How to turn on the Hotpoint ariston induction hob

Hotpoint-Ariston IKIA 640 C Cooktop. Review

I heard a lot about induction stoves from friends. They said the water boils quickly, it’s convenient, etc.п. At home at the time I had a gas stove and didn’t think the induction stove was a much needed extravagance. But eventually the time came to change the place of residence, and in the new place there was an electric stove (also used), pancake-type. The pancakes got very hot, and it was getting hot in the kitchen. It turned out that in the kitchen was an additional heater. The pancakes were bloated (apparently the previous owner of the stove overheated it), in order not to drop any pan from it, I had to get used to putting it at the right angle. And at some point, it stopped turning on at all.

And then came the crucial moment of choosing a new stove. This is the moment when you realize that you buy the thing for years and the wrong choice can be a long regret.

At first we didn’t consider the induction stove. I had my doubts, I was afraid of something new. Wife wanted with mechanical control buttons, t.к. so more familiar, more reliable. The mechanical ones almost never break, not like these electronics. Gas in our house has no. That’s why we chose electric stoves. Familiarized with the proposals realized that in today’s world, buy a separate hob and oven separately. Freestanding stoves are not “in the trend”. But almost all electric cooktops are electronically controlled. After reading the reviews, reviews came to the understanding that we need: an induction cooktop! It has the most positive feedback. We decided to take the risk after all. In Citilink it was the most reasonable price level for the panel and a good price (even taking into account delivery).

Opted for the model Hotpoint-Ariston IKIA 640 C. There were more expensive models with additional appliances. features, but this one had all the basic functions we needed.

I installed it myself. The house where I live is relatively new. It has a separate outlet in the kitchen for the hob and the oven. This socket has a copper cable with a larger cross section (thicker than the other outlets). The panel comes with everything you need for connection. First, I wanted to “plant” the panel in the black socket (a special socket for panels and ovens). But it broke in my hands, very fragile was. As a result, I planted the panel on the terminals (I chose thicker). I think any man could do the wiring, not difficult. The main thing is the desire and that there was where to connect. There must be a separate circuit breaker. Not quite sure where to plug it in if there was no separate socket. To put a single automatic circuit breaker with such devices, I think, is wrong, the machine can not stand, it will be overloaded, etc.п.

The only thing I have not done myself is a hole in the countertop, asked the master when later brought a new kitchen.

So, on first use, admired the simplicity and ease of use, compared to past pancakes and gas stoves. And the spouse very quickly got used to the touch control!

Here are the advantages that we felt:

In general, all induction hobs.

The disadvantage of all induction hobs that almost everyone talks about: the special cookware.

Not all cookware is suitable, we had to remove the cookware that was given to us as a wedding gift. But it’s not so bad.

Any cookware that takes a regular magnet will do. We had old Soviet cookware, with enamel. And it’s quite suitable. We bought a couple of inexpensive pans and that’s it.

The advantages of the model we use (Hotpoint-Ariston IKIA 640 C).

Convenient operation. The buttons are minimal, everything is very clear. To turn on, on the left side, you must click on the “power button”, then select the desired burner (one of the 4 squares), then plus or minus to select the degree of heating. Here it’s from 1 to 9, and then the letter P. The letter P stands for the so-called “turbo mode”. It heats at the maximum power, and then automatically goes to level 9. Turbo mode is used rarely, sometimes when it is necessary to boil something very quickly. The most frequently used temperature mode is 6-7. Buttons clearly show you which cooking zone you are turning on.

Using the timer. I use the off timer when, for example, I want to boil some eggs. Eggs boil, I put it on for 2 minutes and the panel itself turns off after 2 minutes. Also possible with other dishes, when you know how long to finish cooking. The timer is in the center, where the temperature mode is written. It can turn on every burner.

Child lock. If you have particularly active children, you can put a childproof lock to prevent children from “playing” with the buttons. All the buttons are locked. You have to hold the button with a padlock for a few seconds, and then the circle above the padlock lights up, it means that the childproof lock has been activated, the other buttons do not respond. To remove it, you must also hold down this button.

Control sound. Pleasant operating sound. When you turn it on, when you turn it off, including on a timer.

