How to wash the hob of glass

Daily cleaning of glass.Ceramic stove

Glass ceramics. Expensive and delicate material requiring a saving attitude and competent care. Daily use leads to the appearance of stains, stains of fat and soot. Pollution not only spoil the appearance of the surface, but also reduce the life of the equipment.

To save the device in working condition, carry out daily cleaning of the hob panel. This will relieve the need to use special tools and wipe the burnt spots for a long time.

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Regular preventive cleaning of the glass panel will prevent the formation of old spots, which are extremely difficult to remove without damaging a delicate coating

Procedure for the preventive cleaning of glass.Ceramic slab:

  • Disconnect the device from the mains.
  • From a hot panel with a scraper, remove the burnt coal.
  • In warm water, dissolve a little detergent for dishes. Drink a soft cloth in the solution and treat the cooled surface.
  • Wash the coating with clean water to remove soap stains and residues of contaminants.
  • Apply a means for cleaning glasses and mirrors, polish the panel to shine.

How to care for an enameled coating of the slab

Enamel, no matter how they are improved, still remain the most unstable coatings: over time they are covered with micro-bursts, even if it does without chips. At the same time, these are the most unpretentious materials in terms of choosing detergents: you can with chlorine, you can with alkali, can be with acid. You can’t only mix all this. Such pairs are formed that are dangerous to breathe. On the other hand, all these funds are quite aggressive and over time will spoil the enamel.

There are many folk life hacks, of which the most effective. A mixture of 50 ml of conventional hydrogen peroxide, 5 ml of liquid soap and 100 g of soda. Apply evenly, leave for a few minutes. Rub the pollution with a sponge. Should turn out chic and shine.

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What cannot be done with an enameled surface? Firstly, you can’t drop anything on it-bars, lids, etc.P., so that there are no chips. Secondly, you should not scrape it with anything metallic.

The choice of detergent

In order not to spoil the appearance of the “gas on glass” surface, you should not use aggressive acids and alkalis, metal washcloths and other sharp objects to remove pollution. Glass hobs, like glass ceramics, are recommended to be washed with liquid detergents and solutions. You can also use the means to clean the glasses.

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What is the glass ceramic afraid of?

Glass ceramic does not like sugar, aluminum and plastic.

It cannot be cleaned with iron washcloths, knife, brushes.

It is not recommended to use abrasive products.

Glass ceramics are resistant to mechanical influences and is capable of taking large loads, but is afraid of spotlights, for example, a crack may appear as a result of the fall of the knife with a blade down. Almost such a fall happens extremely rarely, but theoretically quite possible.

Do not spray on a hot burner with cold water and try not to put a cold and wet pan on the yet cooled burner. Most likely nothing bad will happen, but sooner or later the coating may not withstand.

If the fluid “fingering” from the pan on one burner falls on the neighboring one who has not yet cooled, then the panel in this place may crack. This is not necessary that it cracked as soon as you spilled the liquid. But this can happen, say, in 10 001 cases. Glass ceramics loves neat hostesses.

Do not use dirty and dry rags for cleaning. They can serve you a bad service, and glass ceramics after such a “cleaning” will become dirtier than before it.

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Manufacturers of glass.Ceramic slabs manufacture not only the devices themselves, but also products for their care. Glass ceramics first appeared in restaurants, thanks to the simple use, and the means for its purification began to be called professional.

The manufacturer claims that the components of the liquid or powders are able to cope with any type of pollution, and without harm to the skin of the hands. However, with frequent use, it is still recommended to work in gloves. Before use, the product must be shaken well. With the help of this household chemistry, even old, difficult to remove dirt stains can be removed, while not making great efforts. It is worth noting that the composition includes a small amount of silicone, so it will not work well to polish hardened glass.

Suitable for daily cleansing of glass ceramics. With old stains, it will not be able to cope on its own. In this case, additional washing tools will be required. The composition includes a fairly large amount of silicone, so it polishes perfectly.

Care after a stove with a glass.Ceramic surface

Recently, plates with a hob coated with glass ceramics are becoming increasingly popular. However, not all housewives have an idea of ​​the features of care for such a coating. If you believe the advertisement, then cleaning glass ceramics is a very easy process. In practice, this is not entirely. This modern material requires a rather specific approach.

Glass.Ceramic axioms: glass ceramics does not like aluminum, sugar and plastic. You can not clean glass ceramics with a knife, brush, metal washcloths and abrasive cleaning products.

Recommended products by purchasing a hob or stove with glass.Ceramic surface, you need to buy a special detergent and scraper. These related goods are sold in household stores and salons for the sale of household appliances. Sometimes they are included with the stove (. In fairness, you might notice that there is enough bottle for a very long time, since the flow rate of the product is small. But the effect of its use is very noticeable. The glass.Ceramic surface will be much easier to maintain in perfectly clean state, since the product not only removes lime plaque, food and fat spots, but also creates a thin protective silicone film. The film prevents increasing food residues and fat, facilitates the process of washing and protects the surface from liquids with high m sugar.

