How to turn on a multicooker at a home element

Element He-Mc660. Description and characteristics of multicooker

Programs for multicoars are convenient, fast and very tasty! Go to a new level of culinary art using ready.Made Lumme programs!

31 cooking programs (11 automatic programs and 20 manual settings) allow you to prepare many new dishes! In addition to the standard for most of the multi.Sided set of dishes, now you can cook yogurts, hot, jelly, pouring, languishing meat, cooking jam or fruit drinks.

For each of 11 automatic programs, optimal values ​​of time and temperature of cooking are loaded by default when starting the program.

The following programs are implemented in the slow cooker: a multi.Pour is recommended for the preparation of various (complex) dishes with your time and temperature settings is recommended for extinguishing fish, vegetables and meat products. Pilaf is recommended for the preparation of pilaf. Mumming is recommended for the preparation of broths, legumes, meat, poultry in large pieces and dishes that require long.Term heat treatment of rice/cereals is recommended for the preparation of rice, buckwheat and other side dishes from cereals. Soup/broth is recommended for the preparation of various first dishes. Soups and broths. Yogurt is recommended for the preparation of yogurt and projection of yeast dough. At the end of the program, car heating does not turn on. Studen is recommended for the preparation of a jelly and a filling. Steam/Cooking is recommended for cooking for steam and cooking fish, meat, vegetables, dietary, pasta, vegetarian dishes and children’s menu dishes. Porridge is recommended for the preparation of liquid cereals. Frying is recommended for the preparation of fried vegetables, meat, fish with the addition of oil. Cooking occurs with an open lid. Auto.Heating does not turn on at the end of the program.

Also, one of the main features of the Lumme LU-1448 multicooker is the possibility of manual time tuning (from 1 minute to 24 hours in a step of 1 minute and 1 hour) and cooking temperature (from 30 to 180 ° C in a step of 1 ° C) in settings of any program, which allows you to set up to 20 combinations of manual settings of cooking programs.

Manual settings combined with your experience will help to achieve the highest implementation of recipes and create new! Lumme experts have created automatic programs for you. Become an expert and you. Create your own preparation modes according to your best recipes!

How to turn on a multicooker at a home element

Good afternoon. We are pleased to imagine an element el`chef multicooker. We hope this video will help you in its use. The indicated multicooker has the function of the pressure cooker and can create some excess pressure inside itself, which helps to save time for cooking and preserving the beneficial qualities of the product. The slow cooker loves to talk very much, but in this video we will still limit it. To increase or decrease the volume, hold for 3 seconds the cancellation button and buttons or. Choose the desired.

Outside, we see the main operating valve, which automatically regulates the pressure, a condensate collection container. But the main element here is the cover of the cover of the cover. In the “Open” position, she turns off the slow cooker after 10 seconds. See how to open the lid correctly, and what efforts it requires. If you open the lid, you will return the handle to the position “closed” faster than 10 seconds, then the slow cooker will continue to work openly, if you do not have time, it will turn off. It closes similarly. On the other hand, we see a lid of a bowl with a seal. It is removable, which is very convenient for washing. At the bottom of the multicooker is a bowl control button. Without a bowl, the device will not work. Heating goes on induction method. The main value of any multicooker is a bowl with anti.Stick coating. There are divisions on the bowl showing the minimum and maximum levels. The bowl should be placed evenly and tightly on the bottom of the multicooker. And the slow cooker itself must be tightly closed before cooking. The slow cooker is equipped with a steamed coater with a lid and a spoon for stirring. Let’s get acquainted with the buttons. Heating. With its help, you can warm up a cold dish. Menu. Choose various programs. Installation. Helps set the desired temperature in the chef mode. Settings and. Increase or reduce various parameters. Timer. Button of the delayed start. Cancellation. He cancel everything and turns off everything. Start. We turn on the cooking process.

