How to wash the Xiaomi Cyclonic vacuum cleaner filter

Is it possible to wash the Xiaomi robot filter?

Is it possible to wash Hepa filter from the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner? It all depends on which filter you have. Perhaps 2 options:

  • Not washing. Installed in vacuum cleaners that do not have a wet cleaning function. Made from corrugated paper, which can additionally include fiberglass. If the vacuum cleaner removes 200 squares in a week, then the service life of the filter will be no more than six months. If you try it (the filter) to wash it, then it will lose its structure, deform. Although, it may withstand several water procedures (as users write about Yandex Market). But why take risks?
  • Washing. Installed in vacuum cleaners with a wet cleaning function. Most often made from fluoroplast. It is recommended to wash after 400. 500 cleaned squares, without the use of brushes and detergents. Next, you need to wait to complete the filter drying out.

In addition, I note that if you can wash the filter for the Xiaomi robot, then the seller will definitely write about this.

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Thank you very much for the detailed information.

Hmm, I am a native filter for Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner vacuumers once a week when shaking dust from a container and norms, still alive since 2018. But in the reserve of a couple of substituted there is.

Vertical vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Deerma DX700. review

Today my review is a review on the vacuum vertical vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Deamma DX700. Eh, they would know in China with what word we have the name of the derama brand, probably would have been called the brand differently.

Well, oh well, if you set aside the jokes to the side, then the vacuum vertical vacuum cleaner Xiaomi of the daughter brand Derama DX700. reliable cleaning device, taking into account a rather budget value.

Choosing a vertical vacuum cleaner without a bag, I stopped on a model with a wire, I did not consider the battery in principle, since I did not want to constantly monitor the battery charge.

I needed a vacuum cleaner always ready to work, so that it was enough to connect it to the network, and if necessary, collect all the garbage from the floor.

I considered this vacuum cleaner as a compact, practical model for quick cleaning, a kind of electric broom for collecting garbage, dust and hair from a laminate and tile.

I did not plan to vacuum the carpets with this vacuum cleaner, for these functions I have a powerful Rowenta vacuum cleaner of a cyclone type.

In this recall, I will share my opinion about the vacuum cleaner without the Deamma Stick Vacuum Cleaner Cord Gray DX700S bag.

Vacuum vertical vacuum cleaner without a bag Xiaomi deerma DX700S Black

Official information about the device from the manufacturer:

The new cyclone filtration technology used in the vacuum cleaner combines several swirls in which dust, hair and other large particles are separated from the air. In such a system, the formation of blockages is impossible, which means that the force of absorption is not lost over time.

The new form of protection against dusty minimalist vacuum cleaner design has an optimized duct design, which allows you to grab dust from all sides and deeply clean the air.The unique technology of cyclone filtration of the smallest dust bands does not slip through the vacuum cleaner filtration system, which captures all the dirt and prevents secondary air pollution.

A powerful engine and an independent air duct of the ducts reduces air resistance and prevents the loss of absorption force. Due to the powerful electric motor, the vacuum cleaner is able to suck out even stuck dirt and dust from deep cracks.

It will easily point out cleanliness in the entire premises by one vacuum cleaner to cope with different tasks. in an upright position it will cleanse the floor, and in manual. furniture and other surfaces.

The ergonomic Hall of the Hall is designed so that its center of gravity is located near the handle. The very handle of two segments is great for the operation of holding a vacuum cleaner at different angles. In addition, the vacuum cleaner itself is deprived of awkward forms that can cause fatigue after prolonged work in different modes.

The vacuum cleaner was placed in a small box, packed reliably and efficiently from external damage. A compact cardboard box weighs about three kg.

Included to the vacuum cleaner was instructions in Russian, a warranty card, etc.D.

In addition to the main block of the vacuum cleaner with a motor and a vacuum container, the complete set includes an extension tube, three types of brush (half a coaver, a slit nozzle and a nozzle for upholstered furniture)

In the collected form, the vacuum cleaner is quite light and compact, it is convenient to use, light, maneuverable, practical.

Plastic from which the device is made. high.quality, without gaps and roughnesses, the assembly of the case is solid, without backlash.

The filter of the vacuum cleaner

Completes the processing of the 12th class Hepa filter, capturing particles up to 0.3 μm.

You need to click to switch to operating mode.

You need to press and hold for 1.5 seconds to enter the filter discharge mode.

To replace the filter cleaning the Hepa filter, remove the filter and replace it.

To reset the filter, press and hold for 5 seconds to open the checkpoint screen of the filter. When appears on the screen. This means that the discharge is successful.

