How to wash the handles from a gas stove

How to clean the handles at the stove in 2 minutes-the top-5 effective simple ways

On a kitchen stove, food is prepared every day. Most often, housewives relate to pens and switches. We, in a hurry, touch our stained hand, when we fry, spray of fat scatter in different directions, staining the handles, then the milk ran away.

As a result, dirt and fat are clogged in small cracks, dents and alkalis. Attempts to wash these pollution with a sponge and detergent end to no avail. And how to clean all this?

wash, handles, stove

In this article, you will get acquainted with the methods of cleansing in different ways, depending on the type of handles, the degree of their pollution and accessibility in value. You will find out what products of household chemicals are suitable for you, as well as some effective recipes that can be prepared at home yourself.

Non.Standard plastic cleaning method: lemon and citric acid

Fat will help to wipe the fat. It can be used in its pure form (make paste) or applied lemon juice in the work.

To wash the handles on a gas stove, you need to load a household plastic or toothbrush into the juice (or paste) and rub the contaminated areas hard. For the most spectacular cleansing, you can add a little soda to the juice or paste.

Each of the described methods is ideal for use at home. They can perfectly replace specialized chemistry.

In addition, these components do not require significant purchase costs.

Handles are removable and non.Removable. Cleaning rules

Define. What regulators are on your gas stove. Not difficult. If a. Pulling the handle slightly. She is removed. You can have no doubt. The switches are removable. If you make efforts. Twist the pen in all directions. Pull on yourself with all your might. And she does not give in. Alas. The regulator is non.Removable. In this case, do not try to disconnect the regulator by force. So as not to break it inadvertently.

So. Two types of handles from the stove and options for their cleaning.

Removable pen

Wash the pollution from the removable handle is not a troublesome. If the regulators are removed. Then you should do as follows. Remove all switches. Prepare a container with hot water (about 80 ° C). In hot water, dissolve the widened laundry soap. Washing powder or dishwasher. Place all the handles in a soap solution for 15 minutes. Then arm yourself with an old toothbrush and try to carefully clean the entire switch. Outside and back. Gas stove regulators shine with cleanliness.

Factory handle

With regulators. Which are tightly attached to the hob. Will have to be more complicated. It is almost impossible to clean the handles inside. But outside. Quite real. They will come to help: cotton swabs. Cotton buds. Toothpicks. Toothbrush. Handles slightly wet. Hard.To.Reach places to clean the dirt with a toothpick. To absorb the remains of dirt around the switches with cotton sticks. With a tampon from cotton wool. Soaked in a washing agent with chlorine. Carefully clean the regulators. Then wash the product with warm water using a sponge.

TOP-5 folk remedies for removing dirt from the stove handles

Many powders are sold in the department of households. Gel. Solutions. Which effectively dissolve dirt and fat from any surfaces. The price of these miracles is high. And guarantees. That this tool will help to wash the pens. No. Before devastating your wallet. Try “penny” means. Who are tried among the people and cope with pollution no worse than purchased and expensive chemistry.

Types of pollution

Means for washing household appliances, both professional and folk methods, there are a great many. However, the choice of a particular drug directly depends not only on the models of the stove regulators, but also on the degree of their pollution.

Light pollution of pens

If you regularly, after each cooking, wipe the hob and switches. The plaque of fat and soot on the details will be insignificant and its removal does not require the use of “strong” drugs as ammonia and others.

Strengthened fat

If the care of household appliances for some reason is carried out irregularly, fat and other pollution accumulate on the surfaces and special methods are needed to remove them.

How to Clean Your Kitchen Gas Stove Knob

What means to apply for quick peel cleaning in the stove

Special napkins are suitable for quick peel cleaning. They include alcohol and citric acid, successfully cope with fat.

This also includes a product with a sprayer that can be bought in a store or prepared at home.

You can also use the winding tool, sprinkling the handles and after wiping them with a dry cloth. When using this method, the solution falls into hard.To.Reach places, dissolving fat.

How to clean the handles at the stove

The most unpleasant and laborious part of the cleaning in the kitchen is perhaps cleaning the kitchen slab. If there are practically no difficulties with cleansing the hob, then cleaning the switches on the front panel is much more difficult. But the experience of many housewives showed that you can clean the handles at the stove not only effectively, but also very quickly. And at the same time, you do not need to spend money on expensive cleansing funds. Every housewife already has the necessary, and in the same kitchen.

This method is perfect for removable handles. A concentrated soap solution will help to remove not only sticking and dried particles of food, but also a layer of frozen fat. The soap solution is prepared from the dishwasher that you use, or from the chips of laundry soap:

Pour hot water into a deep bowl or saucepan, better boiling water; Add 4 tablespoons to washing dishes or chips made of soap to a liter of water; Stir thoroughly so that the product completely dissolves; Remove the switches from the stove and lower them into the solution; Leave them in it for a couple of hours to. To clean the strongly contaminated handles, you need to soak them in soapy solution for the whole night. If the switches need to be cleaned in a short time, then put the pan with handles and the solution on the stove and boil them for 5 minutes, then give them another 20 minutes to soak them. After the dirt is wet, rub them with an old toothbrush or the hard side of the sponge, rinse and wipe it dry.

