How to wash the lattices on the hood

How to clean the hood: folk remedies and chemistry

The hood can be cleaned using ordinary home remedies: soda, vinegar, ammonia, household soap or lemon. If it has not been washed for a long time, then these methods, most likely, will no longer help, they will need more radical measures and the use of household chemicals. The usual Fairy is also suitable, but the housewives recommend in these cases special tools for hoods, ovens, kitchen slabs: GreenClean Professional, Isescle, Amway, Sano Forte Plus, Topperr. In extreme cases, a mole is used. Clean hood. the key to the purity of air in the house. Therefore, it is important to maintain it in order.

The hood can be cleaned using ordinary home remedies: soda, vinegar, ammonia, household soap or lemon. If it has not been washed for a long time, then these methods, most likely, will no longer help, they will need more radical measures and the use of household chemicals. The usual Fairy is also suitable, but the housewives recommend in these cases special tools for hoods, ovens, kitchen slabs: GreenClean Professional, Isescle, Amway, Sano Forte Plus, Topperr. In extreme cases, a mole is used. Clean hood. the key to the purity of air in the house. Therefore, it is important to maintain it in order.


The hood should be wiped, having previously dismantled it into the component parts. Before doing this, you need to get acquainted with the instructions for the apparatus. Then turn off the hood from the electric network and act sequentially:

  • Open the case by unlocking the latch.
  • Remove the filter.
  • Remove the exhaust pipe. It is important to pay attention to what it is made of. Not every material can be washed. Information about this can be found in the instructions for the hood.
  • Then, along with the body itself, wash each part in the bathroom, soaking before that in a solution with a detergent.

Do not forget that the surface of the hood also needs to be cleaned. The washing solution is prepared in a ratio of 1: 4, where there are four parts, and a cleaning agent, such as Fairy, 1. A regular sponge is used for cleaning. After all the structural elements are wiped dry.

Why do you need to clean the hood in the kitchen?

It is necessary to maintain the purity of the hood to avoid:

  • reducing the effectiveness of air purification, since the clogged filter grabs fat, steam, smoke and dirt until the work is completely stopped;
  • increased load on the engine, which leads not only to increased risk of breakdown, but also to an increase in the possibility of fire;
  • increasing the noise level that issues a motor operating with mud filters;
  • deterioration in the appearance of the device, since fat traces appear not only on internal filters, but also on external surfaces;
  • complete failure of the equipment.

How often it is necessary to clean the hoods?

The frequency of cleaning depends on the frequency of operation of the technique. So, with frequent inclusion, cleaning filters should be weekly, and with a rare one. once every couple of months. On average, monthly cleaning is recommended. This will allow both to facilitate the purification process and increase the period of use of the device, which can become faulty with strong contamination. Once every few years, it is worth carrying out a complete disassembly of the hood and lubrication of the motor.

wash, lattices, hood

Complete disassembly

It is worth considering not only the cooking frequency, but also the presence of tobacco smoke when smoking in the kitchen. A number of modern models are equipped with sensors, periodically signaling the need for cleaning. With standard parameters, this reminder appears after 60 hours of operation of the technique, but the sensor lends itself to configure under the individual period.

budgetary ways to wash greasy lattices and hood

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The hood should be cleaned at least once a few weeks. Filters are quickly polluted, and the technique loses its effectiveness during operation. And if a huge layer of fat has accumulated, then this is fraught with a fire. For washing hoods, it is not necessary to buy expensive household chemicals, everything you need is already in your kitchen. will tell you how to wash the equipment to shine using budget funds.


The food product removes even old and perennial pollution. To use soda, you need to prepare. Take a large pan in which the filter from the hood will fit. Pour the water into a two.third water container, put the pan on the fire, bring to a boil and, stirring the liquid, pour soda. Add the product at the rate of 1-2 t.l. for every liter of water.

Mix the solution thoroughly and immerse the filter with lattices in it. Boil the liquid for another 30 minutes. If there are no pots to the size of the item, boil the filter in parts. First half an hour on one side, then half an hour on the other. After remove the items, cool, clean the plaque, rinse in clean water and wipe your leisure. Dirt with fat will move away by themselves, and you just have to wipe the cleaned filter and gratings.

