How to turn on the refrigerator Bosch two chamber

Bosch refrigerator two.Chamber: temperature adjustment

When stored and during transportation, the following errors are made:

  • The technique for a long period is in inappropriate conditions. At minus temperature (for example, on the street, not in warehouse), which is a common practice of many stores;
  • During transportation, the refrigerator leans more than this is permissible (the roll is more than 40 °) or the equipment is transported in a horizontal position.

Under such conditions, you cannot turn on the unit immediately after transportation. The refrigerator should be in an upright position for a certain period. It does not need to be unpacked, but it is better not to touch at all at all. To understand why the new refrigerator cannot be commissioned immediately after the purchase, you should study the subtleties of its device:

  • The design is provided for the hardware;
  • The following components are responsible for the performance of the unit: the motor, compressor, the tubes in which the refrigerant is located are additionally installed;
  • Cooling occurs due to the substance (freon), in the tubes it can be contained in a gaseous and liquid state;
  • For the functioning of the compressor, a certain amount of oil is provided.

If you do not give the refrigerator to stand after it has been brought to the facility, there is a chance of the failure of the unit. This is due to a high risk of oil from compressor to the pipeline where Freon is located. This is possible if the unit is greatly leaned during delivery. As a result, the coolant (refrigerant) with an admixture of oil loses the ability to influence the temperature regime inside the chamber. This leads to an increase in the intensity of the compressor and motor. As a result, these nodes will fail due to wear and continuous operation.

The refrigerator should remain at rest for a while. This will allow the refrigerant to occupy his pipe section. As a result, the work of the refrigerator is normalized. The probability of a breakdown is eliminated, t. To. The compressor and the motor will function in normal mode without overload.

There is another reason why the refrigerator should not be turned on immediately after transportation. So, with temperature changes, condensate is formed. If the unit from the street is brought into a warm room, drops of water will appear inside. This is a natural physical process that develops inside any technique, not only a refrigerator. You need to let the device stand for a while. In this case, the moisture will gradually evaporate inside. If you do not fulfill such a requirement, a short circuit may occur, which is why the technique will burn.

Features of repairing refrigerators Bosch

Design features of Bosch refrigerators (Bosch):

Moisture condensate is excreted due to the smart system No Frost and therefore the frustration of the refrigerator is not required. For the uniformity of freezing of all levels in each compartment of the refrigerator, its refrigerator is provided. Plus all goodies uses safe refrigerant. In general, the high cost of the refrigerator corresponds to its high German quality.

Characteristic malfunctions of Bosch refrigerators (Bosch):

Malfunction of the electronic control unit of the refrigerator.

The only weak place in the Bosch refrigerators is the electronic control unit. However, this observation applies to any household appliances that is made without taking into account the local coloring of voltage surges in the electrical network. Especially Bosch refrigerators are vulnerable in rural areas, where voltage is supplied along power lines of power transmission.

Outwardly, the malfunction can prove itself as follows. One or both cameras may not work, the compressor engine may turn on and immediately turn off, the temperature in different compartments of the refrigerator may arbitrarily change. Sometimes the smell of burning plastic is heard and the temperature indication flashes.

As a result, it will require a flashing of the electronic control unit, or its repair or replacement.

A characteristic feature of the refrigerators of the German concern Bocsh is the highest quality of products, reliability in operation, a long service life, external attractiveness, good capacity, efficiency and extensive functionality. The cost of the Bosch refrigerator is quite high, but the price of this is worth. The owners of such equipment, as a rule, do not regret the purchase made and in the future when choosing technology give preference to this brand.

Another feature of the refrigerators of this trademark was the complete refusal of the concern from Freon, which destroys the ozone layer and negatively affects the environment. Instead, the R600 refrigerant is used, which belongs to environmentally friendly substances, and substances that provoke “greenhouse” effect and have a harmful effect on human health are not used.

Another feature and advantage of the Bosch refrigerator is the No Frost function (forced air circulation). Cooling of products is carried out evenly, natural humidity and absence of hoarfront on the walls of the chamber are maintained. The refrigerator with No Frost does not need regular manual defrosting. Defrosting the refrigerator occurs in automatic mode.

Repair of Bosch refrigerators

The refrigerator does not turn on

The refrigerator does not turn on, and the light in the cell does not burn, although it was burning before. In this case, you should deal with the electrician. There is no power supply voltage of power supply. Check the outlet, power cord, fork.

