How to switch a boiler for heating water

The first launch of the water heater after installation, downtime or conservation

Electric boilers are designed for constant operation with the maximum disconnection period for no more than a few months. Before the first launch of the system or its activation after prolonged downtime, it is important to observe a number of rules and recommendations listed below in this article.

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Installing the boiler, its connection to the water and electric network requires professional skills and knowledge. When installing, it is important to comply with sanitary standards and electrical safety rules. Installation of a system for heating water is recommended to trust qualified masters. With independent installation, you must first study the instructions, equip high.Quality grounding for wiring.

If the power of the water heater exceeds 3 kW, a separate fishing line is usually allocated for it for the power of energy supply. If all the conditions and standards of installation are met, it is allowed to make the first launch. The sequence of actions is performed in the following order:

Make a visual inspection of all connected communications: there should be no rod parts of the wiring, curvature at the joints, cracks on the couplings and pipes. All compounds must be made using proper fittings, plumbing pads, insulating material.

Installation of electrical equipment is carried out with blocked taps of hot and cold water supply. Before the first launch of the boiler, first slowly open the valve with cold water. At this moment, the water tank of the boiler is filled. The user needs to check the tank and pipes for the presence of leaks with an open tap.

If there are no problems with sealing, the valve of cold water supply opens at full power. Similar actions are performed by a relative crane of hot water.

When the tank tank is filled, go to testing the operability of the water heater itself. Gently open the tap connected to the boiler. Immediately after turning, you will hear a characteristic noise, and the water will come out with shocks mixed with air. There are no reasons for concern here. You need to wait until the flow of water from the tank becomes uniform, while checking the quality of the insulation of the pipes at the output.

Close the taps of the boiler and wait for the tank with water to fully fill. Only after that, the device can be included in the network and check the performance of the heater. If you connect earlier, unstable operation of the heater is possible due to the remaining air in the tank.

After connecting the boiler to the network, from 30 to 120 minutes until the water is completely heated in the container. The exact time depends on the temperature set in the settings of the equipment, the volume of the tank and the power of the heating element.

Perform all actions at first strictly in accordance with the user’s management, while the operation of the water heater will not be familiar to you. And if there is a need to “preserve” or leave equipment for a while in downtime, read our recommendations below.

Requirements for a storage water heater

Before using a water boiler, you need to familiarize yourself with its main characteristic features:

  • When using storage heaters, so that the water temperature rises to the optimal one, it is necessary for some time.
  • The pressure of water depends on the pressure in the system. Accordingly, for the accumulative and running water heaters there will be different operating conditions.
  • Protopotal water heaters are cheaper than flowing, but more expensive in operation, as they consume electricity constantly while the crane is opened.
  • The principle of the functioning of the accumulative heater in heating pre.Accumulated water to high temperature and subsequently maintaining it at this level. Electricity is also spent on this, but in much smaller quantities.
  • Household electric water heaters do not have special requirements for reliability of wiring. When connecting to the water supply, it does not require particularly high pressure.
  • Gas water heaters operate from a conventional gas distribution network, but specialists must be connected to connect them.
  • Accumulative boilers need regular maintenance, especially if water with increased impurities in the water supply.
  • It is undesirable to use water from storage heaters for drinking. For flowing, this restriction does not work.
  • Boilers usually take up a lot of space, especially floor models with a large tank.


How to turn on a boiler so that hot water appears? To do this, you need to perform the actions listed below in the following order:

  • Open the hot water crane on the mixer and make sure that. Shut off valve.
  • Open a crane with a blue circle at the inlet of the water heater, then the output crane indicated by a red mark. Wait a while until all the air comes out of the system, if there was no water in the boiler. Next is the process of filling the water heater.
  • In the event that the boiler was filled with water, you only need to drain it a little and close the crane with a red circle.
  • Before turning on the boiler in the outlet, it is necessary to completely fill the tank with water. Otherwise, there is a risk of blocking the tubular heater if the model is not equipped with a protection system.
  • In the process of heating of the water, it is important to control the temperature indicator and the supply of voltage at the heater.

Experts advise setting the working temperature regime of the device at the level of 55-60 ° C. This will help to avoid the development of fungi and bacteria in the tank, as well as prevent the formation of scale on the heating element.

How to enable Ariston’s boiler when it is already installed?

Consider the inclusion of a water heating unit, when it is already installed at the place of operation and a water supply is made using the example of the following most popular models.

Ariston Platinum. For the first launch, fulfill the following actions:

  • Before you make the first inclusion of the device, you need to fill the tank, for this, redraw hot water valve on the riser, then open the fluid supply tap and release at the boiler input.

Open a valve with hot water on any of the mixers in the house and wait for the moment until all the air is completely released from the tank. When water starts to flow, redraw the tap. Inspect the fluid supply pipes to the water heater for leak.

Connect the device to the mains, after which the indicator light will be turned on. A tank heating time of 50 liters will be 1 hour 50 minutes. After this time, your boiler is ready to work.

