How to wash wool in a washing machine

How to wash natural wool

Wool and clothing from it have been known to humanity since ancient times. This material today is one of the most common. Each of us in the wardrobe can easily find at least one woolen little thing, starting from the sweater and ending with fluffy mittens. But how to wash natural wool so as not to spoil, and whether there is washing things from wool of various varieties any nuances? This question should be dealt with more thoroughly.

Wool. Natural raw materials. In general, it is divided into live and dead. The first is cut off from living sheep, the material is characterized by increased softness, nosiness and durability. The wool called the dead has much worst characteristics, since it is mined on cattle.Sides from killed animals. Before looking for an answer to the question of how to wash woolen products correctly, you need to find out what type of material has to be processed. The following varieties are known today:

  • Camel’s wool;
  • Merino (special breed of fine.Winged sheep, which are cut only on withers); (fluff of Tibetan goats);
  • Moher (wool of the goats of the Angora breed);
  • Angora (fluff received from very fluffy Angora rabbits);
  • Alpaca (a variety of wool received from Peruvian lamps).

At what temperature to wash the wool will help to find out the labels. The fact is that the wool is natural. The material is very whimsical. In particular, when washing, she can:

Decoding symbols for natural woolen products.

wash, wool, washing, machine

Often washing wool, or rather, white products, ends with the fact that they turn yellow. In addition, spools often occur on the washed woolen clothes.

Features of woolen fabrics

Start correctly with the fact that the wool can be of different types. These are cashmere, Angora, Merinos, Sheep, Moher, etc. D. Each fabric has its own requirements for washing and leaving in general. Only one thing unites them. Natural structure. Wool, like a hair, is covered with keratinized scales. Under the influence of water, temperature, chemistry, these scales are revealed, and the villi become especially vulnerable. They are easily compacted and adhere to each other, like hooks. As a result, the woolen thing can be very deformed and it will be impossible to restore it.

The whimsicalness of the wool depends on its variety, the method of dressing, the presence of synthetic impurities, and cut the finished thing. To increase wear resistance, often scales on woolen threads are burned with flample acid, and then treated with a special composition (approval). From this, woolen fabrics acquire shine and cease to sit down when washing, but fully retain heat.Saving properties.

How to refresh a woolen product without washing?

Wash woolen things without much need is not necessary. To refresh them, it is enough to ensure the influx of fresh air. In some cases, dry cleaning is required. It is used when you need to remove small pollution or spots. A woolen coat or other things from dense woolen matter are placed on the shoulders. Places are slightly wiped with dry washing powder. After that, the product is wiped with a damp cloth or foam sponge.

The spots of paint are classified as difficult, to remove their gasoline of a high degree of cleaning, which is sold in household stores and supermarket departments. Gasoline is safe for wool and copes well with similar spots.

If traces of lipstick are found on a woolen sweater, then medical alcohol will help save the thing. Places burned with a hot iron, you need to treat on onion juice.

Is it possible to wash the wool in a washing machine? Yes, if there are no icons “washing” or “only manual washing” on the tag “. It is advisable to resort to the help of a machine in caring for practical camel wool products. Pugs, blankets, pillows can first be soaked for a third of an hour in a solution with a small amount of detergent. Before loading into the machine, they are thoroughly rinsed, then let the water drain. The temperature regime is set at 30 degrees.

A thin, soft thing from an expensive subspecies of camel wool. Vigoni. It is better to take in dry cleaning. If it is on the tag that it can be washed in the machine, the water temperature is exposed at 30–40 degrees, the squeeze and drying are not turned on. Either a wool or a shampoo is poured into the tray.

How to wash the sheep’s wool in a washing machine? Woolen clothes are turned inside out before loading. A delicate detergent (better gel) and air conditioning is added to the washing machine tray. On the control panel, select the “without spin” and “wool” mode, temperature “30 °”. The same parameters are exhibited when they wash blankets and pillows with filler from sheep’s wool.