The bottle with this liquid is a universal and inexpensive cleaning agent. Helps to save the switches from frozen fat and dried dirt as soon as possible. It is very convenient to clean the non.Removable handles of a gas or electric stove:

Dilute the ammonia with water 1: 1; Take a thick cotton swab, dip in the solution and apply ammonia to the handles; Leave it on the switches for 5 minutes maximum; Over time, rub them with an old toothbrush. As soon as the handles become clean, collect soaked dirt with a damp sponge, then wipe the cleaning places first with a damp cloth, then dry. Since breathing ammonia is harmful, follow the safety rules: put on a mask and gloves. So that the smell does not stagnate in the apartment, work with an open window, and after cleaning, do not close it for some time so that the unpleasant odor disappears.

To clean the removable switches, put them in a bowl and grate each with a solution of diluted ammonia and leave for 5 minutes. Then rub them with a brush, rinse well and wipe it dry.

The vinegar method is suitable for removable handles of any degree of pollution:

Pour water into a pan and put the handles there; Pour vinegar or vinegar essence into a pan at the rate of 6 st. L. Vinegar or 2 st. L. Essence per liter of water; Cover the pan with a lid and put on the fire, boil for 5-7 minutes. After time, drain the water and let the switches cool a little. Then rub them with a toothbrush or sponge with a dishwasher, rinse and wipe it dry.

If non.Removable handles are not very contaminated, then a regular lemon will help. It perfectly removes fat spots from any surfaces and does not damage them. Soda will help to drop the dried particles, and will also remove the unpleasant smell of stuck dirt:

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Take the half of the lemon and squeeze the juice out of it; Using a cotton swab, apply it to the switches, rub and leave it for an hour; Over time, dip the bristle brush in soda and clean it with each handle. Collect the remaining soda with a damp sponge and wipe the pens and the panel dry. To clean very strong contaminants, you need two teaspoons of soda with a slide pour the juice of half of the lemon. The hissing mixture must be quickly applied to the handles, rub and leave for an hour, and then rub it again with a hard sponge.

There is a small space between the panel and pens, where dirt can clog. To cleanse such places from pollution, take a toothpick, wind on the tip of the cotton wool and dip in the ammonia. Clean hard.To.Reach places, then wind up clean cotton wool on a new toothpick and wipe the places again.

Cleaning the pens of the kitchen slab takes a lot of time, so in order not to exhaust yourself with unnecessary cleaning, take preventive measures: wipe the pens and panel every time after cooking.

Technology for cleaning removable and non.Removable handles

Sooner or later, you have to solve the problem of cleanliness radically. And in this case, in order to clean the handles at the stove, you need to decide if they are removed. The method of cleaning, its speed and the efforts are dependent on this.


Removable handles are very convenient, in this case you can also put in order the panel to which they are attached: at the place of fit of the parts, frozen fat always accumulates.

How to wash the handles at the gas stove. Step by step:

  • Carefully pull each handle on yourself and remove from special pins.
  • If the pollution is strong, place the regulators in the washing solution for several minutes (in water with t 80 ° dissolve grated laundry soap, powder or dishwasher), then peel them with a sponge or an old toothbrush to rinse hard.To.Reach places.
  • If there is little dirt, just clean the switches with a soap sponge in the sink.
  • Rinse in clean water, wipe dry.
  • Rinse the panel, especially at the mounting site.
  • Dry clean handles put on pins.

Now the plate looks completely different: well.Groomed and neatly. Cleanliness exclusively only a hob that does not give such an effect.

wash, handles, stove

What to do if the pens are not removed

In electric and some models of gas boards, the handles are not removed. But you can still clean them, it only makes it difficult to clean, but does not cancel it.

In this case, you can simply wipe all contaminated surfaces with a damp cloth, or resort to special products of household chemicals in the form of a spray or even prepare them at home. The spray is sprayed, falling into the most inaccessible places. It is left on the surface for several minutes, then removed with a damp cloth and wiped dry.

When it comes to more thorough, for example, weekly cleaning, it is better to do this:

  • Dissage old newspapers or film on the floor near the stove, so that when cleaning the pens not removed, detergents do not drip and pour to the floor: then just turn everything into a roll and throw it away and throw it away.
  • The electric stove is necessarily disconnected from the network.
  • Treat with a special spray or a cleaning agent that contains chlorine, the surface of the handles and the panel itself, leave for 5-10 minutes depending on the degree of pollution.
  • Strong.Breasted areas can be rubbed with an old toothbrush or household sponge.
  • In order to clean the handles in hard.To.Reach places, it is worth using the tip of the toothpick.
  • Wipe everything with a clean damp cloth several times, carefully removing the remaining detergents.
  • Wipe the stove dry. It remains only to throw out the utility materials spread below.

