How to thread a machine brother

  • And I’ll start with the bottom dressing
  • Pulling the flywheel in the direction of the sewing machine.
  • I put the thread on the spool pin, pass the thread through the thread guide, put the end of the thread through the bobbin hole, and wind up the thread by hand, making three or four turns so far.
  • Take out the shuttle (if required)
  • Pull the bobbin out of the hook
  • Unwind some thread from the bobbin
  • Put the bobbin on the pin
  • Slide the bobbin onto the bobbin winder
  • Secure the bobbin in the bobbin winder
  • Hold the end of the thread sticking out of the bobbin.

Brother sewing machine overview

Brazier makes a variety of machines, from simple machines to the most advanced and expensive ones. Begin the range of inexpensive devices with a small number of sewing operations (from 6 to 15). Among them, you can select the machine Brother LS-2125 with analogues LS-2150, SL-7, X-5, LS-1520.

Medium-class electromechanical machines perform 15-25 operations, automatically draw the buttonhole, have a threading box and continuously adjust the stitch parameters. Models. Brother HQ33, Brother Prestige 200, Brother L-15, Brother RS-30. Star and Boutique series machines have up to 37 operations.

Inexpensive computerized Brazier machines have 40-70 sewing programs, and more expensive ones have 80 to 500 programs (such as the Innov-is series). Some include a side feed fabric function. Popular embroidery and sewing models include Brother NV-1500, Innov-is 950, and Innov-is I.

How to thread a Brother sewing machine

The threading process may vary from model to model, so check the instruction manual. There the manufacturer specifies the necessary settings and rules of work with the device. You can also see instructional videos on YouTube.

How to insert the upper thread into the Brother sewing machine:

  • Turn the device on.
  • Raise the presser foot lever.
  • Raise the needle (needle lift/lower button).
  • Put the spool of thread on the rod, removing the cap (spool must be horizontal, and the thread unwinds from the bottom and front).
  • Replace the cap on the pin.
  • Holding the bobbin with one hand, with the other hand pull the thread out and pass it under the thread guide.
  • Pass the yarn under the lid of the yarn dispenser from back to front.
  • Insert the thread into the machine by following the pattern indicated by the number on the machine.
  • Feed the thread into the thread lever from right to left (if the needle is not raised, you cannot do this).
  • Hold the thread with your left hand and guide it behind the needle bar thread guide and through the needle.
  • Lower the presser foot lever.

Important! Position the spool so that the loose end of the thread separates from the back, not the front

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First thread the upper thread, then the lower thread (

  • Raise the needle by turning the handwheel (turn it towards yourself, turn the machine off before doing so).
  • Open the cover and remove the bobbin case.
  • Insert the bobbin into the bobbin case and thread through the hole in the bobbin case.
  • Place the cap back in the machine.
  • Start the needle once (turn the handwheel towards yourself, hold the end of the upper needle thread firmly in your left hand and form a loop).
  • Carefully take the created loop of thread with your finger, untie it (one end of the thread should come out of the needle, the other end. from the base of the machine).
  • Separately pull out the ends of both threads and straighten them so they are at the back of the sewing machine (the upper thread should pass between the “legs” of the foot).

Please note! After threading the upper and lower threads, it is advisable to check their position again and check the instructions

How to Thread Brother Threading Industrial Sewing Machine DB2-B735

General instructions for threading the sewing machine

There is a common threading algorithm that is suitable for household sewing machines. Some nuances may vary from model to model, so it is important to keep the instructions after purchasing the equipment.

How to thread a Brother sewing machine:

  • Wind the thread that will be used for sewing onto the bobbin.
  • Slide the upper pin onto the bobbin.
  • Thread the upper thread (to do this, lift the presser foot, set the needle to the highest position and thread the thread through the eye).
  • Check the thread tension (most Brazier machines have special tension adjusters).
  • Thread the lower thread.
  • Insert the cap of the bobbin into the hook.
  • Thread out through the slide plate and close it.
  • Connect the upper and lower threads and place them behind the spatula.

