How to use the Hans induction hob

Touch slab

Bought a new Hansa plate and do not know which side to approach it? Let’s figure it out together.

Connecting Hansa stove or hob is easy if you follow all the instructions. To connect gas plates, we recommend using the services of a licensed gas.

To connect the Hansa electric stove to wiring, you will need the help of a qualified installation specialist. Remember that you can not install a stove or hob in the immediate vicinity of the refrigerator or freezer.

How to care for a stove so that it serves you for many years

Using these simple recommendations, you can not worry about the condition of your slabs. it will remain clean for a long time

  • Before cooking something, the stove should be perfectly clean.
  • In order to avoid complex contaminants, we recommend washing it after each use. This will take a minimum of time and help save the device in good condition.

Resort to washing the coating only after the hob cooled. Otherwise, white stains or even cracks will appear on it!

  • Get individual sponges, rags and napkins for washing an induction stove. This will prevent the accumulation of small particles in them or residues of fat, destructive to cover.
  • Apply a cleaning product to a wet sponge or rag, and not on the stove. This will help to maintain the integrity of the protective coating and avoid divorce.
  • Exclude the use of rigid and metal sponges, abrasive substances so as not to scratch the coating of the device.
  • Use pots with a flat bottom so that scratches do not appear on the panel.

Now, armed with our tips, feel free to go to the store and choose the best induction stove!

Technical characteristics Hansa BHI68611

Below you will find the technical characteristics of the product and operating manual Hansa BHI68611.

Frequently asked Questions

You cannot find the answer to your question in the leadership? You can find the answer to your question below, in the section of frequently asked questions about Hansa BHI68611.

Today, almost all pans are suitable for induction plates. You can easily check whether your pans for induction plates are suitable for the magnet to the bottom of the pan. If the magnet is magnet to the pan. Such a pan is suitable for induction plates.

Most induction plates can be rebooted by disconnecting the plate from the power source, stretching the Shtepsel from the outlet. After disconnecting, you should wait for at least 60 minutes.

Perilex connector is a special connector that can process more electricity than other types of connectors. This connector has five holes instead of two and is often used in induction stoves.

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Hansa BHII 37303: Instruction

Hansa kitchen slab. This is a combination of exceptional simplicity of maintenance and

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Warranty,  maintenance   sales products. 29

Attention! About the boron and eg about available parts

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Attention so that the cube of the plate of the plate is not to be asleep to the inhum of the plate.

Upon a lot of use of masse l and fats, it is forbidden to leave plates at the nab,

Do not use dishes from artistic materials and from aluminum foil: they

I will melt at high temperatures and can ruin the ceramic stove.

With ahar, lemon kisl o that, salt, etc.P. About Duk you are in a liquid and solid state, and

Also, artificial MA TERIARIs should not be heated to be heated.

If, an alturn of inattention, sugar or artificial materials fall on

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Followed by care instructions and clean the keramic stove. When

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How To Cook Steak [On Induction Hob]

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How to use the Hans induction hob

If we enable the Booster function, then the full power will be too

Great, the power of the second field in the pair will be automatically

Two heating fields installed vertically create a pair.

The blockade function is in order to avoid uninhabited inclusion in the inhum-

cotton slabs by children. The inclusion of the heating plate will only be possible

The inclusion of blockade is possible only when the touch panel of the plate is turned on,

And the clock and all heating fields are inactive (the numbers “0” glow on the displays and

After turning on the panel, the sensor (1) should simultaneously press the rear sensor

heating field (5) with a sensor (4), then press the rear inhropol sensor again-

Varial Field (5). Now “l” will appear on all displays, which means inclusion

blockade functions. If the fields are hot, then alternately the letters “l” and “n” will blink.

The blocking of the plate should be installed within 10 seconds and cannot-

to burn any other sensors, except for those called above and before-

assigned for installation of locking.

Unlocking the stove during cooking.

After turning on the plate panel with a sensor (1), the letter “l” will appear on all displays. Per-

thus should at the same time press the sensor (5) of the heating rear field with the sensor

(four). The letters “l” go out, the numbers “0 will appear on the displays of heating fields.” With

This means that you can include heating fields

(as described in the section “Installation of the degree of heating power of induction

The stove will be blocked until it unlock it, even if the panel

the plates will be turned on and disabled. Disconnecting the stove from the mains is not

Pros of induction hobs from Hansa: Brief review

Hansa offers the most modern models of plates that have several interesting functions. let’s look at them in more detail.

Booster. short.term increase in power

This function involves the rapid heating of the selected zone in a short time. The heating rate increases by 30%, when compared with the usual regime. Such an increase in power becomes a convenient solution when a person engaged in cooking is limited in time. for example, he just came home from work and wants to quickly prepare dinner or meets sudden guests.

A similar function is in different models of induction hobs:

But on this, innovative and useful solutions from Hansa do not end. there are several more opportunities worth your attention.

