How to turn on hot water on a navien boiler


Navien is programmed for winter (heating and DHW) and summer (DHW) modes of operation. with the icons Snowflake and Sun. Adjustment of the temperature in the network on the LCD panel is performed when the radiator icon is lit on it. In some versions, they start the Heating mode, in others they scroll the knob. Flashing LED fixes the set water temperature.

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If the icon just lights up without pulsing, the actual temperature in the network is displayed. By selecting the icon, through or.,increase or decrease the temperature. After a couple of seconds, the LED stops flashing and shows the actual temperature. Adjust the heating temperature from 40.0 C to 80.0 С. If it is installed incorrectly, an error code will be displayed.

note! The temperature adjustment of the DHW is carried out in a similar way, only on the Pictogram Remote Crane, the range from 30 to 60 s.

What breakdowns can occur in the Navien gas boiler?

Most often, consumers choose a Navien double-circuit gas boiler, its malfunctions are displayed on the display. Many users on the forums interested in the meaning of the error codes and how to fix the damage.

As practice shows, the appearance of the fault is mainly due to improper installation and operation units, and when the voltage drops and the use of poor coolant.

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The manufacturer provided the following gas boiler fault codes Naven:

  • 01E. overheating of the system;
  • 02E. lack of coolant or torn the circuit of the flow sensor;
  • 03E. there is no flame signal;
  • 04E. short circuit of the flame sensor chain or false message about the availability of fire;
  • 05E. violation of the connection of the temperature sensor circuit;
  • 06E. closure of the temperature sensor circuit;
  • 07E. violation of the connection of the DHW temperature sensor;
  • 08E. short circuit of the DHW sensor;
  • 09E. malfunctions in the fan of the coaxial chimney;
  • 10E. failures in the combustion products removal system;
  • 13E. short circuit of the heating system flow sensor;
  • 27E. malfunction of the APS sensor circuit;
  • 15E. breakdowns in the operation of the control board.

If some error codes appear, only a service center specialist will help to solve the problem. However, you can try to fix certain malfunctions on your own without involving a wizard.

Inclusion problems

There can be several reasons for such a malfunction:

  • There is no voltage in the network (or it has decreased too much, it has become less than 150 V).
  • no gas.
  • The boiler is blocked by the protection system included due to the appearance of a critical error (overheating over 98 °).

There may be other reasons for failure. First of all, you should check the voltage in the network.

The boiler is able to compensate for fluctuations up to 30%, but, with more significant changes, it simply will not start. You can solve the question using a separate outlet and installing the stabilizer.

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If all possible causes are tested and eliminated, and the boiler continues to silence, the Master should be invited. Perhaps the reason was the refusal of the control unit, a breakdown or a different malfunction.

Attempts to independently decide the question does not follow, it may be the reason for the final destruction of the aggregate.

Device and basic boiler elements

It is important to know your boiler to perform the simplest actions for its maintenance. Although the model from the model may differ, in the case you can find the main elements:

  • combustion chamber;
  • heat exchanger;
  • expansion tank;
  • gas burner;
  • circulation pump;
  • Control block.

Special attention needs to be given to the device of the bottom of the housing, since the inputs and outputs of the contours are connected here, and other important details are located.

Closer to the wall there are 4 connecting nozzles:

Before entering the input, hot water filter is located, and even closer. drain plug.

Before the release of the DHW, the fuel faucet is located, with which the system is filled with water.

If the temperature continues to fall, and it reaches.6°, the burner fires, which heats the water up to 21°.

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What temperature to exhibit on the boiler heating Navien

Korean-made Navien heating boilers are popular in our country. They have reliability and at the same time a democratic price. In view of the large demand for these instruments, setting up the gas boiler Navain is a topical issue among buyers.

Setting the gas boiler Navien

Next, consider how to make the setting of the gas boiler Raven Deluxe with your own hands. Manipulations are performed using a remote control with a built-in room temperature sensor.

Heating setting

To set the heating mode and set the temperature of the coolant, hold down the button with the image of a radiator until the same icon appears on the screen. If the radiator picture flashes, it means that the set coolant temperature is displayed on the screen. If the symbol does not flash, the actual water heating level is displayed.

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Use the buttons to set the desired temperature. with flashing radiator icon. Possible range is from 40ºC to 80ºC. After setting the temperature, it will be automatically saved. The radiator icon will flash for a few seconds, after which the actual temperature of the coolant will be displayed on the screen.

Heating with air temperature control

To adjust the desired air temperature in the room, you must press the button of the radiator until the image of the house with a thermometer appears on the screen. It means Heating mode with temperature regulation in the room.

When the house with thermometer symbol flashes, the desired room temperature is displayed on the screen. With a solid icon, the display shows the actual room temperature.

When the icon is flashing, use the and. the desired level of heating in the room is set, adjustable in the range of 10-40ºC. After that, the temperature is automatically stored and the icon stops flashing.

Hot water temperature setting

To set the hot water temperature, hold down the water faucet button until a similar flashing symbol appears in the right corner. After that, you can set the desired temperature of hot water in the range from 30ºC to 60ºC. The settings will be automatically saved and the water tap symbol will stop flashing.

note! In Hot Water Priority mode, the hot water temperature is controlled differently.

