How to wash tulle in a washing machine

How to wash tulle in the machine and manually not to iron

Some types of tulle do not require ironing due to the fact that at the production stage specialized synthetic materials are introduced into the fabric structure, which prevent deformation. The same applies to fabrics made of viscose, linen and cotton. Curtains with such components can be washed using both manual and machine methods. In other cases, you must use the method described above.

In order not to iron the tulle after washing, it is necessary to minimize the mechanical impact on the material. If manual cleaning is chosen, the curtain is soaked in water at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. And before putting the curtains into the machine drum, the tulle is placed in a bag for washing delicate garments.

How to wash tulle in a washing machine: rules and recommendations

How to bleach the tulle in a washing machine if it became dirty or changed color to grey? You can use folk remedies, or you can approach the process scientifically and use the benefits of the chemical industry. The instructions are simple and following them will make the curtains shiny and white again.

How to wash tulle in a washing machine

To improve the efficiency of washing curtains in the machine, it is recommended:

  • Soak curtains in cold water before placing them in the drum;
  • to prevent creases after washing, straighten out the tulle after filling it into the drum;
  • mesh materials must be washed in a special bag;
  • use mild detergents.

Instead of gels, you may prepare a solution of powder and warm water, which is then poured directly into the drum.

What temperature to wash at

General recommendations for choosing a temperature mode have been given above. If you do not know what kind of fabric the tulle is made of, then choose a washing program at not more than 30 degrees Celsius in the machine.

In what mode to wash tulle

Tulle curtains should be washed on a gentle cycle (“Manual”, “Silk” and so on, depending on the type of machine). The length of the procedure and the number of rinses do not need to be limited. The fabric tolerates a long soaking soaking period.

Do you need a spin?

Spinning of washed tulle is allowed on low speed. Otherwise the fabric could crumple.

See video how to wash tulle in a washing machine, which detergent to use, and how to choose a washing mode and temperature.

How to starch a fabric and why to do it

Starch the tulle after washing. This procedure is carried out in order to:

To prepare the glue, by means of which the drapes are starching, the following sequence of actions will be required:

  • Mix 5 g of starch in two liters of water. The solution must not produce a greyish tint. If this happens, the first composition is poured out, pour the starch into cold water and let it insist for 20 minutes. Then strain the purified substance.
  • Add a small amount of water to the mixture and strain.
  • Bring clean water to a boil and add the starchy gruel, stirring the liquid constantly.
  • Let the mixture stand over low heat. The finished gluester acquires a kisselike structure.

After it cools down, pour the mastic in the washer during the rinse cycle. When finished, the tulle begins to crisp. This indicates that the material has absorbed the starch. Finally, the tulle must be hung up to dry in a ventilated area.

Quick, easy and effective way to starch tulle at home.

Step by step instructions

The process of cleaning the tulle does not differ from other laundry. Pre-soaked fabric should be put in the machine drum, pour the powder and bleach, turn on the appropriate mode and run the device. At the end of the wash, you need to turn on the rinse and spin on low speed. At the end of the curtains are hung to dry.

Remedies for whitening at home

How to wash tulle so it stays white?

There are a lot of store remedies. They are all good and quite affordable. But, there are cases when there is absolutely no possibility to buy the necessary chemicals. Suppose your curtains are in the village house, where the civilization is quite far away, or, today you do not have a penny extra, and tomorrow guests will come.

Anything can happen, so it never hurts to have a couple of centuries-old recipes from improvised means. And what substance is trending with grandmothers? Of course baking soda!

Wow, how they love it! And her teeth whitened, and dishes are cleaned, and her face scrubbed and favorite curtains freshen. To be fair, the result will not be as noticeable as from the use of special chemicals, but the fish out of fish, you know. So.

To bleach the tulle with baking soda, it is necessary to soak it in a solution with the proportion:

1 liter of water 1 tablespoon of baking soda

This mixture must be kept for a long time, at least three-four hours, or better overnight, and then it must be rinsed thoroughly.

There is another wonderful remedy, which greedy grandmothers use instead of blue. Yes, it is green, do not be surprised. They use it this way:

Drop 1-2 drops of this miracle agent into a bowl with warm water, stir it and put the cloth in it. The solution should be slightly greenish, and if you exceed the proportions your tulle will become cheerfully emerald, but not white at all. But if you do it correctly, then you will get a wonderful result. The curtains will really look snow-white.

Also, don’t discount the blue. Of course, you can not call it a handy tool, because, to begin with, this substance must still try to find. But if you have one in your household, then by all means use it, based on the instructions. And the general proportion for tinting with blue is such that it should be exactly white:

0.5 teaspoon per 10 liters of water

All of these recipes are good in that they not only save money, but are also safe for allergic people and very young children. And in our polluted world it’s a good enough argument to pay attention to such ways.