Soap solution

First prepare a solution from laundry and hot water. Calculate so that for 5 liters of liquid you need a whole block. Take a spacious container (not necessarily a pan) and pour so much water so that the liquid theoretically covers contaminated objects. Rub the required amount of soap into it, mix thoroughly. Dear the filter, grates in the solution and leave them for an hour and a half. After the allotted time, begin to clean the items with a plastic scraper or a hard sponge. Soap solution can also be wiped and the external hood body.


The dirtier the details, the more concentrated take the essence. Vinegar is suitable even to combat old fat raid. Remove the details, pour them with the essence and withstand 15-20 minutes. After thoroughly, wash the items in clean water. If there are some spots or fat (although this is unlikely), treat the Separate sites with vinegar. Acid is quite aggressive, so be sure to put on protective rubber gloves.

Lemon acid

For prevention and regular cleaning, lemon is suitable. Cut the citrus in half and treat the entire surface of the hood with juice. Fresh contaminants as it happened. A combination of citric acid and soda will cope with situations more difficult.

First option: mix soda with acid in equal proportions and add 2 t.l. water. Apply the resulting tool to the hood, and after 30 minutes rinse the equipment with water. Second option: Connect the products in equal parts and sprinkle them with a filter with grilles. Sprinkle with water from a spray gun to form a reaction from above. Stand for half an hour, rinse and dry.

Household chemicals

If the dirt is not amenable, one of the means to clean the sewage system will have to help. No need to take expensive chemistry. Pay attention to Sancts, Deboucher Active, Mole, Chirton. Funds are sold in all stores, are in the form of powders or gels.

To cleanse the hood, you will need a concentrated solution. 2-3 bags of powder products or half a glass of liquid chemistry need to dilute into a bucket of water. Soak the filter and gratings for 5-7 minutes. You should not keep longer, otherwise you can damage the metal. The solution is quite aggressive and alkaline, so it can not often be used. Only in extreme cases and necessarily in gloves.

How to clean the bars of hoods with folk remedies

In order to wash sole and bold plaque from the grille at home, simple and inexpensive products that every housewife will find will be suitable.

Laundry soap or dishwasher

  • Any of these funds is dissolved in water, observing the proportion of 1: 4.
  • In the resulting solution, the details of the hoods are soaked for 1-2 hours, and then poured with boiling water and washed with a sponge.
  • You can install parts back only after they are completely dry.

Baking soda

You can boil the contaminated mesh and filters in a solution of baking soda.

  • Pour 1 cup of soda into a large container with water and put on fire.
  • After the powder dissolves, place the details of the hood there and boil for 30 minutes.
  • After that, you just have to rinse the grill under water.
  • If small contaminants still remain, remove them using a foam sponge.


This tool will help to wash even the most powerful and old pollution, but if you decide to use this method, take care of protecting the respiratory system, wearing a respirator. Open the windows in the room so that the caustic smell of ammonia does not spread around the apartment.


Add 1 cup of table salt to a large pot of water and wait for complete dissolution. Heat salty water, but do not bring to a boil, and place a grid in a hot solution for 30 minutes.

If, as a result of soaking, it did not work out to remove all the pollution, wipe the parts with a sponge moistened in citric juice or a solution of citric acid prepared in a ratio of 1: 3.

Dining vinegar

When cleaning the details of the extract with vinegar, be sure to use gloves, this will protect the skin of the hands from irritation.

Goss’ Garage: Cleaning Up Under the Hood

  • Moisten in vinegar (do not take essence!) a foam sponge and abundantly apply the product to the contaminated parts of the hood. In order for fat to dissolve, it will take 10-15 minutes. After this time, remove the remnants of vinegar and fat, washing the parts under water.

Lemon acid

  • Prepare a concentrated solution of citric acid and apply it to the grid and filters. In order to start acting, it will take 15-20 minutes. After fat deposits are soaked and become soft, you need to clean the details and rinse them in warm water.

If during the cleaning process you could not remove all the pollution, repeat the procedure again.

We clean the external surfaces

The hood should be clean not only from the inside, but also from the outside. Not only fat spots remain on the surface of the device, but also dust, which complicates the task and spoils the appearance of the kitchen. Applying abrasive powders and hard sponge in this case is unacceptable, this threatens the appearance of scratches on the surface. How easy it is to clean the external hood body?