The slow cooker has a touch panel, you need to adapt a little to it. There is a watch here. Let’s try to set the right time. Keep or moved into settings. We install the same buttons, for example, xxx hours xx minutes. Now. Start. The slow cooker has the following programs:. Dairy porridge, pasta, stew, soup, pilaf, cereals 1, cereal 2, cereal 3. Frying, stewing, languor, double boiler, pastries, chef, self-cleaning. In each case, the multicooker offers its own cooking time, but in many programs it, in your opinion, you can change. Let’s move on to the examples. Choose for example soup. The program offers 1 hour cooking. We do not agree, buttons and. Set our time, for example xxx. Further start. If in the process of cooking you decide to remove the sample, salt and the like, then you do it. Turn the handle to the “open” position, open and immediately return the handle to the working position. To close the procedure, repeat. At the end of cooking, the multicooker will go into the mode of maintenance. We can even set the temperature for this mode. Keep the “Heating” button for 5 seconds. Buttons and. Set for example the desired temperature. Click the “Heating” button again. The settings are introduced. You can even provide heating to the appointed time. Pressed heated, hold a little timer, and then set the time of readiness, heating again. Complicate the task. Let’s try to cook for a certain time. Choose stewing. We disagree with the offered 40 minutes of cooking and buttons and. We set the time. Press the timer, by default it costs 7-30, and again buttons and. Set the time for which the dish should be prepared. Then click the “Start” button. If something didn’t like something. Cancellation. Not every program can change cooking time. So in all cereals, pilaf and milk porridge it is fixed. Pasta, pilaf and frying programs do not have a delayed start. Pasta program. Cook with a closed lid. Choose. Agreed with 10 minutes. Start. Water boiled. Opened and immediately returned the pen. Put pasta, eggs, dumplings or something else, interfered, waited for a new boiling, closed the lid and start. After 10 minutes everything is ready. With an open lid is much easier, we will not show. The chef program. In this program, you can independently set the temperature and cooking time. Found. Buttons and. Set the cooking time, pressed the installation button and set the required temperature, for example xxx. You can apply the deferred start. Self.Cleaning mode is designed to clean the valve with clean steam. Pour the water to the 2 CUP mark. Turn on the self.Cleaning mode. After 15 minutes. Everything is ready. Attention. After the signal about the readiness of the dish, do not rush to open the lid. Open in a couple of minutes, but very carefully. To clean the multicooker housing, use gentle methods. The cover of the bowl is removed. The gasket is removed. The valve cover is removed and disassembled. Do not forget to clean the container. Characteristics Type of pressure cooker/multicooker Power 1400 W volume 5 liter material housing Plastic LIKE EVEN CLATS EVEN MADS AND ELECTRONTION MANDERS INTERNAL INSTRUCTIONS INTRACTION INSTED INSTRATION OF Automatic programs 15, including: baking, porridge, cereals, stewing, Pilaf, Pilaf, Pilaf, Pilaf frying maximum setting time of a timer 24 hours manual temperature adjustment, preparation of heat is a deferred start is features of self.Cleaning function; voice assistant; a readiness function for a given time; sensory management; The range of working pressure is 88.3–166.7 kPa dimensions and the weight of the dimensions (ShHVHGG) 29.8×28.6×41.1 cm weight 7.2 kg

The sequence of pressing buttons and turning on the multicooker. Step by step for beginners. The principle and order of work is a simple description of the use of multicooker

What buttons to press in order to turn on the slow cooker? How to set cooking modes? So, the first launch of the multicooker and setting. On the control panel, find the “menu” button. By clicking this button, you will see that the cursor on the display will move. Having selected the desired cooking mode, stop and go to the time button.

How to set the cooking time correctly so that the countdown? The next button “Time” set the required digital value of cooking in a slow cooker. Now the selected program must be activated. There is a start button for this.

How to include starting in a slow cooker? Start or Start button, which flashes until you click on it. Click it, the button will stop blinking, but it will glow while the food is preparing. So you will understand that the program has turned on and works.

Why the start button is not pressed? First select the program, and then press the start button.

When the selected program ends, hear the sound signal. The multicooker will go into heating mode. Turn off the slow cooker by clicking the button. If your multicooker does not turn on, the simplest thing that can be done is to check the condition of the outlet and the extension cord. Try connecting another household appliance to this outlet. Carefully read the instructions for your model again before using a slow cooker.

How to choose and use multicooker modes correctly

In the process of preparation, you may need the use of several different modes. To switch between them, you should stop one program with the shutdown button and using the menu to select the next desired mode. At the end of cooking, turn off the device or leave it in heating mode.

Products are loaded inside and poured with water to the maximum permissible level. Usually the bowl is removable and you can fill it before installation in the device. If you exceed the recommended volume of ingredients, when heated, they can simply result in the container or click the valve for steam.

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To preserve the internal coating of the multicooker bowl, it is advisable to lubricate it with vegetable oil or fat. If the products are drunk, the surface will be more difficult to clean and it will be possible to ruin it or scratch.

Most modern multicoars have the following standard modes:

For baking loop and pies, grease the surface of the bowl with oil, sprinkle with flour, pour the dough prepared by the recipe and turn on the “baking” or “loaf” mode.

If there is an appropriate function in the slow cooker, you can prepare yogurt in it. All the necessary ingredients are added to small jars: milk, leaven, sugar. Everything is mixed and the yogurt mode is turned on for 8 hours. To prepare delicious porridge, cereals and liquid are simply mixed in the bowl of the multicooker and put on a special regimen for cooking cereals.

