How to Wash a Cap in a Washing Machine

How to wash a cap: rules and tips, how to keep the shape of the baseball cap after washing

Headwear gets dirty faster than conventional clothing: it settles dust and sweat stains. In order for the thing not to lose its appearance, it must be washed properly. In this article, we will tell you how to wash a cap in a washing machine and manually, what folk remedies can be used to clean the product.

Most modern models of caps suggest that they can be cleaned with a washing machine or by hand. However, before proceeding to this process, you should study the baseball cap, the composition of its frame, as well as carefully read the information provided on the label of the product.

It is not recommended to resort to machine washing baseball caps in the following cases:

  • When the cap framework (its visor) is made of cardboard or other material that is not resistant to water, as this will deform the appearance of this element of the closet and a complete uselessness for wear;
  • When a cap has a complex design, made of materials of the most different origin (rhinestones, beads, paillettes), such decorative elements can suffer as a result of mechanical cleaning of the product, and, eventually, it will also be spoiled.

In other cases, a fabric baseball cap can safely be sent to the washing machine or hand wash without fear of damaging its shape and ruining the appearance. The main thing in this case, follow all the recommendations.

How to wash a cap by hand?

Hand washing is the most gentle and recommended for the garment. You’ll make more effort, but you’ll be sure to keep the cap looking good. For hand washing you will need:

  • washing powder;
  • sponge;
  • brush with soft bristles;
  • a roller with a sticky tape for cleaning clothes;
  • Food tape and duct tape.
  • First remove any dust or debris adhering to the cap with the roller;
  • If your product has decorations (stickers, patches), it should be sealed with food film and tape;
  • add detergent to room temperature water;
  • Soak the hat in this solution for 2-3 hours;
  • Using a brush, clean the cap of dirt in a circular motion;
  • Take a sponge soaked in clean water and remove any remaining detergent from the surface of the product;
  • After drying the product. place it on the jar and the excess moisture will drain out by itself.

Peculiarities of washing caps made of different materials

The subtleties of care and cleaning of headgear largely determines the material from which it is made. Logically, a denim and leather baseball cap will have to be washed differently. Next, consider the peculiarities of cleaning different materials.


Synthetic and blended fabrics can easily survive both hand and machine washing on a suitable mode. Wash a baseball cap can be any convenient way at 30 ° C and no spin.

Felt caps are not common, but still require periodic cleaning. This hat material does not tolerate getting wet and quickly deforms from moisture. If the accessory is expensive it is better to give it to a dry-cleaner. Dust and lint can be removed with a special brush or roller, and small spots can be cleaned with a cloth or sponge moistened in a solution of ammonia (1/1). Place immediately wipe dry.

Cotton, linen

Hats made of natural cotton and linen can be washed by hand or in a machine on a delicate mode. The only nuance. linen things can give shrinkage and crumple strongly, so it is sufficient to maintain the correct temperature (30-40 ° C) and immediately straighten the product on a dummy to avoid creases.


Woollen garments require a special delicacy in care. Even one cycle in the machine can hopelessly damage the favorite headwear, so we recommend a professional dry cleaning, spot cleaning or manual cleaning with special agents for woolen clothes. Temperature. about 30 ° C, no spinning, drying caps naturally on a roll.

Fabric conditioner can be added to the water while rinsing to add softness and fragrance.

Furs should not be washed. It can make the dyed nap fade, light-colored cap may show some unpleasant yellowing, and the cap itself will lose its former splendor and luster. Dry cleaning of dust and external contamination is acceptable. To do this, comb the fur, use talcum, soda or talcum powder, thoroughly dislodge. In other cases, it is recommended to contact professionals.

Leather and leatherette

Any washing and soaking hats made of leather and leatherette is also not recommended. Natural leather can become dull and cracked, while leatherette is more likely to have scuffs and blisters:

How to wash a hat in the washing machine

  • For care use a solution of ammonia, which consistently treat the entire surface;
  • for moisturizing use glycerin, greasy cream and specialized cosmetics;
  • Even color is achieved by special dyeing creams or “liquid skin”;
  • Removal of grease stains is possible with a soapy solution, which wipes the problem area and wipe dry with a clean rag;
  • makeup marks are removed with makeup remover milk or alcohol.

Before you take on the care of this piece of closet, you should read the instructions on the tag on how to wash a cap. The main problem with cleaning is losing the shape of the baseball cap. The visor is easy to spoil, so be careful.

How to properly wash a cap. practical recommendations:

  • The basic rules of washing will indicate special symbols on the label. Be sure to study the label before the procedure.
  • Powder chosen on the basis of the type of material.
  • You can not wring the headgear in a washing machine, this will lead to deformation of the visor. You will have to buy a new product.
  • Washing by hand is the most gentle. It is better to give preference to such treatment and preserve the shape and appearance of the item.
  • If there is only 1 stain on a baseball cap that can be removed without washing the entire product, only the contamination is removed. It is not recommended to subject a headwear to such treatment frequently.
  • Can caps be washed in a washing machine? With the appearance of such assistants, everyone is trying to learn something new for themselves to make the work as easy as possible. However, only fabric models can be washed. Baseball caps with a straight visor and hard requires more delicate care. They can not be put in the machine, washing is carried out exclusively by hand.
  • Only delicate powders should be used, preferably baby or gel powders. They do not leave streaks, the cap will not lose color.
  • After washing, it’s important to dry your garment properly. This is the basis for keeping the shape of the product.