How to clean glass stovetop/cooktop using natural ingredients easy and effecient

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Cleaning technology: AEG experts advice from experts recommend: “First delete with a scraper of food residues. Aluminum foil, molten plastic and burned sugar is better removed until the surface has cooled down. If this happened, you should warm the plate again so that the pollution melts. Then it is easier to scrape them off. Then the surfaces must be cool and applied to it a special tool for washing glass ceramics, gently rubbing it with a soft cloth or paper towel. After that, the surface is carefully cleaned with a wet towel and wiped dry. “.

At first glance, everything is very simple and clear. But there are some nuances that should be taken into account in a number of specific cases.

Do not wipe the surface with a sponge for washing dishes, t.To. Traces of detergent or fat may remain on it, when the stove is turned on, they burn out, which leads to a bleaching of the surface. Glass ceramics around the firewood can be cleaned with a soap solution, using a piece of soft clean tissue. Fat splashes, lime coating, traces of water and spots that change the color of the surface are removed by cleaning steel products or special compounds for caring for glass ceramic. Detergents should be applied only to the finally cooled panel. At the end of cleaning, they should be completely removed from the cleaned surface, as they can have a corrosive effect on the glass.Ceramic coating. Lime plaque can be removed using a weak solution of vinegar. If you use the dishes for washing a glass of dishes for the glass.Ceramic surface, then bluish spots can remain on it. They do not affect the work of the device, but they are not always removed even by special compositions. Do not use stains and sprays for the oven for cleaning glass ceramics. Ardo specialists believe that glass ceramics can be cleaned with glass washing products. It should be avoided by the hob of solid particles. For example, grains of sand. They can damage the glass.Ceramic surface. The burners should always remain dry, wet pots or spray of salt water negatively affect glass ceramics.

The opinion of consumers Russians have always been distinguished by great ingenuity and creative approach to solving household problems. What home remedies are recommended housewives to care for glass.Ceramic coatings? A good means for cleaning the hob is considered drinking soda. Wet powder is applied to the surface with a damp cloth and perfectly removes pollution. To create a protective film, you can wipe the panel with a soft cloth moistened with a small amount of vegetable oil after washing glass ceramics. An ordinary razor machine will successfully replace special scrapers. Some detergents intended for cleaning the kitchen are also suitable for caring for glass.Ceramic surfaces, but they should be selected with great caution.

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Follow these tips or not is the personal file of the hostess. However, do not forget that hobs and slabs with glass ceramic coating are not very cheap, so it is better to treat them carefully, observing the instructions given by manufacturers.

Traces of lime and water, spray fat and stains with a metallic shine (by the way, a very common problem), we remove the surface color for cleaning products made of high.Quality steel (before cleaning again we check the product for the content of an abrasive). We advise you to use stainless steel cleaning products in the form of special foam from well.Known manufacturers. Detergents should not fall on a hot glass.Ceramic panel! After cleaning, the detergents are completely washed off with clean water. If you do not want to get blue spots on the stove. Do not use dishes for cleaning for cleaning. These spots hopelessly spoil the appearance of the plate and it is almost impossible to remove them even with special means. The only consolation. They do not affect the work of the panel.

What can ruin glass ceramics? Glass.Ceramic coatings are characterized by high mechanical strength and are able to withstand very significant loads during the operation of the kitchen. But they are afraid. For example, the fall of a knife with a point down can lead to the formation of a web of cracks. In practice, such a nuisance is rare, but in theory everything is possible. Do not put wet and cold dishes on a hot burner, it is recommended to avoid and get on the hot surface of cold water spray. Perhaps nothing terrible will happen the first time, but with a systematic violation of this prohibition, glass ceramic may not withstand. The glass.Ceramic panel of a neat mistress will last much longer than that of an forgetful lady, in whom the liquids constantly “run away”, falling on the neighboring facts that have not yet cooled. The destruction of the structure of the coating occurs gradually, it does not immediately become noticeable. But, sooner or later, cracks will become visible, the panel will become unusable. Dry dirty rags are not at all suitable for cleaning glass ceramics. They can do more harm than good, due to old pollution passing to the hob.

Care and operation tips

Recommendations for operation and daily care of an electric or gas stove made of glass ceramics:

  • Before turning on the device, check so that there are no food or liquid residues on the surface, otherwise they will burn, which will make it difficult to remove;
  • Wipe the surface with a damp cloth after each use;
  • Clean the stove after cooling completely, because the coating can crack from the temperature difference;
  • Do not use abrasive substances or metal sponges. The tsarapins left will complicate the process of caring for the surface, which will quickly make it unusable;
  • Do not put plastic, copper and aluminum containers on the stove, avoid spotlights on the coating;
  • After washing the surface, wipe it dry, so that there are no divorces left.

When purchasing a glass.Ceramic slab, be prepared to provide it with proper care. To maintain normal work, follow the operating rules, perform everyday cleaning and timely remove significant pollution. Following simple recommendations, you will save the functionality and presentable view of the panel for many years.

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