How to use the TEFAL electrogryl optigril XL


“frozen food”.Otherwise, go immediately to the checkpoint 10.

preparation depending on the type of production for preparation.

11 click on the “OK” button: the device will start

preliminary heating, and indicator

purple.Attention: If you are mistaken with the choice of program, return to stage 8.

13 will be heard a sound signal, indicator

The level of cooking will stop flashing and will constantly burn with purple, indicating that the preliminary heater mode is over.Note: if the device is left closed

6 cooking programs and 1 manual mode

Select this cooking program if you want to cook a burger.

Select this cooking program if you want to cook a steak.

Choose this cooking program if you cook a bird.

Choose this cooking program if you cook fish.Salmon steak

Select this cooking program if you cook panini.

Select this cooking program if you cook pork, sausages or lamb.

If you choose a manual mode, indicator is white, and you can manually control the cooking time.

If you are not sure which cooking mode must be used for food products unconducted in the manual, see the “Preparation table of food that is not included in the programs, page 28.

TEF-OPTIGRILL-EAST-2100088296 17/10/14 15:37 Page21


14-15 after preliminary heating

The device is ready to use. Open with the help of the device handle and lay the food on the cooking plate.Note: If the device is too long open, the security system will turn it off

16-17 Automatic cycle adjustment

Tefal Optigrill. After 2 Years of Using It

temperature) Depending the squeezes and the number of products to start the cooking cycle, close the device. The indicator of the preparation level lights up blue, descendant, indicating the beginning of the stage of preparation (to achieve the best result, do not open the device and non.interpretation

preparations).During the preparation of a sound signal, the user is reached the level of frying (for example, “scum”/yellow).Note about thin pieces: After you close the device cover, the OK button can be deleted if it lights up, click on OK and indicates purple;. To be able to be able to be able to be able to be able to make a product and begin cycle preparations.

18 indicator changes color depending on

degree of roasting. When the indicator is burning, and the sound signal sounds, the product is prepared with blood, when the indicator is orange, and sounds signal, the product is fried to the medium orientation, and when the indicator burns red, the product is well fried.Note: If you like raw meat, remove the meat from the grill as soon as the angle level of the fry.Pay attention to the fact that the results of the meat are being prepared will differ depending on the type, quality and origin of products.

Tefal 1591500 Optigrill XL Electric Grill Instruction manual

Safety instructions important security measures

This device is intended only for home use at home. It is not intended for use in the following applications, and the warranty does not apply to:- kitchens for staff in stores, offices and other working rooms;- farm houses;- customers in hotels, motels and other residential premises;- rooms “Overnight and breakfast “. Before the first use, delete all packaging materials, stickers and accessories from the inner and outside of the device. This device is not intended for use by people (including children) with limited physical, sensory or mental abilities, or with a lack of experience and knowledge, if they are not under supervision or have not been instructed to use the device for adults responsible for their safety, follow children, so that they do not play with the device and do not use it as a toy. This device can use children from the age of 8 years and older, as well as persons with limited physical, sensory or mental abilities or with a lack of experience and knowledge, if they are under supervision or instructed relatively safe use of the device and understand related dangers. Children can clean and maintenance only under the supervision of adults and children over 8 years old. Keep the device and power cord in the inaccessible for children under 8 years of age. Never leave the on the device unattended. Available surfaces temperatures can be high during the operation of the device. Never touch the hot surfaces of the device. This device is not designed to work with an external timer or a separate system of distance management. Before turning on the device, completely soak the power cord. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or his service service in order to avoid any danger. Do not use the extension cord. If you take responsibility for this, use only a working extension cord, ground fork and corresponding to the rated power of the device. Take all the necessary measures so that no one trips on the extension cord. Always connect the device to a grounded outlet. Make sure that the power source corresponds to the rated power and the volume is indicated at the day of the device. Use a sponge, hot water and a dishwashing liquid to clean the firewood. In no case do not immerse the device, its power cord or plug in water or any other liquid.