Hob GO. Authority of the heating zone

The function suggests that the hob is turned on automatically when dishes are placed on it. This solution saves time as much as possible and allows you not to be distracted to include fire.

HOW TO USE INDUCTION HOB/ COOKTOP / TIPS AND TRICKS sensors of the installed dishes work according to the opposite principle: when the dishes are removed from the surface, the burner turns off. Such a function additionally increases the level of security.

Stop GO. pause while preserving the previous settings

A similar solution is impossible on most other plates. But Hansa induction devices make it real. If the technique has a Stop GO function, you can stop cooking at any time at any time, and then return to the process. This is convenient if you need to run out of the house by mail, to your neighbors or just get distracted to some business that will not allow you to fully control the cooking process.

Other capabilities of Hansa induction plates

There are a number of functions that will appeal to regularly preparing people:

  • Maintaining heat. The zone on which such a function is enabled holds a temperature of 65 degrees Celsius, not allowing the dish to cool.
  • Automatic shutdown timer. If the panel needs to be turned off through a specific time, it can be set in advance.
  • Function “Bridge”. It helps to unite neighboring heating zones to make one common from them. for example, for long dishes.

The combination of so many useful functions and settings allows you to use all the possibilities for quick, high.quality and safe cooking.

Do induction panels have disadvantages

Like any technology, this one has its disadvantages, but they can be called conditional. The first drawback is the operation of induction plates from electricity. If somewhere it costs much more, and the old plate is already working from gas, replacing one equipment with another will be more difficult.

The second relative minus is the need to abandon some old dishes. For induction plates, pots and pans are used with a perfectly flat bottom. If there is a marking on the dishes itself, then it looks like a spiral. You can also check that dishes that you already have. If she has an even bottom to which magnets “stick”, then such dishes are suitable for an induction stove.

How to cook on an induction stove

For cooking, it is necessary to prepare the necessary products and, of course, dishes, more on this below.

We select dishes for induction stove

For cooking on inductive furnaces, it is advisable to use specialized utensils made of ferromagnetic materials. This is determined by the physical principle that underlies its work. Vortex currents that create heat in dishes most effectively affect ferromagnetic dishes. If the consumer has no desire to spend money on the purchase of new dishes, you can buy an adapter made in the form of a disk and laid on a burner, so you can use the usual kitchen utensils (glass, aluminum, etc.). This adapter will take on the action of vortex currents, and warm up, passing the heat of the dishes on it installed.

The selected dishes for use on the induction furnace is suitable for finding out, or there is no ordinary magnet will help. It is enough to bring it to the dishes, and if it sticks, then the dishes may well be used to cook on such equipment.

The best solution would be to use dishes with a thick bottom.

We understand the modes

In order for the cooking process to become easier, manufacturers try to install more functions, and some of them, in fact, can bring certain benefits. For example, the Booster function, which allows you to transfer power from the burner to the burner. She makes it possible to pick up energy from a free burner. This allows you to cook food a little faster.

Heat support mode. its presence allows you to leave cooked food on the stove, and it will not be able to cool for a long time.

Emergency shutdown will work, when a liquid gets onto the hob. As a result, all the firewood is disconnected.

Separate models offer users various modes that allow you to prepare a chop or extinguish mushrooms.

How to unlock an induction stove

In some cases, there is a need to block the plate, for example, from young children who may be worried with the control panel. A button with the image of the lock may be located on the front panel. After clicking on it, the plate control will be blocked. To turn it off, press two buttons at the same time, as a rule, it is a plus and minus, after pressing you need to withstand a certain time.

Features of preparation on an induction stove

One of the main features of the inductive slab is the speed of cooking. All who use it in everyday life, note her quick work. Consider this on the example of the manufacture of ordinary fried eggs. So, on the gas, eggs will be ready on average in 12-15 minutes, on an inductive furnace, cooking time will take no more than 4 minutes.

For those who only master this device, at first you need to strictly follow the instructions indicated in the prescription books. And only after receiving some experience can you prepare yourself.

Safety rules when working with induction stove

Inductive stove is an electric device and, accordingly, with this, its operation should be carried out in accordance with the safety measures for working with electrical appliances.

  • The connection should be made only to the network that meets the requirements defined in the operating manual.
  • It is unacceptable to close the panel through which the internal cavity of the device is ventilated.
  • The equipment must be protected from moisture from the hull.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of an inductive device can only be carried out after disconnecting the device from the electric current network.

Following these tips, you can simply use an induction stove, and it will last a long time.

Possible problems in operation

If some malfunctions are observed in the work of the induction stove, it must be disconnected and seek help from specialists who will help solve your problem, because induction stove is complex electrical equipment. As one of the most common problems during operation, you can highlight the knocking out machine guns of the mains. This problem is found in the following cases:

  • когда в индукционной панели присутствует поломка, из-за которой происходят резкие перепады в работе индукционной системы плиты, из-за них срабатывает защита – выбивает автоматы электросети, тем самым обесточивая помещение;
  • The induction stove works intermittently. this may be due to improper operation of the equipment, a violation of the algorithms of the panel software, but here it must be borne in mind that some models work in such an intermittent mode. in this case, everything is fine with it.