The refrigerator does not turn on, and the light is burning, then the thermostat is possible. Since the technology for the production of Bosch refrigerators is complex, the repair should be entrusted to a highly qualified specialist, and even better to contact an authorized service center, especially if the guarantee period of the refrigerator has not yet ended.

The refrigerator works, but does not freeze.

Freon leak probably occurred. If the capacitor is hot, then most likely the freon is in place and the breakdown should be sought in another place. If the capacitor is cold, then call a specialist.

The refrigerator is weak

Bosch Refrigerator | Bosch KGN56LB41I 559 litre refrigerator 2021

Lost its shape, elasticity, damaged sealing rubber of the refrigerator door, the refrigerator door led. Repair. Replacing sealing rubber or adjusting the geometry of the door.

2.Check the thermostat. It can only be checked by replacement with a deliberately serviceable. If the refrigerator earned as expected, then the repair was a success. If not, then suspicion falls on the motor-compressor.

Bosch refrigerator errors codes

When contacting the service for repairing the Bosch refrigerator, it is necessary to name its brand, model number, describe the breakdown in your own words and specify the error code highlighted on the display. The error code indirectly indicates a fault of the refrigerator and allows you to evaluate the possibility of its independent repair.

Code what means means. How to eliminate the malfunctionE1/R1














The temperature sensor in the refrigerator was out of order. Check the sensor, its contacts and wiring. Change the sensor if necessary.
The evaporator sensor in the refrigerator of the camera is faulty. The temperature in the chamber may increase, and holes and snow are formed on the walls. Replace the sensor.
The temperature sensor in the freezer does not give a signal. The temperature in the chamber does not receive a signal and the compressor is disconnected. Need a replacement of the sensor.
Error E4 reports that the capacitor sensor in the freezer is broken. Inspection of joints and checking performance. Repair consists in replacing a faulty element.
The electronic module works incorrectly. Need diagnosis of a module, checking parts by a tester. Repair should be entrusted to a specialist.
The sensor on the edge failed. Testing the control module and replacing the sensor.
The door opening sensor worked. One. The door is not closed. 2. The door is not closed tightly. 3. Messenger rubber is damaged. What can be done: close the denser door. Tighten the fasteners of the loops.Peel or change sealing rubber.
The opening and closure switch of the door in the freezer does not work. Open and slam the door. With prolonged operation, the key is drowned or sticks in the nest. The module cannot determine: the door is open or not.
The flow sensor or solenoid valve does not function. Diagnose and repair of a malfunction.
Horizontal switch does not work. Switch replacement is necessary.
Turning on/off key. Inspect the key. If it is sunk or stuck, install a new element.
Switching lever ice/water does not work. Diagnosis of contacts, wiring and lever itself.
The freezer engine does not work. You need to check the engine for performance. In the absence of signs of “life”, a replacement is carried out.
The inlet valve does not work. Inspect and, if necessary, replace the valve.

Bosch two.Compressor refrigerator sets the boundary between cold and frost

When choosing home equipment, many prefer products of well.Known manufacturers, the names of which have become reliability synonyms. This is the German company Bosch, located among the most popular manufacturers of household appliances.

The refrigerators of this brand are valued for the tested reliability and quality. So, two.Chamber Bosch KGS36XW20R over the past year has become one of the most popular in its class. Now the BT online store.Kiev.UA offers to purchase this model at moderate value, with a promotional gift.

It is worth considering closer what this unit is notable for.

The Bosch KGS36XW20R refrigerator model is considered the most common type. Separately, with two cameras. Simple, strict design will be appropriate in almost any interior. The model has an average height of 185 cm and a standard width of 60 cm.

turn, refrigerator, bosch, chamber

The total volume of cameras is 318 liters. From this volume 223 liters falls on the refrigerator, 95. On the freezer chamber. The freezer is located under the refrigerator. This is quite convenient, since the refrigerator is used more often.

Cameras have separate doors with large vertical handles. It is possible to redesign the doors to any direction. Thus, it will be convenient to open them regardless of the location of the unit in the room.

Having opened the door of the refrigerator, you can find the control panel located above the camera. Next to it is the internal light switch. The lighting light itself is on the right wall.

Inside the camera are shelves and containers. Four shelves are made of strong hardened glass, the edge is protected by a metal side. Three of them can arbitrarily install at eight different levels. A wave.Shaped suspended grate for bottles is attached to one of the shelves. The same method of fastening has a small sliding plastic box. Inside it you can place an additional egg stand.

