How to wash a baize blanket in a washing machine

Properly washing a baize blanket in the washing machine

Bayonet blankets, already proven for generations, are pleasant to the touch and safe for the health of both adults and babies. Few housewives know how to wash such a blanket. Especially for children.

Quilts woven of natural fibers provide good conditions for deep sleep and do not require special care. Manufacturers offer customers a large selection of silky baize products in different sizes and colors.

  • Material properties
  • Washing by hand
  • In a washing machine
  • Stain removal
  • Drying
  • Tweaks when cleaning baby products
  • Care and videos

Properly wash a baize blanket in the washing machine

Byelorussian blankets, already proven for generations, are pleasant to the touch and safe for the health of both adults and children. Few housewives know how to wash such a blanket. Especially for children.

How to Wash Woolen blankets in washing machine at home

Fleece woven from natural fibres for deep sleep and easy care. Manufacturers offer customers a large selection of silky baize blankets in different sizes and colors.

  • Material properties
  • Washing by hand
  • In a washing machine
  • Remove stains
  • Drying
  • Tip for cleaning baby products
  • Care and video

Before washing the product, you should read the instructions, the material of the blanket may be different. A quality blanket is characterized by wear resistance and durability. Important for items containing wool, you can and should only use hand washing.

Machine washing

Using a machine wash it is recommended to choose the “delicate mode” or “wash delicate fabrics”, the temperature respectively should be no more than 40 degrees, preferably also spinning at a low speed (below 600), if you put another mode, the cotton will shrink and become stiff, the product can lose color.

Use detergents and gels, but avoid aggressive agents. Shake and flatten out the folds when you wash the quilt.

Hand wash

When washing by hand, the risk of damaging the product is minimal. When choosing a powder, pay attention to children’s products, you can use a shavings of ordinary Soviet baby soap. It is necessary to use a quality fabric conditioner so that the blanket remains soft and fluffy.

First, pour a small amount of detergent into a container and dilute it in the right ratio with warm water, leave the product for half an hour, rinse under running water, then spread it on a horizontal plane, for example, on an ironing board.

How To Wash a Blanket In a LG Front Loading Washing Machine

The detergent for such a product should be chosen according to the age of the owner:

  • How and what to wash a baize blanket for a newborn? If it is a blanket for a small child, it is better to use a baby powder or soap shavings. Of the most popular products can be noted products of brands “Ushasti Nanny”, “Aistenok”, “Teo Bebe”, “Meine Liebe”.
  • If the composition includes wool, it is better to use special liquid means. For example, “Luxus”, “Perwoll”, “Laska”, “Ariel”.
  • When washing it is recommended to use conditioners, thanks to them your blanket will be voluminous, soft and will smell nice. Choose a quality product will help you our rating of conditioners for laundry.

Important! If it becomes stained, do not use harsh detergents, especially those containing chlorine. It’s enough to rub them with laundry soap and soak for an hour in warm water. You can also use oxygen bleach. “Bos”, “Ecover”, “Dr. Beckmann”, “Persol”, “Bon”.

Can it be washed

Washing a quilt is not forbidden, but the owner must consider the risks. Major problems:

  • After cleaning in water can be severely deformed, inside it will appear lumps of absorbent cotton;
  • improper drying will lead to the complete uselessness of the product, it will have to be thrown out;
  • absorbent cotton does not dry well, if there is no opportunity to dry the blanket in direct sunlight, it may be covered with mold;
  • To remove dirt, only liquid cleaners should be used, powder will be poorly removed from the surface;
  • You can not wash a large quilt in a washing machine, you have to give at least an hour of time for manual cleaning.

If these disadvantages do not embarrass the owner, you can proceed to the main process. hand washing. There are other ways to clean. A baby blanket can be washed in an automatic machine: it is small and unlikely to cause damage to the equipment due to its large weight. It is also possible to surrender the product to dry-cleaning.

Please note! Not all dry cleaners accept wool products.