In the video below, see tips on how best to clean the induction stove.


A guide for your Hansa BHI68317 is a hob surface is required? Below you can view and download free management in PDF format. In addition, frequently asked questions, product rating and user reviews are given, which will optimally use your product. If this is not the guide that you were looking for, contact us.

Your device is malfunctioning, and there is no decision in the leadership? Go to Repair Café to receive free repair services.


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What pots can be used for cooking on an induction stove? Proven any pots, the bottom of which is made of ferromagnetic material, is suitable for an induction stove. Almost all new pots are made with the expectation of induction.

The fork from the hob does not fit the standard outlet. What should I do? Proven many electric hobs (ceramic and induction) are equipped with a non.standard fork. This is due to the fact that these devices consume a lot of energy. Trust the installation of equipment to specialists.

Why is the fire slab set a clicking sound makes a clicking? Proven if the plate was cleaned with a lot of water, then water that provokes the ignition could enter the handle of the ignition. Let the pens dry. If the problem has not resolved, contact the manufacturer.

Chips on the choice

To remain a satisfied Hansa hob purchased, you need to responsibly approach its choice. First of all, you should decide which model is needed: gas or electric. If desired, you can also choose a combined option. If you plan to buy an induction model, then it is best to give preference to models with several zones. Such a plate is variable, since you can use dishes of various sizes on it. As already noted, the function of automatic focus, which allows to recognize the size of the dishes used, greatly simplifies the cooking process.

If you have decided on a variety, you need to choose the type of unit: independent or autonomous. A distinctive feature of independent units is that they are controlled separately. Control elements are located on the side surface.

Close attention in the selection process should be given to the material that was used for the manufacture of the hob panel. The first place in the list is glass ceramics, which is considered one of the best options. The peculiarity of such a coating lies in the fact that the stove is extremely quickly heated and cools after disconnecting. In addition, glass.ceramic models boast of a dotted heating function, not allowing heat to go beyond a certain burner. The only minus of this material is that only containers with a flat bottom can be used on it.

The hardened glass that Hansa uses for gas models is quite popular. Despite its fragile appearance, the material is able to withstand colossal loads and high temperatures. Even if you somehow manage to break the coating, you should not worry, since all fragments will differ in stupid corners. Such glass is not able to injure a person.

The most accessible in price are enamel coatings that boast a large choice of color palette. Such a coating withstands high loads and high temperatures without problems. Another advantage of enamel is that it does not have traces of fingers and various divorces left. Metal surfaces are usually used for gas hobs. They not only look attractive, but are also able to cope with an aggressive environment. On such a panel, you can use any dishes without problems, which greatly simplifies the process of operating the device.

When choosing a Hansa hob, you should also consider the type of control, which can be both mechanical and sensory. It all depends on the personal preferences of the user. The mechanical type is more reliable, but it suggests that you will have to make certain efforts to scroll the handle. It will be responsible for turning on the device and a change in temperature.

The main advantage of sensory management is that any changes are made using a slight touch. In addition, the smooth surface looks more attractive and stylish. In other words, if reliability and durability are in the first place for you, then it is better to give preference to mechanical control. If you tend to choose equipment in appearance, then here, undoubtedly, the sensory panel wins.

And finally, in the process of choosing a hob, you should pay attention to the functional features of the device.

  • Certain models of the company boast of the automatic shutdown function if the liquid gets to the surface of the plate.
  • The presence of a timer greatly simplifies the cooking process, allowing you to be distracted by other things.
  • The lock mode from external influences is necessary if you have small children.
  • The presence of a special cover for closing the hob will be an undoubted plus, because thanks to this the surface of the device is not polluted and retains its attractive appearance longer.

User manual

So that the Hansa hob can fully perform the functions assigned to it, it is necessary to pay close attention to the nuances of its use. First of all, the installation should be carried out according to all the rules. It is better to entrust the connection to the power supply to professionals who can understand the features of a certain model and correctly connect power. You can turn on the panel only after a thorough check of all nodes and elements.

In the process of use, it is necessary to take into account the safety rules and recommendations of the manufacturer. If the lock is installed from children, you should make sure that they will not be able to unlock the panel. In some cases, during operation, the hob is damaged or broken. Before starting an independent replacement of glass, controller or other spare parts, you need to turn off the power from the mains.

As for the panel care, here it is necessary to take into account the features of the material from which it is made. For example, if the surface is made of metal, then abrasive agents cannot be used, since they leave scratches. The glass is cleaned with special gentle cleaning compounds designed specifically for such materials.

About how to correctly install the Hansa hob, watch in the next video.

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