How to unlock the washing machine Automat Kandy

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How to remove lock from Candy washing machine?

In any situation when the indicator is the key or lock on the washing machine, the first thing you can try to remove the lock by pressing the program launch button, holding it for 5 seconds. After that, the system board is rebooted, the lock is usually disconnected.

  • Place a special handle for installing washing programs in a neutral position.
  • For 5 seconds, press the “Stop/Start” button.
  • Disconnect the machine from power and leave it in this position for 20 minutes.

How to open Candy washing machine if the handle breaks?

There are times when the handle is jammed, and you can solve the problem using a regular rope. Take a thin, but at the same time durable lace and enter it into the gap, which is between the body of the washing machine and the hatch. After that, take both ends of the lace and pull it, thus open the lock.

You should take a screwdriver with a flat end and gently pass the rope into the space between the door and the device case. Then you need to take up the rope ends and drag the fishing line for the trimmer under the hatch. It is necessary to pull the ends of the rope strongly, and the mechanism will open.

How to remove protection from kids

To remove the lock of the LG washing machine from children, you should press and hold two seconds for a few seconds, between which the icon or “child” icon is located, on the control panel. The fact that this mode is included in the lag lag is indicated by the CL code on the display. Protection from children on most LG models is turned on only during washing and applies to all subsequent manipulations, so before the next loading of linen it will have to be deactivated every time, otherwise the program will not start.

In Bosch washings, Logixx 8 models also provide for the mode of blocking management from children. To remove it, it is necessary to return the device to the program that he had to execute, open the door and hold the button (arrow) “to the left” on the options of the options pressed for a few seconds.

Blocking and eliminating it

Let us consider in more detail the features of unlocking on different models:

  • On the instruments of the Indesit brand (most often Wisl 82 models) flashing the castle light bulb indicates the on the power mode on the washing mode without spinning. Some owners accidentally choose this option and accept this signal for a malfunction. To eliminate the problem, disconnect the “exclusion of spin” by clicking on the corresponding menu button.
  • If it is not possible to unlock the door of the Indesit Wiu 80 machine, this indicates a serious malfunction. In this case, the call of the repair master is required.
  • The Indesit Wisl 103 device, which has problems with an electronic hatch module or a water temperature sensor, signals this lock indicator and the Key3 or Key4 error code. To eliminate the malfunction, you should contact the workshop.
  • Indesit Wiun 102 devices signal the “block” indicator about the breakdown of the water supply valve or about the problem with the press system and the control board. Only the master will be able to unlock the “frozen” device.
  • In the Bosch brand devices Logixx 8 Sensitive model provides a manual mode for the emergency opening of the hatch. To unlock, remove the lower panel of the device and tightly pull the cable located behind it.
  • Disconnect the lock on the Bosch aggregate of the WAS 20443 model when holding the “stop/pause” button, located on the right side of the panel.
  • To unlock the lock on the Bosch Max 5 washing machine by installing it on the program with which washing was started. Then, having waited until the continuous burning of the lock indicator, you need to press and hold for 5 seconds button “Delayed Start”.
  • On Samsung Sensor Compact F015J cars, the breakdown of the electronic unit or the wear of the hatch lock is manifested as an indication of the “Door” error and stop during washing. After a few minutes of the slut, the device can continue the operation, but this situation will be repeated until the lock is replaced or the wiring malfunction is eliminated. The master should be called.
  • In Samsung Diamond washing rooms, the door does not open with incorrect operation of the drain pump. To gain access to linen, you will have to drain the water manually and wait a few minutes, then hold the Start/Start button for a long time.
  • Recommendations on how to remove Ariston washing machine from blocking, except for the total listed techniques, indicate the need to inspect the drain filter. The machine, like Bosch, will not open in case of incomplete drainage of water that occurred due to its blockage.

Indicators blink on a washing machine

The operation of the door lock exclusively block and the indication flashing without starting any program on Washing Indesit, Bosch, Ariston, Samsung or Siemens indicates a hardware error. The device requires qualified diagnosis.

