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Craftsman Building Craft FINALLY allowed us to CHANGE TEXTURES!!!!. But Does it Work???

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Operator’s Manual2.2 Cu.In./36CC 2.Cyclegasoline Chain Sawmodel no.358.351610. 16 in. Bar Safety Assembly Operation Maintenance Parts List Espar_ol, P, 27Craftsman ° Read and Follow All Safety Rules and Operations Before Firsts.For Answers to Your Questions ABOUT THIS Product: Call 7 AM-7 PM, Mon-SAT; Sun, 10 AM-7 PM 1-800-235-5878

Craftsman technique is a reliable assistant in each household

The history of the American brand Craftsman began in 1927. The company introduced its first products. The company power tool and the lawnical mower in 1929 and 1934, respectively. In the 30s, the economic crisis struck in the USA, but the recently created enterprise survived. In this he was helped by farmers who actively bought up files, hammers, hacksaws and other tools produced by Craftsman for their farms.

Today the American brand is known around the world. Law share of its production is occupied by lawnmands, the number of advantages of which include high reliability, efficiency, suitability for repair. Craftsman lawn mowers are equipped with many useful functions that make work with the equipment of the American brand as simple and pleasant as possible.

Second phase

The next ingredient that must be obtained before making a hob in “minecraft” is a fiery rod. Here, even experienced players begin problems here. Stock up, materials for construction, torches, food and camping equipment. Adventures begin.

First of all, you need to find a hell of a fortress. Only there are mobs we need. Ifrites. With a certain chance when killing a mob, a player from him may fall out of us, the core of interest. But do not rush to leave here. In these locations, you can find the sand of shower, hellish growth and chests with treasures, in which gold weapons, the seeds of the growth and the sedla for horses of excellent quality come across. Well, now we can finally find out how to make a hob at Minecraft.

The first ingredient

The first thing we need is a cobblestone. It is part of all buildings in the villages, so you can take vandalism for a while and destroy a couple of houses. If you have already taken underground deep enough, and get laziness to get to the surface, you can try to find lava and water. In contact of current water with lava, this material is formed.

All other professions can also prepare drugs, but only from a limited number of ingredients. At the same time, the physician will not be able to pump the level of his skill maximum

60%, t.To. It will not work to open most of the effects on various ingredients. Initially, the minimum level of preparation skill is available to the physician.

This device works without any fuel, as soon as flasks with liquid (bubbles) are installed and the ingredient process automatically start.

With the right arrangement, you will receive a block that looks like a modern hookah with its appearance. In the integrated integration you can place flasks with the original potions and the main component with which you want to get a new potion. Cooking takes only 20 seconds in time. I would like to say a few positive words about the site itself. A pleasant and convenient site integration, thanks to which it is easy to find an article that interests you.

Go to the lower world and kill the Efrit to get a fiery rod. They always have only one fiery rod. If you want a few hobs, kill a few ifrites.

It also has a name of a fiery rod. I think it’s clear what is about. You can get it only in the lower world. To do this, you will need to go there through the portal. Take armor with you, preferably enchanted diamond, so that evil mobs cannot kill you. If possible, then take several partners with you. There will be enough resources for all, especially if the Lower World will be spavner fritov. If you need to build a large number of such resources at once, then put the resources with glasses in a workbench.

Collect the ingredients

The list of materials that you need is quite long, five of them are in hell. This means that you need to build a portal, enter the underground world, defeat the monsters and find the fortress of hell without getting lost.

Perhaps you want to leave markers, for example, torches that will bring you to the portal.

Ingredients from hell

Fiery rods. Fall out of the frites in the fortress of hell, they are used to make fiery powder.

Gast’s tears. Falls out of the gasts that hover over lava.

Law-cream-produced by Magma blocks or created from one (1) fiery powder and one (1) mucus ball.

Hellish growth (wart). Is in the fortress, grows in the sands of souls.