Why and how to clean brushes

The garbage will definitely be wrapped on brushes. This is especially often happening if animals live in the room. Also, various stickers, paper often stick to brushes. All this has to be manually removed, since the efficiency of cleaning from this is significantly reduced.

Such vacuum cleaners use 2 types of brushes: lateral (in the shape of a star, sweep all the dust and fine garbage to the absorption pipe), as well as a central one (turbo-growth, is used mainly when cleaning carpets).

To clean them from garbage, it is recommended to use a special cutting “hook”. Sometimes it is in the very kit with a robot-ribbed, in some models it is sold separately along with a set of consumables.

To extract a turbo-base, you need to turn off the vacuum cleaner, then turn it over, remove the protective valve, pull the brush to the side (holds on the protruding plastic bracket). Cleaning bearing does not require, it is designed for the entire operational resource of the robot permollis.

Cleaning the wheels and their axes

Garbage is also periodically wound on them, often a pile is stuffed there. To clean them, you need to turn off the vacuum cleaner, turn it over. To remove the wheel is enough to pull it up. To clean the axis, use only a dry soft brush. Wound garbage can be cut off with a hook. It is recommended to repeat the procedure every 1. 2 full cleaning.

The concept of “1 complete cleaning” should be understood that the robot processes about 100 m 2 rooms.

It is not necessary to clean the fixed wheel, as it is protected by additional inserts that prevent dust, hair, and other garbage.

Service of the cleansing unit

Periodically, it should be cleaned by the block where the turbo engine is inserted. There you can often find sticky paper, knocked down pile. And all this creates resistance when scrolling the brush, which also worsens the quality of the cleaning.

To clean the unit, you need to turn off the robot vacuum cleaner, turn it over and unscrew 3-4 screws on the bottom cover (depending on the model). Move it to the side, pull out the brush. Next, you need to wipe everything thoroughly with a dry sponge. You should not disconnect the battery.

How to service a wet cleaning module

Wet cleaning module in Xiaomi Removable Robots. In most models, it consists of two parts: an insert for a vacuumber (used as an additional compartment where water is poured), as well as a nozzle with a rag for wiping the floor.

  • Remove the module. Unfasten the sponge. It is attached with Velcro, in the lower part. simply inserted into the groove (pull aside for extraction).
  • Rinse the sponge underwater. You can use ordinary soap, but carefully reinforce a rag after it.
  • Water tank, if not planned to use it. remove, just drain the remaining liquid.

Under the water tank (behind the upper cover) is the nozzle, to which it connects. It also needs to be cleaned periodically. This is most often required if dirty or too hard water was used for refueling, due to which deposits form there. It is recommended to use a rubber pear (enema) to clean the nozzle (enema). But spaces with compressed air. you should not use. They have too high pressure, which can literally break the nozzle.

It is not recommended to remove the sponge from the wet cleaning module often. Velcro existing there, as practice shows, wear out quite quickly. And they are not sold separately. That is, if the sponge stops holding on, you will have to buy a new module.

Cleaning sensors

Sensors in the robotaea are located from below, on the sides, in some models also on top (laser or cameras). For their wiping, it is recommended to use a microfiber napkin moistened in alcohol. Detergents are not used, since after them in most cases there are stains that worsen the sensitivity of the installed sensors.

Cleaning should be carried out as necessary (every 2. 3 cycles of full cleaning). The latest Xiaomi models also provide for self.diagnosis. That is, if the device finds that the sensors are very contaminated, then the user will receive a notification about the need to clean them or wipe them. In old robots, such a function, such a function was not provided.

Do I need to clean the charger

The charging base should also be periodically cleaned. Although the contact platform is closed there (so that no one is accidentally closed them, and so that dust, moisture does not fall), but the case itself quickly becomes dirty. Especially if you install a robot vacuum cleaner along with a module for wet cleaning (which is actually prohibited from the instructions).

To clean the base from pollution, it is enough to wipe it with a dry sponge. Previously, be sure to turn off the power adapter.

How to clean the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner 1s robot

Turn the device, press on the latch at the bottom of the device and remove the lid of the main brush. 2. Pull out the main brush and clean its axis. 3. Clean your hair wound on the main brush using a tool for cleaning the main brush that is included in the kit. four. Put the main brush in place. Fix it with a latch of the lid, pressing on the lid.

Note. It is recommended to change the main brush every 6-12 months to ensure the optimal cleaning efficiency.

Using a tool for cleaning the main brush

Vacuumboat and filter of the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner 1s Robot

Raise the top cover of the device, press on the latch and pull out the vacuum cleaner.

