How to wash the oven from old fat

The best tool for cleaning the oven from fat and soot at home is quickly and easy

The most problematic place when cleaning the kitchen is the oven. In the process of cooking on the bottom and walls of the oven, fat constantly falls. Even with the maximum accuracy of the hostess of this problem, one cannot avoid. It is very difficult to wash the burnt fat, even if you start cleaning immediately after the cooking is completed.

Old pollution is even more difficult to wash. In order to get rid of them, you need to make a lot of effort. In this material you will learn the best tool for cleaning the oven from fat and soot at home and how to get rid of fat and soot quickly and easily.

Oven tips

During each cooking in the oven, the smallest drops of fat fall on the walls and door. If they are washed with a dishwasher or soap immediately after cooling the furnace, then there will never be problems with a soil and fat raid. Fresh pollution is laundered much easier than accumulating for a long time. Having spent 5 minutes on daily care will not have to be spent several hours on removing old traces of fat and soot.

Excellent prevention of the formation of fat on the baking sleeve or foil sleeves.

For those who neglect the regular cleaning of the inner surface of the oven, we offer several effective ways to remove the stuck fat and dark coat.

How to wash the oven: folk/improvised means

If the oven is not too dirty, you can try “folk” means. The best of all is removed by alkali. From the “improvised” funds are drinking or calcified soda, mustard powder, laundry soap. How to use them will tell below.

Clean soda (without heating) and/or mustard

Apply soda to the wet sponge and distribute on the cleaned surface. Soda can be food, but calcified more effective, albeit more caustic. Calcinated should work in gloves.

You can make a paste from dry soda by adding water to it and a little detergent for dishes. It is more convenient to apply the paste to the walls of the oven. Dry mustard powder is accurately turned into a paste, diluting with water, otherwise the effect will not be.

Cleaning with citric acid. Over, lemons are optional. Enough vinegar or citric acid from the store is enough

Close the door of the oven (so as not to dry), leave for at least 20 minutes and begin to rub. If the apartment is dry and hot, put a bowl of warm water inside.

To get started, you can not wash it off, but try to clean with the back of the kitchen sponge. If “does not go”, then try a metal scraper, brush or leave for another 15–20 minutes. Instead of soda (or with her), you can use baking powder. Sometimes it helps to add a digging. After the reaction ends, three again.

Mustard powder copes well with fat deposits

The matter can go faster if the “prayers” field inside put a bowl of water and turn on the oven for a short time. Do not overheat. It is only necessary to heat up to 40-50 ° C, and not dry. And you need to rub immediately after turning off until the soda/mustard has dried up.

Laundry soap

The second home alkaline for washing the oven is laundry soap. This is the most gentle way, but also the least effective. For a better effect after applying a soap paste, the oven you can heat. But not much, but up to 30–35 degrees. So that the fat softens and dissolves faster. And still, this method is for regular care, but not for old pollution.

Cleansing the oven by home means: laundry soap

Brown laundry soap with a large alkali content works better. Grind dry soap on a coarse grater (ordinary kitchen grater), pour chips from soap with water, wait until it gets wet. Apply the resulting paste to the walls and the bottom of the oven and leave for half an hour, the trip and wash.

My ammonia

Not to say that the tool is “homemade”, but certainly folk. It will be necessary to put the grill inside (approximately in the middle of the height), heat the oven to 65–75 degrees. Take two metal bowls, pour boiling water into one, about 200 ml of ammonia into the other.

We put an ammonia on the grid in a warmed oven on the lattice, under it, to the bottom. A bowl of hot water. We close the door without removing the seal, and leave for 8 hours, or more (better. At night). Then you can clean it from softened fat soot and soot.

After the amiac, the smell will remain, so you can’t cook food right away. First you need to warm up with an open door. If it does not help, then we use activated carbon (described below).

Cleaning with soda and citric acid with heating (suitable for strongly contaminated)

We take a large pan, pour 3 liters of water into it, add 250-300 grams of soda and 250-300 grams of citric acid (can be replaced with vinegar). We are waiting for the end of the reaction. Then we turn on the oven at 200 degrees, put a pan with a solution.

We wait until it starts to boil, we are convinced that the liquid does not spill. Boiling should last at least an hour. You will see for yourself when the plaque from the walls and the top of the camera begins to dissolve and fall. In the process it will be necessary to add water, otherwise burn the pan. Когда нагар станет мягким (даже по виду он будет другим), выключаете духовку. After it is cooling, with a detergent gel for dishes, a sponge, a brush and a scraper you remove everything.

In this way you can clean up even the back and upper walls to shine

Should not be expected from folk remedies of miracles. They work, but in order to clean the burnt, well.Free fat, you will need more than one “entry” and, possibly, a combination of several or all methods.