Protection against moisture ingress. The manufacturer writes that the panel turns itself off when it senses moisture on the surface. I will say that the panel is actually auto off, but there must be a decent amount of moisture. Also, when we wipe it with a damp cloth, it starts to squeak not too much, a warning.

Black panel marking. A lot of people are afraid of the black panel marking. I will say that the white spots and streaks appear. But not critical, I wipe with a damp cloth and then dry and everything is fine. You can still freeze special means, but for us it is an unnecessary waste of time.

Noise. I read in several reviews that the panel is noisy. But in fact, it is almost inaudible. A little buzzing of course, but not critical. Unobtrusive buzzing. I hear mostly in the evening, when it’s quiet. From what I understand the cooling fan that is inside the panel is buzzing.

Warning of a hot burner.

If the burner has been in operation recently and is still hot, then the letter “H” on the control panel will light up when the burner is off. Warns you not to touch this cooking zone. Then this “H” will go off by itself when the burner cools down.

How much electricity does it consume? It consumes very little. For electricity, we pay 700 at the most. But, it is also an oven, dishwasher, washing machine, cooker hood, etc.п.

General sensation of the usage.

The panel is pleasant to use, it has all the necessary functions for cooking. Works clearly, reliable, simple, never slowed down, never “glitched. Of course, there are more expensive models, probably overpaying for extra features (for example, a useless shuttle). This model is laconic and allows you to think only about cooking. For simple cooking, it’s the best!

If this review helped you, it means I did not waste my time!

I will add my review after several years of use (for which I lowered the rating).

Control board burned out in an induction hob. All attempts to restore it were in vain. Only wasted money and time. The control board, which closed, costs more than the induction itself.

The hob does not turn on possible causes and their elimination

Cooktop has long been an integral part of any kitchen. It takes up much less space than a stove, but is packed with lots of handy features and options. But any, even the most reliable and high quality, equipment can break down sooner or later. For example, LG or Bosch cooktop doesn’t turn on. If this happens in the period of warranty service, you need to call a master from the service center or yourself take the technique to repair. If you find a malfunction after this period, you can try to reanimate it with your own hands, before turning to qualified professionals, repair services from which will be very expensive.

Today I want to share with you, my impressions, about using the hob Hotpoint Ariston. Bought the stove in September 2017. I couldn’t be happier. After all, the manufacturer has claimed many advantages, such as: instant heating, significant energy savings, highly efficient operation, automatic system, safe use, easy to clean and other. All is well, but it is only alas in the warranty period. Then the stove lives its life.

Happiness did not last long! Not even 4 years passed before I said goodbye to it. After another cook, something in the panel “popped” and disappeared light in the whole apartment. Turns out the culprit of the darkness, my helper.

Everything interesting began approximately after the warranty period expired:

The burners started to take a long time to heat up, and cool down after work. I do not know what this is about, but in fact it turned out. And of course the safety of small children and even the hostess is out of the question.

The surface of the panel was already more difficult to clean as everything was sticking and quite badly. The only things that worked for me were special products, long-lasting application, and scrapers, which, for a MINUTE, are very expensive. I don’t even want to talk about the fact that it’s impossible to breathe. It’s worth wearing a sprayer when using it, as it feels like. like I’ve been breathing pepper gas.

DISHWARE RECOGNITION. This is such a jaded topic that I don’t even want to talk about it, but I want you to know what to prepare for or what to expect. My favorite frying pans and pots started to have intermittent visibility. When putting the cookware on the burners, a crackling sound could be heard and an unrecognizable icon would flash on the display. With a little stirring, the visibility would reappear. It started after a couple of years. I’m an optimistic person, so I thought it was the cookware. Maybe there’s something wrong with them. And I’ve been changing sauté pans and frying pans. But the one-time shift didn’t go away. In almost 4 years, I’ve had 5 sets of sauté pans and 6 pans. They didn’t change because of my desire to upgrade my cookware! It’s elementary. Bought the set, got home, checking the connection, NOTHING. Repeated shopping was done with a magnet in hand and a metal ruler (to check the flatness of the bottom, without concavities and convexities). That didn’t help either, though. Everything is even, everything is magnetic and again the stove did not want to see the sauté pans.