When using automatic programs, the dishes are prepared according to the attached instructions and only accurate compliance with the dosages is required. For independent management of the cooking process, there is a “multi.Porch” mode. With it, you can adjust the temperature, set the time and prepare the dish according to any recipe.

Many modern devices have a delayed launch and timer modes. They allow you to set any time the program starts and get ready.Made or warm.Up dishes by the exact time. For example, the slow cooker itself will turn on in the morning and prepare breakfast, or warm up dinner at the arrival of guests.

Having dealt with all the general rules and recommendations for working with multicooker, you can learn to cook any dishes in a short time using automatic and customizable cooking modes. At the same time, you should not forget about safety precautions. Do not leave a working device unattended for a long time and carefully take care of the surface of the inner bowl. If necessary, it will be possible to purchase a second container in order to prepare not to waste time preparing the container to prepare the next dish.

How to set up a temperature in a slow cooker?

How to set up a temperature in a slow cooker?

Multicooker Russell Hobbs Cook Home

In a number of programs (for example, a multi.Pour), it is possible to use the control buttons to set the temperature at your discretion. To do this, after choosing a mode, you need to press the “Tempter key.””. Then, as in the case of the determination of time, you should set the desired value by the Plus and Minus buttons.

You can configure the level of heat in multicooks Redmond or Polaris from advanced series in the range of 40-180 ° C. The step between neighboring provisions is 5-10 degrees, so choosing the perfect heating is easier than on a gas stove.

Basic rules for cooking in slow cookers

Basic rules for cooking in a slow cooker

The general principles of how to use the multicarks of the RK Tefal, Redmond RMC and other popular series, practically coincide. The rules are quite simple:

  • Loaded products should not fill more than 50-75% of the pan. Otherwise, the food that has risen during boiling can clog the valve. Large manufacturers apply the volume markings on the removable bowls. Therefore, you can get confused with how to use multicooks Redmond and Polaris, only by carelessness.
  • If you are going to cook not in cooking mode, it is worth lubricating the walls of the pan oil. Anti.Stick coatings, despite the statements of manufacturers, do not always cope with their function. Ordinary steel pots should be especially carefully cooked.
  • The procedure for laying the ingredients is the same as when cooking on a conventional stove. First, products are loaded that are cooked longer (for example, meat is placed earlier than vegetables).

After 2-3 months of operation, you will already remember without instructions how to use the multicooker Redmond RMC (or any other model).

IMPORTANT: You can not use a multicooker-skirrrh as a conventional electric cash. When working in the bowl, steam is formed under pressure. Therefore, without stopping the program and pulling the steam through the valve, add new ingredients to the prepared dish. Before starting in a slow cooker, cooking in a steamer mode, you should make sure that you loaded all the necessary products into it.

Terms of use

For good operation, place the device on a strong and even surface. You can lay a towel on the table to protect the table from damage when fluid flowing during cooking. It is desirable that the multicooker on is not in contact with other devices and walls for unhindered heat discharge.

Do not move the device while working to avoid mechanical damage. Do not open the lid before, otherwise the heat will come out, which will extend the cooking time for 20-30 minutes. When using the new multicooker first, rinse carefully all the details with warm water. Each launch of the device conventionally takes place in 4 stages.

Preparation of a multicooker for work

  • Wipe the container for laying products thoroughly.
  • Turn on the slow cooker in the outlet.
  • Close the lid of the device and run the heating mode of the bowl.
  • When a characteristic signal sounds, turn off the device. Some models have a car heater mode.

Loading products

At the bottom of the bowl, lay out solid root crops (carrots, beets, potatoes). Their preparation will take the most time. On vegetables, distribute pieces of meat. Pour everything with water, wine, broth or sauce: the bowl should be filled with 1/3 or more. Soft vegetables, canned foods, kefir, yogurt or sour cream add an hour before the end of cooking.


After loading the products, set the desired temperature. Low. For long languor, high. For quick preparation. If you divide the cooking process into stages (first boil, then finish the dish until cooked), you can save time, and the products will be well processed.

  • High (160–180 °, frying and deep frying modes). Programs are suitable for chicken, cooking time will take 2.5-3 hours.
  • Average (110–120 °, baking mode). Recommended for the quick preparation of a loaf of outlook products or red meat. Cooking time takes 4-6 hours.
  • Low (40–100 °, cooking, extinguishing modes, cereals, yogurt). Helps to get very useful dishes. Suitable for almost all types of red meat. Cooking time. 8-10 hours.
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Cleaning the bowl

When using a slow cooker, you will have to wash only a container where food is prepared. It is more convenient to do this if the bowl is removable. Otherwise, wait for a complete cooling of the device, and before washing, do not forget to turn it off from the network.