Carefully read the instructions common to different versions, depending on the accessories supplied with your device, and keep them at hand. In the event of an accident, immediately rinse the burn with cold water and, if necessary, call the doctor. Before the first use, wash the burners (see. Paragraph 5), pour a little vegetable oil and wipe it with a soft cloth or paper kitchen towel. Carefully lay the power cord so that it does not get into the working areas, regardless of whether the extension cord is used or not. Always use on a flat, stable, heat.resistant working surface away from water spray and other heat sources. Culinary smoke can be dangerous for animals with a particularly sensitive respiratory system, such as birds. We advise the owners of birds to keep them away from the cooking zone. Always keep the device in no way for children. Before use, make sure that both sides of the firepower are clean. To prevent damage to the burners, use them only on the device for which they were developed (for example, do not put in the oven, on a gas stove or electric stove, etc. D.). Make sure the burners are stable, well located and correctly attached to the device. Use only those plates that are included in the device delivery or purchased at an authorized service center. Always use wooden or plastic dishes so as not to damage the burners. Use only details or accessories supplied with a device or purchased in an authorized service center. Do not use them for other devices.

Do not use the device on the street. Never leave an on or used device unattended. In order to avoid overheating, do not put the device in the corner or under a hinged cabinet. Never put the device directly on a fragile surface (glass table, tablecloth, lacquered furniture, etc. D.) Or on a soft surface, for example, a kitchen towel. Never put a device under a cabinet attached to a wall or shelf, or next to flammable materials such as blinds, curtains or wall carpets. Never put the device on hot or slippery surfaces or next to them; The power cord should in no case be next to the hot parts of the device or in contact with them, next to heat sources or on sharp edges. Do not put kitchen utensils on the hob. Never cut products right on the burners. Do not use metal washcloths, an abrasive wire washcloth or a rough cleaning powder, as this can damage the anti.stick coating. Do not move the device while using it. Do not transfer the device by the handle or metal wires. Never launch an empty car (with the exception of preliminary heating). Do not put aluminum foil or other items between the plate and the upcoming food. Do not remove the fat palper during cooking. If the fat gattle is filled during cooking: let the device cool before emptying it. Do not put the burner on a fragile surface or under water. To preserve the anti.stick properties of the coating, avoid excessive preliminary heating with an empty kitchen slab. Never touch hot slabs. Do not cook food wrapped in aluminum foil. In order not to spoil the device, never use Flambbe recipes with it. Do not place an aluminum sheet or other items between the hobs and the heating element. Never heat and do not cook with an open grill. Never heated the device without firewood.

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Ikich Electric Grill instructions instructions for operating please carefully read the following precautions before turning on.

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Tefal grills sizes are approximately the same and only slightly different from each other. However, there are peculiar giants among them and mini options.


The manufacturer offers several standard colors widespread among household appliances:

All grills except the Optigrill GC712 (completely black) are made in a stylish combination of black and metal shades. Deep matte black with metallic perfectly fits into the interior of any kitchen. from the style of Provence to the loft.


The composition of the burritus includes the following products:

  • 4 tortillas;
  • 1/2 Art. boiled rice;
  • 1.5 tbsp. meat assorted;
  • 1/2 bulbs;
  • 3 tbsp. l. ketchup;
  • 1 garlic slice;
  • 1/4 of sweet pepper;
  • 5 tbsp. l. grated cheese;
  • 2 tbsp. l. crushed green onions;
  • 2 tbsp. l. sunflower oil;
  • 50 ml of meat broth;
  • freshly ground pepper;
  • Food salt.

Description of the preparation process:

  • You need to start with the preparation of vegetables. Sweet pepper will need to be washed, dry with a paper towel, cut in stripes, then free the onions from the husk, chop into cubes, clean the garlic and grind.
  • Then pour oil into the pan, warm over medium heat, put prepared vegetables in hot oil and fry for 2-3 minutes. After that, you need to add meat assorted, ketchup, mix thoroughly and cook for approximately 2 minutes to fried vegetables.
  • Now you can add washed rice into the filling, mix, pour meat broth and simmer for 2 minutes. After that, add grated cheese, stir, turn off the fire, put spices and mix.
  • Tortillas must be heated, sending for a few seconds to a microwave oven. After each cake, you need to lay out a portion of the filling and form a burrito. The electric grill will need to be heated well, put the blanks on it and fry until they call.


