How to unscrew the ring from a meat grinder

How to promote a jammed meat grinder? The meat grinder broke. what to do: repair of an electric yard of the same way, with your own hands, jammed the sleeve of the meat grinder what to do.

Girls, I have a meat grinder Mulinx for eight years old. Recently my daughter washed her and for the first time he gathered herself. Apparently somehow wrong, because now I turned it on and immediately the meat got stuck. And now I can’t promote her. Just neither there nor here. I already tried to scroll at the back of the poskhubniks and the metallochics knocked down with a hammer in the direction of promotion. Nothing helps.

What to remove and unscrew? The meat grinder is still Soviet and all the details are spinning heavily. We are afraid, as if nothing to tear.

Dismantling the meat grinder mechanical, like all other mechanisms, requires a person engaged in this disassembly, attentiveness and knowledge of the design of the mechanism. After all, how the person accurately and correctly remembered the sequence of disassembly depends on the correct assembly of this mechanism. And this ultimately affects the correctness of work and the durability of the mechanism service.

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Mechanical meat grinder has a simple design and consists of: corps (grandmother’s meat grinders are made of cast iron, modern of light aluminum alloys), a screw (a screw shaft with a square.cross.sectional site for a knife and a seat with a bald section for the handle), the handle itself for the handle itself screw rotation, screw (part with ears “under the fingers”), a knife (part with four petals), grates (a round disc with frequent holes), a ring (looks like a large puck with an internal thread).

  • First, turning counterclockwise, remove the protracted ring. If the meat grinder was “at work”, it may have to make some significant effort, This ring could have been self.field in the process of work;
  • On the opposite side we unscrew the screw “with ears”;
  • Remove the handle;
  • Remove the lattice and knife from the screw. It is important to remember (notice) which side of the lattice stood to the knife. In the process, the knife is lazy to this side of the lattice and provides the best cutting of meat. As a rule, in the lattice, this side has a circular trace of the knife;
  • We take out a sheep of the meat grinder from the case.

If you have a Soviet meat grinder and has a substantial age, it is quite possible that the details have “cooked” to each other, for a long time they stood relatively motionless. Try to pour a few drops of kerosene into threaded compounds (do not be surprised. kerosene has a large property of penetration into narrow cracks and will provide liquid lubrication between the threaded surfaces of the meat grinder parts). Когда разберете мясорубку – керосин отмойте с деталей мясорубки. If. it turns hard, then, apparently, a protracted ring is strongly tightened. weaken the tightening. Another reason for poor rotation is that the knife and the grille are poorly adjusted to each other. They must be “brought” (sharpen the knife and polish the surface of the grate on sandpaper located on a flat surface or on fine.grained grinding bar). Well, the worst option: the details and body of the meat grinder were worn out so that the skew of the screw occurs. change the worn parts or the meat grinder itself.

A manual or electric meat is considered a sufficiently popular device in the kitchen. It is used to process meat for minced meat, squeezing fruit juice, home sausage, cooking vegetable puree or pasta preparation. In order for the technique to work correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with the nuances of its device. From our article we will learn how to assemble a meat grinder and make out.

How to disassemble a meat grinder

It happens that the washer of the meat grinder jams and I do not want to unscrew. This happens often, and this happens due to the fact that the meat grinder is not washed for some time in the collected form. Even if you do not see dirt, this does not mean that it is not, particles can be very small insignificant. Also, a small rust also promotes “sticking”.


So that this does not happen very carefully rinse all the details after use, then dry them and store them in disassembled.

If, nevertheless, the closure has occurred, then the following techniques will help you:

  • Soak a meat grinder in water along with a detergent for dishes. It is corroded fat and, perhaps, will help to cite;
  • Dip for 5 minutes the entire structure in boiling water, after that, without waiting for cooling, try to unscrew the puck. Use silicone gloves so as not to burn;
  • Use the divorce key or manual vise;
  • The latest way: to knock with a hammer, in the hope that it will slightly move and you can unscrew it. Use this method in extreme cases, a great probability of breakdown.