If you have an unsuccessful attempt to remove the door blocking in simple ways, go to manual unlocking if the machine is not under warranty, since such an intervention may cost the owner of the guarantee service and free repair of equipment.

How to urgently open a washing machine?

To open the door after this, you need to select the “drain” or “squeezing” mode so that spent water leaves the machine. You can use the emergency drain of water. Experts advise, if there is a “pause” button, first stop the car, and only then turn it off from the network.

Pull the ends of the wire/ropes in the lateral direction parallel hatch. The formed loop will hook the “tongue” of the castle, and the door will open. By the same principle, you can urgently open a blocked door using a credit card. Put it under the hatch in the castle area.

Washing Machines | Candy. RapidÓ – Smart check-up. Error E02

How to remove the bottom cover of the washing machine?

Remove the outer part of the sealing cuff, having previously pulled out the wire locking ring inserted into the recess around the hatch. Turning away two screws, remove the door of the door from the body. Wrap three screws under the powder container and two front walls at the very bottom.

How to open the door of the Haier washing machine? It is not difficult to open the door of the Haier washing machine: just wait for the cycle to complete, hear the sound signal, tolerate for several minutes and, pressing the handle, open the machine gun.

How to remove the bottom cover of the washing machine?

Remove the outer part of the sealing cuff, having previously pulled out the wire locking ring inserted into the recess around the hatch. Turning away two screws, remove the door of the door from the body. Wrap three screws under the powder container and two front walls at the very bottom.

unlock, washing, machine, automat

How to open the door of the Haier washing machine? It is not difficult to open the door of the Haier washing machine: just wait for the cycle to complete, hear the sound signal, tolerate for several minutes and, pressing the handle, open the machine gun.

How to open a machine with an upper load?

In any situation when the indicator is the key or lock on the washing machine, the first thing you can try to remove the lock by pressing the program launch button, holding it for 5 seconds. After that, the system board is rebooted, the lock is usually disconnected.

Why is the locking of the Washing machine lock is used

The mechanism blocking the door of the washing machine is designed to ensure safety during washing. The mechanism locks the hatch automatically when starting the machine and opens it after it is completed by it. If the mechanism locking the door fails, it remains closed even after the end of washing and turning off the machine.

The main reasons leading to this malfunction are considered:

  • Software errors arising due to voltage drops in the mains or problems associated with pumping and draining water;
  • Wear of the mechanism locking the hatch;
  • A clogged hose that prevents the complete drain of water;
  • Proceeding the protection system from children.

In the event that the cause of the malfunction was malfunctions in the supply of electricity, it is necessary to wait for the zeroing of a given program. As a rule, it is dumped for half an hour, after which the hatch can be calmly opened. True, this method of “repair” is not suitable if there is still water in it.

With an unplanned inclusion of the protection function from children, the drum door can only be opened with the help of a simultaneous press on the typewriter of two buttons responsible for unlocking. over, each brand of washing machines has a combination of buttons capable of opening the locking mechanism will be different.

If, at the end of the washing from the machine, not all water was pumped out and the door does not open because of this, you can use one of the following solutions to this problem:

  • repeat the squeeze of linen again or start this function along with the rinse mode;
  • inspect the hose to drain water on the fact of the presence of a blockage in it, and then once again “drive out” the pressing mode;
  • apply an emergency opening cable located, as a rule, next to the filter, in the lower right corner and having a red or orange color. Using the cable, do not twitch it. simply, slowly, carefully pull it for its handle.

If all of the above recommendations did not help, you can take a chance and try to remove the lock manually. Having decided on this step, take all the actions as carefully as possible so as not to aggravate the breakdown. First, turn off the unit out of the outlet and remove the top cover from it. Then, carefully disconnect the mechanism that blocks the door and tilt the machine. When tilted, her drum shifting back and free access to the location of the castle. Now, all that remains to do is get to him with a hand and open. This method of unlocking is quite complicated due to the considerable weight of the washing machine, so having decided on it, take someone to your assistants.

In 95% of cases, one of the considered methods of releasing the laundry sent to washing will certainly help and the hatch blocking will be removed. The remaining 5% fall on the nuances of the design of technology of various manufacturers and more large.scale breakdowns, which only a professional can cope with.

