dryer.

At the end of drying make sure to go through the hair with cold air, observing the direction from the roots to the ends. This will allow you to cool the heated strands and slightly lower the open scales.

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To maintain the style for a long time and protect it from the weather, hair fixation varnish. The main thing is not to apply it to hot hair so that the strands do not stick together.

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