Important! Do not overload the washing machine. Woolen products, absorbing water, become very heavy, so you can load no more than 2 kg of dry laundry at a time.

Basic washing rules

Many housewives are afraid to wash the wool. There are really many dangers: with an incorrect approach, a soft and delicate woolen product can turn into a lump of hard, unpleasant to the touch and lose shape. So that the wool does not fall, and the appearance of the clothing remains the same, remember the following recommendations:

  • Wash things only if necessary, if they really need to be cleaned;
  • Pre.Inspect the product for spots and eliminate them with a dry way;
  • Carefully study the shortcuts of clothing on which the care requirements are indicated;
  • To refresh the thing, it is not necessary to wash it. It is better to ventilate in the fresh air. Natural wool easily gets rid of unpleasant odors;
  • Most of the pollution can be eliminated with a soft clothing brush after drying and ventilation in the fresh air.

Before washing, be sure to inspect your clothes for pollution, it may be enough dry cleaning and ventilation

If you got acquainted with these rules and decided that you still have to wash a woolen sweater or hat, we offer to understand the features of manual and automatic purification. For both methods, there are general prohibitions, with the non.Compliance of which a thing will quickly lose its attractiveness. When washing a woolen product, it is strictly prohibited:

How To Wash and Dry Sweaters Wool, Cashmere, Delicates LAUNDRY BASICS

  • Change the temperature of the water during washing and rinsing. The wool does not tolerate sudden differences;
  • Wash in hot (more than 35 40 ℃) and very cold water;
  • Apply soaking;
  • Rub the contaminated areas and actively rinse clothes;
  • Stretch, twist and squeeze the fabric;
  • Apply washing powder directly to the woolen canvas;
  • Use cheap or too aggressive detergents (bleach and other.);
  • Dry clothes in a classic way in limbo. On a rope, hanger, etc. P So the product will lose shape and stretch;
  • Stroke (with the exception of cases when there is a permitting icon on the label);
  • Use heating household appliances for quick drying. Batteries, calorifiers, hairdries, etc.

You can start washing wool only after studying the label indicating the rules of care

Now you know what mistakes should be avoided when washing woolen things. So that the procedure passes without surprises, we will consider each of the methods in more detail.

How to wash the wool manually?

The wool differs from other materials in that it does not have to undergo too frequent washing, and it is quite regularly ventilated by. Nevertheless, if woolen things were dirty during socks, they need to be washed carefully. Remember that before using any means or method, it is necessary to check the reaction of the fabric on an inconspicuous area.

Process with vinegar

Before washing, process all visible spots with vinegar and behed separately. This will help reduce the main washing time.


Choose detergents without alkali. For example, ordinary soap, causes wool, because you will need special means for manual wool washing or soft shampoo.

The more water, the better

Wool absorbs moisture very well, so you need to wash it in a large amount of water.

Whether during the time the self.Isolation mode new types of finishes/spots on your clothes appeared?

Low temperature

It is important to remember at what temperature to wash the wool. It is best to wash things in cold water, but if there is a lot of pollution, then the temperature of warm water should not exceed 30-35 degrees.

Do not try things

When washing with your hands, do not triple woolen things, but only press on them and turn over so that they are soaked in foam.

Do not push things

After rinsing, leave the wool into the pelvis so that the glass is water, and then spread on a towel, slightly squeeze and leave to dry in a horizontal position. You should not hang wet woolen products on the shoulders, because they can stretch out of their own weight.

Set the mode on the iron

Usually the wool is perfectly smoothed independently and does not require processing with an iron. If you still need to iron the woolen thing-use the “wool” mode, which provides for steam processing and stroke through a layer of thin fabric.

Add a teaspoon of vinegar to the water when washing woolen products. The acidic medium will soften woolen fibers and the wool will not be in contact with the skin. However, before using any new method or product, you test it on an inconspicuous section of the material.

Machine washing

If there is no time or desire to wash the woolen sweater manually, you can use an automatic machine. At the same time, you should set the manual or delicate washing mode with minimal spin or without it (some models provide a special mode “wool”).