We examined the universal ways to eliminate the automatic opening of the hatch of the automatic machine, which can be applied to any of its model and brand. However, along with them, it will also be appropriate to affect the methods applicable to models of a particular manufacturer.

Instructions if the door does not open after washing in the washing machine

To unlock the car after washing, it is important to remember that if the product is under warranty, then independent implementation or, in other words, the repair of the device is strictly prohibited

Some believe that it is impossible to open the hatch of a modern automatic washing machine using the old method, since a banal blow to the hatch or its side will not give absolutely any result. The methods should be softer and most important, professional, which will avoid other serious breakdowns.

Initially, you need to figure out why the door is blocked. It is worth noting that the natural blocking of washing machine for the washing period is a completely normal phenomenon, however, the period of lack of operation of the castle in each model can be different. For example, some hold the castle closed for 2-3 minutes, and in other cases, blocking can last up to 15 minutes.

Delays in the functioning of the blocking element are possible, which depends on:

  • Serviceability of the module;
  • Network voltages;
  • Water in the tank, because if there are problems with the drain, and it is carried out very slowly, then unlocking will be appropriate.


In order to exclude the blocking of the door due to disappearing electricity or interruptions in its work, it is advisable to install special network filters. Thus, you can not only avoid problems in the operation of the module, but also maintain the functioning of the entire device for a long time. It also helps to extend the life of.

As for blocking the door due to the remaining water in the tank, this is a completely natural process, since it is the banal safety of equipment. This moment avoids such consequences as flooding the apartment and below the floors with subsequent investments.

The door in the machine machine, as already noted, is blocked quite often. The owner of the Bosch, Samsung, Indesit and other brands may face the problem. If you can’t remove the lock forcibly and independently, you do not need to use a heavy tool to open the hatch. The door to the drum can be blocked for a completely insignificant reason, but the vandal hacking will lead to repair both doors and blocking systems.

What to do if the lamp is jammed by the lamp located on top? To open it and pull it out, it will not be possible to just remove the lid, as in the case of front loading, the washing room needs to be entrusted to the specialist. Why? Only the master has an idea of ​​a large number of products for washing linen, about their configuration and repair. The upper hatch is blocking most often in the case when the drum does not turn over.

To return the product normal functioning, you need to conduct:

unlock, washing, machine, automat
  • Equipment of equipment from the wall;
  • Disconnecting from power and water supply;
  • Detection of Ten;
  • Unscrewing and pulling out the heater;
  • Scrolling the drum.

The procedure must be performed as accurately as possible to exclude damage to the internal parts of the washing machine. If the tilt of the washer is sharp or too strong, it is quite possible that in addition to unlocking the door, you will need to replace the pump, since it can be damaged in a couple of seconds.

How to make a drop in the type Indesit?

During the operation of the machine, press the Start/Stop button. The work will stop, but the power supply will be supplied to the control fee. If you need another washing mode, select it and click “Start/Stop”. To completely reset the program, you should install an “squeeze” using a selector.

The algorithm of actions

Depending on what provoked a problem requiring rebooting, the process of restoring the operability of the household appliance goes through different algorithms.

To change the previously set washing parameters

To restart the washing machine in order to change the washing mode, you need to press and hold 10 seconds button “Start/pause”. As soon as the indicators on the control panel are blinked with green light and the reloading of the washing machine can immediately go out the completed machine. The next stage is setting up the necessary parameters.

To extract an extraneous item from a ram

If the purpose of the restart is a dose or withdrawal of an extraneous thing from the drum, the process goes through the following algorithm:

  • For five to seven seconds, squeeze the “Start/pause” button.
  • Wait for unlocking UBB (characteristic clicking signals that the door lock is unlocked).
  • Open the hatch, get the necessary things or supplement the ram with dirty linen.
  • Close the hatch, start the washing process again.

Five Ways to Unlock / Open Stuck Washing Machine Door

This reloading option is possible provided that the washing drum did not have time to fill with water.