Open the cover of the vacuum cleaner in the place indicated by the arrow.

Note. To avoid clogging the filter grid, knock on the vacuumber, pour out the garbage.

Do not wash the filter. Otherwise, dust may deposit on the filter and impede its normal operation, which will affect the efficiency of cleaning.

Note. It is recommended to replace the filter every three months to maintain optimal cleaning efficiency.

Remove and replace the filter as shown in the figure

Axes cleaning, wheels

Wheels in robots-blankets are attached to the rotating axis. And her hair, pile are also periodically wound on it, dust is stuffed.

Cleaning is as follows:

  • Turn off the robot vacuum cleaner, turn it upside down.
  • Take the wheel carefully and pull it up. In some models, it must first be slightly pushed aside.
  • Using a soft brush, peel the axis, the wheel itself from the pile, garbage.
  • Set the wheel in the reverse order.
  • Repeat the procedure with each wheel.

Guide wheels (not in all models), which do not have their own axis, simply cleaned with a brush. Is it possible to wash the wheels? Only if it is directly indicated in the instructions.

Nozzle cleaning, liquid container

The container is served as necessary. To do this, you also need to turn off the vacuum cleaner, push the top cover, move the latches, pull out the container. Next. throw off the valve and drain the remaining water, pour a new.

No need to serve a nozzle. But, as practice shows, it is periodically clogged. Most often this is due to the use of dirty water for refueling (fractions of more than 1 millimeter can lead to a “cork”). In such cases, it is recommended to contact the service centers.

Also, if the sponge is not wetted during the cleaning, then this may indicate the blockage of the rubber seal, which is located between the tank itself and the groove in which it is installed. There is a small slot in the junction of the nozzle. It is necessary to check if there is dirt, if any. to remove it.

Hair cleaning

Most often, hair accumulates in the central brush and in the side brushes. It is very important to remove them in a timely manner, as they can interfere with the correct operation of the vacuum cleaner. For example, you may find yourself in a situation where the side brush stops spinning due to a huge amount of hair, which over time can wrap up on it.

Cleaning side brushes from hair

Cleaning lateral brushes is carried out very simply. Almost all Xiaomi robot models have a special brush in their kit for hair removal and cleaning the device from dust, which is in Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop Essential. In difficult cases, it is better to use a knife or scissors for this procedure. To remove the hair with a knife, you need to carefully under them and cut it off. If the hair was wrapped strongly and deep, then you can take a screwdriver and unscrew the brush, and then get all the hair.

How often you need to clean the side brushes? As necessary or after 3-5 months from the last cleaning.

In addition, over time, these brushes wear out. Somewhere in a year of using the device, it is recommended to replace them with new.

Cleaning the central brush

Both dust and hair can accumulate on the central brush. Basically, the main enemy of the central brush is hair. Therefore, then we will consider how easy it is to get rid of them.

Clamp the fixers of fastening the brush and take it out. Remove the axis of the brushes on the sides and remove the hair that will be there in any way.

After that, it is best to go to the bathroom and clean the brush with a special device that comes with a vacuum cleaner. It is very comfortable and has a blade on the back, which copes with hair much better than hands. Next, wash the brush under the tap and wipe it with a towel. Everything, the brush is cleaned and ready for work again. We install in place in the vacuum cleaner, fix it and put the protective pad in place.

We recommend repeating cleaning about once a week, or as necessary. This will provide a longer service life and will positively affect the quality of cleaning.

Cleaning wheels

If your model of the Xiaomi robot is not possible to remove the wheels, then the accumulated garbage and the remnants of food can be tried to be obtained with tweezers, scissors or knife. If the wheels are removed easily, very carefully remove them, clean all the garbage and dirt, wipe it with wet wipes. Also, at the final stage of cleaning, you can disinfect wheels using antibacterial wet wipes.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner robot. review

Morning in 2018: LG washing machine rinses things, dishwasher Bosch. Washes dirty dishes, multicooker cooks dinner, and finally, what happiness, the Xiaomi Mi Robot robot vertebrae removes the floors! In the meantime, he does all the dirty work for us, you can do ourselves: we are losing weight all the time, and now on such a “diet” now also successfully.

There are no such epithets and metaphors that could fully express my pleasure from possessing this device and from the results of its activities! Therefore, I will describe the impression with one capacious: “Waaaau. “

Of course I have long known about the existence of ribotes-percleshots, but, I admit, I did not know that they were cleaning so high quality. From a brainless car, I expected a much worst result.