The first step in the fight against the jammed mechanism is to freeze. Dear the device to a container of water by adding soda or detergent. Active components dissolve the remains of adhering minced meat invisible to the eye, which will simplify unscrewing the washer.

With the help of soaking, you can promote a meat grinder

Alternative. soaking the entire structure in boiling water. Remove after 30 minutes. And, without waiting for the cooling of the device, wrap the part with a towel (so that the hands do not slip), scroll. Draw manipulations in rubber gloves so as not to burn yourself.

Correct care

Having sorted out how to assemble an electric meat grinder, now you need to find out the right Dismantling process

unscrew, ring, meat, grinder

, After all, all the insides of the mechanical unit must be cleaned of residues after grinding. Dismantling the product is carried out in the reverse order:

  • First, remove the bowl, then press the button of the blocking from turning in the upper part of the main body and disconnect the mechanical part;
  • Now you can unscrew the clamping nut so that it does not slip in the hand (use a clean rag);
  • Then the internal parts are removed and cleaned of the remains of crushed products;
  • Now you can wash all the details with warm water and detergent;
  • After rinsing, the parts are placed on a towel until completely dry.

The disassembly of a manual analogue is practically no different from the process of dismantling the mechanical part of the electrical product described above. Many after drying the parts store the device assembled until future use. Experts advise storing all the details in an unacceptable state, and during the assembly before operation, grease the screw with vegetable oil. Such care, as a rule, extends the period of use of the product.

Meat grinder is an indispensable assistant for housewives in many kitchens. The service life of such an unit, if it is as a rule, is very high. But breakdowns still happen what to do in such cases?

Which way to unscrew the meat grinder

Girls, I have a meat grinder Mulinx for eight years old. Recently my daughter washed her and for the first time he gathered herself. Apparently somehow wrong, because now I turned it on and immediately the meat got stuck. And now I can’t promote her. Just neither there nor here. I already tried to scroll at the back of the poskhubniks and the metallochics knocked down with a hammer in the direction of promotion. Nothing helps.

How to disassemble an electric meat grinder

What to remove and unscrew? The meat grinder is still Soviet and all the details are spinning heavily. We are afraid, as if nothing to tear.

Dismantling the meat grinder mechanical, like all other mechanisms, requires a person engaged in this disassembly, attentiveness and knowledge of the design of the mechanism. After all, how the person accurately and correctly remembered the sequence of disassembly depends on the correct assembly of this mechanism. And this ultimately affects the correctness of work and the durability of the mechanism service.

unscrew, ring, meat, grinder

A manual or electric meat is considered a sufficiently popular device in the kitchen. It is used to process meat for minced meat, squeezing fruit juice, home sausage, cooking vegetable puree or pasta preparation. In order for the technique to work correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with the nuances of its device. From our article we will learn how to assemble a meat grinder and make out.

Existing types and structural features of meat grinder

In modern stores you can find a huge number of meat grinders. All of them can be conditionally divided into two types: electric and manual. Together with the devices, the manufacturer also supplies additional details (nozzles and knives), which increases their functionality.

Electric models won the popularity of users. To obtain the final product, you do not need to spend physical efforts, just press the start button and push the meat or vegetables into a special funnel.

Hand meat grinders are easy to use. At the same time, electric models make it possible to choose the necessary speed of grinding or a reverse move. Many nozzles allows you to create additional products.

The manual meat grinder consists of the following elements:

Manual models are fixed on the surface with a special paw. For final fixation, a screw with a lining is used. Devices with a plastic paw are reliably fixed on the surface. When installing metal products under the foot, a piece of soft fabric is laid so that the device does not slide over the surface.

Unlike manual models, there are no paws here. The stability of the device is ensured by a wide platform with several rubber lining.

Assembly and operation of an electric meat grinder

If the user has encountered the assembly of a manual model, he will understand without any problems with an electric household device.

How to assemble an electric meat grinder correctly

The assembly scheme of the meat grinder is as follows:

unscrew, ring, meat, grinder
  • We connect a plastic gearbox with a metal crown of a screw, the grooves of parts should be combined. Turn the gearbox against the movement of the clockwise until the appearance of a characteristic click. When the parts are incorrectly connected, the engine will not be able to crank the screw.
  • The inside of the screw should definitely coincide with the outlines of the hole on the body.
  • On the output part of the screw we put on a sharp knife, install the grill. Holes and protrusions must match. During such work, it is necessary to correctly put a knife.
  • Twist the clamping nut and install the loading hopper in the upper part of the device housing.

