How to wash fat from the lattice grate

Ways of fast cleaning from hoods

The hood is designed to get rid of the odors in the room, it is through it that evaporation and spent air are stretched from the kitchen. Since the kitchen hood operates 24 hours a day, the device grille is quickly polluted. Dust settles on it, as well as fat. There are several effective ways to clean the bars from the hood.

Each model of the kitchen hood has a guide to analyze the technique. Before you independently remove part of the details, you need to familiarize yourself with it. Sometimes the diagram is placed on the hood itself outside or under the hull cover. The methods for attaching spare parts for all models are different, but the analysis algorithm is similar:

  • First of all, it is necessary to turn off the kitchen hood from the power source.
  • The upper body is removed.
  • After you need to remove the metal grill. As a mount, fixers are usually used, which can be jammed with a light press.
  • If there is a coal filter, it also needs to be removed.
  • The latter is unscrewed by a pipe that conducts dirt and soot in a ventilation hole.

In order for the hood to work as efficiently as possible, in addition to the metal mesh, it is also necessary to clean the retainers and a profile pipe holding it. If you need to wash the body of the kitchen hood, it is not necessary to remove it.

How to clean the hood in the kitchen

The hood cleaning should be carried out by observing certain rules and sequence of actions. The work is carried out in this order:

wash, grate
  • Disconnect the device from the network.
  • Remove the filters (if they are disposable, take care of the presence of spare ones).
  • Remove the duct if this is provided by the design features. In the case when it is impossible to disconnect it, limit yourself to cleaning the available part of the device.
  • Wash the hood filter from fat or, in the presence of disposable filters, replace them with new.
  • Clean the fan.
  • Clean the lattre grate.
  • Wait for the complete drying of washed details.
  • Install all parts in place.
  • Connect the hood to the network.

Remember that when cleaning the hood, you need to be careful and always turn off the device from the network.

How to clean a fat metal mesh

Having sorted out the type of filter of the exhaust device, we select the most suitable way to clean it. Aluminum nets with a slight flare of fat can be easily tidied in order using improvised products on an alkaline basis.

Dishwashing liquid

The nets should be wetted with hot water and with the help of a sponge their entire surface. For effectiveness, the product can be left for 15-20 minutes. Rub the filters again with a sponge and wash off the foam, washing under running water.

Laundry soap

Soap the sponge with household soap and rub the surface of the nets on both sides with it. After half an hour, wash off the foam and rinse the shower.

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Wet the nets with hot water and evenly pour a layer of baking soda on them (first on one side, then on the other). With the help of a toothbrush, grind soda over the entire surface of the filter. After 20 minutes, clean the brush again and wash off under a powerful stream of hot water.

With regular cleaning of grilles 1 time in 7-10 days of processing with soda, soap or detergent for dishes, enough to maintain the filter in working condition and in its purest form.

Cleaning in a dishwasher

Owners of the dishwasher to clean the hood grille even easier. In it, a contaminated filter can be easily washed in the “Intensive Moika” mode at a temperature of 70 0 C.

If we make it a rule every 2-3 weeks, together with plates and circles, place meshpes from hoods in a dishwasher, then they will always be in excellent condition and last a long time.

wash, grate

How to wash the hood from fat at home?

There are many different devices and devices in a modern kitchen that facilitate the implementation of daily tasks on it. The category of such devices should include a kitchen hood, which is more subject to contamination due to the specifics of its location and functional tasks.

It is no secret that the proper and timely care of devices increases their operational period. In order to avoid failure of the hood, you need to know how to wash it as efficiently from fat and other pollution. The main pests for the device, by the nature of their tasks located above the kitchen stove, are particles of food that fall on its surface and penetrate the constituent elements.

Most of the deposits, of course, accumulate on the tiles, facades of furniture, the plate itself, as for the hood, then in this case the grate suffers the most. Pollution negatively affects not only its appearance, but also reduce productivity, as a result, the device does not cope with the drawing of foreign odors, which freely spread throughout the dwelling.

