How to use air conditioning at home correctly

Rules for using air conditioning in the office and apartment

The rules for using the air conditioner in the office and the apartment. This is as important as safety precautions in production! After all, you want to feel comfortable and not get sick?

In this publication, we will tell you how to use the air conditioning in the office and at home. You will learn everything about how to make a good microclimate, do not harm yourself and others. These rules will help to comfortably survive the hottest days without prejudice to health and well.Being.

Instructions for the air conditioning remote control. What do the buttons and icons mean

I will arrange all the functions and buttons in an importance from often pressed to rarely used.

Perhaps, after pressing the button, the device will not start immediately (it depends on the selected mode and temperature).

  • To enable the desired mode, there is a “Mode” button (it can be displayed on a remote control in the form of several small icons. Snowflake/sun/droplet). When it is pressed, the air conditioning modes switch sequentially. Most devices are 5 modes:
  • Automatic (inscription “Auto” or icon of “triangle” or another);
  • Cooling (inscription “Cool” or icon “Snowflake”);
  • Heating (inscription “Heat” or icon “Sun”);
  • Drainage (inscription “Dry” or icon “Drive”);
  • Ventilation (the inscription “FAN” or the “Fan” icon. It is important not to confuse the “FAN” mode with the “FAN” speed button).

After turning on the desired regime, it is important to wait 5-10 minutes until the “Konder” is rebuilt.

P.S. Rares rarely come across, where the modes are not turned on by the Mode button, but by separate modes buttons. Cool, Heat, Dry, etc.

The principle of operation is simple. What temperature was set on the remote control, such an air conditioner will support in the room. For example, if you set up 25, then the device will try to maintain 25 degrees in the room (many mistakenly think that the higher the number, the colder the device will blow. This is incorrect. )

  • Of course, if the air conditioner is calculated incorrectly, then he will never achieve the desired temperature.
  • On some models, the configured number automatically changes to the current temperature in the room. Do not get confused.
  • The air conditioner will not be cold, if you set up 25 on the remote control, and in the room, let’s say, 24 degrees. It also applies to heating mode (the device will not warm if the room is already achieved in the room).
  • To change the speed of air flow from the inner block, you need to find the Fan Speed ​​button (it can be just “fan” or just “Speed”, or “Fan” icon).

On the display, the fan speed is displayed in the form of a scale or inscriptions Low/Med/High/Auto (slow/medium/fast/automatic speed). When setting up automatic speed, the device itself chooses how speed to twist the fan at the moment.

Speed ​​setting does not affect the value of the mood (for example, if they set up 25 degrees, they will also be supported). This function affects only the speed of cooling the room (speed of reaching a given temperature).

It is important not to confuse adjustment of the speed of the fan fan, and the operating mode “FAN” (ventilation. Switches using the “Mode” button). Also, we do not confuse the automatic speed of rotation of the fan with the automatic mode of operation of the device (“Auto”. Also switches using the “Mode” button).

The flow of any air conditioner is regulated in two directions. Up/down and right/left. Up/down at any air conditioner is adjusted by the button on the remote control. But the right/left can be adjusted in manual form (in this case, be careful and better turn off the air conditioner).

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There are several variations of the “Swing” button up/down:

  • It happens that the direction changes in the simplest mode (once pressed. The curtains “swim”, the second time pressed. The curtains were fixed at any point in the amplitude);
  • It happens that the direction is changing step.By.Step (once pressed. The curtain moved one step, pressed the second time. The curtains moved one more step and so on);
  • It happens that the situation is changing, as the schematic image shows on the display of the remote control.

I recommend that you experiment with the setting direction to find the safest position (so that the flow of air does not blow on people and the vacation areas of households. Read more here)

conditioning, home, correctly

These were the main buttons that are on absolutely every remote control. Next, we will analyze additional, more rare buttons and functions.

conditioning, home, correctly
  • To enable the “sleep mode”, the “Sleep” buttons are used (it can also be “good Sleep”). The algorithm for the operation of this function for all air conditioners is different, but it unites them that the fan works at the slowest revolutions. In this mode, the configured temperature can automatically change by no more than 2 degrees. This occurs gradually within a few hours. This is due to the phases of human sleep so that the temperature at night when falling asleep, awakening and in the phase of deep sleep is the most comfortable and safe.