In the case when the Candy washing machine has already managed to get water, the reboot passes through the following algorithm:

  • The washing process is blocked by pressing the Start/Pause button;
  • The selector handle is converted into a neutral position;
  • pressing the “drain” button starts the process of draining water from the tank.

As soon as the water merges, the hatch door is unlocked.

If for some reason it was not possible to automatically drain the water from the washing machine, you can solve the problem manually through the drain filter. To do this, after laying the washer with rags, in the lower part of the front panel, the drain filter is unscrewed, through which the spent water is drained from the tank.

To restore the normal operation of the control module

If the reboot is necessary to restore the performance of the washing machine “Hanged” after the short.term failure of the control module, the process goes through the following algorithm:

The “Start/Pause” button is clamped for five seconds.

You can not pull the cable of the cable of the washing machine from the outlet until the “Otkl” key is pressed. A sharp blocking of electricity supply can cause serious failures in the operation of the control module (an electronic board is burned out, the replacement of which takes time and financial costs).

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For what purposes are installed automatic blocking of the door of the washing machine

The main reason for blocking the door of the automatic machine for washing linen is the user safety. Simply put, having launched the washing process, the owner may be sure that without his knowledge, there will be no arbitrary or unauthorized opening of the door of the washing drum and, as a result, spilling and flooding with water from the machine, the premises where this device is installed. About the results of such an accident, no one needs to tell. In the best case, this is a collection of water in all rooms, in the worst. the repair of the apartment of neighbors living from below and the failure of the apparatus itself.

The reasons for the problem of opening the door at the washing automatic machines of popular brands

The main reasons that the hatch does not open in the Candy washing machine (Indesit, Bosch, LG, Ariston, Samsung, and T. e), this is:

  • Sudden shutdown of electricity.
  • Water remained in the washing machine gunner. This happens when a blockage occurs in the unit drain pipe. serious nuisance, breakdown of the drain pump.
  • Refusal of Luke locking (UBB). The manufacturer is specially introduced into the computer program slowing during unlocking the door of the automatic washing machine at the end of washing.
  • The intellectual module of the machine does not function, which gives the signal about the unblocking of the hatch on the ubble.
  • A mechanical breakdown of the door or lock occurred.
  • The level of water in the drum does not work correctly.

Solving the problem with opening the hatch when turning off the electricity

Well known to everyone, the situation when when turning on the washing program, they suddenly turn off the electricity. If the shutdown is short.term or as a result of the voltage jump, the plugs were knocked out, then there are no reasons for concern. You just need to wait for some time and restart the program. But in the case when there is not enough hope for a quick resolution of the issue of hope, you will have to open the door on your own.

To do this, you need to drain the water in the drum through the drain hole provided just for such cases. It is located in the lower front of the washing machine and is equipped with a manufacturer with a rubber hose. Drain water into suitable containers, you can easily open the receiving hatch.

Forced unlock

To do this, open a small hatch on the front panel. There should be an emergency cable. They are usually orange in color. Pull for it and the door is unlocked. Before that, check again if there is water left in the tank. Perhaps the uble simply jammed, for some reason and he will work in the future. Or maybe he broke and you have to change it. Doors blocking mechanism is not very complicated and it is not very expensive. Replacing it yourself is also not very difficult. There is a lot of information on how to do this on the Internet.

Pressostat is a water level sensor. In the event that the water is absent, but the sensor speaks the opposite, the hatch will be blocked. The sensor can be removed, cleaned and put in place. Pressostat has a certain tube in which dirt sometimes accumulates. This can solve the problem. If not, you can replace it with a new.

The pump does not work. (Water pump)

If the pump does not pump out water, respectively, the door will be blocked so as not to fill your neighbors. The pump should be removed and check if the impeller has clogged with dirt. Also, you can call the pump with a multimeter to find out if its engine is in the working state.

This is the most undesirable type of breakdown. Intellectual block is the most expensive module in your device. In this situation, you should even think about buying a new “washing“. Although it may be that electronic boards are not damaged. Maybe you just need a flashing. To reflash the module independently needs certain knowledge and tools. It is better to contact a specialist with this. And no matter what such breakdowns happens, always follow the operating instructions.

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