Now that we know how to assemble an electrical meat grinder get acquainted with other nuances of this process.

How to insert a knife into an electric shock correctly

During the installation of the part, the cutting part of the knife should come into contact with the lattice, which will contribute to thoroughly grinding the supplied products. After installing the knife, fix the lattice, fixing it in a special groove, then tighten the nut. If the cutting element is incorrectly installed, the meat will be clogged and will remain inside the device.

How to use an electric yard

At the initial stage of work, the processed products are cut into small pieces, they should fit into the hole of the reception hopper. Turn on the device in the outlet, press the start button and begin to push the product using a pusher to the screw. Once on the shaft, raw materials will move and gets on the knife. Here the product is crushed and goes out into the reception bowl.

With the engine running, the processing process is constantly. If the screw is clogged, it is enough for the user to turn on the reverse and extract the remaining products. Later they can also be launched along with a new portion of meat.

There are several simple rules for using Eloctromyas. You can not throw bones with meat into the boot bunker. Before serving, any product is cut into small pieces. After the work, it is necessary to disassemble the household device, thoroughly wash and dry all the details.

How to disassemble an electrician.grinder

Earlier we learned how to assemble an electric shock. this is a simple job for each user. Dismantling of the household device is in the reverse order. First you need to unscrew the clamping nut, extract a metal lattice and knife. Then rotate and pull the screw along with the gearbox. At the final stage of work, the loading capacity is removed. All removable parts must be cleaned of the remains and washed in water, then they are wiped with a soft, damp cloth.

Manual models of meat grinder have a similar design and principle of action. Electric household appliances differ among themselves in power and functional capabilities. Such devices will last a long time, provided that the proper operation. During such operations, you need to pay attention to the position of the knife. the cutting part should come into contact with the surface of the grill.

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Mechanical method

If the meat grinder was overwhelmed, unscrew the fixing screw from the side (it does not always happen in self.fixing heads). Insert meat into the neck of any wooden item that can be used as a lever (a rolling handle is suitable) to multiply the physical efforts made. Holding the case with one hand, the other turn the lever the working area of ​​the meat grinder (this is the entire duravy case) against rotation of the rotor (usually the clip ratchet is made towards the rotation to increase the clamping force). The direction of the latter is indicated by the arrow. In any case, twist clockwise (if you look from the side of the milk supply). you will definitely not be mistaken.

unscrew, ring, meat, grinder

The removable meat receiver is removed from the neck of the case.

The clamping nut is unscrewed counterclockwise, and for its full capture by the hand. covered with a dry cloth. Knife and grille are removed from the finger of a screw shaft.

Then the fastening screw is unscrewed, which holds the handle of the machine, and after that the handle itself is removed.

The knife and other details are completely cleaned of minced meat and washed in warm water. with a special gel for dishes or by adding a small amount of soda. In conclusion, everything is rinsed, laid out on a clean fabric or napkin for thorough drying of all parts.

Experts recommend storing the mechanism disassembled, and before its assembly begins, you need to lubricate the screw with vegetable oil. This storage technology helps to reliably fasten all the components and prepare a good minced meat.

Even with very great attentiveness during disassembly work, the situation is not excluded that there will be problems when there will be a need to collect a manual meat grinder again.

Often there are complaints from consumers that there are absolutely no instructions to the hill of parts, including a knife. In this case, you have to engage in essence invention, trying on different Lada the possibility of assembly. For this, a certain sequence is observed.