By virtue of its functional tasks, the hood accumulates a lot of fumes and fats, which subsequently form entire layers of mud, framing the base of the device and its details. This is due to the fact that, under the influence of high temperatures, all the released substances from the dishes preparing on the stove are settled on the grid and turn into a rather strong crust. Therefore, regular cleaning of the filter is an extreme necessity for such ventilation systems.

In order to wash it, a large assortment of special compounds is now being implemented, in addition, cleansing agents that can be done at home are not less effective. For their manufacture, ingredients are used that are guaranteed to be in every kitchen.

Most models of kitchen hoods in cleaning need all details, however, to know for sure, you should familiarize yourself with the instructions for the device. Some elements are easily removed, and their processing is allowed by any compounds, but other parts cannot be disassembled, since there is a risk of disable. In addition, you should carefully consider the type of material from which certain details are made, since not all funds will be compatible with it. If you do not take measures in a timely manner, the hood with accumulated fat will turn into a real problem, since it will be very problematic to clean its details without damaging their foundations.

Before proceeding to remove fat from hood, it should be disassembled. Preparing the device for cleaning implies its disassembly, for this you may need special tools. All contaminated parts that can be disassembled are removed, if they are fixed using bolts, then the fasteners are unscrewed and folded in one place so that they do not have to look later.

Preparatory work includes the following stages, which, depending on the model and configuration of the device, may differ slightly.

We clean the case

Before cleaning the aluminum filter, you need to wash the hood body directly.

It is necessary to always remember both the internal and external parts of the corps. It is important to select a detergent solution depending on the material of the case. For metal, plastic and others. Substances in the composition of the product must be gentle so as not to leave scratches on the outside of the device.

It is not recommended to use metal brushes, since there is a risk of scratching the case. Therefore, it is better to use a viscose napkin or a microfiber rag for this.

It is abundantly poured with dishes for washing dishes or gel against fatty pollution, for example, Sanita. Then this cloth is wiped with a case and visible internal elements of the device and leave for 10-15 minutes. After time, you can safely start wiping stains, they will easily dissolve. At the end of the procedure, wipe the case above the stove with a dry cloth.

There is another interesting way to wash the device. Use the steam cleaner. Water is poured into it, included in the outlet and after that they simply drive them near the hood. On sale you can find types of steamers that are equipped with napkins and various nozzles. It is more convenient to clean the hood with them.

wash, grate

Washing the hood in the bathroom is a little harder. To do this, remove the grate and wash it with a soap solution. Then a broom swap accumulated garbage.

In order to independently clean the strongly contaminated body of equipment in the apartment, you can use lemon, soda and vinegar. A few drops of lemon juice are added to soda barking with vinegar and a contaminated surface area is treated with such a mixture.

This combination of ingredients will eliminate even the most persistent pollution.It is recommended at least once every 5-6 months so that the hood effectively cope

How to clean a fat filter

The net must be cleaned regularly. If you have a large family and you often prepare a lot, once a week you need to remove it and clean it from fat. If you cook infrequently, and fry even less often, then 1-2 times a month will be enough.

Consider how and how to wash a contaminated grill.


The easiest way is to place in a dishwasher. But it is suitable only for those who follow the cleanliness of the filter at least twice a month. The dishwasher can not cope with an old sticky layer of fat.


The usual dishwashing liquid, which is in every house, can wash out not hardened fat.

  • Put the filter in a container, for example, a basin, a bucket, a deep baking sheet;
  • Apply a detergent;
  • Pour hot water and leave for 30 minutes;
  • Peel with a sponge or brush;
  • Rinse with clean water.

If you can’t clean the first time, you can repeat. If even after the second time you do not like the result, it makes sense to move on to more serious methods.

Special tools for cleaning hoods and ovens

Stores sell special products for cleaning ovens and hoods. Gels, sprays, creams. For example, Schumanit, Sanita, Anti-Father from Cinderella. Using them is easy:

  • Place the filter in the container;
  • Apply the product evenly;
  • Leave for the time specified in the instructions;
  • Remove softened dirt with a sponge;
  • Flip.

And although cleaning in this case does not require much time and effort, many housewives refuse them. But the main argument of opponents is scared away. These funds belong to aggressive chemistry. You need to be more caution when they are used: use protective gloves and a mask, make sure that the product does not get on the skin, carefully ventilate the room.