The grill Tefal (Tefal) (recipes for cooking dishes on it are diverse) is suitable for preparing a dessert milfie. This is a French dessert of stratum dough. Cooking time will be 2 hours. 10 min. Dessert is enough for 4 portions.

For dessert For decoration
200 g of layered non.shock dough 17 berries of strawberries
200 g of cottage cheese 1 h. l. sugar powder
1 chicken egg Almond petals
1/2 Art. sugar sand
3 tbsp. l. wheat flour
3 g of Vanilin

The main stages of cooking:

  • First of all, you need to separate the protein from the yolk, add sugar to the yolk and mix thoroughly. Then you need to heat the mixture for 3-4 minutes., Pouring it into a pan and putting it on the fire. During heating, the mass must be constantly stirred with a whisk.
  • Next, you need to put cottage cheese in a pan and mix to get a homogeneous mass. After that, you need to fill the wheat flour, enter the vanilla, mix, cook the cream until it thickens, for 4 minutes., cool and cover it using the food film.
  • Then you should defrost the stolen dough, put it on parchment sprinkled with flour, and roll it into a layer, the thickness of which is 2 mm. After you need to cut the dough layer into 3 identical rectangles.
  • Put the blanks from the dough on a warm electric grill and fry them until a golden shade. After you need to fill the confectionery bag with a cooked cream, cover the first layer of dough with half the cream, rinse the strawberries and peel, put strawberries on the cream and repeat the same with the rest of the blanks.
  • Now you can fold the stages of dough on each other, sprinkle with powdered sugar, decorate the remaining strawberry berries, almond petals and serve to the table.

Grill Tefal Optigrill XL GC722D34. reviews

-Sound and light visibility of the stages of cooking automatic programs correctly heavy apparatus. If it is not used in a stationary place, then manual manipulations do not bring anabolism to biceps and radiculitis in the back

-Panels and upper cover. I understand that the design is reliable, but the sensations are not noble, when the cover is ajar during cooking, automation is dumped. I have to set a manual mode and frynoniko, I repeat, you never cook fish, potatoes, not PP vegetables in sauce or flour as in the oven or in a pan. No grill tobacco will smell any chicken.

-Automatic mode “Chicken” is not enough to completely fry the whole breast. You need to fry 15-20 minutes for loading fish or potatoes. I recommend lubricate the panels with oil, otherwise it can stick.

I, as an adherent of condo pans, can say that this grill easily prepares such steaks and such chicken breast that cannot be made in the oven and frying pan (except by accident). The grill is not intended for a wide spectra dishes. But what is intended for a brilliant.

H.S. Did I overpaid the light and sound lotions and automation? Is there a profit compared to a two-rod grill and a mechanical steeple? The answer is complex. Someone still wraps the Lada on the mechanics. And someone parks by pressing the button on the steering wheel. To each his own. And I don’t like to cook. I love to eat.

Real automation. I launched the script for the program and do anything. Saves time very well. Does not smoke, does not spray like a pan. Tasty result.

The backlash of panels and the upper element is a design feature that provides automation. It is strange that some write it into shortcomings. It is laundered easily. Much easier than baking sheets and pans. Even if you do not wipe with paper towels. If you wipe it without fanaticism, then the remains are easily washed off. Never sprayed anything around. It is enough with a damp cloth to collect rare droplets around. It does not smoke.

There are Комментарии и мнения владельцев like “Steaks in it cannot be prepared. all the wrong and everything is wrong “. This electric grill, like any other, will not be a replacement for the barbecue, fried and other Krutetsk expensive units on coal. With it, it is much easier than preparing everything that you cook at home in a pan.

