How to switch the boiler to hot

The procedure for including a storage water heater in the apartment

During the disconnection of hot water, there is a need to find an alternative, and then modern technology comes to the rescue. In order not to be left without the benefits of the civilization that we are used to, you will have to buy and install a storage water heater.

Quite often, I have to make inclusion in the summer, but not because this is some kind of difficult procedure, but because it is not often necessary to do it, and therefore people forget the sequence of actions, and therefore decided to write an article on this topic.

The inclusion of a storage boiler does not require any professional knowledge, but at the same time it is necessary to observe a certain sequence, since the structure of these devices, regardless of the model (Ariston, burning, Termyx, electrolyux), is the same for everyone, the procedure for inclusion in everyone is the same.

I’ll make a reservation right away, I tell you how to turn on the water heater with the correct standard connection scheme.

How to determine where the input of cold water and the output is hot:

According to the standard, if you look at the boiler, the supply of cold water. Right, and the exit is hot. Left, and cold is marked in blue, and hot. Red.

switch, boiler
  • First, we block the hot water supply valve to the apartment, even if there is a check valve, since they tend to break, then open the same water on the mixer. It is necessary to open it in order to lower the air if the water heater is empty.
  • Open a hot crane from the boiler.
  • Open the cold tap for feeding into the device and wait for air to get out of the mixer you open and the liquid will flow.
  • When the water flowed, close and turn on the boiler in the outlet, and after a couple of hours you can use it.

That’s the whole process, for more clarity, watch this video, and, I think, you will not have problems. You can turn off the device in the reverse order, but whether it is necessary to drain water from it, you decide.

What is the boiler for

When using a water heater, tenants gain the following advantages:

  • Guaranteed hot water supply, regardless of its admission to the apartment.
  • The ability to use heated water not only in the usual way, but also for heating or warm floor.
  • Full autonomy in water supply matters.
  • In most cases, the installation of equipment is not difficult even for those who do not have the necessary professional skills.
  • The operation of the device can be provided by electricity using the 220 V network.

The use of the boiler also has its shortcomings:

  • When working with it, it is required to take special measures to maintain its functionality.
  • The use of electricity for heating water is costly.

When installing some types of boilers, installation can be difficult for a non.Specialist. In such a situation, for this purpose, you will have to call the master.

How to properly drain the water when the water heater is turned off is told in the video:

“Doc-Service” Service Service

When turning off hot water, the apartment needs to install a water heater. And if it is already installed, it is necessary to enable it. The need to use a water heater occurs very rarely, once a year. And what kind of taps to open and which to close. Complex may arise.

When turning on the accumulative water heater, a certain sequence must be observed. And to relieve memorization to use logic.

switch, boiler

First of all, it is necessary to close the hot water crane on the “riser” (the total hot water crane). In order for the water that the water heater does not “go” into a common pipe. When turning off hot water, in common pipes (“risers”), water remains, but only cold. To do this, open hot water on the mixer so that it proceeds. Then start closing the hot water crane. Accordingly, water from the mixer should stop flowing, which will indicate that hot water is blocked. The water should be completely blocked, the presence of drops is unacceptable, it will mean that the crane was not completely closed, and the water from the water heater will go into the “riser”.

After that, it is necessary to open two taps on the water heater. First we open the crane through which cold water should enter. In order for the water to “go” to the water heater. Then the crane through which heated water will have to go out from the water heater.

It turns out that to turn on the water heater, it is necessary to manipulate three cranes. Close the tick of hot water riser. So that the heated water does not go into the “pipe”. Open the crane for the flow of cold water into the water heater, open the crane for the exit of heated water from the water heater to the “hot” pipes of your apartment. The situation may be different if you were mounted by a water heater or pipe “Super-Santechnik”.

After the opening and closing of the cranes, it is necessary to open water on the mixer from the “hot” side. So that air comes out of the water heater, and the water heater went into his working condition.

And only now the accumulative water heater is included in the outlet (or the “automatic” is turned on). If there are regulators and buttons on the water heater, they must be brought to working condition, and the recommended water heating parameters are installed.

Turning off the water heater occurs in the reverse order. Disconnecting from the mains, closing the taps through which water from the water heater enters and leaves, the opening of the total tap of hot water.

If complexity occurs when the water heater is turned on or off, you can call the master. The price includes the departure of the master within Moscow, conducting the necessary checks before switching on, its inclusion (opening, closing cranes).

Types of storage water heaters

Today, manufacturers offer several types of devices for autonomous water supply to hot water. Each of them has its own characteristics, depending on the energy carrier used and the method of heating water. The owner of the house chooses a boiler, which is best suitable for all indicators.

Electric boilers

This is a tank, mainly. Round or oval shape, which is enclosed in a thermal insulation layer and covered with a decorative cover. The working tank is made of enameled steel or stainless steel stainless steel.

At the bottom of the tank is an electric heating element that heats water to a temperature set on a thermostat. This is usually 85 degrees.

There is no water intake for now, the heater device involves maintaining the established temperature indicators in the automatic lamp mode and disconnecting the heating element. That is, the heater will turn off when the water temperature exceeds above 85 degrees, and will start again when the water cools down, for example, up to 75 ° C.

In general, this is the whole answer to the question of how an electric storage water heater works.

Boilers of indirect heating

To understand how indirect heating water heater works, we will get acquainted with its device. The main nuance of their work is that they basically do not warm the water themselves, but take heat from the heating contour of the house. That is, before leaving for the heating system, the water from the boiler passes through the coil inside the indirect heating boiler and gives part of the heat to the water in the tank. Water from the heating system and inside the boiler is not mixed, so heating is called indirect.

switch, boiler

In case the heating system is needed to lower the temperature or even turn off the part of the heaters with an integrated heater, which maintains water temperature in such situations. Also, such boilers are standardly equipped with a magnesium anode to protect the steel tank from corrosion.