Those who prefer not to use chemistry in the kitchen can choose folk methods. But do not forget that without chemistry, only light and medium pollution can be cleansed. In the fight against old fat, which has turned into a sticky mass, they are not effective.

Consider how to wash the exhaust device without resorting to radical measures.

Laundry soap

Laundry soap in combination with hot water will cope with most pollution.

  • Grate the half of the bar of 72%laundry soap on a coarse grater;
  • Pour soap with hot water and stir until dissolved;
  • Put the filter in a container and pour it with soapy solution;
  • Leave for half an hour;
  • Remove fat residues with a brush and rinse the grate with water.

Take soda soda, it acts more effective than food.

  • Stir half a glass of soda in 10 liters of water;
  • Put the solution in a large container on the stove and boil;
  • Put a contaminated filter in it and boil over low heat for 30 minutes;
  • If the container is not large enough, you can hold the filter in it first on one side, then on the other;
  • Wir the brush and rinse with water.


If you are not scared by a specific smell, you can use ammonia alcohol.

  • Ensure safety. Put on a protective mask, open a window or window, close the doors to the rooms;
  • Dissolve 100 ml of ammonia in three liters of warm water;
  • Apply the solution on a contaminated surface, place in a dense bag, tie it and leave it for 3 hours;
  • Wash with a brush, rinse with water.
wash, grate


Universal way to clean fat surfaces.

  • Ensure safety. Open a window, put on protective gloves;
  • Put the filter in a shallow container, you can use a baking sheet;
  • Pour 9%vinegar solution and leave for half an hour;
  • Wir the brush and rinse with water.

Tip: for serious pollution, you can take 70%vinegar. Strengthen precautions, avoid hollowing skin, put on a protective mask.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice contains a lot of acid, which can cope with fat and soot.

Tip: For the best result, you can place the filter in a container, pour a solution of citric acid and leave it overnight.

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Mustard powder

With the help of mustard with fat, our grandmothers successfully coped successfully. The method has not lost its relevance among opponents of the use of chemistry.

  • Prepare a cleaning paste of mustard. For this, mix 3 t. L. Mustard powder, 2 t. L. Detergent for dishes, 50 ml of vinegar and 50 ml of water;
  • Pug the contaminated surface on both sides by the mixture, put the grid in the bag or wrap with a film and leave for one hour;
  • Wir the brush and rinse with water.


The hood should be wiped, having previously dismantled it into the component parts. Before doing this, you need to get acquainted with the instructions for the apparatus. Then turn off the hood from the electric network and act sequentially:

  • Open the case by unlocking the latch.
  • Remove the filter.
  • Remove the exhaust pipe. It is important to pay attention to what it is made of. Not every material can be washed. Information about this can be found in the instructions for the hood.
  • Then, along with the body itself, wash each part in the bathroom, soaking before that in a solution with a detergent.

Do not forget that the surface of the hood also needs to be cleaned. The washing solution is prepared in a ratio of 1: 4, where there are four parts, and a cleaning agent, for example Fairy, 1. A regular sponge is used for cleaning. After all the structural elements are wiped dry.

Cleaning of the case

Now go to cleaning the case and fan. The difficulty is that the case is a visible, more fixed part of the hood, which means the cleaning will be long and uncomfortable. All that you can use so as not to scratch the surface is a sponge (soft part) and a liquid for washing dishes. At the same time, do not forget that it is possible to abundantly moisten the surface of the kitchen hood, t.To. There is a risk of moisture in the mechanisms of hood control, on the display (if it is provided), as well as on electrical circuits of control.

To clean the hood fan from the oil and mucus, it is best to use the ruff and the minimum amount of moisture to exclude its entry into the rotating mechanism. After global cleaning, it is not recommended to turn on the hood in the next 24 hours so that moisture, if it gets to electrical circuits, does not cause the equipment to fail or fire.

These are the main ways to clean the hood from fat, dirt and dust. Nothing complicated, only patience, desire and a lot of work will be needed.

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