If the perfect steak does not succeed in it, then without it the majority will not work better for sure. Steaks are more than adequate forces spent on them. You can be glad for professionals with impeccable steaks from the pan, but it is strange to read from them that without this grill it turns out better. You do it, I willingly believe the gentlemen for the word. I and most non.professionals in a pan do not work out.

In general, for the apartment, this grill is the same facilitating life and saving time a useful thing as washing and dishwasher. Lace is also erased with their hands, but they do not write how in the washing machine they blow.

Replaceable panels seemed to be found on sale. I hope the baking sheet will appear on sale for this model.

Электро гриль Tefal Optigrill XL GC722D34 Готовим рыбку.

About complaints that something is burning. Put the potato in half in oil with spices in a bowl. Will not pester. And in general, the instructions say that it will not hurt to lubricate oil. To do this, use cooking spray. It’s cheaper to knead oil with vodka and spray from the spray gun before cooking. It is more convenient than to disperse with a brush on hot panels or paper towel.

If you have your own house with a site, you do not need an electric senior, you have a barbecue. If there is no site and at home, then an excellent unit for the apartment. For 12500 generally super.

It quickly cooks despite the speed of cooking, the food is very tasty, despite the minimum amount of spices, delicious fish delicious vegetables grill is good white meat (turkey, chicken)

one.Hard to wash the plates 2.Red meat is either hard or rubber 3.If you put pressure on the lid (in order to press more tightly), the sensors of the thickness begin to scratch the plates from the inside of the plates are very tender and may break 4. No additional plates 5 in the free sale of. Very short network cord 6. There are places (middle and edge), where it prepares worse than 7. If you cook vegetables, then they must be cut perfectly evenly, otherwise the stripes will not be everywhere and in some places it will turn out boiled. (Relevant only for vegetables. With meat everything is ok)

I hope my review will help in choosing! Since when I was looking for information, there were only positive Комментарии и мнения владельцев about what kind of “miracle machine” it is. In general, the model is good. Choose between the boom and Tefal. But the price played its decisive role. I’ll start in order: 1. The plates are hard to wash. You have to go through the sponge 2-3 times with the product, then ok. Either (as the husband does), takes the shower to rinses the furrow in the bathroom and under a strong stream, and then with a sponge with a means. You have to spend enough time to wash them. But this is relevant for any grill, I think so. 2. Spray. Fat splashes in all directions. Including, spraying himself. I bought universal wet napkins for the house and wipe. Since it is just not comfortable with a damp sponge, but with some detergent, it is even more inconvenient. 3. Very short power cord. For me it was a big surprise! four. The fish turns out gorgeous, white meat and cool, red and puffed to cook many times and all the time the steaks turned out in the garbage. But we are mostly eating white meat and fish, so this fact has not been very upset. 5. This is the most important point! At a time you can prepare 1 type of product. (only meat, only vegetables of the same species, etc.). And then the most funny begins: you cooked meat, waited while the plates cool down and smitheated.Wash 1-plastin for a long time). Then cook the next product, again the same. So I’m very simple to prepare, but it stretches for the whole day! (I usually cook 2 types of meat and vegetables). And here I return to the question of the subop plates. It would be very convenient, as you save time for cooking. But they are almost unrealistic to buy them! Found in spare parts for 3k per 1 plate. And then in 1 place. 6. There are places on the plates where the temperature is lower than it should be. The product, of course, is prepared, but there will be no pattern of the plate. And it will be a little boiled. 7. The plates are located at an angle, so that the fat flows. It seems convenient, but the products begin to slide down when laying.

This Appliance is not Intended to be Operated by Means of An.

This Appliance is not Intended to be Operated by Means of An

External Timer Or Separate Remote-Control System.

Fully Unwind the Power Cord Before Pluging in the Appliance.IF the Power Supply Cord is Damaged, It must be replaced by the

Manuapacturer Or its after Sales Service in Order to Avoid Anydanger.