Ariston ABS VLS PW 50. To start the unit, it is necessary to adhere to the implementation of the description below:

  • Fill the tank with liquid. How to do this is described above, on the example of the first option.
  • Connect the device to the network.
  • Install the current time, this can be done by clicking on the buttons “” ”-”. Coming from hours to minutes SET.
  • The following actions for the Base modification boiler: Launch the water heater buttons, pressing “” ”-“ Select a comfortable temperature, in the range from 40 to 80 degrees, the manufacturer installed the optimum temperature of 70 ° C is installed. The display indicator will let you know when the water reaches the necessary temperature.Ariston boiler with digital display
  • For TOP models. If you perform the installation of the water heater horizontally, then in order to change the location of the display to horizontal, you will need to press the “Mode” and “ECO” keys and hold them for 5 seconds. Complete the launch on the indicator on the key/off key. Ariston boiler with digital display

Select one of the four modes by clicking on “Mode”- Manual (in this mode you yourself choose the optimal heating by clicking on “SET”) or P1 (setting up at the beginning of heating at 9:00, by 70 degrees), P2 (inclusion at 19:00, 70 degrees), p1r2.

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Ariston SG 30 OR. How to enable the Ariston SG 30 OR boiler? It is enough to perform the following actions for this:

Manufacturer Ariston

How to enable an electronic boiler model for heating water Ariston? After the device capacity is fully filled with liquid and you have a connection to the mains, wait for the tanning on the indicator panel (this will happen within a couple of seconds). Then the temperature indicators will begin to blink, this indicates that the water heater is not turned on.

To turn it on, click the “Turn on” button, the water temperature in the tank will be shown on the screen at the moment, then select the appropriate temperature regime. To do this, you will need to press the “” or “-” keys, with this pressing the device will go to the selection mode, the values ​​on the monitor are often blinked, it is possible to choose a temperature within 30-75 degrees.

There is also the possibility of choosing a power. 1,500 watts or 2500 watts, using a short click on the “Power” button. This device is not equipped with a memory function, when you turn off, all settings are discharged.

Next, consider how to launch the mechanical model Ariston. After inclusion on the network, press the “turn on” function using the left key, it will light up in red. After the water is heated to a given temperature, it will go out.

The power of the device is 1500W, it can be increased to 2500W by turning on the right key. During operation, it shines, and when reaching the set temperature regime, the goss. The temperature can be set in the range of 30-75 degrees using a toggle switch.

Problems with inclusion and their solution

Faced with the connection problem, first of all, it is necessary to check the mains and terminals of the device. The boiler has high power and often “fades” a poorly installed outlet. It is worth checking the automation of the protective shutdown, as well as “call” the tester of the terminal terminal.

Smart WiFi Boiler Water Heater Switch Controlled via App through WiFi and Mobile. 4000W 100-250V

A fairly popular issue is how to enable the Termex boiler when the system error. This applies to devices with the touch control panel on which the error code is displayed. In this case, the instructions for the device with the listing of the values ​​of all code messages will help. In case of its absence, we list the most common problems:

  • The burned heating spiral, the main feature. The body of the device hits the current;
  • Thermal protection is triggered with a broken thermostat or a large layer of scale on the heater;
  • Empty tank or air presence in nozzles.

The first two problems are solved by the replacement of faulty components or cleaning the heater. The third is the lightest and is solved by filling the tank with water and air with the air from the system, as described above. Now you know how to enable the Thermex water heater, we proceed to the next device.

Instructions for the first launch of the boiler

The boiler is installed. Installation work was carried out by specialists or the owner, it does not matter. In any case, you need to check the operation of the system. To do this, following the tips given, you need to make the first launch of the heater.

  • We start by checking the correctness of connecting systems that are responsible for water heating. Fidelity, reliability of the connection of the phase and zero wires, the presence of grounding. Check the operability of the circuit breaker and the operability of. For this, the device is used. A tester or a special screwdriver of an electrician.
  • Following is the search for leaks in the system. It will be useful to control the connection of underwater pipes. The presence and diagnosis of the check valve.
  • Water launch into a boiler. Attention, the correct sequence of actions at the first and subsequent launches of the system will be described in the next section.
  • Repeated search for water leaks at the installation sites of pipes.
  • Diagnostics of the heater. Turning on the device by pressing the power button.
  • Fixation of the initial indicators of the temperature sensor.
  • Re.Check, after 15 minutes. The growth of indicators indicates the correct connection of heating elements.

How to use a running water heater correctly?

Rules for using the device

If you follow all the conditions of proper operation, then you can extend the life span for many years. Therefore, read carefully and use the following recommendations:

  • Do not turn off the boiler at night, so it wears out faster.
  • Before connecting it, check the presence of water. In its absence, the device will break.
  • Carry out annual cleaning of the tank from scale and check for rust.
  • Follow the anode and its performance.
  • Running devices check that the pressure of the water is strong.
  • Turn off the boiler right away how water will appear from the city system.

The period of use of the heater depends not only on the manufacturer and the quality of the equipment, but also on installation, proper use and regular maintenance.

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