Folk methods

The second thought that comes to mind to people is folk remedies. Vinegar and soda, ammonia, even baking powers for the dough are used. But problems with their use are no less than with aggressive means, so this decision is not suitable for everyone. Most often use folk methods either for a long or hard or unsafe.

  • For funds to work, they need time. Sometimes you have to leave the oven for 10-12 hours, and this whole period can not be used.
  • Wipe the burning and fat from surfaces, even helping yourself with improvised means, is hard. This requires physical effort, and long: the area of ​​the oven is usually quite large.Not all of the folk methods really help. And those that really have a proven effect can harm the surfaces. In addition, vinegar and ammonia are liquids with a sharp unpleasant odor, and no one would like to work with them for several hours. And if the smell remains inside the oven, this will ruin the food, which will later prepare there.

Rating of popular household funds

Today, the choice on household chemical racks in supermarkets is so wide that we have made a rating of the best household products for you that will help quickly and easily wash the oven from pollution.

When drawing up the rating, we took into account the reviews on the sites of Ayremnod and Ozzovik. Let’s start?


Active foam for cleaning Reinex plates and ovens, according to reviews, is a real find for those who need to wash a strongly contaminated oven cabinet.

All you need is to apply the contents of the can with an uniform layer on contaminated surfaces and withstand twenty to forty minutes. Waiting time depends on how much the surface needs to be cleaned.

Alton Brown’s Holiday Standing Rib Roast

Then just mourn the product with a soft sponge and wipe with a clean, damp cloth. Ready!

A pleasant bonus for owners of steel ovens. Rinex metal surfaces gives a shine, which lasts a long time.


Sanitar gel for cleaning ovens, slabs, barbecue, cauldrons, pans, hoods. A favorite of many housewives. First of all, due to universality. The manufacturer claims that the product contains substances that are permissible to use for surfaces that are in direct contact with food.

According to reviews, the tool can dissolve even the old fat smie and soot in just 10 minutes. You just need to apply it to the surface and wait a bit.

Another indisputable dignity is low

However, many warn that with this tool it is necessary to be careful when processing combined surfaces where plastic is present. For example, the outer part of the oven. The plastic parts can be slightly “melted” under the influence of the product.

True, it is not clear how it combines with the manufacturer’s assurances about the complete safety of the product.


One of the best funds in our rating is the gel from Faberlic. The main advantage of this detergent is that it has absolutely no smell. This means that allergies can use gel.

At the same time, many note the amazing effectiveness of the detergent. It removes old fat spots in just five minutes without much effort. It is enough to apply the gel, and then gently wipe the place with a damp sponge and wash the remnants of the product.

At a cost of 170 gel is quite economical. Only a few drops are enough to wash the oven from the inside.

True, there is a problem with the application. The bottle does not have a dispenser, so more often the product is poured than it was planned. On the one hand, this is an extra expense of the detergent. On the other hand, the product foams too much. However, the problem is easily solved if you buy a dispenser or pour the gel to another container.


This tool is often mentioned in various reviews. Manufacturers promise that even the oldest fat is removed in a couple of minutes.

However, the reviews refute this statement. To achieve the result, the gel must be kept at least half an hour. In addition, after that it will follow quite intensively rubbing the places of pollution.

For the product. A rather dubious result, to be honest. Of the pluses, many note a pleasant aroma of grapefruit and a convenient economical dispenser.

In general, the gel is not bad. However, many folk remedies showed approximately the same result.

Mr. Muscle expert

Universal detergent for the kitchen Mr. Muscle Expert will cost you a little more. About three hundred. However, it fully justifies its price.

It dissolves fresh spots of fat in the oven in about a minute, with more old ones it is recommended to leave the product for about ten minutes. After that, even the most old spots of fat and soot are easily removed by a simple rag.

The product makes a pleasant citrus aroma, is sprayed well and quite economically. The bottle is enough for about six months.

Another advantage. It can be used not only for the oven, but also for the rest of the kitchen surfaces.


The concentrated remedy “Schumanit” at one time produced a real splash. It seems that almost everyone was tasted. It costs about 400 for five hundred milliliters. Given its effectiveness. The price is more than humane.

The product is really more than effective. It is enough to spray it on a contaminated surface for minutes, then wipe it with an abrasive sponge and wipe it dry with a clean rag. Old spots of fat and soot will require a little more time. As many as three minutes.

At the same time, the noise unit dissolves even very old spots. The author of this article washed with its help the bars of the hood, which was not opened for more than three years, spending only half an hour.

It is sprayed to the surface noise using a dispenser, quite economically. In order to wash the inner part of the oven, six zilch is enough, the outer. About three.

wash, oven

In general, we definitely recommend buying.

Bonus: it is best to use Schumanite for metal surfaces. On them he acts as a polish, providing a bright shine.