Do not use an extension lead. IF YOU Accept Liability for Doing SO,

Only Use an Extension Lead Which is in Goodiness, Has a Plugwith An Earth Connection and is Suited to the Power Rating of TheAppliance. Take All Necessary Precautions to Prevent Anyonetriping Over an Extension Cord.

Always Plug The Appliance Into An Earth Socket.Make Sure That The Electric Power Supply Is Compatible with the

Power Rating and Voltage Indicated on the Bottom of TheAppliance.

Use a sponge, Hot Water and Washing Up Liquid to Clean the

tefal, electrogryl, optigril

Never Immerse The Appliance, Its Power Cord Or Plug In Water Or

Read the Instructions Carefully, Common to Different Versions Depending on the Accessories Supplied with

your Appliance, and Keep Them Within Reach.

IF an Accident Occurs, Rinse The Burn Immediatly with Cold Water and Call a Doctor IF Necessary. Before First Use, Wash The Plates (See Paragraph After Use), Pour A Little Cooking Oil Onto The Plates and Wipe

with A Soft Cloth or Paper Kitchen Towel.

Position The Power Cord Carefully, Whether an Extension is used or not, so that guests Can Move Frely Around

Cooking Fumes May Dangerous for Animals Which Have A Particularly Sense Respiratory System, Such

As Birds. We Advise Bird Owners to Keep Them Away from the Cooking Area.

Always Keep the Appliance Out of the Reach of Children. Check That Both Faces of the Plate Are Clean Before Use. To prevent Damage to the Plates, Only Use Them On the Appliance for Which They Were Designed (E.G., do

Not Place in An Oven, On the Gas Ring Or Electric Hot-Plat, etc.).

ENSURE THAT THE PLATES ARASTABLE, WELL POSITIONED and Correctly Clippeed to the Appliance. Only Use the Plates

Provided with the Appliance or Bouught from an Approved Service Center.

Always Use a Wooden Or Plastic Spatula to Avoid Damaging the Cooking Plates.

TEF-OPTIGRIL-EAST-EAST-2100088296 17/10/14 15:37 Page4

Do Not, Environment, Tips/Information

Do not use the appliance outside. NEVER LEAVE The Appliance Unattended Wen Plugged in or Use. To prevent the appliance from overheating, do not plce it in a corner or below a water cupboard. Never Place the Appliance Directly On a Fragile Surface (Glass Table, TableCloth, Varnished Furniture, etc.) or

NEVER PLACE The Appliance Under a Cupboard Attached to a Shelf or Next to Inflammable Materials

Гриль крылышки Tefal Optigrill XL

SUCH AS BLINDS, Curtains or Wall Hangings.

Never Place the Appliance on or Near Hot or Slippery Surfaces; The Power Cord Must Never Be Close to Or in

Contact with Hot Parts of the Appliance, Close to Source of Heat or Sharp Edges.

Do Not Place Cooking Utensils on the Cooking Surface of the Appliance. Never Cut Food Directly on the Plates, Do Use Metal Scoring Pads, Abrasive Wire Wool or Harsh Scouring Powder as This May Damage the-

Do not move the appliance how in use. Do Not Carry the Appliance by The Handle Or Metallic Wires. Never Run The Appliance Empty. Do not use aluminium foil or objects between the Plate and the Food Being Cooke. Do Not Remove the Grease Collection Trays While Cooking. IF the Grease Collection Trays Becomes Full When

Cooking: Let the Appliance Cool Down Before Emptying.

Do not Place the Hot Plate on a Fragile Surface Or Under Water. To Presserve The Non-Stick Properties of the Coating, Avoid Excessive Pre-Heating with the Appliance Empty. The Plates Shoup Never Be Handled Wen Hot. Do Not Cook Food in Aluminium Foil. To avoid spoiling your appliance, do not use flambé recipes in connection with it at AT AT AT ANY. Do not Place a sheet of aluminum ori v. Never Heat Or Cook Whilst the Grill is Open. Never Heat Up the Appliance Without the Cooking Plates.