  • For these purposes, a dishwashing tool is suitable. Apply it on a cloth or foam sponge and grate the surface abundantly. Leave the product for 30-40 minutes so that the fat softens, then clean the body. Strong pollution can be removed using a rubber scrap, this will not spoil the surface.

After cleaning, remove the remnants of the product from the surface, wiping it with a clean damp sponge.

Necessary tools and devices

We need a pan, equal to at least half the length of the grate, if it is filled with water to the edges.You will also need an unnecessary toothbrush. You need to put on gloves on your hands so as not to burn your fingers. From cleaning products, it is necessary to prepare ordinary food soda and vinegar 9 percent. Now you can proceed to the procedure for cleaning the gratings of the kitchen hood.

A simple way to clean the hood grate

First, remove the lattices from the hood by the method indicated in the instructions for its operation.We pour the pan into our chosen pots almost to the edges, put it on the fire and wait for the liquid to boil.

Add a small amount of vinegar to the pan, approximately 150-200 ml. The more significant the volume of the dishes, the more it is necessary to mix this tool.

Clean Greasy Range Hood Filters! How to Clean Your Stove Hood: Easy Cleaning Ideas (Clean My Space)

After that, we fill up about one tablespoon of ordinary baking soda into a pan in small portions, as this substance reacts violently with boiling water.

We lower the grilles covered with fat into a pan and withstand for some time in boiling water for 15-30 minutes.

As a result of thermal effects and added drugs, fatty deposits are partially dissolved, and, very importantly, adhesion between the decisor and the resulting coating is weakened.

We are convinced visually and with the help of a brush that the fat plaque has almost disappeared, and its residues are easily removed with mechanical exposure even with a toothbrush.

After that, it remains abundantly rinse under a powerful stream of water, first warm and then cold, wipe, dry and put in place. The hood is ready for further effective work.

Why is it necessary to clean

In the process of ventilation, excess humidity, heat, invisible dust flying in the air are allocated from our apartments. The latter just clogs the grilles, which affects the quality of work: air circulation becomes limited.

Experts recommend special attention to the bathroom. It’s all about high humidity. If the ventilation does not work for you, the walls will stand wet, finishing materials, furniture, appliances will begin to deteriorate, rust will appear. And the problem is not only that you have to spend money on repairs. High humidity contributes to the propagation of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. After a while you will notice mold in wet corners, fungal spots. This negatively affects the health of the whole family.

To check the ventilation work, conduct a simple test. Prepare a piece of paper 3 cm wide and 30 cm long. Close the windows and doors in the room and bring the sheet to the hood. With a working system, the paper will be pulled. Otherwise, it’s time to wash the ventilation grill.

Never evaluate the ventilation operation, bringing a burning match to the grille. In the case of gas leakage in the building, it can be in the air duct. An open flame will cause an explosion.

How to clean ventilation grilles from dust

The most popular way at home without involving specialists is mechanical cleaning. Before starting work, put on protective glasses, gloves and mask. Cover the floor with newspapers. If furniture is located near the grate, it can be closed with polyethylene. For work, we will need:

Remove the grate, pushing with a knife or a screwdriver. Try not to shake it so that the dust does not scatter around the room. Rinse it under running water. Then spray to the surface a universal spray CIF. Let it act for a few seconds (leave for strong contaminants for 1-2 minutes), and then rinse with a damp sponge. The product will quickly and effectively dissolve pollution, dried garbage, fat.

wash, lattices, hood

Unlike the toilet and the bathroom, the kitchen grilles are covered not only with a layer of dust, but also by old fat. Many housewives try to wash them with a dishes. The grill is pre.soaked, and then they are rubbed with a sponge with a gel. But sometimes this method is absolutely non.constant: too strong pollution. It is much more efficient to use CIF PowerShine anti.ore. The product penetrates the dirt and removes it in a matter of seconds. Leaves no traces, divorces and stickiness. CIF Anti.Berry can be used when cleaning the sink, hobs (including glass.ceramic), working surfaces, tiles, hoods with a coating of steel or chromium.

Now we start cleaning the mine. Remove large garbage. On the walls of the canal can be dirt and fat. They are cleaned with a scrap-spacer. After that the walls are on the walls with a vacuum cleaner. Sections to which you reach your hand can be wiped with a damp cloth. Return the clean grill to the place.

Then again conduct a test with paper. If this time the sheet is not attracted, you need to contact the service organization.