Rules for washing woolen products in a washing machine:

wash, wool, washing, machine
  • Acrylic and semi.Synthetic products tolerate machine wash in a delicate mode, which cannot be said about clothing made of natural wool. Therefore, before washing, it is better to pay attention to the label, on which recommendations for the care of clothing are painted.
  • The water temperature for washing in the typewriter should not exceed 30 ℃.
  • You can not wash clothes made of wool with products from other, more rough materials.
  • Washing delicate fabrics should not last longer than 40 minutes.

How to wash?

Wash of woolen clothing is not a difficult matter. The main thing is to observe three “commandments”:


Examine the products before washing. Are there any spots on them. If you find, delete with vinegar or peroxide. If there are no spots, think again. Is it really necessary to wash? Perhaps there will be enough ventilation. We still decided to start water procedures? Then comb your sweaters and jackets first. Move the brush against the pile.

We wash manually

Put the prepared things into the water, it is not recommended to soak them. Follow the rules:

  • Water. Warm or cool, without alkali.
  • Temperature. Not higher than 38 ° C.
  • Water needs to be changed several times. It should not be contaminated.
  • Think in advance than to wash woolen products. Buy a special soft powder. Add air conditioning. It is preferable to use a liquid rather than powder detergent.
  • Angork things are washed with shampoo mixed with glycerin.
  • It is forbidden to use soap.

Important! So that your sweaters and dresses do not sit, rinse them in water of the same temperature as for washing.

And so that the fabric does not lick. Drip into water for rinsing a little wine vinegar or ammonia.

How to wash woolen products in a washing machine?

  • Turn the sweatshirts and other clothes inside out. Together with wool, do not load other fabrics.
  • Pour the powder special. For wool.
  • Put a delicate mode or special. For wool. The rotation of the drum is minimal. The temperature is up to 30 degrees, otherwise the fabric will lose elasticity.
  • Excess is prohibited. If it is provided in the program, turn off.
  • Launch SMA. When the program is completed, take out things. Gently pressing, remove water. You can use a terry towel. Squeeze the method into the “roll” method.
  • It remains to dry clothes.


Do not hang the things on the shoulders. Moving the folds, put them on the table. Let them lie. Dry. To accelerate drying, put newspapers or other paper, well absorbing moisture. Dried products can be stroked with an iron. From the inside, turning on a small temperature.

If you still shrink, spray with water when ironing, while stretching the fabric to its original size. Keep in mind that the unimportant fabric will shrink again, so dry the product completely.

Manual washing of woolen things

Features of drying of wool products

Before drying, it is better to lay out the product on a large clean terry towel and wrap with a roller so that the excess of moisture is absorbed.

Dry clothes made of delicate yarn only in a horizontal position. To do this, it is better to use special dryers that provide uniform air flow. The sun and heating devices adversely affect the wool, the product will sit down.

World manufacturers of household appliances sensitively react to the needs of an ordinary person. Currently, all washing machines have programs for washing wool or have a special mode for delicate fabrics. The necessary data are automatically set: water temperature 30 ° C, additional rinsing, the “squeezm” function is disabled, or the minimum possible number of revolutions is installed. The program is designed for a cycle for no more than 45 minutes, because a long stay of clothing made of wool in water can deform it.

Stages of washing

  • In a special compartment of the washing machine, place a cleaning product marked “for wool”.
  • By choosing a delicate program, click on the “Start”.
  • At the end of washing, remove things and dry them the same as after manual washing.

Miss Cathie. How to Wash a Wool Coat in the Washing Machine

If you are the owner of a washing machine, do not rush to dry a thing from the wool using the device. Carefully read the instructions, make sure there is a special program. It will not be superfluous to look at the label of clothing. If the manufacturer prohibits drying the new thing in the device. Do not hope for “maybe it will save”.

We hope that the tips given in the article will help you. And a new dress, sweater or warm socks will delight you not only with warmth and comfort, but also with a beautiful appearance and bright colors.

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