How to clean and maintain Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Nevertheless, here he is, and now he removes perfectly, albeit not perfectly, but for exactly 4! Noisy, but not so much as to strain with your presence, and at times quieter than a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Dry characteristic awaits you in the quote, and more detailed. As my narrative is a wonderful device about this. A little lower.

Type of. robot

Cleaning. dry

Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10. Error 7

Equipment. Filter filter

Movement modes. zigzag, along the walls

How to clean and maintain Xiaomi Mi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Building a map of the room. Yes

wash, xiaomi, vacuum, cleaner, filter

Cleaning modes. local cleaning, fast cleaning

Battery. Yes

Type of battery. Li-Ion, capacity 5200 mAh

The number of batteries. one

Charger installation. Automatic

Working time from the battery. up to 150 min

Sensors. infrared/ultrasonic, 12 pcs.

Side brush. there is

Power consumption. 55 watts

Vacuumber. Without a bag (cyclone filter)

Soft bumper. there is

Dimensions and weight:

The dimensions of the vacuum cleaner (SKGXV). 34.5×34.5×9.6 cm

wash, xiaomi, vacuum, cleaner, filter

The weight. 3.8 kg


Signal when stuck. there is

Signal when the battery is discharged. there is

Calculation of cleaning time. there is

Programming by day of the week. there is

Additional Information:

Support for the Mi Home smart home system; Laser sensor of the distance

Here is such a white handsome man, or beauty, will live at your home (it all depends on what voice you choose in the settings: female or male). There is no Russian language yet, we are safely content with the English London Is the Capital of Great Britain. Management is manually carried out only by these two buttons, no higher mathematics. There is another more advanced control method, but about it just below.

Xiaomi robot permits travels around the room and collects garbage in a special container. I will make a reservation that all the same not only garbage, but also dust, and the smallest. And again, children’s gum, penny, and the rest of the trifle, which lies not in place. The robot teaches us order!

The container is under the lid inside, it is quite modest, but with regular cleaning it is enough. It is quite easy to clean: the Hepa filter is removed and cleaned separately. He collects the smallest dust particles, and to shake them, you need to knock them on a horizontal surface, as if knocking out all the accumulated particles from it. And the remaining plastic container can be lightly washed under water.

I will be frank: I don’t want to clean the khep-filter, and in general laziness. People’s craftsmen proposed the following way to extend the life of the filter and facilitate the care of it, and I am very grateful to them for throwing such a magnificent idea. I am doing only this way:

An ordinary medical bandage is taken, and cut along the perimeter to the size of such that it can be applied to the filter and fixed in the container. All.

Thus, the smallest dust is collected in the layers of the bandage, without falling into the slots of the filter, and, therefore, it does not need to be cleaned and shaken. I took off the bandage, threw it, put on a new. This life hack greatly facilitated me for technology care and of course extended the life of the filter itself.

wash, xiaomi, vacuum, cleaner, filter

The bandage does not interfere with the vacuum cleaner, as can be seen in the photo, but to me. One benefit. Direct-turquoise color in the filter area. The same collective farm, thanks to which I simplified myself with the care of the robot-permutal.

Of course, its base is included in the kit with a vacuum cleaner, “dock”. If the vacuum cleaner began cleaning directly from the base, then at the end of the process it will return to its place on its own and he himself will be reliably engaged, putting himself on recharging.

If the cleaning of the robot vacuum cleaner began from the place in which it was brought, then he will finish to remove, accordingly, having taken the very place, because he will not succeed in finding the base in this case.

It is recommended to always keep a vacuum cleaner at the base included. It does not consume a lot of electricity, since with unnecessary it goes into sleep mode. But his battery, like any lithium, requires constant feeding, and may fail if you leave it discharged for a long time. Therefore, you just need to follow the instructions and not turn off the base from the network.

I will also say from myself that the electricity consumption with us with the advent of this device has not increased, but as if even a little decreased. I believe that the previous powerful vacuum cleaner ate it like two robots.

Periodically, you need to wipe the Xiaomi robot permit of the Robot P canceles, because dust can be stuck on them during operation. The side sensor needs to be needed:

Information about the robot

Laser range finder to determine the distance to objects. 2. A collision sensor to determine a collision with objects. 3. Ultrasonic radar for the drawing of the area. four. Air duct for air absorption. 5. Dynamic for playing system signals. 6. Higher sensors. Prevent the robot from a height, for example, will not allow the vacuum cleaner to fall from the stairs. 7. Turning wheel for maneuverability. eight. Side brush for cleaning in the corners. 9. The main brush for the capture of polluting elements. ten. The brush cover serves as a holding mechanism. eleven. Leading wheels. 12. USB connector for debugging through a special device.

