How to work properly a manual blender

What are the nozzles for the blender?

Thanks to the large number of nozzles, the blender easily replaces several devices in the kitchen at once. He can whip, mix, chop and cut, and some models even cope with an ice stake or grinding grinding. In our article we figure out what nozzles in a blender are, which for what is needed and how to use them correctly.

All interchangeable accessories can be divided into two large groups: for stationary (desktop) and for manual blends. They differ in the installation method, but have almost the same principle of operation. Grinding, whipping or mixing occurs due to quick rotation.

For stationary blends, knives of different types are used, as well as interchangeable grinders and additional accessories, such as a cover with a special design or a road bottle.

The submarous blender has a standard nozzle, a whisk, a measured cup, a bowl with a built-in knife, graters, shirts, cup bowls, as well as a nozzle for making mashed potatoes.

Features of nozzles for wireless blends

Wireless blends work from a battery. It is convenient to use them if the sockets in the kitchen are unsuccessfully located if you cook on the street or want to take the device with you. Compared to wired models, they have less powerful motors, but this compensates for the nozzles. Polaris makes them so that blends work effectively:

  • The knives and corollas have a special form for quick grinding or whipping;
  • The shape of the bowls and jugs is optimized so that the products are evenly mixed during processing;
  • Knives are made of strong steel, have high.quality sharpening, retain the acuteness for a long time.

Nozzles are simply replaced, they are easy to wash, they are compactly stored. Using them, you can cook your favorite dishes faster, with an excellent result.

What is a blender for

So, let’s start with what this notorious blender does. This device combines at the same time a mixer, a kitchen combine and a “crush” for mashed potatoes. It is very compact and mobile. Here you have done mashed potatoes in one operation, and for another you are already whipping proteins for meringue. It can be collected very quickly and disassembled.

It is almost irreplaceable. If you have one blender, then from the technique you will not need anything else. It perfectly grinds food, helps to prepare different emulsions, mousses, mashed potatoes, beat drinks, as well as inject ice.

You have a “corolla” nozzle complete with the unit? Forget that there is a mixer. You won’t need it. In addition, as a rule, the mixers are rather heavy. But there is no blender. He is very light. Of course, not like a fluff, but still easier than a mixer.

And if you have knives for him, then you can easily make a minced meat. And do not collect, and then disassemble and wash the meat grinder.

Also, with it, you can make a beautiful homogeneous paste from any liver. Just press the button and after a couple of minutes you already have a great mass. They are indispensable for making sauces. Various: from mayonnaise to pesto.

And if you decide to switch to proper nutrition or just like various smoothies, then, except for the blender, no one can cope with the task of making a gentle and tasty drink.

You still don’t understand why it is needed? Well, then read on. Let’s start with the history of the device and end with modern varieties of devices.

History of the electrical appliance

In order to understand why a blender is needed, we plunge into the history of the device. So it will be clearer.

The blender appeared much earlier than almost all household appliances, which today are in the kitchens of many housewives. Only meat grinders appeared before him before. Here are those that screw to the table, you begin to twist a huge pen, and it turns out minced meat. They appeared in the 19th century in America. And later migrated to us. And only 25 years after them, in 1922 the first blender was born. Again in the United States of America.

The inventor of this device is considered by Stephen Poplavski. He did not make him at all so that today we could grind them products. He needed him to mix water, carbon dioxide crystals and syrup. In the simple way, he wanted to aromate to Soda Founin drinks. We know them as soda with syrup.

The first devices looked like a bowl on a special stand with a rotating propeller knife. And all they knew how to mix. Well, in principle, they were developed precisely for this.

And what is very interesting: immediately they were not happy with children who could not live without sweets, namely the bartenders. And that’s why. Then in America there was a “dry law”. But people wanted to drink. And this influenced the fact that in most institutions alcohol were sold in as if non.alcoholic cocktails. This was done to hide the sale of a forbidden drink from the police. And imagine how to constantly shake the shaker to mix the cocktail for each visitor. And all visitors wanted to drink. That is why such joy was caused by the invention of the bartenders, who by that time had already managed to pump up their hands with shakers. They rushed to buy an invention with such excitement and zeal, which promoted it almost to the scale of the national idea.

But this is not the end of the story. 10 years after this, another citizen of America Fred Osius finalized the idea of ​​Poplavsky and became the creator of a stationary blender in the form as we know him now. That is, he expanded the possibilities of the primary invention, equipping it with special knives for tires, grinding and breeding products.