Sand of the soul. Used to grow hellish growth in an ordinary world (optional).

Other ingredients

Dragon Breath. Falls out of the ender of the dragon.

Sparkling watermelon. Made using one watermelon and eight gold nuggets.

Golden carrots. Created using one carrots and eight gold nuggets.

Phantom membranes. Remain after the murder of phantoms.

Needle.Brown. Use a bucket of water or fishing rod to catch this fish.

Rabbit foot. Falls out of the dead rabbits.

Spider eye. Falls out of the dead spiders and witches.

Sugar. Made using one sugarcane.

Turtle shell. Created using five shields that fall out of turtles.

Modifiers of potions

Pickled spider eye. Made from one spider eye, one brown mushroom and one sugar.

Luminous dust. Extracted from luminous stones.

Gunpowder. Falls out of ghosts and witches. Can also be found in chests.

Technical features of American cultivators

Craftsman motor cultivators have a quick launch and the ability to use even in the cold season. Steel cutters do not break when it enters a solid obstacle. There is protection against uncontrolled use, the mechanism will turn off if the handle is released from the hands.

American Mantis Cultivator has a small size, it is compact and light, convenient to use even for women. Snake.Shaped mills allow you to plow the ground in hard.To.Reach places of the site.

Cultivators of Briggs Stratton have four.Stroke engines. The engine volume varies from small to large, which allows you to select a cultivator for areas of various area. However, it requires constant replacement of oil and careful care.


Partner cultivators are easy to maintain. They are convenient in that they have transport wheels, which simplifies their movement. They also have protective discs that prevent random damage to any plantings.


Craftsman Unoa Tractor is produced in the USA. This unit is distinguished by high strength and durability. The machine has excellent power, so it can be used to loosen virgin lands. The cultivator is used for loosening, preparing soil for planting plants, caring for beds. The device has automatic clutch, gas handle, therefore it can be used on open fields and process hard.To.Reach areas.

The unit can process a plot of 20 acres.

The motor cultivator is made of strong steel, which reduces the degree of wear of parts. A gasoline engine with a capacity of 5.5 liters is installed on all models.With. The motor is covered on top of Nikasil to protect against wear. At the apparatus, you can install attachments, which increases the scope of application. The speed of rotation of cutting elements can be adjusted. There is a security panel on the car that protects the driver from injuries. The devices have a security system that disables the machine when loss of control.

  • All models are equipped with a four.Stroke gasoline engine.
  • From the engine to cutting elements, the working effort is transmitted by means of a belt.
  • The central installation of soil mills provides the necessary balancing of the walk.Behind tract during operation.
  • All models use 92 gasoline.
  • The unit has 1 front gear.
  • Soil mills of 4 sections are placed on the car.
  • To adjust the processing area, the operator rearranges the sections.

On the Craftsman 900 Series 24 motor blocks, a 205 cm³ motor is installed. Fuel tank capacity. 3.5 l. Processing width-30-55 cm. The depth of loosening. 30 cm. Cutter diameter. 30.5 cm. Cutters are made of strong steel, which protects the mechanism from damage to stones. The handle is covered with rubber, an adjustment is provided for the growth of the operator. The unoic tractor has a large.Diameter wheels with soil. This improves the patency and maneuverability of the machine.

Operating instructions for Craftsman snowbrushes

Each snowplifier Kraftsman is very easy to operate. However, before starting work, you should carefully study the instructions from the Snowman kit. First you need to properly assemble the structure, pour the suitable fuel mixture and lubricant for working mechanisms. The algorithm of further actions is as follows:

  • Transfer the throttle lever to the “open” position;
  • Click several times on the primer of the fuel suction;
  • Make a motor using a manual or electric starter;
  • Lower the screw mechanism of the snowman to the working position;
  • Start clearing the territory, adhering to safety precautions.

Do not forget to add the engine oil in time, change the spark plug and check the friction disk. This will extend the life of important parts and components of the snowman.

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