Do not forget only about safety measures: put on rubber gloves and a bandage or respirator to protect the respiratory system from caustic substances.

Cleaning products

All detergents that can be used to clean the control elements on the stove are divided into two main categories. Household chemicals and folk remedies.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies are much more accessible and cheaper, but, in comparison with chemistry, they have less efficiency.

wash, handles, stove
  • Vinegar. Table 9%is usually used, which is diluted with warm water in a ratio of 1: 1 or more. In rare cases, undiluted is taken. For strong pollution, with which the solution is not able to cope with. Vinegar essence in pure form is not used due to the high probability of damage to even a metal coating. Only diluted essence is allowed to the concentration of table vinegar.
  • Lemon acid. Dissolves in hot and warm water. The concentration depends on the strength of the spots. You should not especially be zealous, with high density, acid can damage the handles of cheap plastic.
  • Ammonia, ethyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide drops. Used as an analogue of vinegar, diluted in similar proportions. To clean hard.To.Reach places on non.Removable handles in an expensive gas stove, Hephaestus are used in its pure form.
  • . Strong pollution is well corroded if applied to slightly moistened spots. Soda is capable of.
  • Soap. Both household and toilet soap are used, as well as detergent for dishes. Rubbed finely on a grater and dissolve in hot water to a thick consistency. In such a solution, the handles are immersed for a long time.
  • Eraser. Light pollution is rubbing the hard side. You can replace.

Advice!If folk remedies are not able to help, professional household chemicals are used.

Household chemicals

Such funds are based on active chemical components that are able to clean the dirty pens at any stove, including with a chipped soil.

Popular remedy with bleaching effect. Great for cleaning non.Removable handles and sensory panels due to the presence of a convenient trigger. Exvert time. 5-10 minutes, after which it is removed by a simple cloth.

Thick and very active concentrate, which is applied to the most durable pollution. Before washing it, you need to wait for about half an hour.

The product is special. The purpose of which is to dissolve fatty and burning from any surfaces. There is also a convenient trigger for spraying.

Liquid. Suitable for regular cleaning of working surfaces of the stoves, including handles of any type and sensory switches.

Some methods of cleaning the handles of a homemade gas stove from fat are represented in the video:

Before cleaning the slab, determine what regulators are on it. To do this, pull them a little on yourself or carefully try to turn them out. If they are difficult, then the switches are non.Removable, and when they are separated without much effort, removable. In the latter case, the following cleaning system is recommended for handles:

  • Remove all the switches from the stove and lower them into a container, pre-filled with hot water from the tap.
  • Now add any of the products there: soda, fat solvent, grated laundry soap or dishwasher gel.
  • Beat the soap solution into the pelvis with your hands and leave the handles to soak for 15-20 minutes, depending on the degree of pollution.
  • After this time, find the old toothbrush and clean all the switches on the outside, and then from the internal.

How to clean the pens of a gas stove from fat: Methods

You can be sure that after this procedure all the stove regulators will again shine with cleanliness. When you begin to screw them into place, do not forget to wipe everything dry.

Folk remedies

Purchased products for cleaning the slabs are convenient to use and work effectively. But sometimes cleaning begins spontaneously, but there is no opportunity to go to the store. In addition, special tools can be incommensurable in comparison with no less effective folk remedies.


This bubble may be in the first.Aid kit of most housewives. But there is an important clarification-for cleaning, not clean ammonia is needed, but ammonia-anissa drops. Their smell is not so poisonous and drops do not need to be diluted with water. For cleaning, a cotton pad or stick is wetted in drops and wiped the contaminated surface.

If at home there is only pure ammonia, it is diluted with water in a proportion of 1: 1.


This tool is suitable only for removable handles. Vinegar with water is mixed in the container in a ratio of 1: 4 and pens are placed there. The capacity is placed on medium heat and boiled for 10 minutes. After that, the water is drained, and the regulators are left to cool. Then they are wiped with a napkin and installed in place.

Soda lemon

Lemon juice is an indispensable remedy for cleaning many contaminants in the house. To clean the handles, just squeeze the juice of one lemon, moisten the brush in it and wipe the surface. If the fat has eaten, 2 teaspoons of soda are added to the juice, extinguished by a small amount of juice. The mixture is applied to the handles and left for 10-15 minutes, and then wiped. This method leaves behind a pleasant aroma of citrus fruits in the kitchen for some time.

You can clean the pollution from any stove and regulators, but perhaps this will take a lot of time and effort. In order not to spend a few hours cleaning several handles, it is better to regularly wipe them from fat, touch them with clean hands and monitor the order in the kitchen. If the need to clean and use aggressive means still arose, do not forget about the use of gloves and masks to protect the respiratory tract.

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