Particular attention should be paid to the side of the hat when washing. It gets dirty faster and harder than the visor and top.

Sometimes, it seems that such a mission is impossible and beyond the power of the hostess, but there is no need to be afraid and try. Following the tips on how to wash a baseball cap can cope with this problem.

Leather baseball caps are very popular. They look stylish with a sports dress or pants. Only leather caps should not be washed. Only manual treatment is possible.

  • Use laundry soap, rub it on and beat it into a lather. Foam the garment, then gently scrub with a soft clothes brush. Remove the remaining dirt with a damp cloth and wipe dry.
  • Rub the headpiece with onion juice. This will restore its former brightness. Onion cut in half and rub on all surfaces of the cap.
  • Then rinse the cap with lemon juice. Soak a flannel cloth in it and go over the baseball cap. Lemon juice will remove the smell of onions.
  • Dry it out of the sunlight. Leather does not like ultraviolet light.

After washing the cap like this, it will be as good as new. And in the sun will shine.

How to wash the product by hand

The easiest way to wash hats is by hand. You should do it this way:

  • First, you need to clean the item of dust and dirt. For this is quite enough to take a normal glue roller for clothes and go through them all over the headgear. If there is any hair, fluff, ordinary dust on it all will stick to the roller, and washing the thing will be easier.
  • Next, you should take a basin with water and dilute a little powder or grated laundry soap in it.
  • After that you should drop in a similar solution cap or baseball cap and leave it there for 10-15 minutes so that all the dirt oxidized.
  • Next, you will need to take the cap out of solution and well clean it with a special brush (if you do not have one at hand, you can use an ordinary clean toothbrush).
  • After this treatment, the cap should be rinsed very well, making sure that there is no soap left on it. Otherwise, after drying the fabric will appear white streaks.

Important: for the product not to lose its shape after washing, it must be well dried. How to Dry a Baseball Outfit properly? Wear the cap on a dummy that resembles the shape of your head and leave it to dry. Suitable for this purpose a large glass jar and even a soccer.

wash, washing, machine

How to wash a baseball cap properly

Actually, it is not difficult to put a baseball cap in order. The main thing is to follow the recommendations on the label, use mild detergents, and dry the cap properly.

Can I Wash a Baseball Cap in the Washing Machine?

Machine washing is acceptable under the following conditions.

  • Cap visor has a plastic insert that will not become deformed in the wash.
  • Baseball cap material. cotton, denim or synthetic, but never fur, leather or velour.
  • There is an appropriate icon on the product label.

IMPORTANT! These fabrics should be tested for fading before washing. To do this, moisten a sponge with a soapy solution to rub the inside of the product and leave it for a while. If after drying the material has changed color, it is better to refuse machine washing. A gentle hand wash in cool water is more appropriate.

Compliance with label temperature is a requirement for a successful machine wash. The most appropriate mode would be a gentle or hand wash, but the spin-dry cycle should be avoided. You should also use a special case for washing baseball caps.

Separate attention deserves drying. The washed cap is not wrung out, but left in the bathtub to let the water drain off. After that the product should be soaked with a towel and put on an object, the shape resembles the head. This can be a ball, an overturned can or ladle, or even an inflated balloon. Ironing a baseball cap is not recommended, regardless of the fabric. But if the thing is crumpled, you can use a steamer or hold the cap over steam and then let it dry.

Can a baseball cap be washed in a washing machine and other ways to wash caps with and without a visor

The baseball cap was originally created as a sports accessory. Thanks to the efforts of designers has gained exceptional popularity. Now it’s a hat that’s a favorite of kids, teens, and older people alike.

Frequent use causes a baseball cap to become dirty. You need to get it looking good from time to time. How to return your favorite cap to its original appearance without damaging the material or shape? A good result when taking care of a baseball cap is easy to achieve if you follow simple rules:

  • find out the composition of the fabric;
  • Determine the design features of the baseball cap;
  • Choose the best way to wash it;
  • Create the right conditions for proper drying.

Machine washing: pros and cons

Can a cap be washed in the washing machine?? To answer this question, you need to study the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label or determine the type of material yourself. Hats with a visor do not belong to one particular style and are made of different materials, from natural fur to lightweight porous materials.

If the product is made of the following materials, the washing method in automatic mode is contraindicated:

Since washing fur and suede caps with a visor is not recommended, they are cleaned dry with absorbents: salt, semolina, soda or talc scattered on the material and combed out with a brush.

On how and what to wash grass stains on jeans, read here.

Read about washing leather clothes at home, cleaning problem areas (collar, s, cuffs) at

Soft textiles are best dry-cleaned by applying and cleaning with soapy foam. Thin fabrics may lose their shape after washing and no longer recover. The same applies to cheap caps with cardboard inserts.

It is safe to send hats sewn from the washing machine:

wash, washing, machine

An unusual popular method of washing caps and other hats, mounted on cans or plates, in dishwashers is quite effective. In the absence of mechanical effects of turnover, this kind of cleaning is more than gentle. This is generally recognized as the best method of how to wash a cap with a straight brim.

To avoid shrinkage and deformation of the product, you must follow the instructions on how to properly wash a cap or baseball cap in automatic mode:

  • Products are not washed alone, but together with other things with similar fabric properties, in a special bag for washing. This will protect the product from heavy rotation and cushion the impact on the walls of the drum.
  • Temperature mode: 40 degrees.
  • Washing types: delicate or hand wash.
  • Cancel spin and add rinse cycle.
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