Expensive products are equipped with two coils: through one, the coolant from the boiler will proceed, and the other is connected to a reserve heat source.

Indirect heating boilers are installed on the wall and on the floor. Developers often supply them along with double.Circuit boilers.

Gas storage water heaters

Outwardly it seems that the device of a boiler operating on gas is not much different from an electric heater. The same suspended tank that is covered with insulation. But here there is a gas combustion chamber and a burner is installed from below, and there is a chimney pipe on top. Water heats up, passing along the coil hanging around the combustion chamber.

Such boilers are not popular everywhere, due to the difficulties that arise during the design and connection of the installations using gas. In addition, a high.Quality chimney will be required to use a gas heater. To fulfill all requirements sometimes becomes extremely expensive.

Elimination of faults “Ariston

Like many water heating devices of this class, Ariston boilers have the following vulnerable parts:

The most common problem requiring repair is the failure of the valves and wear of the gaskets. The tank of the device is being repaired much less often because with proper care it is quite reliable. Capacity repair is carried out only in service centers. In order for the boiler for a long time to properly, it is necessary to carry out prevention and cleaning from scale every six months.

Note that the device is faulty quite simply. This is evidenced by the following signs:

Preventive inspection and elimination of minor malfunctions consists of the following actions:

  • De.Energizing the boiler;
  • Draining;
  • Cold water supply overlap;
  • Disconnecting the hose with cold water from the valve;
  • Ten dismantling;
  • Tank examination and cleaning it from scale;
  • Checking the heater for performance;
  • Ten cleaning;
  • Assembly of the boiler.

It is worth saying that for the budget cleaning of the boiler tank you can use citric acid. It is necessary to make a fairly strong water solution and pour it into the capacity of the heater. After a day you can clean the tank, at the end carefully rinsing it with clean water.

When replacing the failed components in the boiler, preference should only be given to the original spare parts. This applies not only to Ariston equipment, but also of any other water heating devices. This is the only way to guarantee full compatibility and high quality repair.

Dismantling of the water heater is carried out only after the complete drain of water from the tank. To do this, disconnect the cold water supply hose into the boiler, and a pipe is put on in its place, through which the remaining liquid will come out.

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During the periods when the need to operate the boiler is absent, the device is prevented: the heating element from the scale is cleaned, the presence of the coating inside the tank with a magnesium anode is determined (corrosion protection). It is best to do this once a year (independently or call a master) in order to extend the service life of a water heater.

New equipment in the house requires studying the instructions for operating. Boring occupation. The worthwhile information is always hidden behind a pile of technical terms and is often difficult to digest. But it is on this that the correct and correct operation of the devices depends. To connect a boiler, you can call a specialist, but you can save and do all the work yourself. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the standard instructions for connecting a boiler. Everything is stated here, understandable and briefly.

Recommendations for operation

Many modern boilers are able to heat water to a temperature of 90 degrees. In practice, this indicator is extremely rare, and for household tasks there is enough heating up to 40 degrees.

It is worth noting that 40 degrees are a temperature comfortable not only for a person, but also for bacteria in pipes. Some recommend immediately setting on a boiler an indicator of about 50 degrees, which will significantly reduce the intensity of the formation of scale. And for the complete destruction of bacteria, it makes sense to set the maximum heating temperature every couple of weeks. A rare use of high power will not affect the product negatively, and will also avoid accumulation of deposits inside the coolant.

It is recommended to use a boiler in accordance with certain rules that will significantly extend its service life. In particular, it is not recommended to completely turn off the heater at night, since regular launches create an increased load on the structural elements.

Do not run the equipment in the absence of cold water in the pipes. The system will simply overheat and fail. The fluid tank itself must be regularly cleaned of pollution and scale.


The connection sequence is suitable for both accumulative and flow instruments:

How to relight a water heater pilot light

  • Disconnect hot water. In the absence of this step, all your hot water will go into a common riser.
  • Open the crane to release the remaining stagnant hot water.
  • There are 2 pipes at the bottom of the water heater: one with blue, and the other with red. It is the latter that serves to supply heated water. Open the valve with a blue marker, and the water goes to the boiler.
  • We turn the valve of the “red” pipe and wait for water to come from it.
  • Open the faucet tap and water is pouring there.
  • We connect our installation to the network and adjust to the desired temperature.

Launching a water heater after conservation for the winter

The scheme of actions here is almost the same as with a less prolonged simple one, but it has a number of nuances. In the realities of the Russian winter, the period of conservation for several months involves not only disconnecting water heating equipment, but a complete drain of water from the tank and, if possible, purge the water supply system with an air compressor. Thus, you get rid of moisture residues in pipes, so that in the winter at a negative temperature they do not freeze. After the end of the conservation period, the algorithm of actions when starting the boiler should be as follows:

  • Before activating the boiler, open water on a common pipe and listen: if strange sounds indicate the presence of extraneous objects, pieces of ice or garbage in the pipeline, you cannot include a water heater.
  • If the water in your area is far from the ideal in its chemical composition, contains a large amount of mechanical suspension, has a high hardness indicator or excessive dissolved iron, it is recommended to install a multi.Stage filter for wiring before the boiler. This will prevent the wear of the anode rod and the premature failure of the heater.
  • Perform the algorithm of actions described in the “Boiler launch” section, but after heating the water in the tank, do not use it for washing, but lower it well. Flushing will help remove particles of scale, garbage and dust.

If the boiler does not work like before, you should seek professional diagnostics with a visual and instrumental verification of the condition of the equipment.

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