  • Remove and cool the bowl.
  • Soak it in warm soap water. Do not use cold water immediately after cooking, otherwise the container will crack.
  • After 10-15 minutes, clean the dishes from food residues. Use soft sponges or rags. Rough brushes, metal nets, powders or compositions with strong acids will damage the anti.Stick coating.
  • Dry the bowl thoroughly, install in your former place.

What functions and programs do the multicooker have

The device is not in vain in the title of the root of the “multi”, it is able to boil, put out, bake and bake a variety of dishes from the everyday and festive menu.

Cooking regime (extinguishing). Universal. It is found in all models of any manufacturer of household appliances. It allows you to cook:

Groups. A traditional dish on our tables not only for breakfast. You can please yourself and a family with frowning buckwheat, milk rice or dietary oatmeal without waste of time and a painful process of stirring. Most multicenaries have a separate mode for dishes from cereals.

Baking. An integral addition of any meal. In the bowl, you can prepare a loaf, cupcake, biscuits for a cake. Important: if your model does not provide for baking functions, it can replace the porridge preparation mode.

Steam cooking is a simple way to eat right and fully. In a special container, they turn out equally well:

  • Meat and fish cutlets, ties or fillets;
  • Broccoli, Brussels and cauliflower, patch beans;
  • Pumpkin, carrots and other vegetables for independent supply or subsequent grinding in a blender.

Curricular, vegetable and meat casseroles in a slow cooker are obtained by 5 even in inexperienced housewives. In some models there is a setting specifically for pilaf and rice side dishes. Fans of fresh and natural products prepare home yogurt also using this device.

Home-Element multicooker

Hello. When the new multicooker Home-Element HE-MC661 is included in the network, the entire screen and all indicators are turned on, but after a second everything.

The slow cooker turns on and immediately goes out more than a year ago Home-Element He-Mc661 multicooker

turn, multicooker, home, element

Hello. The first inclusion, the multicooker Home-Element He-Mc661 lights up and after a second it turns off. What is the reason and what to do?

The slow cooker turns on and immediately turns off more than a year ago Home-Element HE-MC660 multicooker

Good afternoon, masters! The problem with the multicooker Home-Element HE-MC660 is this, at first it turns on and literally immediately turns off. You are welcome.

Home Element HE-MC660 multicooker gives an error E 1 more than a year ago HomeElement He-Mc660 multicooker

Russell Hobbs 21850 multi-cooker review

The error E 1 is on the Home Element HE-MC660 multicooker display, please tell us what it means? Thank you for your attention.

All indicators have blinking in multicooker more than a year ago Home-Element HE-MC660 multicooker

Hello. Our multicooker Home-Element He-MC660 does not start the program and indicators flas. Start time, multi.Pods and.

We bought a multicooker Home-Element, and it does not work more than a year ago Home-Element He-Mc661 multicooker

Hello, tell me, please, bought a multicooker Home-Element He-MC661 in a traffic light store. The first was done and was good, but today.

Error E 3 is on a multicooker display more than a year ago Home-Element He-Mc661 multicooker

The wife turned on the slow cooker, and an error e 3 was displayed on the display. Can you tell me, specifically for this model, what it means?

All indicators have blinking in multicooker more than a year ago Home-Element HE-MC660 multicooker

Hello! Just yesterday I bought a multicooker Home Element He-Mc660. Before use, I decided to boil (as indicated in the instructions).

What functions of the multicooker can be used for baking

Most often, more budget models of multicoars are less functional. And if such standard modes as cooking, steaming or frying, are necessarily installed in each model, then the deep.Fruit mode, extinguishing or baking may sometimes be absent.

Despite the fact that there are no one hundred percent replacement of these settings by others, some alternative modes do a good job of preparing non.Rustic confectionery products.

The high.Tech of the settings of modern multicoars is actually hidden by the same straightforward principle of work that was used in their first prototypes. In fact, the main task is performed by the heating element, and the settings only control the degree of its heating and the influence on the ingredients in the container.

For baking, it is required only to heat the multicooker to its maximum values ​​and the retention of this temperature for a long time.

In the absence of this type of cooking in the standard configuration of the device, it is worth choosing one that has the highest temperature values ​​among the available.

Advice. Try to bake by installing the program “Soup”, “Porridge”, “Rice”, “Plor” in the slow cooker.

A little more difficult is the situation with the control of the baking time. Prolonged heating is rarely combined with a high temperature. Therefore, the process of baking in an unusual regime excludes the possibility of automation of the process. The time on the timer will need to be set independently, and then constantly monitor it and add.

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