How to unscrew the drum in a washing machine

washing machine pulley bolt

The drum needs to be dismantled not only in case of a foreign object, but also to replace the bearings. The sheaves may differ from one model to another, but the algorithm for disassembly is approximately the same. At first you need to remove the pulley.

The pulley is attached to the drum shaft with a special bolt or nut right in the middle. The pulley is twisted by movements counterclockwise, it is better to put some object, such as a block of wood, to avoid twisting.

Unscrewing the pulley bolt of the washing machine

Unscrewing the bolt is quite a challenge because it is reinforced by a specially poured compound in the hole, preventing it from unscrewing during vibration. What to do if you can’t unscrew the bolt the first time? You can use a gas torch to heat it up. The metal will heat up, give way, and it will take less effort to remove. Before using a gas torch, be sure to read the safety instructions, i.e.к. It requires some skill to work with it.

Replacing an element

After removing the drum, you can install the new part.

  • Using a metal rod, gently tapping, knock out the bearings on the outer and inner side of the drum.
  • Clean debris and dirt from the shaft and seating.
  • Lubricate the seating place, insert the new bearings. To do this, they are gently tapped on the outer edge through an insulating washer of gethinax (saves parts from damage).Drive the bearing all the way in (until the characteristic thud of the bearing against the rim of the tank is audible).
  • Just like on the outside, set the bearings on the inside of the pot. In addition, a new packing (pre-lubricated with silicone) is inserted on the inside above the bearing.
  • Inserting the new drum into the tank. the piston rod must enter the bearing.
  • Put the pulley ring on, fix it with a screw.

After installing the new drum, the two halves of the tank are connected (the edges are pre-lubricated with sealant) and tightened with securing bolts and nuts.

In most cases, it is the bearings that break down that cause the problem. This is what forces to disassemble the hydraulic tank and remove the drum. In some cases, foreign objects can get stuck between the tank and the cylinder. Or the drum itself has already served its useful life. Either way, the drum will have to be removed.

  • screwdrivers (flat and Phillips)
  • hammer;
  • pliers;
  • wrenches;
  • wire cutters;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • hacksaw (for the non-disassembly type);
  • drill;
  • angle grinder.

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Before you disassemble the automatic machine, you must disconnect it from the electricity. Then drain the water and remove the drain hose. Then cut off access to the water supply hose and disconnect it. Now put the equipment in a spacious place and start the repair work.

What you need for disassembly?

If you have decided to do the disassembly yourself, you will need a whole set of tools:

  • Several screwdrivers of different type. depends on the model of the machine. Stock up on a Phillips, hex, and flathead screwdriver.
  • Small adjustable wrench.
  • Open-end wrenches and sockets.
  • A special removable device. use it to dismantle the bearings in the car.
  • Blowtorch.
  • Drill bit with thin drill bits.
  • Saws with blades.
  • Wooden bar. Rivet.
  • Circle pliers and wire cutters.
  • Hammer.

Universal WD-40 grease will also come in handy. it’s used to lubricate tight fasteners. Grease makes disassembly easier. A blowtorch can be replaced by a gas torch. True, it gives less heat. it may not be enough for the bearing to pop.

unscrew, drum, washing, machine

Causes of failure

The situation when after starting the washing machine after some time the drum has stopped rotating, jammed, is familiar to many owners of household appliances

The causes of failure of a domestic unit can be associated with mechanical damage, wear and tear of parts, nodes of construction, malfunctioning electronics, problems with wiring. To eliminate the malfunction, it is very important to establish the root cause, what exactly caused the failure in the work of the household device, and to do this, the device will have to be disassembled

Causes that led to the failure of the drum:

How to Remove a Stuck item from a Washing Machine Drum

  • ingress of foreign objects into the nodes, structural parts, and the drum, such as buttons, coins, pins from women’s brassieres. The drum is jammed, does not rotate, scrolls with difficulty. To determine the causes of malfunction, it is necessary to carry out the dismantling of the heating element, after which you can remove foreign objects;
  • jamming. bearing wear. flanges. of the oil seals. The problem occurs with frequent use of household cleaners. The cuff wears out over time. water leaks into the bearings. Bearings disintegrate. the drum shaft is blocked. drum does not rotate. It is best to entrust the replacement to an expert in washing machine service ;
  • The drive belt, with which machines with collector motors are equipped, breaks. The problem occurs if automatic washing machines are idle for a long time. the belt material loses its properties, cracks appear on its surface and they cause the machine to break. The sheave on the pulley is the most vulnerable part of the machine. Before replacing the belt, remove the back cover of the machine, study the markings on its outer surface;
  • drum drive motor does not work. During operation, the motor washes the brushes material, there is a specific unpleasant smell when the washing machine. If the resource of brushes is exhausted, the drum stops rotating. Before installing new brushes of the appropriate size, clean the collector;
  • Malfunction of the electronic module of the programmer, which, depending on the model modification, is responsible for the water supply valve, drain pump, collector motor, thermostat, timer. In fact, the electronic module is responsible for the performance of the main parts, nodes of the engine of washing machines.

The drum may jam or not spin if the tachometer is out of order, the electric wiring is broken or the condenser has burned out. In this case it is necessary to carry out a serious diagnostics. The reason for the drum not spinning may be the laundry overloading, clogging of the filter. All of the above causes require troubleshooting, so do not do without disassembly of the washing machine, dismantling the drum.

How to remove the drum of a washing machine: how to pull it out and disassemble?

Like all appliances, washing machines are prone to minor and major malfunctions. Every washing machine has parts that require special care or repair. Such a part is the drum. Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to remove the drum of the washing machine.

For example, some housewives, after hearing a strange noise, prefer to leave the washing machine idle for a while. Or prefer to throw out the old one and buy a new washing machine. It is not right.

It is necessary to understand what the problem is and to correct the problem. The cause of the noise can be anything, such as a button that came off a shirt, or small beads. From such items, first of all the washing machine drum or its packing suffers. It’s a professional’s job to fix it. Since the drum unit of a washing machine requires extreme care in repairing.

How to remove and disassemble the washing machine tank

Internal breakages of nodes and parts of the washer requires repair. To replace the bearings and seals you need to know how to disassemble the washing machine tank. Cracks and damage may be the cause of disassembly, leading to leakage. To get the job done successfully and without calling a specialist, follow our recommendations.

Is it worth the job?

often the drum of a washing machine is disassembled in order to replace the bearings that have failed. It is not difficult to detect this malfunction, it is enough to turn it manually and listen to the voice. If you feel resistance to rotation, if you can hear other noises, usually crunching and cracking, the bearings need to be replaced.

Undoubtedly, replacement of bearings, as well as a number of other works, can be performed by a specialized service center, but the cost of wizard services is often unreasonably overstated, especially it is relevant in the case of repair of the machine with a non-dismountable drum. No service center will undertake this kind of repair, offering to install a new module instead of replacing the bearing.

unscrew, drum, washing, machine

If it is expensive to repair in a workshop, have time, desire, tools and experience in this kind of work, you can disassemble any drum yourself, it is only important to be extremely careful and attentive.

How to remove?

Before opening the tank and extracting the drum from it, it is necessary to carefully study the material of which the tank is made and the principle of its connection.

Most often, the manufacturer Samsung completes washing machines plastic, collapsible tanks.

Once the tank is opened, it is necessary to act according to the following algorithm:

How to remove a drum from a top loader washing machine. step by step

  • Detach the lower half of the tank (on it is located a cross and a pulley);
  • Remove the pulley from the tank (unscrew it with a wrench);
  • put a bolt in the vacated place and carefully, using a hammer, knock it out in the opposite direction.

In a situation where you can not dislodge the shaft, the help will come grease. It is enough to carefully treat the joint and wait for twenty minutes. Afterwards the work goes much faster.

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