In the lower part of the camera is a spacious plastic container for fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are three shelves on the door, which differ in appearance and purpose. In the upper shelf with a lid, it is worth storing products like oil or cheese. The average is intended for eggs, and the bottom is convenient to use for cans or bottles.

You should know that the temperature conditions of different sections of the refrigerator are slightly different. Therefore, to achieve the best result, products should be placed taking into account temperature zones.

Freezer Cams contains three drawers of containers. Each of them can be taken under storage of products of a certain type. Thus, products with different properties will not contact each other. The so.Called frost calendar is applied to the cover of one of the containers. It is a visual memo on the storage periods of different types of products.

The kit also includes an ice mold.

Technical properties and features

Energy consumption class of this device. A. As you know, classes above A are the most economical among existing. The unit in question consumes about 294 kW/year.

The unit is equipped with two compressors. Thanks to this, two independent cooling circuits for refrigeration and freezer were implemented. The temperature is also regulated separately for each of the chambers using electronic control.

Quite high the freezing power indicator is 8.5 kg in 24 hours. And if the electricity is turned off, the unit is able to maintain the cold for 27 hours.

The most common refrigerant in modern devices is used. R600A. This is an environmentally friendly, but igniting substance. In this regard, manufacturers recommend caution during transportation. The use of this refrigerant has a number of advantages: a decrease in energy consumption, a low noise level. By the way, the volume of the device is about 40 dB. No higher than quiet colloquial speech.

The model belongs to the mixed climatic class SN-T. Therefore, it is designed to work at ambient temperatures from 10 to 43 ° C. Such a wide range allows you to exploit it without fear in our latitudes. She will suit her conditions not only of a city apartment, but also a country house.

Defrosting the freezer department is performed manually. The refrigeration department has a “drip” defrosting system. Moisture settling on the back wall in the form of hoarfrows periodically thaws. Melt water flows through a special groove into the evaporative pallet through the drain hole. The only thing that is required is to maintain the cleanliness of the groove and the drain openings.


The presence of an electronic control panel makes it possible to control the operating mode of the device. The panel is placed not from the outside of the door, but inside, above the refrigerator camera. This is not to say that it is especially convenient. Firstly, the panel is located above the level of the eyes of a person of medium height.

Secondly, to set up, you need to open the door. Organized the panel is very simple. Using the appropriate buttons, you can turn on or disable refrigerated or freezers. You can set the temperature for each of the cameras, choosing the necessary value from the proposed.

For a refrigerator chamber, the temperature is adjustable from 2 to 8 ° C. There is also the Super Cooling mode, which trigger a six.Hour cooling to a minimum possible temperature. After that, the refrigerator compartment continues to maintain the temperature established earlier.

For the freezer range of temperature adjustment is from.16 to.32 ° C. Separately, it should be noted the function of fast frosting Superfreezing. This function quickly lowers the temperature of the freezer for an imminent freezing of fresh products.

The functions of “super.Sulfuries” and “super.Commercials” are convenient if a large number of products are loaded at a time.

The panel also has an indicator of a warning alarm that gives a signal if the temperature of one of the chambers is too high.


  • Attractive classic design;
  • Ergonomic structure;
  • The presence of an electronic control panel;
  • A notification of the temperature in the chambers;
  • Quite economical electricity consumption;
  • The presence of two compressors;
  • Moderate noise;
  • Auto distribution of the refrigerator.

Bosch refrigerator does not cold, and the freezer works: why and what to do?

The situation when the refrigerator broke is always unexpected and unpleasant. Especially on the eve of a large feast or in great heat, when it is necessary to carefully monitor the freshness of the products. Often users are faced with a different problem when the freezer works, and the refrigerator practically does not cool. How to determine the cause?

Why does the refrigerator cool poorly?

Such a breakdown is rarely seen immediately, since the indicators of the serviceability are not indicators on the thermometer in the refrigerator, but the freezer, which continues to work well. The difference of several degrees is difficult to feel a simple person, but the products in the refrigerator spoil literally before our eyes.

If a malfunction is detected, you need to find out the reason as quickly as possible why the refrigerator does not freeze. Setting up the repair will entail a full failure, and then the owner will have to be pretty to spend money on repairs if he is generally possible.

Перевес дверей холодильника BOSCH KGN. Oversized door for refrigerator BOSCH KGN.