Now let’s look at how to set up the Navien Deluxe gas boiler in Hot Water Priority mode. To activate it, hold down the faucet with water key until the faucet and light symbol appears on the screen. Now you can set the desired temperature using the and keys. While changing the DHW temperature, the water tap icon should flash above the tap and light symbol.

The Hot water priority mode means that a supply of water of the set temperature is prepared even if it is not used. It allows you to supply heated water to the consumer a few seconds earlier.

Navien Tankless Hot Water Heater (Error Code 038E)

Away mode

Away mode means the operation of the gas boiler only for the preparation of hot water. To transfer the unit to this mode, you need to press the button, which shows an arrow and a tap with water. If the water faucet symbol appears on the screen, it means that the Away mode is set. It displays the actual room temperature next to it.

note! This mode is convenient for use in the warm season, when the hot water supply is necessary, and there is no need for the heating.

Setting Timer Mode

The Timer mode is necessary to set the time to stop the operation of the gas boiler in the range from 0 to 12 hours. The unit will work half an hour, disconnecting for the time of the specified interval.

To set the timer mode, press the radiator button until the clock symbol appears. With a flashing icon with keys and. Set the time interval. The value is saved, the clock stop flashing, and the actual air temperature is displayed on the display.

Navien boiler instruction manual for the remote control

Heating installations with Korean roots, Navien, are often used both in private country houses and in apartments.

What is the reason for such popularity, what design features the equipment has and what difficulties a consumer may encounter when purchasing a Navien gas boiler.

Instructions for safe use (operation), model selection and proper care. We’ll talk about everything further.

How to enlarge the time between start and turning off the gas boiler?

If there is a problem of frequent on-shutdown (tact) of the gas boiler, you can change the difference between starting and stopping the aggregate. This is possible with the help of the engineering menu Navien:

  • Turn off the remote control and hold down the two buttons and. simultaneously.
  • A digit appears on the display from 2 to 20. Usually 8 or 10.
  • Using keys and. Increase the value of the Delta between start and disconnection.
  • After 5 seconds, the remote will turn off.
  • The boiler is unplugged and then plugged back in.

Now the gas unit will work in a new mode.

High-tech Korean gas boiler Navien. the market leader in heating equipment. Units of a wide Spectra in terms of power are produced for the heat supply of houses with a main gas subscriber unit. Structurally, they can work on liquefied gas. The model range enables customers to make a fine selection of equipment for real technical conditions and financial capabilities. They have a flawless minimalistic design. The elegant appearance of the boiler fits into the kitchen of any size and configuration.


Indicators, units NAVIEN Ace-13A Atmo NAVIEN Deluxe-16K NAVIEN Deluxe-20K NAVIEN NCN-25K
Heating area, m2 98.0 128.0 160.0 220.0
Condensing type No No No Yes
Thermal power, kW thirteen.0 sixteen.0 twenty.0 25.0 t
combustion chamber open (chimney) closed (turbo) closed (turbo) closed (turbo)
Consumed electric power, for own needs, kW 110.0 150.0 150.0 130.0
Min. t in the heating circuit, ° С 42 42 42 thirty
Max. t heating circuit, °С 80 80 80 95
Max. pressure in the DHW system, bar eight.0 eight.0 eight.0 10.0 bar
Max. t DHW, °С 65 65 65 65
Productivity (Δt=25°C), l/min 9.0 thirteen.6 thirteen.eight 14.0
Productivity (Δt=35°C), l/min 5.5 eight.6
Summer mode of operation Yes Yes Yes No
Hot start mode Yes Yes Yes No
Efficiency, % 86.0 91.0 91.6 98.2
Nominal gas pressure in front of the boiler, mbar eighteen.0 eighteen.0 eighteen.0 eighteen.0
Max. hourly gas consumption, m³/h one.33 one.72 2.15 2.51
Expansion tank capacity, l 6.5
Diameter of chimney, mm 130.0 60/100 60/100 80/125
Price for 01.07.2019 32780 35200 37880 69800

NAVIEN Ace-16K Turbo

Gas wall 16 kW. compact design of the gas boiler for autonomous heating and DHW in houses with an area of ​​98 m2 with a remote control unit. Net power. 16 kW, average efficiency. 86%, and the highest fuel consumption up to 1.33 m3 / hour. Performance over the WAN. 5.5 l / min at t = 35C.

Important! The model is equipped with a closed firebox wall street cold air.

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Deluxe Coaxial 16K

This wall-mounted type with sealed chamber and two heating circuits. Fan turbo speed change signal from the sensor built-in air, in connection with which the furnace is provided completeness of fuel combustion, which reduces heat losses to the flue gas emissions and increases the efficiency of the plant up to 91%.

Navien Quick Tips. Combi Boiler. Massachusetts

  • High performance for hot water and heating;
  • low fouling coolant in the heating system;
  • Low costs for maintenance and repair;
  • thermal management in the room;
  • Russified control panel with large LCD display;
  • the optimal balance of air-gas mixture;
  • Innovative modulation mode gas burner apparatus;
  • quality warranty;
  • simple setup of the Navien boiler;
  • low cost of chimneys and gas transport systems.
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