Please note! You can check the correctness of the filling by turning the handwheel. After raising and lowering the needle from the hole in the plate on the upper thread should form a loop of the lower thread

What’s wrong with improper threading

Incorrect threading is unacceptable because it can cause slipping stitches and thread breaks. This will make it impossible to work and the garment will be ruined. Incorrect threading can break the construction of the device.

Incorrect sewing machine settings will ruin the product and can damage the device (

To sew a quality product on a Brazier machine, it is important to set the recommended settings in the manual and correctly thread the upper and lower threads. Different models may have a different algorithm of actions, but there is a general list of operations that are performed when working on all sewing devices. The video below shows how to operate the Brother machine: how to thread and insert the bobbin.

Japanese company Brother is one of the largest manufacturers of sewing equipment. The company supplies high-quality devices for household and industrial use.

Proper threading is essential for sewing a product (

The machine needs to be set up correctly before you start. To do this, you need to know how to thread.

  • Replacing the Light Bulb
  • Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.
  • Remove the mounting screw on the back of the sewing head.
  • Replace the light bulb.
  • Replace the cover and tighten the mounting screw,
  • Before replacing the light bulb
  • To avoid being burnt by the machine before
  • Raise the needle by turning the flywheel.
  • Slide the coil onto the rod from above.
  • Pull the thread through the thread guide.
  • Guide the thread under the tension adjuster and thread it into the spring loop.
  • Pull the thread up and thread it through the eye of the thread guide.

Pulling out the lower thread

Inserting the bobbin with the thread in the hook. Raise the presser foot with the lever on the sewing machine.

Holding the upper thread in my hand and using the flywheel, begin to slowly lower the needle down. After the needle makes a turn and comes to the surface, pull on the upper thread. I can see the thread has made a loop, and has caught the lower thread. All I have to do is pull it out to the surface.

TIP. To ensure that both threads do not run away while sewing, you need to pull them out to a distance of 15 cm. and pull it back.

Now you know how to thread the sewing machine and this process will not give you any trouble when sewing.

  • Replacing the light bulb
  • Unplug the power cord.
  • Remove the fixing screw on the back of the sewing head.
  • Replace the light bulb.
  • Put the cover back in place and tighten the fastening screw,
  • Before replacing the light bulb
  • To avoid burning before

How to thread an old sewing machine:

Brother Sewing Machine. Instruction Video

  • Rewind the thread from the spool to the bobbin.
  • Set the bobbin on the top pin.
  • Threading the upper thread.
  • Check the thread tension.
  • Tuck in and pull out the lower thread.
  • Thread the upper and lower threads behind the presser foot.

DETAILED How To: Thread the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

How to properly thread a sewing machine?

Without threading, no sewing machine can start. Thread is the component without which it is impossible to sew the same or different types of fabric: in this case, you would have to resort to other ways and technologies, different from sewing.


After you buy a piece of equipment, in some cases you may need to adjust some important functions in the machine‘s mechanism in order to work.

  • To thread or insert the needle correctly, the distance between the needle and the hook deserves special attention. These components in the car should not touch each other. Therefore, the user will need to adjust the distance between the elements, which should be at least 0.1-0.5 mm.
  • To adjust the operation of an automatic machine, unlike the old style foot models, the operator will need to set a program in the machine that will coordinate the sewing speed and stitch length.
  • If the fabric does not move, or when working with a complex contour with the division of work into certain areas, you must program the machine to the desired mode, but the workpiece under the foot will need to be turned by hand.

The bobbin is inserted into the bobbin case

The bobbin case is the most important part of the sewing machine, and must always be in perfect condition. The surface of the bobbin case must be mirror like, at least clean, with no rust or oxidized areas. The slightest nick on the surface of the bobbin case or chipped wall will lead to a variety of stitching defects, ranging from looping and skipping stitches to thread breakage.

Note that bobbin caps do not always have a “tail”. In addition, when purchasing a new cap, be aware that this tail may be turned to the other side.

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