Here is a list of possible reasons why the refrigerator stopped freezing:

  • Quiet closure of the door. Perhaps an extraneous object fell under the gum of the door, which interferes with the sealed door slamming. Check not only its absence, but also the integrity of the protective gum. Punctures, breaks or peeling contributes to the output of cold air out;
  • High temperature in the room. Characteristic of single.Chamber models. If the refrigerator is near the hot battery or the room is very warm, and the freezer is tuned for maximum freezing, the power engine does not cope with a high load. Try to choose a more sparing mode of operation. Complete defrosting for at least 10 hours will not hurt. After that, re.Set the desired temperature and turn on the device. Do not forget about the thermal insulation of batteries near the refrigerator.
  • Another reason why the refrigerator does not cold damage to metal cooling elements and freon leakage. This could happen if during defrosting you removed ice from a cooling grill with a knife or other metal objects. In this situation, you can not do without the help of a qualified master. But you can solve the problem without tremendous costs. It will be necessary to seal the damaged area of ​​the cooling element and re.Fill the system with freon. If you do not want the refrigerator to stop freezing, never force ice exfoliation when defrosting. It is better to wait for complete thawing and then easily remove the lagging ice.

The described breakdowns are characteristic of both single.Chamber and two.Chamber refrigerators. Basically, such a failure is associated with improper operation, non.Compliance with sanitary standards of use and can be independently diagnosed and prevented.

But it happens that the refrigerator does not cold, although all the norms are observed and there are no visible reasons for the malfunction. In this case, you need to more carefully inspect the electrical appliance and analyze its work. Most likely, it will not be possible to repair at home without a master, but you can evaluate the cost and duration of the upcoming repair.

Complex technical problems

If the refrigerator is poorly freezed, its breakdown can be associated with one of the nodal structural elements. Let’s look at the main problems with the engine that leads to the fact that the refrigerator does not cool the air to the desired temperature. The fan of the fan motor is out of order.

In this case, you will not hear the characteristic sound that makes the fan when working. Damage occurs due to freezing of the element and requires mandatory replacement by a specialized master.

Since the motor does not work constantly, but turns on only periodically to determine the malfunction, you need to carefully listen to the refrigerator work. You can try to turn off the refrigerator and completely defrost it for 10 hours. If even after defrosting and re.Start the situation, the situation does not fit, the repair wizard should be called.

Instructions for installing a refrigerator in level

Buying a new refrigerator, few people think about how to install a new technique correctly. Consider the basic rules of transportation, commissioning of the equipment, and also what threatens the installation of the refrigerator not in level.

General rules for transporting and installing the refrigerator

By purchasing a new refrigerator, it is important to transport it in a specially equipped vertical position. This is necessary so that Freon, which is the main refrigerant of technology, does not lose its properties. Therefore, you should use the services of professional carriers, or entrust its transportation to the seller store.

The refrigerator is categorically not recommended:

  • In the immediate vicinity of the battery, the window. The refrigerator will overheat during operation. Which will negatively affect its working properties;
  • Near the stove. The risk of fire increases;
  • Installation of a refrigerator with a sink is dangerous for human life. The refrigerator works for electricity, which cannot be combined with water.

The optimal solution for the kitchen will be the refrigerator separation from the stove and sink by one working cabinet.

Level installation of the refrigerator

After transporting the refrigerator, it is important to choose the right place with a flat surface for it. During the repair, many owners use tiles as floor material. Despite all the advantages, the tile can create a sliding of the refrigerator on the surface. To avoid this, you should use special lining for the legs that can be purchased at a household appliance store or ordered in an Internet video.

The instructions for installing the refrigerator say that the unit should stand on a flat surface. This can be checked by opening the doors of the device: during the opening or closing of the doors, no creak or extraneous noise should be created. If any, you should check the correct installation, or call the master from the service center.

Having put the refrigerator in its place, you should adjust the legs so as to set the refrigerator in level. To do this, use the special “level” tool, which is available in the arsenal of almost every owner.

It is important to understand that after the refrigerator is installed, you cannot immediately start washing and connecting to the power supply network. It is necessary to wait a certain period of time, on average 4-8 hours. This is necessary that the refrigerator cooled/heated to room temperature after its transportation.

Connection of the refrigerator

Before connecting the refrigerator to the power supply, it must be washed with a soap solution or a special refrigerator washing tool. After that, you can connect to the power supply network.