Disassembly of meat grinder

  • A screw shaft is installed inside the body. You need to be extremely careful: one side is characterized by the presence of thickening, and the other is a thinner finger for a knife and a grille. When assembling the design, you need to make sure that the thickening comes out from the side of the handle mount. After that, the pen is put on. A screw is used to strengthen.
  • The knife is installed on the back of the unit. on the finger of the shaft. Again you need to show maximum attention: on the one hand, the knife is convex, on the other. flat. When installing, the flat side should go out and fit tightly to the grill, which is put on the finger of the rod after the knife. If the knife is disk, when placing it, you need to achieve peeping the cutting edges outward. This stage is one of the most important, since the accuracy of placing a knife determines the quality of meat cutting.
  • When inserting the grille into a hand.made meat grinder, you need to get into the tubercle on the housing. By ignoring this requirement, the user will not be able to properly tighten the clamping nut.
  • The finished mechanism must be fixed with a clamping nut, rotating it in the direction of the clockwise.

In general, it is necessary to adhere to the same algorithm of action. However, it is worth paying attention to a number of distinguishing moments.

First of all, the body of the device and gearbox should be connected to each other. Further, the first of them starts under the groove of the cover. To check the quality of the steps, you need to turn counterclockwise.

The final stage of prefabricated work: installing a bootable bowl in the neckline.

Common causes of breakdown

To avoid the reasons because of which the meat grinder wedges and it stops twisting the meat on your own, having previously studied them.

  • Incorrect assembly. Before using the meat grinder, you should carefully read the instructions that describe the procedure for assembling and disassembling. The details are interconnected tightly, they should not hang out. The knife is most often incorrectly installed. With the correct installation, a wide part of the knife is located outside.
  • The cutting parts of the device (knives and lattices) have worn out. If the knife and the lattice have not been dragged for a long time, the meat grinder will crush the meat, and not break. Tools can be sharpened in a specialized workshop or independently at home. If you decide to try to eliminate such a problem yourself, use a grinding bar or sandpaper is important! At the end of the work, cutting mechanisms must be lubricated with any vegetable oil.
  • The quality of the grinded meat. If the bought meat of low quality has many films, veins, cartilage, it is poorly twisted, wound on a spiral and clogs the passage. By twisting this type of meat, you should protect the kitchen unit, stop the work and clean the details.

Assembly and operation of a manual meat grinder

Before starting the main work, it is necessary to carefully wipe all the components. Carrying out such actions will increase the operation of the device. Moisture and food residues will lead to rust on the body.

How to assemble a hand.made manner correctly

  • Take a screw and insert it into the case. A wide part of this device should be near the handle, narrow. at the place of fixing the knife.
  • We insert the handle into the screw of the screw and fix its position using a special screw.
  • In another part of the screw, we install a cross.shaped knife, its flat part should look out. The cutting element of the disk type should be in contact with the edges to the grille.
  • After the knife is installed, we put on a metal round mesh (the protrusions on the case and the grid should match).

At the final stage of work, we tighten the fixing round nut and check the operation of the equipment by the method of several rotations of the handle.

How to put a knife in a meat grinder correctly

Earlier we got acquainted with the assembly process of a manual meat grinder. Now we will find out how to insert a knife into a meat grinder correctly. In stores you can find two main types of knives, with a one.sided or bilateral blade. When the screw is installed, the part with a one.sided blade is fixed on the device so that the cutting part slides along the surface of the grill. With improper consolidation, meat or other products will crumble, but not crushed. Elements with a bilateral blade are installed by any side.

How to use a hand meat grinder

The device in question has a manual drive. The principle of its action is based on the pressure created. The meat from the loading hopper enters the screw, which presses the product to the body and moves towards the exit. When moving along the shaft, part of the meat falls under the knife, which cuts off small fragments from the piece and pushes the product through the grille into the substituted container.

Crushing raw materials constantly occurs along with the rotation of the handle of the device. If the user wants to get small stuffing, it is recommended to use grilles with small holes or skip the product again through a meat grinder. If large pieces of meat are stuck or the product is jammed, then the handle is rotated in the opposite direction.

The reason for the incorrect operation of the device is most often wounding meat from meat on the cutting part. In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the meat grinder, clean the knife from sticking parts and assemble back. It is recommended to disassemble the device after each grinding of meat or other products. This will increase the life of the device.