Your Appliance Contain Valuable Materials Which Can Be Recovered or Recycled.LEAVE it at A Local Civic Waste Collection Point.

Thank you for buying this Appliance, Which IS Intended for Domestic Use Only. For your Safety, this Appliance Compulies with the Applicable Standards and Regulations. Low Voltage Directive

On first uce, the long a Slight Odour and a Little Smoke During the First Few Minutes. OUR Company Has An Aligning Policy of Research and Development and May Modify these Products with

Do Not Consume FoodStuff That Comes Into Contact with the Parts Marked with

If the Food is too Thick, The Safety System Will Stop The Appliance from Working.

TEFAL beef steak recipe

But in order to prepare a delicious and juicy beef steak, it is better to take not an ordinary grill, but the TEFAL OPTIGRILE electric grill, which will make it possible to make a real work of art from this dish. This is what we need to prepare it (based on one portion):

  • beef clipping weighing 200 grams and 2 cm thick;
  • medium.sized tomato;
  • small onion;
  • salt and pepper to taste.

To make the meat on the grilled “Tefal” by the recipe, which is tested by time, you must first dry the pulp before cooking and cut the vegetables with rings. Then the tomatoes and onions are laid out on the grill, fried in the “manual” mode for about a minute and immediately laid out on a plate. After that, the meat is laid out on the grill and the desired degree of frying is selected, focusing on the color of the indicator (green. almost raw meat, yellow. meat with blood, orange. medium roasting, red. full fried). Next, click “OK”, we are waiting for a sound signal, notifying that the steak is ready, remove it from the grill, put it on the vegetables and serve it to the table.

Burger Burger with Chewdder cheese and vegetables


  • Beef neck flesh 400 g
  • Beds or roster pulp 400 g
  • Beef fat 80 g
  • Vegetable oil 60 g
  • Fresh black pepper
  • Burger buns 4 pcs
  • Leaf salad 40 g
  • Cheese Chedder 60 g
  • Tomato large 1 pc
  • Red onion small 1 pcs
  • Salt

Burger with cheese Chedder and vegetables Recipe for cooking:

  • Scroll the meat through a meat grinder along with fat. Add vegetable oil, 60 g of ice water, salt and pepper to minced meat. Mix thoroughly. Divide the minced meat into 4 equal parts and give each shape a rounded cutlet about 2 cm thick.
  • Transfer cutlets to a plate covered with parchment, and take it into the refrigerator for 10 minutes. For sauce, mix mayonnaise, ketchup and rod grated rods.
  • Turn on the grill, select the Burger mode and press the OK button. Wait for complete warming up without opening the plates. Put the chilled cutlets on the preheated surface of the grill and fry until cooked. Wipe the surface of the plates with a paper towel. Cut the buns into two parts, put on the grill and slightly fry on the hot plates.
  • Lubricate the buns from the inside with the sauce, lay the cutlet on the lower half, on it. a piece of cheese. Put the chopped onions, tomato and salad leaves on top. Close the second halves of the buns and serve.

TEFAL Optigrill review with an intelligent steak preparation sensor

At one time, a wonderful gadget with an external sensor appeared on the market, which tracked the degree of grilled steak readiness and sent messages to the smartphone. TEFAL went in a similar way. Steaks are obtained as a textbook: a fried crust, which prevents not a single drop of juice, and the juicy middle of the desired degree of the roast. We tried to fry cutlets, a piece of tuna and many, many steaks. Ah, yes, and zucchini too!

Tefal OptiGrill XL, First Look and 3 Demonstrations

The grill Tefal Optigrill is positioned as a device that allows you to automatically prepare a steak of ideal degree of frying. At the same time, everyone defines “ideal” himself-someone loves blood, and someone is a drug, so Tefal engineers have developed a special sensor that determines the degree of meat of meat and converts it into a color signal for greater clarity. And it works not only with meat. There are special programs for fish, burgers, sausages and, in addition, preliminary defrosting mode.