In addition to cleaning, you can restore ventilation operation by improving air circulation. As a rule, for this they increase the gap between the room door and the floor.

You should also take care of ventilation of the room. And if in the warm season it is quite simple, then in winter we often hold the windows closed tightly. You can create supply gaps in plastic structures. Then the warm and cold air will begin to interact, and the necessary microclimate will create in the apartment.

How to wash the hood in the kitchen from fat using a steam generator or dishwasher

To clean the hood and its components from the carbon, you will have to remove them from the cap, then put them in the container of the dishwasher. Then load the detergent: in this case, Finish tablets will be effective. They not only cope with the thick layer of fat, but also eliminate the unpleasant odor.

A slightly stroked soot can be removed with a detergent powerful vacuum cleaner. If you have a steam generator in your house, just remove the details from the electrical appliance and place in the bathroom. Next, you need to process a powerful stream of a steam steam. Then it is enough to rinse with detergent and sponge, then rinse in cold water.

Than to wash the hood from the fat outside: Rules for the care of the body

In addition to its regular wiping it (about once a week or at the same time how many times you wipe the dust in the house), it is also necessary to take into account some tips that will help maintain the operability of the kitchen device and an attractive look much longer. Consider the advice of experts:

cleaning wooden lattice

  • Do not use aggressive chemical compounds in relation to the cap of kitchen hood. For example, if the case of your household appliance is enameled or stainless, it can be oxidized, which will cause corrosion.
  • Do not leave a damp hood after wiping, since when connecting it to electricity, a current breakdown is possible, it is very unsafe.
  • If some parts of the case (buttons, levers and switches) are not removed, they should be wiped with a soft cloth moistened in a detergent solution. In no case do not use knives, metal brushes and other sharp objects. This will entail damage to the structure of the case.
  • Be sure to wipe the dust from the extract from the outside and on the air duct. This will protect the device from unnecessary accumulation of dirt (non.hygienic for the kitchen) and prevent a short circuit (which so often causes simple dust).
  • If you worry about the integrity and attractive appearance of your hood, study the instructions, how it can be processed. Otherwise, use the microfiber painted in household soap.

It is better to carry out the processing of the hood motor, however, you can independently clean it mechanically and finally wipe all the parts of our resource with medical alcohol, we are waiting for reviews and Комментарии и мнения владельцев from you this article. We are always happy about feedback and are ready to discuss interests of interest.

How to clean the bars of hoods from fat without purchased chemistry

It is not secret that the dry fat on the extract of the hood is extremely easy to clean without buying active chemicals. Some of them are not only roads, but can also be dangerous for an aluminum lattice. To safely and quickly remove fat, there is a simple and affordable folk way.

Initially, it is required to find a container under the lattice, such. If you do not have this container, take a regular garbage bag.

Clean Greasy Range Hood Filters! How to Clean Your Stove Hood: Easy Cleaning Ideas (Clean My Space)

Put the grill in the center and tie the knots at the edges.

Next, boil 1 liter of water. Add vinegar and citric acid to it. Then pour the solution on the retka.

Place the grille under oppression and leave to soak for 1-2 hours.

After time, the fat plaque is easily removed with a sponge.

Rinse the grill with a detergent under a stream of water and remove all the dirt.

But in order to remove fat from all holes as quickly as possible, it is recommended to use the brush.

As a result, the entire plaque will be washed without any unnecessary effort. There was no trace of past pollution left.

This method is safe and will not hurt your thing. The only thing, be very careful when handling boiling water.

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Ways to clean the kitchen exhaust umbrella

In order for the hood grill to be easily cleaned, it is necessary to periodically, at least once every two months, check its condition, and remove the layered particles of soot, fat and dirt. However, if the pollution managed to disgust, you need to make certain efforts to wash them. Let’s get acquainted with the most effective means that will help restore order in the kitchen.

Processing with soda solution

Sodium carbonate is able to efficiently remove even old pollution from any surfaces. Therefore, this substance is actively used by housewives to dissolve oily plaque, which abundantly covers the bars of the hood. To wash the device with drinking soda at home, you need:

  • Pour six liters of clean water into a bite;
  • put the container on the fire;
  • fall asleep three hundred grams of soda, and stir thoroughly;
  • After boiling the liquid. immerse the grill into a bite, and boil for half an hour;
  • turn off the fire and extract the device.