How to unscrew a meat grinder

There are times when it is very difficult to unscrew the clamping puck of the meat grinder. This is due to the blower of the knife, which leads to the accumulation of meat near the cutting part. In such a situation, they come as follows:

  • We turn the device and install in a container with hot water for about 10 minutes.
  • We take a small hammer and make light tapping in the center of the grill, as well as on the ribs of the clamping nut.
  • Unscrew the part, after the manipulations, it should quickly succumb.

If there is an assistant nearby, you can try to unscrew the meat grinder together. In this case, one person holds the device, and the second is unscrewed.

Dismantling and washing

Most housewives stores a meat grinder assembled, so before work it remains to just fix it on the countertop. Suppose you have successfully grinded the meat. Now you need to wash the meat grinder, dry, assemble back.

You can wash the collected meat grinder? It is impossible, because you do not completely clean the remnants of the minced meat. He will start to deteriorate, the machine will still have to disassemble and wash again.

  • If the meat receiver is removable, remove it from the neck of the case.
  • Unscrew the clamping nut counterclockwise. To tightly grab the nut with your hand, cover it with a dry cloth.
  • Remove the lattice and knife from the finger of the screw shaft.
  • Unscrew the fastening screw holding the handle of the machine, remove the handle.
  • Only after that you will be able to pull the shaft itself from the body and free the meat grinder from it.
  • Carefully clean all the parts from the remains of the minced meat, wash them with a dishes or add a little baking soda to warm water. Rinse, put on a clean cloth or napkin so that all the details dry well.

Storing a hand-made meat is still better disassembled. And before collecting it for work, pre.lubricate the screw with vegetable oil.

Such a simple maneuver will help to reliably fasten all the components and grind the meat efficiently.

We use the grease WD-40

Universal lubricant WD-40 is mainly used to clean the surfaces of rust, corrosion plaque. Aerosol reduces the coefficient of friction in the moving parts of the mechanisms. The tool has found wide application in everyday life thanks to the manufacturer’s statement that it is safe for human health. It consists of white spite, carbon dioxide, mineral oil, inert ingredients, although the exact formula is a commercial secret and is not available to consumers. “White gasoline”, which is part of the product, is able to fill the smallest spaces and cracks.

Folk craftsmen often use this aerosol to unlock jamming zippers on jackets and bags. In your case, the product may also be useful. Process the grate and thread with a spray and wait for about 15. 30 minutes. If the meat grinder can be promoted, do not forget to thoroughly degrease, wash and wipe all parts of the device dry. Process all moving parts of the device with lubrication, remove plaque and rust, if any.

If all of the above methods did not help you, you can only contact a specialized technical center for repair and maintenance of household appliances. Perhaps the reason for the blocking is that one of the parts was out of order, the thread is broken, it is required to replace some parts of the meat grinder or sharpen the knives. If such repair or replacement of parts is inexpensive, it makes sense to use the services of a technical center. Otherwise, perhaps, you should think about acquiring new equipment.

When studying the issue of how to properly collect a meat grinder, priority attention should be paid to the performance of a certain sequence of actions.

The thoughtfulness and accuracy of each of the steps will allow you to prepare cutlets and dumplings for loved ones and guests at home on weekdays and holidays without a hassle and unnecessary troubles. Having completed all the culinary chores, the hostess without fail disassembles this “unit”, carefully washes the knife and other components.

Someone is engaged in the assembly of the used and already clean meat grinder immediately after washing it, someone is directly used if necessary. Problems, as a rule, arise among beginners who have not previously used this “equipment”.

If you have to use a manual model, you need to pay attention to the presence of the following components:

  • frame;
  • meat receiver designed to load products;
  • a screw shaft performing the task of moving “raw materials”;
  • Knocking knife, which can have the shape of a propeller, cross or disk;
  • a grille that determines the quality of the grinding;
  • a clamping nut to hold the lattice and knife on the shaft;
  • fastening screw;
  • a pen.

When the electrical design is used, you can notice the similarity of many components in the form and purpose. The only difference is the motor installed instead of the handle. It has the most important task when preparing minced meat.

Many of the hostesses prefer to keep a meat grinder assembled, so as not to waste time assembly before direct use. After the rewinding of products for minced meat, it only needs to be washed, dried and assembled again.