On the display in sleep mode, the icon “in the form of the moon” is often depicted. Read more how your model works when activating this option only in the instructions for its operation (it goes with the documents to the “Split”).

conditioning, home, correctly

The quiet “Quiet” mode performs approximately the same function, only the temperature does not automatically change.

  • To quickly cool the room, the so.Called “turbo mode” is used. The buttons on the remote control have the inscriptions “Turbo”, “Jet”, “Jet Cool”, “PowerFul”, “Hi Power”, or the icon similar to the “Accelerated Fan” icon. To activate accelerated cooling, you need to press the corresponding button once. After which the fan of the internal unit begins to rotate at the highest speed. Upon reaching the set temperature, the “turbo mode” automatically disconnects. It can also be turned off on your own repeated pressing the button.
  • To program the time for turning on or disconnecting the device, a timer is used. For different air conditioners, the timer settings buttons differ. Some models have only one button (“Timer”), some models for setting up time have a whole block of buttons (“Clock”, “Timer on”, “Timer OFF”, “ONF”, “OFF”, “ Cancel “,” set “and various arrows). In such models, setting is intuitively more understandable. You must first configure the current time, then the time of turning on or disconnecting the “Konder”. And in models, where only one “timer” button, the time switching function perform standard buttons (temperature adjustments, fans and others).

Recommendations for use

There are special rules on the basis of which the operation of the air conditioner is carried out at home.

  • It is necessary to carry out regular cleaning of the external unit, especially the grate at the input.
  • All windows and doors should be closed when the system is turned on. Such measures allow you not to overload the product.
  • You can not use the air conditioner constantly during the day.
  • Timely maintenance increases the duration of good operation of the split installation.
  • When clogging the dust of the internal unit settled, users can independently remove, rinse them and dry them in a natural way without using a hairdryer so as not to damage the delicate mesh.
  • It is allowed to connect several internal devices to one outbound block.

To follow these recommendations, it is enough to carefully read the instructions that are designed for each air conditioner model.

Recommendations for apartments

For apartments, wall split systems are most common, in which the stream of chilled air has a clearly pronounced direction. He should not directly fall on a person. This is regulated by the position of guides vertical and horizontal blinds of the internal block.

Air conditioner with a standard set of options dries air. When cooling, part of the moisture vapor is removed in the form of condensate. To maintain the optimal level of humidity, they additionally use household humidifiers. But this can also be avoided if Daikin air conditioners with the URURU SARARA function, which allows you to adjust the humidity level due to moisture of street air.

A distinctive feature of apartments compared to the office is the work of the air conditioner at night and the residence of young children.

  • During falling asleep, the temperature drops to a given level.
  • Then, after some time (phase of strong sleep), an automatic increase by 1-2 ° C occurs.
  • Before awakening, the fan work goes to the intermittent supply of cool air.

Young children are especially sensitive to overheating and hypothermia. Over, due to the small surface of the body and its own small weight, the effect of heat and cold affects much faster than in adults. Most experts say that overheating for a small child is much worse than hypothermia. Therefore, you cannot refuse the air conditioner in children, and the optimum temperature in them is the same as for everyone. About 23 ° C. It is only necessary to monitor the right direction of the air flow and so that the child does not play on the cold floor.

How to increase efficiency

Of course, mobile devices should not be attributed to full-fledged split systems. They are rather a more budget option. It is natural that having such a flaw such as loud noise during work, many may change their minds to acquire this device. But believe me, this is a very small minus, if that necessary and long.Awaited coolness is created in the heat.

Given that everything at this device is in one case, then if the duct is taken to the window, the efficiency will be very small. This is easy to understand. Air for cooling the device takes directly from the room.

For example, taking from the room about 50 cubic meters of air, and returning from 25 of them to the room in a cold state, 25 he heats up and takes the window (basically works like an ordinary hood). That is, only half of the air was returned to the room. And it does not happen, and the balance will still be observed, so additional air will be sucked from other rooms, utility rooms, baths, cracks and so on.

And that is why the efficiency of the device falls, the additional flowing air from the street of the warm.

How to extend the life of an air conditioner

On average, the air conditioner’s service life is 12 years. But it can be extended if you use the device in time correctly and in time.