After the indicated time, the grille of the kitchen hood will be completely cleaned.

Honial alcohol processing

In advanced cases, when it is necessary to remove the layer of dirt, which accumulated for years, ammonia will help. To wash the ventilation grate with its use, you will need to do the following:

  • pour four liters of cool water into the basin;
  • Add one hundred and fifty milliliters of ammonia;
  • run the grill into the active solution;
  • wait two to three hours for a more intense effect.

After the listed manipulations are performed, the device can be easily washed from pollution under a stream of warm water.

Soap solution

When you need to wash the hood from fat, which has formed relatively recently, you can use the usual soap solution. To wash the grill with a qualitatively, you need:

  • fill the pelvis with warm water;
  • Add a bar of a solid soap grated on a coarse grater, and thoroughly dissolve it;
  • immerse a stained ventilation part in the soap liquid;
  • After twenty to thirty minutes-intensively rub the dirty surface with a hard sponge.

If the greasy layer managed to firmly connect with the device, it is better to use an aluminum washcloth to wash it.

Acetic acid

The advantages of organic acids include the fact that they very carefully launder pollution, without damaging the purified surfaces. Therefore, if there is a difficult raid of the burning on the bars of the hood, you can try to wash it with a nine percent dining vinegar that is found in every house. All that is required to do for a hygienic procedure is to moisten the dishes for washing dishes with acetic acid, and apply the substance to problem areas. In ten to fifteen minutes-wash the bars of the hood in the usual way.

Important! Dining vinegar has a very caustic unpleasant odor, so during purification you need to arrange intensive ventilation in the kitchen.

Lemon acid

Similarly, a lemon is valid for dirt and fat. To wash the stained bars of the hoods, experienced housewives use the following methods:

  • Squeeze the juice of two fresh lemons, and rub the problem areas obtained by the liquid. Twenty to thirty minutes later, the dirt dissolves, and it is easy to wash it with any cleaning agent.
  • Subure for forty minutes a dirty bars of the hood into a solution of citric acid. To prepare it, you need to fill three hundred grams of lemon in three liters of water, and stir it well. After the specified time, a particle of dirt is easily lagging behind the device.


Undoubtedly, household chemicals will help to wash the bars of the hood from the dirty layer most effectively. We list several of the most effective professional tools:

When using the listed store products, cleaning will pass much faster and better, and the kitchen after it will be filled with pleasant aromas. Wherein

Cleaning the device in the dishwasher

Many housewives are interested in whether it will be possible to wash the bars of the hoods in the dishwasher. In fact, no restrictions exist. The dishwasher is ideal for cleaning all ventilation elements. In this case, you should put the grille in the compartment for large dishes. This method is especially good if the device is covered with a thick chipped raid that cannot be washed with other methods considered above.

Using a steam cleaner to clean the hood

The easiest way to wash the bars of the hoods from the layer of fat, soot and dirt to the happy owners of the steam cleaner. This device quickly copes even with the most persistent pollution that flaunt ventilation for several months. To conduct a hygienic procedure, you will need to perform several simple actions:

  • dismantle the lattice grate;
  • several times go through the ferry in problem areas, until the dirt is completely dissolved;
  • wipe the cleaned device with kitchen paper towels;
  • Install the hood in place, above the gas stove.

Of course, buying a steam cleaner is not cheap pleasure. However, it can be found and the option is cheaper, for example, in five thousand. But this household device will allow any pollution to wash, and will clean the most comfortable.

Exhaust leaving rules and prevention measures

No one can argue with the fact that it is much easier to prevent the sticking of pollutants on the extract of the hoods, than then look for a tool that could have a efficiently wash. Therefore, we will consider several simple rules, when performing which ventilation will not need to be cleaned of layers of dirt:

  • It is necessary to arrange the preventive cleaning of the hood at least once every two months, with intensive use of the stove. twice as often.
  • After washing the device, you should not immediately connect it to the power supply network, you will need to wait a little time so that all the elements have time to dry.
  • You can not use to cleanse the abrasive grill, they leave microzarapins on the surface, which attract particles of dust and fat.

Experienced housewives know that washing the bars of the hoods is not so difficult at home. In the presence of certain knowledge and stock of patience, even the amateur will cope with this task.

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