Clean the floor site where the robot charger will be installed. On the sides of it there should be a free distance of 0.5 meters, and in front. more than 1 meter (preferably 1.5 meters).

Next, install the station, attach a standard cable to it and connect it to the power supply network.

Turn on the robot by holding the power button, and put it on the charger so that the indicator displays the charging process.

The next step is the synchronization of the robot with a smartphone and home wi-fi. To do this, you need to download the Mi Home application. It is available according to QR codes, or in app stores.

Next, you should enter the application and synchronize with the robot-spool. A detailed description will be available at this link

Service container and filter must be cleaned after each cleaning.

To do this, open the vacuum cleaner hatch and remove the vacuumber from the compartment by pressing the groove.

Open the container cover in the indicated direction.

To maintain the normal operation of the filter, it is recommended to knock on it slightly during the cleaning of garbage to get rid of the remaining particles. Washing the filter is strictly prohibited! It is recommended to change the filter every 3 months to maintain a high degree of effectiveness. The main (central) brush

Click the stops to remove the cover of the main brush.

Remove the main brush and clean its axis using a special tool.

Cut the wrapped hair with a special tool.

Put the cleaned main brush and cover back.

Note: For effective cleaning, it is recommended to replace the brush every 6-12 months, depending on the intensity of use. It is recommended to clean the brush once a week.

3) insert back and fix the side brush.

Note: It is recommended to replace the side brush every 3-6 months to ensure effective cleaning. And it is recommended to clean the brush every 3-4 weeks.

Sensors located on the housing of the robot vacuum cleaner are recommended to be wiped as they are contaminated or once a month.

Clean the Connector of the charger.

Provide free space 0.5 m on both sides and 1 meter on the front side, then connect the docking station to the mains.

How to Effectively Clean a Vacuum Cleaner Filter 2021 | Cleaning HEPA Filter

Note: Do not install the charger under direct sunlight, as well as next to foreign objects in the area of ​​the docking. Otherwise, the robot will not be able to return to the charger automatically. We recommend cleaning once a month.

The robot has a built-in high-performance lithium-ion battery. In order to maintain the operation of the battery, we recommend that you charge the robot after daily sidelines.

Note: if you plan to not use the robot for a long time, please turn it off and charge it at least once every three months to avoid damage to the battery due to excessive discharge and subsequent loss of capacity.

Elimination of possible malfunctions

1) whether it is necessary to charge the battery and completely discharge the first 3 times?

Lithium battery without a memory effect, so complete charging is enough.

In cases where there was a loss of communication between the robot and the phone (the router changed the configuration, you forgot the password or for some other reasons), open the top cover to see the Wi-Fi indicator. Then click at the same time on the power button and the Home key until you hear the V-Fi rebooting voice notification. If the Wi-Fi indicator infrequently becomes again blurring, this means that a successful reset has been made.

You can update the robot firmware through a mobile application. During the update, please connect the robot to the dock and make sure that the charge level exceeds 20%. Когда кольцевой индикатор замигает белым цветом – встроенное программное обеспечение обновлено.

If the robot does not respond to keystrokes or cannot be turned off, try to restart it by pressing the reset button (Reset button under the lid), the robot will automatically reboot the system. The reloading of the system drops the settings of synchronization, cleaning mode, as well as Wi-Fi settings.

5) how to restore factory settings if it is not possible to drop the system?

If you are not able to reset the system, please click on the Home key and on the Reset key until you hear the voice notification “Launch of the restoration of factory settings”. the robot will begin to restore factory settings.

The possible level of the battery can be very low. Please connect the robot to the dock and let it recharge.

Possible temperature can be lower than 0 ° C or above 50 ° C, while the working temperature range is 0-40 °.

A possible docking station may not be connected to a power source, so please make sure that both ends of the electric cord are connected.

The possible connectors of the docking stations can be polluted, therefore, please clean the charger connectors of the docking stations and the robot.

8) what to do if the cleaning efficiency has decreased or dirt remains?

Possible please clean the garbage container, it can be full.

Possible please clean the filters, they can be clogged.

Possible please clean the central brush, hair can be wound on it.

9) what to do if the robot cannot return to the docking station?

Possible please move it to another free zone, Obstacles may interfere with him.

Possible please put the robot next to the dock and check if it is returning to the dock or not. Perhaps he was too far.

10) What to do if the robot behaves abnormally?

Restore the robot. If the problem remains, then please, discharge the system or restore factory settings.

11) whether the robot consumes a lot of energy when constant charging?

During charging, the robot consumes a certain amount of electricity, but after complete charging it goes into sleep mode to maintain maximum performance.

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