Recognition. That’s not even the saddest part. The budget spent on buying cookware, that’s where the resentment is! The are very high, the choice is scanty. And in the store, they look at you like a sick person if you bring them back a pan, saying it can not see the stove. Then I bought a saucepan, cooked soups, stewed roasts and other things. And voila again, the pot is like someone else’s for the stove. I look at the receipt, the deadline of 14 days has passed, or there is already a scratch somewhere, which of course does not give the right to return. As a result, a waste of money in the air, or the purchase of specialized pots for a lot of money, but already for conventional stoves.

The claimed energy savings pales in comparison with the expensive pleasure of caring for this stove.

I can talk a lot, but I don’t think you’d be interested in reading so much water. The main significant points I have tried to convey to you.

How to turn it on and off?

To start using the panel, you must activate it as follows:

  • You need to hold down the “On” button for a few seconds;
  • When the hob is turned on, it will emit a characteristic sound signal and the menu will appear on the control panel;
  • for further use, you select the burner, set the desired heating power or select the appropriate program;
  • The panel is ready to cook.

For subsequent shutdown after cooking, you must either select the off point on the touch control panel or, if this is not provided, press the “On” button again for a few seconds until the touch panel turns off. as the main visible indicator of the equipment.

Some models have a lock function on the touch panel. After cooking, you only need to activate the panel lock and the stove cannot be accidentally started until you unlock it through the control panel, which will protect yourself, children, who are so interested in everything unknown to them, and pets, because they sometimes like to rest on horizontal surfaces (many beloved cats).

And on top of that, once the lock is activated, you don’t need to turn off the stove if you’re at home

How to unlock a cooktop

Modern cooktops make cooking various dishes faster and easier. Controls of these devices have their own peculiarities. In particular, manufacturers (Bosch, Gorenje, Neff, etc.) have a lock function (you can not cook until you remove the protection). That’s why it’s important to know how to unlock the hob in different situations.

How to remove the lock from the hobs of different manufacturers

Induction hob is practically indispensable and useful appliance for any housewife. The wide range today allows you to find a model that fits perfectly into the design of any kitchen. Buying such appliances, you should carefully study the instructions for use.

When buying an induction hob should carefully study the instructions for use

For example, the stove is equipped with a special protection, aimed at ensuring the safety of children. It is provided with a lock. Not knowing how to remove the lock from the cooktop, it becomes impossible to use the appliances. Therefore, hostesses should study this issue thoroughly.


The hob from this company is very popular due to a significant number of advantages. Among the features of products from this Italian brand are the following points.

  • The use in the production process of high quality glass-ceramic, which thickness is at least 5 mm. Thanks to this material, the product’s performance is impressive. You can not doubt the high quality of the panel from the company HotpointAriston, including the reliability of the marking of heating elements.
  • The package usually does not include any plugs and adapters in order to connect the device. In other words, all additional elements have to be bought separately at your own expense. However, it is necessary to always take into account the manufacturer’s recommendations in order to buy the right element for a particular model.
  • In the production process, Italian brands pay special attention to the quality of assembly. Models that come to the domestic market can boast of impeccable workmanship from Italian craftsmen. It becomes clear even to an inexperienced person that every element is in its place and firmly fixed, so there are no problems even after many years of active use.

Among the advantages that favorably distinguish the models of this manufacturer against analogues, we can note the following.

  • The unbeatable durability of glass ceramic. You can rest assured that the surface will withstand all mechanical damages. Sloppily installed frying pan is unlikely to cause chips or breakage. However, this does not exempt you from the basic rules of using such appliances and handling glass ceramic.
  • Even during active use, the models do not crack, which is very important for the comfortable use of the hob.
  • Italian engineers paid great attention to the design of the interface, which can boast the clarity of even the most ordinary user.
  • Great functionality. The brand appliances are great not only for cooking, but also for other similar tasks. Makes everyday life much easier.
  • Ideal size for a panel. Studying the technical parameters of the product, you can notice that you will not have to cut any holes in the kitchen furniture. Almost all cooktops from this manufacturer are made in standard sizes, so they can be mounted into almost any furniture.
  • Another indisputable advantage of the brand: if the products break down, it is not difficult to find the necessary spare parts.

Of course, like any other types of appliances, cooktops from this company have some disadvantages, among which it is worth noting the following.