It is impossible to wash a meat grinder in a collected form, since in this case the remains of the minced meat are not completely cleaned. To remove decaying products, the structure is completely disassembled and washed again.

Tips for handling a meat grinder

To avoid breakdowns of the meat grinder, you should thoroughly wash the device after use, do not dry in the open air, but wipe dry with a towel. Details are best saved in a paper bag.


Never wash the meat grinder in the dishwasher: neither mechanical nor electric. If you like homework, then after cooking you will have to give a few minutes to wash the device for it to grind it. Stock up:

  • sponge;
  • soap and soda;
  • old toothbrush;
  • bowl of plastic;
  • cotton towel;
  • canvas bag.
  • Immediately after completing the work, disassemble the device, otherwise the process of oxidation will be launched.
  • Remove the remains of meat from knives and other details from knives and other details. To do this, use a hard kitchen brush.
  • Rinse all the elements with warm water. Having soaped the sponge with ordinary soap that does not contain dyes and aromatic additives, rub the details. You can sprinkle with soda sponge or use an old toothbrush.
  • Rinse the washed parts with warm water, and then pour them with boiling water.
  • Put in a plastic container. water should drain from washed parts.
  • When the water is draining, wipe all the components of the x/b click and put them dry. The drying surface should be clean and dry. Such actions prevent the appearance of rust.
  • Having assembled a meat grinder, put it in a canvas bag and put it in a dry place.

Belt transmission and its shortcomings

The following is a list of the most common breakdowns of modern meat grinders:

In fact, the meat grinders on belt gear are cheapest today. Their design is based on the fact that the drive is connected to the knife using a belt. When rotating the engine (of course, not directly, but through the gearbox), rotation is supplied to the knife.

There are several buttons on the meat grinder. They control the speed of rotation by the engine. For example, high speed is not required to grind vegetables or fruits. However, to create minced meat from hard meat, this option will be very useful.

The belt is made of rubber. Therefore, no matter how carefully the meat grinder was stored, over time the rubber dries, it becomes more fragile. In the end, the effort that is required to grind meat cannot be processed and the rubber belt breaks into parts.

It makes no sense to repair it. The only way to eliminate the breakdown is to completely replace it.

The reasons for the instrument failures and methods for their elimination

If you have not been prevented by a breakdown of household equipment, a set of measures should be taken aimed at restoring the performance of the device.

To quickly eliminate the malfunction, the meat grinder should be diagnosed and the reason for the failure of the equipment. For this, it is necessary to examine the device visually or through an electric meter. The second method, in turn, allows you to inspect the isolation and determine the presence of a cliff in the wiring.

Disassembly of meat grinder

If, as a result of a visual inspection, it was not possible to detect the cause of the malfunction, most likely it is “hidden” inside the case. Such problems include: clogging of lubrication, overheating of the heating system or the presence of cracks.

Remember, if you do not eliminate the cause of the breakdown in time, over time the design will completely become unusable, as a result, it will be almost impossible to return it to working condition.

Timely prophylactic inspection of the main compounds, details and wiring of the meat grinder will help to identify and eliminate the structure defects at the initial stage of their development, extending the service life of the household electrical appliance.

Consider the main causes of malfunctions of the meat grinder and methods for their elimination.

  • The drive does not function at a given speed of rotation. The reasons for the equipment malfunction are a breakdown of the switch or electric motor. To eliminate the problem, it is enough to replace the worn mechanism.
  • The drive functions with interruptions. As a rule, a malfunction is the wear of coal brushes. To bring the device to working condition, they should be replaced.
  • Low frequency of rotation of the shaft, as well as the appearance of extraneous sounds and the smell of burners during operation of the meat grinder. The cause of the breakdown is a malfunction of the electric motor. To restore the functioning of the “grinding” structure, it is necessary to replace it.

Remember, in the event of a non-operation of the electric motor, you should first evaluate the expediency of repair, because due to the high cost of the mechanism, often the best solution is to buy a new device.

  • Low engine speed. As a rule, the reason for reducing the productivity of the device is an intensive supply of products to the loading funnel.

To resume the speed of the meat grinder, it is necessary to serve the ingredients in a dosage (in shorter portions).

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