Machine settings. automatic

Any automatic washing machine has a program for washing, which will not harm delicate fabric. A detailed description of such programs is outlined in the instructions for use of the home machine, just open the attached document and select the desired.

Compared to hand washing, machine washing is the least time-consuming and simplified option.

Here are examples of modes of some famous brands:

wash, tulle, washing, machine
  • firm “Ardo” produces washing machines with programs “Delicate”, “Manual”;
  • Automatic machines “Ariston”, “Bosch”, “Candy”, “Indesit” have the “Delicate” mode;
  • Electrolux” machine has more than one gentle washing program: “Fine Cloths”, “Silk”, “Wool”, “Hand Wash“;
  • Samsung washing machines have the “Wool” program, which is suitable for all fabrics, requiring gentle handling;
  • The Zanussi machine has “Delicate” and “Manual” modes.

All washing machines have a gentle mode of washing, but it may be called by different names: manual, delicate, silk, or just an icon.

Each of the presented programs includes a cycle of washing at low water temperatures, rinsing at low speed, gentle spin or no spin at all. As a rule, the machine program does not require additional temperature setting. Before pressing the “Start” button make sure that the knobs for setting the washing mode, water temperature and spin intensity are correctly positioned.

During this wash, the drum is filled to capacity and rotates smoothly, minimizing the risk of damaging the fabric.

How to wash tulle in a machine, and with what?

Tulle is a window blind that covers the room, but lets in sunlight. Material absorbs dirt, grease, moisture and dust. Over time, the fabric becomes yellow-gray and requires cleaning. We recommend washing your curtains at least four times a year. This can be done manually or with a washing machine. Consider in detail how to wash tulle in a washing machine.

Tulle is a delicate fabric and should be washed on a gentle cycle. Small, lightweight curtains can be washed by hand in cool water. If curtains are voluminous, wash them on a delicate cycle: wool, silk, hand wash at 30-40 ° C. It is best to not use or set the spin speed to the minimum: 400-500. We recommend the use of liquid detergents. Bleach detergents are used on cotton and synthetic fabrics. Thin fabrics are better not subjected to active chemical and mechanical treatment.

How to treat stains before washing in the machine

If the tulle curtains have various stains (grease, blood, wine, etc.д.), the curtains can be washed in the washing machine with. You can use an industrial stain remover or apply one of the folk remedies to the stained areas, leaving for half an hour:

A concentrated solution of citric acid (1 tsp/m3 ).л. 2 times more oxygen in the tulle sponge and 2 times more oxygen in the tulle sponge.t.л. water);

You can soap the dirty area with laundry soap. it is highly effective at removing stains of various origins.

How to bleach?

You can use so-called optical or oxygen bleaches to make your tulle lighter and remove the yellowish stain. You can find special detergents on the shelves at household cleaners.

Wash Tulle

Optical brighteners work by reflecting particles that deposit on the surface of the materials. But given their peculiarities, it is better to apply such means only on pure-white tulle. Colored translucent fabrics can lose their attractiveness if exposed to such chemicals.

As for the oxygen bleachers, you must immediately consider that they are expensive, but, having bought such a tool, it can be used without fear on any fabric, because it does not disrupt the structure of the material and also works effectively even at low water temperatures.

If you can’t afford special bleaching agents, you can use blue or even green. 4-5 drops of such a product are diluted in a glass of water so that they are completely dissolved, and the liquid is poured into the machine through the conditioner compartment. (If the chemistry is not dissolved in water, colored stains will remain on things in the machine.).

It also refreshes tulle with common table salt, which acts as a bleach. It is added to the powder. a couple of tablespoons. Then wash the “window clothes” in accordance with the rules for the treatment of things of this kind.

They also advise adding a tablespoon of baking soda or a bag of leavening agent to the machine. Hydrogen peroxide, and ammonia alcohol can also be used as a fabric brightener.

Before sending it into the machine, you can soak the window cloth for a couple of hours in a solution where 2 tablespoons of ammonia and peroxide per 5 liters of liquid, or you can add some H2O2 directly into the washer.

In addition, experienced hostesses advise adding 2 tablespoons of vinegar to the machine when it comes to the last rinse of the tulle. After washing, the treated item will become brighter and whiter.

What curtains should not be machine washed

Sheet tulle is not machine washable. It is best to wash with your hands. Use water at room temperature and add vinegar to the rinse water.

If you do not have a washing machine wool fabric, wash it by hand in water at 30 ° C. Use only liquids and gels, avoiding loose powders.

Taffeta and nylon are too thin and delicate materials the machine can fail, so it is better to prefer hand washing.

You can wash blinds at home, but never in a washing machine.

If the type of fabric is unknown and cannot be determined, it is better not to expose them to the machine to avoid unpleasant consequences.

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