  • In the market you can find devices that have been assembled not in Italy, but in Poland. They can’t boast such exquisite design and high quality. Most of the reviews of buyers of appliances say that there is a problem with the control board or thermostat.
  • Some models are equipped with induction burners, on which only special cookware can be used.
  • Rather high price. This is clearly the case when the user is paying for the brand, but not for the excellent quality of products.

Hotpoint-Ariston offers its customers a wide range of hobs. These are 3-burner and 4-burner stoves, built-in and combined options, models with cast-iron and steel or glass grids. Cooking hobs from the company Hotpoint-Ariston are divided into two types: independent and dependent:

  • The distinctive feature of the first option is that it has its own separate communications, control systems and takes up a minimum amount of space;
  • As for the dependent models, they have a common control system for the hob and the oven.

Cooking hobs from this brand are also divided into certain types, depending on the material that was used to produce the surface.

If they are electric models, the surface finish is cast iron or glass ceramic. There is more choice with the gas versions, as here the manufacturer also uses steel and enamel coating.

Hotpoint-Ariston HQ 1760S NE Cooktop Manual

Need a manual for your Hotpoint-Ariston HQ 1760S NE Cooktop? You can view and download a free PDF manual below. You’ll also find frequently asked questions, product ratings, and user reviews to help you make the best use of your product. If this isn’t the manual you’re looking for, contact us.

Your unit is malfunctioning and there is no solution in the manual? Go to Repair Café for free repair services.

My review will focus on the Hotpoint-Ariston 7HKRO642TOBRU/H electric cooktop. I’ll tell you the pros and cons of this hob. And also, what annoys me a lot about it.

It is now common to stand at home with electric stoves for safety reasons. Here we are, moving into a new house, faced with the choice of an electric cooktop.

The lack of an iron frame, under which (according to reviews) clogs kitchen debris

I have been using the stove for 1.5 years. After the gas stove it was hard to get used to the electric cooktop, but now at my mom’s house the gas stove stresses me out.

Photo, where you can see the heating element. From the moment you turn them on until the red circle appears, 3 seconds have passed.

heating area with an extra lap. 3rd round can be turned on too. It is ideal for large pots and pans.

You can put a timer on each individual burner.

Nothing gets clogged under the stove. All clear.

I’ll start with the pros to justify the excellent rating I gave it.

easy to regulate the hob heating temperature

Convenient placement of cooking panel items

does not heat the edge of the plate when heating milk; the ladle handle stays cool even when cooking for long periods of time.

There is a timer with automatic shutdown (set the time and the stove will shut itself off)

there is a function to turn off the stove, if the soup or milk ran away ( it turns off if the liquid got on the panel, where the electronics with buttons are located)

The stove has many pluses, but here’s what really annoys me. Is it necessary to wash the stove all the time. If very dirty, you have to wash with stinky detergents, the safety of which I doubt.

The stove is sensitive to scratches, the pan should not be fiddled with. We also changed all the pans. We’re currently using Randal.

One has to be very careful with sugar and sugary syrups. Don’t spill sugar on the stove. It’s not realistic to wash.

Of the real disadvantages, I can also say that the stove warms up all. Both the cooker and the surface next to it. Burns.

turn, hotpoint, ariston, induction

There are many moments in time cooking, which often arise with the hostess, and this applies to all electric hobs of this type.

-If you’re cooking fish and the oil splashes on the stove, you have to wash it right away. Otherwise the oil will start to burn on the stove and stink. If you wash it right away, a little Ferris and a soft sponge will do.

-If milk escapes, it will burn on the stove, spill on the table or run to the floor. Even if the auto shut-off function is activated, the cooker will continue to heat the pot for some time.

A little advice on temperature control:

Preheat the frying pan on 9. Bring the water to a boil on the 9 K as well.

You need to fry cutlets or fish.On 6 or 7, sometimes I turn it down to 4 for a couple of minutes and then go back to 6 or 7. Fry with the lid open or covered. With the lid closed, even at high temperature, everything will stew or burn if there is little moisture.

If you’re stewing meat or vegetables, 3 K is enough. The main thing is to have a little water.

turn, hotpoint, ariston, induction

It is better to boil milk with the lid open and stir constantly if you put it on 9. I bring it to a boil for 5-6, so it does not stick.

Hotpoint CIA640B Induction Hob Review

I boil soups on 2 K or 3 K after boiling.

I clean the hob with this cleaner. Photos and video of the cleaning results.

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