The Canadian Gel Eco-Max, first of all, attracts attention with its versatility: it can be washed with dishes, clean the oven and even refresh carpets. It does not contain chemicals, and therefore is considered absolutely safe.

Cleaning The Kitchen : How to Clean Baked-On Grease From Cooking Pans

For a jar. The product is quite effective, but it does not always cope with old spots if you do not make additional efforts. Most likely, you will have to rub the processed spots for several minutes.


In order not to encounter such a time.Consuming cleaning process should be:

  • Each time after cooking, wipe the inner walls, baking sheets and doors with a light soap solution;
  • Prepare dishes in a special sleeve, so that fat spray will not fall on the walls;
  • You can choose an oven with a self.Cleaning function.

A couple of words about the “self.Cleaning” of the oven. Yes, such an option is in many modern models. But, many housewives, when using it, noticed that as a result of the oven simply suffers.

The spots do not disappear anywhere, they simply lend themselves to steam processing. The only plus from this procedure. This is some softening (discourage) of old spots, which facilitates the cleaning of the oven. There is no need to count on a greater result.

We hope that you were convinced that it is realistic to cope even with a persistent and old mud with both household chemicals and folk remedies. It is much easier and more convenient for yourself to prevent this or wipe the plaque as soon as it appears.

I just wipe the oven every time after cooking, with a preventive purpose, but it is still all in fat ((

Katya, so you wipe badly! How this is what I wipe, but there is fat? So, trite with a detergent, for oven. Anyway, I recommend that you earn more and hire a housekeeper. Now it is not so expensive. It makes no sense to spend youthful on such things!

Irina Vladimirovna, the second time I already stumble upon your cry about the housekeeper! Yes, you already go to Red Square and declare to the whole world how wealthy you are and that you have a housekeeper)) the circus, by golly. Well it is necessary, how people are spinning. But really, not always the usual wiping saves. Especially if the plate is old, the enamel is bad there and everything is absorbed.

Cleaning with special compounds

A wide range of household chemical facilities for cleaning ovens is presented on store shelves. TOP-3 of the most effective special tools.

Sanita Anti.Zemly

Gel, the innovative formula of which helps to cope with deeply stuck in a fat bloom as quickly as possible. After application, it forms a plentiful foam, easily washing off cold water. After washing off, there is no unpleasant smell of chemistry on the surface.

  • Economical consumption;
  • Effective in the fight against old traces of fat, adherent to food, soot;
  • There is no caustic smell of chemistry;
  • The kit includes a soft brush for applying a cleaner.

Disadvantages: No. The average cost is 120 (volume 500 ml). Read the reviews here.

Mr. Chistor

The alkali in the composition of the cleaning agent effectively removes a persistent bold plaque, stuck dirt, soot and soot. Natural components (lemon zest extract) Neutralize the chemical aroma of the cleaner. Spray-pumping helps to spend the liquid as economically as possible.

wash, oven

Cons: not found. Average cost. 150 (volume 500 ml). Read the reviews here, here and here.

Azelit Grass

A cleaning agent designed for the highest quality cleaning of ovens, garden grills, barbecue, gas and electric stoves. A thick consistency allows you to apply the product, both on horizontal and vertical surfaces of any kind (enameled, polished, metal).

  • Retains cleaning properties even in contact with cold water;
  • Without caustic chemical smell;
  • Suitable for any surfaces.

Disadvantages: you can only work in rubber gloves. Average cost. 145 (volume 500 ml). Read the reviews here, here and here.

Do not exceed the time of contact of household chemicals with the surface of the oven, indicated by the manufacturer on the package. Otherwise, the risks of damage to the decorative coating of the household appliance are great.


In working with an electric device and various substances, the precautions should be observed. This will avoid health problems and protect the equipment from damage:

  • You can not use sponges with an abrasive coating, hard scrapers, knives and other sharp tools so as not to spoil the enamel coating;
  • Cleaning products cannot be applied to warming elements and fan;
  • Be sure to ventilate the oven after the cleansing procedure so that harmful substances do not penetrate food;
  • It is recommended to work in gloves and mask.
wash, oven

If the smell remains, put a glass of water in the oven, dissolving activated carbon in it. This is the best remedy that absorbs unpleasant odors.

In order to care for the oven to pass without unpleasant consequences, it is recommended to use the following advice of specialists:

wash, oven
  • Folk cleaning methods are often no less effective than purchased means.
  • It is advisable to carry out the cleaning of the oven in rubber gloves.
  • Before using a specific drug for the oven, you should definitely study the instructions for it.
  • When washing the oven, you should not forget about the door. Its inner part is washed with the same composition as the entire oven.
  • The oven cleaning should begin only after extracting dishes, gratings and baking sheets from it.

Methods and means of cleaning various surfaces from soot are presented in this section.

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