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5 of the rules that will extend the service life of the air conditioner:

When buying, pay attention to whether the case is versed. Dust, polluting filters accumulates inside it. It is important that if necessary, it is easy to remove the walls of the housing and clean the inner surfaces.

When you turn on the air conditioner, always close the windows. This will protect the motor from excess load and reduce the risk of failure of the equipment ahead of schedule.

In the room where the air conditioning is installed, regularly do wet cleaning and use a vacuum cleaner more often. It is better to turn off the device for the duration of the cleaning, otherwise the dust will “freeze” under the ceiling.

Clean filters every 3-4 months of air conditioning.

Carry out maintenance once a year, attracting masters from the service center. They will inspect the device, conduct professional cleaning and check the performance.

Let’s summarize

Thus, the air conditioner today is an absolutely safe and often necessary system that can make people’s lives at home and in offices is easier and more comfortable. In some cases, for example, in the presence of relatives or family members with acute cardiovascular or other ischemic diseases. For such patients, increasing the temperature of the medium, heat and stuffiness in the room can provoke an exacerbation of diseases.

In addition to cooling or heating the premises, modern air conditioning systems have many additional functions, for example, the air purification and ionization systems, its filtration and moisturizing-these functions will be especially useful in families with young children, as well as people suffering from severe forms of allergies and bronchia-legged diseases, for example, asthma.

Contrary to the prevailing opinions about the dangers of air conditioners and their influence on the development of colds and pulmonary diseases, the development of fungi, bacteria and their transfer from humans to a person, subject to simple rules of operation of systems, they are absolutely safe. All problems are manifested either from non.Compliance with the rules for using the equipment or in case of incorrect temperature setting.

The air conditioning system can be established in any room. Large, small, one.Room or multi.Room, one.Story or multi.Storey. Models and configurations of air conditioners make it possible to use air conditioners in cottages with complex layout and allow us to provide a comfortable microclimate in all its premises.

The speed of rotation of the shaft

This function does not affect temperature settings, but can contribute to a more uniform and rapid maintenance. Any air conditioner has at least three speeds.

  • If you are in a calm state in the room (watch TV, sit at the computer, relax, sleep) Put the speed of the shaft minimal. In this case, the split system will be silent and comfortable to work.
  • The average speed of the shaft can be set if your activity is increased (games, feasts, etc.D.)
  • Tune the maximum rotation if you need to cool the room (or neighboring rooms) faster, and also if it allows you to more evenly cover the area (for example, in large elongated banquet rooms).

How to use air conditioning so as not to get sick

You can protect the body of all family members if you install and configure the air conditioner correctly. You need to know a few simple rules:

conditioning, home, correctly
    Not to allow sharp temperature differences. The difference between the room and the street, as doctors advise, should not exceed 7 degrees. Therefore, in the very heat I do not recommend setting up too low “degrees”. Comfortable mode for the majority will be 24-26 degrees.

A little warmer can be at night (26-27 degrees). At the same time, we remember that the air from the air conditioner should not be directed to the bed (where the head is located). Many modern air conditioners have a SLEEP mode designed to configure the device for at night. A decrease and increase in temperature when activating this function occurs gradually in automatic mode.

It is important to choose a comfortable temperature-most problems due to setting up too low temperature!

  • Set the minimum fan speed when you are in a calm state.
  • Adjust the position of horizontal and vertical blinds so that the cold stream is not directed at you. It is necessary to serve blocks in a timely manner. On filters and other details, dust accumulated, which could become the habitat of harmful bacteria. Rinse filters at least once a month, and at least 1 time in 2 years invite specialists for capital service.
  • Also remember that the presence of the air conditioner does not exclude the ventilation of the room. It is advisable to carry out such a procedure daily, in any weather. An important role is played by the location of the air conditioner in the room. The ideal option is to install the air conditioner where he will not blow on a person at all. But there are few in which layouts have such places. I do not recommend it to place it opposite the “rest zones” of people (sleeping places, sofas, workers and dining tables). Read more about the options for the location of “Split” in a separate article.
  • The most carefully use air conditioning in the presence of young children.

Subject to these simple rules, the use of the device will only benefit health!

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