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To wash a quilt correctly, it is better to first familiarize yourself with some secrets and recommendations. This will help to properly prepare things before washing and maintain their original appearance after it. What do you need to know??

how to wash blanket in washing machine LG

  • Quilts made of pure cotton or natural wool. Cotton fabrics are easier to wash than wool fabrics. The peculiarities of the material are taken into account not only when washing, but also in the subsequent care of the laundry.
  • A heavily soiled item or a quilt that has a stubborn stain will need to be soaked. Soiling is treated with a stain remover which is designed for the specific material, soak for the desired time and rinse with cool or slightly warm water. Traces of stains are removed by means of laundry soap, a quality powder will also cope with this task. Particular attention should be paid to the edges of the product: they get dirty faster, and cleaned more difficult, so they have to scrub harder. Soak time is determined by the instructions for the detergent. Usually, it does not exceed one hour.
  • If the quilt is large and does not fit in the laundry compartment, then there is no other choice but to wash a quilt by hand. The washing machine, unfortunately, will not cope with the task if you fill it to the brim, so it is better to abandon this idea. The best option is to wash a blanket without the presence of additional items in the drum, that is, all alone.
  • The temperature for washing should not exceed 40 degrees, or the thing will sit. Well, washing at a low temperature does not always please the result.
  • If your washing machine has a mode for delicate fabrics, it is advisable to choose it, the mode for baby clothes will also work. Woollen fabrics are washed in the appropriate mode, with a small ball dropped into the drum, which will whip wool in the process of washing.
  • A minimum spin will ensure that the clothes get rid of water neatly, so it is better to choose the most delicate spin. An alternative to a low speed could be a mode without automatic spin, then you have to spin the laundry yourself. It is not recommended to stretch, pull, twist the blanket: it is better to roll it up into a tube and gently, lightly, pressing movements remove the water. You may have to stretch the blanket in the bath and perform these manipulations.

Choice of mode

To properly wash a bamboo blanket in the washing machine, adhere to the following key rules:

  • water temperature should be 30°C, maximum 40°C;
  • use liquid detergents, ordinary powders are not desirable;
  • the optimal speed of drum rotation should not exceed 800 rpm (this applies both to washing and spin);
  • be sure to use the “double rinse” function, and if it is not provided, then run a second rinse on its own;
  • avoid programs that run for one hour or longer: it is highly undesirable for bamboo fibers to be in the water for a long time.

the most suitable mode is the Delicate mode. It is usually programmed for a temperature of 30°C and a minimum spin. If your dispenser has a “Feather” program, this option will be preferable. This mode provides progressive heating of the water and a short spin cycle that allows the garment to dry effectively.

So, the algorithm for washing a bamboo blanket is as follows:

  • Make sure the garment fits freely in the drum of the machine.
  • Check the seams, sew up scuffs and holes if any.
  • Fold the cloth in several layers and roll it up.
  • Remove the powder tray from the dispenser and rinse it thoroughly under water. Leave no detergent residue from previous washings.
  • Return the tray to its place and pour the gel into it.
  • Select “Delicate wash” or “Feather” mode. If necessary, refer to the operating instructions.
  • Set the rinse function.
  • When the cycle is finished, open the hatch and check how dry the quilt is. It is possible that the spin speed is too low and that it is still too damp. If this is the case, restart the spin cycle.

Bamboo bedding will need to dry for at least 3 days. Do not use any auxiliary means such as a hair dryer, a battery, etc. Direct sunlight is also undesirable. Better yet, wrap the product in a large terry towel and let it soak up the excess moisture. Then spread the cloth on a flat, horizontal surface in a room with free air circulation.

Bamboo products are not afraid of washing machines, on the contrary, it is an effective way to achieve maximum cleaning. They can withstand at least 600 machine washes without any damage. Still, do not abuse it, wash only for heavy soiling.

Automatic washing in a washing machine

Before washing, the garment should be free from dust: knocked out or vacuumed out. Difficult stains are washed in advance.

If you roll up a small comforter correctly, it will fit in the washing machine without any problems and the down will not clump.

To start, you need to fold the product in a single strip, the width of which will be equal to the width of the drum. It is then rolled up tightly into a roll and placed in a centrifuge. Once the product is inside, you can begin washing it.

Pour the selected detergent into the compartment of the washing machine;

Prevent lumps help tennis balls. They are put in the drum along with the blanket. For washing the product is enough for 2-3 pieces.

How to wash a down blanket in the washing machine, tells

Recommendations for washing a baize blanket

Quilt has a natural composition and soft texture. It is often used for children, including newborns, as it is hypoallergenic and soft. In order for the thing to retain its qualities and not pose a threat to health, bajakovo blankets must be properly cared for.

This article will tell you whether and how to wash a baize blanket (including baby blankets) by hand and in the washing machine, what detergent is best for washing.

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