How to use the nozzle for a hair dryer for curls

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The diffuser for your hair dryer: how to use it to volumize your style

The diffuser nozzle is one of the most underutilized styling attachments. Many have heard that it can be used to style, curl or straighten hair. But in fact, the first time you get a disappointing result: poorly dried, tangled, too fluffy strands. And so the diffuser, once again, is unjustly consigned to a distant corner until things get better. How to use the diffuser correctly, what types of hair it’s best for, and step-by-step tips to add variety to your style?

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How to use the nozzle: 6 steps and video

How to use the diffuser? Not always obvious, although this type of hair dryer nozzle is quite popular. Blow-drying with a diffuser nozzle helps prevent frizz. It’s the natural curl of your hair so that when it dries, it becomes noticeably more defined and defined.

The flat, round shape of the diffuser ensures that curls can be tucked in for drying. The diffuser allows you to control the heat distribution. It even yarns dry more evenly. That means, in addition to beautiful styling, it also reduces the risk of damage.

The question of how to use the diffuser is usually of interest to holders of natural curls. The diffuser is most often used for wavy hair. However, knowing how to use this nozzle can also be helpful for straight strands. If your hair is straight, styling on the diffuser will help give it shape and lasting volume.

Do you finally want to know how to use a diffuser? You can study the video at the top of the page, and then go to the detailed step-by-step instructions below. By the way, even more video tutorials with beautiful hairstyles can be found on the YouTube channel ATH.

The most popular hair-brushes

Some of the best brands are considered Philips, Babyliss, Braun, Rowenta, Remington. Each of the manufacturers has its own characteristics. Philips is the leader on the Russian market. It has established itself as a manufacturer of reliable equipment made of environmentally friendly materials.

The device diffuser

Diffuser refers to a large round disk-shaped nozzle made of plastic. The disk is equipped with a large number of holes through which the flow of air. It has plastic “fingers” that can have different lengths, as well as an additional hole to let the air jet. The longer, fuller the hair, the higher the height of the fingers. The principle of operation of this type of hair dryer is similar to a vacuum cleaner of cyclone type.

Use the diffuser can also be used as often as the hair dryer itself is used, it will be provided:

  • A more even dispersion of air, so that the strands will not be burned out;
  • Faster drying of curls due to the large size of the disc;
  • Additional volume to thin hair;
  • straightening curly curls.

To create beautiful curls, you can choose a rotating hair dryer-brush for styling hair.

How to style curly hair into curls?

If your hair is naturally curly, it’s even easier to do your hair. To do this, you need to apply mousse to clean, damp hair, tilting your head down. The product should be applied by hand, gathering and fixing the strand for a couple of seconds in your fist. Then using the nozzle with the “spikes” dry your hair in parts, as if twisting them on the diffuser.

Lift your head, distribute all strands in the desired style. Go over the hair dryer again, but without tilting your head. Shake your hair with your hands and spray it with hairspray.

Choosing a hair dryer. Pay attention to whether the kit includes a diffuser attachment, because thanks to it you can create a “wet effect” hairstyle or hair styling in natural swirls in a few minutes.

If your hair dryer does not come with a diffuser, you can buy one separately. When choosing, be guided by the diameter of the ring of equipment, from which the airflow comes. Do not forget the styling products.

How to curl or straighten your hair

By learning to use the diffuser properly, you can not only style your hair, but also curl or straighten it.


You should know right away that it is impossible to achieve more than expressive curl from the diffuser. complicated styles should still be entrusted to professionals.

For curling it is worth to prepare a set of styling tools. tools and a set of auxiliary clips, combs and so on. What they can be used for? Today the “wet hair” effect is back in fashion. the diffuser will help to create it.

It is necessary to know how to use the right technique to get curls. Diffuser is better to take with “fingers” of medium length. The algorithm of the process is as follows:

  • Washed wet hair is lightly dabbed with a towel;
  • then the product is applied to them;
  • the head tilted to the right, and the hair dryer itself is located from below. if positioned correctly spikes will rest against the skin of the head;
  • we switch on the device on average capacity and we start to rotate a hair dryer slightly in one direction;
  • also work with all the strands;
  • Hairspray application.

Smooth out without ironing

The reviews of users confirm: unlike the notorious iron, a hair dryer with a diffuser will not damage the hair so badly. It is necessary to choose a standard nozzle with plastic fingers (do not take silicone. the strands will get tangled). The whole process will proceed as follows.

  • Wet hair is treated the same way as in the previous options. Comb through with a fine tooth comb.
  • Split the hair in a straight parting.
  • We start the hair dryer and move it all the way from the roots to the tips of the strands, combing them with the fingers. The tips bend inward.
  • Once finished, comb the hair and spray it with a light hairspray.

How to Use a Diffuser

Blow-dry with a diffuser

I will finish my comparison in the most optimal way, the drying with a special diffuser nozzle. This tool works a lot like a hand-held diffuser, but it’s a lot easier and quicker to use.

There are a lot of diffuser versions, for every taste and every hair dryer. In my opinion, it is very important that the fingers of the diffuser were made of plastic and protruded out of the bowl as much as possible. So that there is no bead of the diffuser, which irreparably crumples curls when drying.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer review! Curly hair demo!

The airflow in the diffuser is divided into dozens of individual jets that help dry hair and roots faster and doesn’t overheat the hair.

I like my hair the best with this drying method.

How I Diffuse Curly Hair

The strands are defined and full of volume

For me, it’s the perfect way to dry my hair today.

How to straighten your hair with the diffuser?

Smoothing your hair with the diffuser gives a slightly different result than straightening with a blow dryer. So, if the result of the iron is a smooth shiny hair, using a hair dryer and a diffuser will be a voluminous mop of straight hair.

The styling method in this case also changes slightly:

  • Apply a hair straightener to wet hair.
  • Divide your hair into zones as mentioned in the examples above. If the hair is thick, you can divide the zone into several strands.
  • Comb the strand and gently pull it down past the tips of your hair. Use your other hand to dry your hair with the hair dryer, as if combing it with the “spikes” of the diffuser. The movements should be directed from top to bottom. In this way, you need to dry all the zones in turn.
  • When all the strands are ready, the ends of the hair can be treated with a special wax. This way the laying will look more decorated and neat. To do this, rub a little wax on your fingers and apply it to the ends of small strands, twisting them slightly inward.
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