It all sounds tempting and intriguing, and even more tempting is that the grill can fry everything without the participation of a person. Of course, you will have to put the products there and get it, but you do not need to constantly control and check the degree of fried, as is the case when preparing a steak in a pan.

The dimensions of the grill are small. It does not take up a lot of space on the kitchen table, and at the same time its size is enough to prepare two large pieces of meat.

The fact that the grill does not take up a lot of space, is good, because it is quite heavy. This is not the device that must often be taken out and cleaned. it implies constant stay on the desktop and, of course, use. And I often want to use it. And to a greater extent, this is due to the speed and ease of cooking. in it you can haunt two kilograms of zucchini without oil for 20 minutes in 20 minutes. And most importantly, it will be delicious.

The grill handle on which the control buttons are located is made of heat.resistant plastic and it is very convenient to wipe it. there are no recesses there. The plates with anti.stick coating are clung and easily removed in order to be washed in the dishwasher. You can fry on them without the use of oil, which we did. But if there are fears, individual products can be slightly lubricated with sunflower oil with a brush.

There are several pre.installed programs in the grill, almost all occasions and for different types of products.

Гамбургер — для приготовления гамбургера, т. е. булочки с котлетой и другими вкусностями. Птица — позволяет приготовить на гриле сочное куриное мясо. Панини/бекон — предназначена для тостов, горячих сэндвичей. На этой же программе можно обжаривать ветчину и бекон. Сосиски — с помощью этой программы можно готовить, сосиски, колбаски, купаты, свиные отбивные, свиную грудинку, ягнятину, наггетсы и др. Мясо — эта программа предназначена для приготовления стейков разной степени прожарки. Рыба — в этом режиме можно обжаривать как целые рыбины среднего размера, так и стейки. На этой же программе можно жарить другие морепродукты.

Каждая из этих программ может быть модифицирована с помощью кнопки со снежинкой, обозначающей предварительную разморозку. В гриль можно засунуть замороженное куриное филе, и он сам его разморозит, а потом зажарит, ориентируясь на показания сенсора и толщину куска.

Ну а в случае если захочется чего-то необычного (того что не предусмотрено программами) можно воспользоваться ручной программой. Правда, алгоритм ее работы несколько отличается от алгоритма работы встроенных программ.

При использовании одной из предустановленных программ (например приготовления стейка), надо сначала включить прибор, выбрать нужную программу и нажать на OK. Затем гриль переходит в режим предварительного нагрева, во время которого индикатор начинает мигать фиолетовым. Это занимает около 7 минут, что довольно долго, особенно когда заранее не знаешь, что нужно подождать, и все это время пристально смотришь на мигающий индикатор дожидаясь завершения. После того как «фиолетовый мигающий» сменился «фиолетовым», можно закладывать продукты. Как только внутрь гриля положено мясо, индикатор становится синим. Это значит, что все идет по плану, и приготовление началось.

Дальше нужно просто следить за цветом индикатора, который будет обозначать нужную степень прожарки, и в подходящий момент вынуть готовый и ароматный стейк (или не стейк). Хорошо, что не нужно сидеть рядом с прибором и пристально следить за индикатором — при переходе на следующий уровень готовности гриль издает звуковой сигнал, на который очень удобно ориентироваться. Пропищало — значит продолжает готовится, было уже три писка — значит пора доставать.

При приготовлении в ручном режиме все не так удобно, но зато можно жарить все что вздумается. Например, для того чтобы пожарить кабачки надо с помощью клавиши с термометром задать нужную температуру приготовления ориентируясь на цветовой индикатор (в данном случае, чем краснее цвет, тем более высокая температура выставлена) и жарить, засекая нужное время приготовления и ориентируясь либо на секундную стрелку на часах, либо на свою интуицию.

tefal, electrogryl, optigril

В нашем случае мы пожарили кабачки. Температура была выставлена в оранжевый цвет, при которой одна порция готовилась пару минут.

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