Important! It is not recommended to connect the refrigerator to the power supply directly, since with voltage surges this can lead to its breakdown. It is optimal to use a special voltage stabilizer.

When engaged in the independent installation of the refrigerator and its connection, it is important to strictly follow all the recommendations of the manufacturer. High.Quality installation of a refrigerator is a key to a long service life and quality work of the equipment.

Proper operation

The Bosch refrigerator will last much longer if you adhere to simple operating rules:

  • Do not clog the camera too tightly with food, otherwise the air will be poorly circulated, and the temperature on the lower shelves will increase.
  • Defrost the meat and fish on a special pallet so that the melt liquid does not flow right on the shelves.
  • When thawing the freezer, do not allow the fluid drainage overboard. It can seep into the structure and disable the mechanism.
  • Cover liquid dishes and drinks so that water does not evaporate and does not provoke the rapid formation of condensate and ice. For the same reason, you cannot put hot food in the refrigerator.
  • Do not chop the ice and yoke from the walls with sharp objects so as not to damage the details and coating.
  • Do not use acids and abrasive chambers.

Using simple advice, you can easily cope with the defrosting of the “Bosch” refrigerator of any system.

Experts recommend defrosting in winter so as not to expose the compressor high load due to temperature difference.

How often you need to do?

Carefully study the instructions for the operation of your unit and determine what type of defrosting your device has:

If the defrosting of the freezer is a manual type, such a household appliances must be defrost 1 time every 3 months. In a hot season, the procedure should be carried out more often. 1 time in 1 or 2 months.

IMPORTANT! Even if you have the most modern model of the refrigerator, you should not rely on “smart” automation. Periodically control the condition of the walls of the device camera.

If you notice that a layer of hoarfrost appeared on the surfaces, the thickness of which is approaching 10 mm, then the device is time to defrost.

Automatic defrosting

This technology is designed to automatically remove the layer of ice and eliminate the water formed in the process of melting snow outside the chamber without human participation.

There are two automatic defrosting systems of refrigerators:

The refrigerator in the process of work “itself” determines when it needs defrosting. The processing process occurs without disconnecting the device from the network.

Capillar system

This system can only be equipped with the refrigerator, in the freezer the drip type of thawing is not used.

turn, refrigerator, bosch, chamber

The principle of operation of this type of thawing:

  • The owner of the device sets the necessary cooling temperature on the thermostat;
  • The evaporator cools the warm air inside the chamber, as a result of which condensation forms on its walls;
  • When the temperature decreases inside the device, drops of moisture turn into ice;
  • The cooling node is disconnected by reaching the specified temperature parameters;
  • Ice melts naturally, moisture flows down the groove on the rear wall of the device into the drainage hole. Next, the liquid goes into the tank located above the compressor of the device;
  • A running engine heats water, as a result of which it evaporates from the pallet.

REFERENCE! Defrost the refrigerator with a drip system 1 time every six months. In the warm season, ice is formed more intensively, therefore, with an increase in the speed of increasing the snowy “fur coat”, the procedure in the spring-summer period can be carried out once every 3-4 months.

No Frost system

Thanks to the built.In fans in the chambers, constant circulation of air occurs and a drop of moisture on the walls does not form. Ice is formed on the evaporator itself.

After a certain period of time, the fan turns off and the heater begins to work: the hoarfrost is melting on the evaporator, the water flows through the drainage system into a special compartment, where it is evaporated.

REFERENCE! Household appliances with the NOU Frost system should be defrosting once a year.

Typical errors

Modern refrigerators are less demanding on care and defrosting than outdated models. Nevertheless, you should not refuse to defrost. This will not only extend the life of the unit, but also help to save on electricity.

Preparation for the first inclusion

The algorithm of actions:

Important! The refrigerator grill should stand from the wall at a distance of at least 5 cm.

  • Free the equipment from packaging material: polystyrene, polyethylene, adhesive tape;
  • Rinse the cameras, storage boxes and shelves with water at room temperature with the addition of a small amount of vinegar;
  • Prepare a power point: an outlet with grounding or a network adapter;
  • Adjust the legs in level, transfer the door, if necessary;
  • After the right time, connect an empty refrigerator to the network by setting the necessary temperature parameters;
  • Expect the stable operation of the compressor with pauses (sometimes it takes a few hours);
  • You can fill the refrigerator with products at room temperature.

Important! Do not overload the camera with containers, there should be a distance required for free circulation of air flows between them.

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