The further development of the unit continued in Switzerland. In the 50s of the last century, Roger Perinjake received a patent for a device, which we call a manual or submersible blender. Then he called him “bamix”. This is a combination of French words that indicate whipping and mixing. Then he demonstrated it during the exhibition in Hanover. After that, it began to be used all over the world, using submersible blender for cutting, brewing and grinding a wide variety of products.

It was immediately appreciated by professional cooks, and it appeared in each of them in the kitchen. Without it, modern dishes would definitely not be so interesting.

And then it was finalized and improved, inventing various nozzles. And now we have a universal device that can replace almost any equipment in the kitchen.

Options for nozzles on a manual blender

A manual blender with nozzles will turn it into a mixer, cutter or chopper. Their variety allows you to realize any culinary idea quickly and easy.

Varieties of nozzles and what can be done by them:

  • The main nozzle is the very standard “leg” of the mechanism. There are different lengths, somewhere up to 15 cm. Small knives successfully cope with grinding vegetables and various fruits.
  • For slicing cubes. Noticeably reduces the time of cooking salads. Works with two complementary knives: vertically products cuts a knife-knife. Rotating knives help them horizontally. Best suited for cooked vegetables, since added fresh or pickled, sauer (tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.P.), they can score gratings, and the cubes will turn out crookedly.
  • Grinder. Choosing this nozzle, finely cut garlic, greens, onion. Little nuance: during the process you cannot put a new portion into the bowl.
  • Corolla. All sorts of sauces and cocktails, a variety of creams; Eggs for a weightless omeletus or biscuit. this is her field of work.
  • A manual blender with a mixer nozzle will completely replace. this is an alternative to the nozzle nozzle, only the scope can vary a little.
  • Ingredient mixer: grinder plus a corolla in one. Suitable for cooking minced meat or fluffy dough.
  • Ice grinder. It does not use high demand, because it is not often required in home kitchen. The nozzle is suitable only for instruments with a capacity of at least 350 watts.
  • Nozzle-bag for a batch of dough. Also not very popular: the preparation of the dough lasts 10-15 minutes. In addition, it gives a decent load on the engine motor, so that it wears out faster.
  • Disk for tumbling and cutting with thin slices. Universal nozzle, perfectly protects time. But fruits are lost when cutting part of the juice.
  • For mixing potatoes: a small mesh (tubers are wiped through it), and a number of knives. The dish comes out airy, without small pieces.
  • Capacity vacuum pump. Created to increase the safety of food products. Special containers are included with nozzle.

How to use a grinder?

Modern devices having many functions of kitchen combines, not so cumbersome and complicated in operation. They occupy less space in the kitchen in a collected state. In addition, it is much easier to collect and disassemble.

In order to grind products using a stationary device, first of all, you need to place a stand (motor part) on the selected surface. A bowl for a blender is installed on top, as well as knives. Products for processing, you must first clean (if necessary). Cut large vegetables into pieces.

Important! The blender cannot be loaded with more than 2/3 of the volume of the bowl. Apples, potatoes, as well as larger products cannot be placed in a blender whole.

Place products for grinding in a container, cover with a lid, start the selected speed of work. After 1-2 minutes, the products will be ready.

Tip: recommended maximum work time of some home devices. 3 minutes. After this time, it will certainly not stop working, but frequent excess of working hours can reduce its service life.

In the submersight, the sequence of movements changes slightly. Knives are installed inside the bowl, products are laid and the lid is fixed. After that, the motor part is attached and the appropriate mode is selected. Submersible bleeders are designed for a longer time.

Types of knives used for grinding in a blender

A grinding knife in a blender can have two or four small ledges located in a circle. They differ in appearance and purpose.

  • Nozzle with sickle knives. Rounded steel blades are used to make mashed potatoes, minced meat, cottage cheese mass.
  • Grater nozzle. Used to tires vegetables on salads and soup gas stations. Steel knife with holes in the surface.
  • Knock Grinker for Ice Kolka. Differs more durable steel.

What should not be done using a submersible or stationary blender

To avoid malfunctions and failures, manufacturers introduce some restrictions on the use of the device:

  • It is unacceptable to load large or hard ingredients into blends. Large pieces need to be cut, and in solid. add water (or broth).
  • It is not recommended to use the apparatus to knead steep dough. The tight mass will force the motor to function at high power, and this may lead to its overheating.
  • It is better not to use the unit for hot products. The processing of ingredients with high temperature is adversely reflected in both metal and plastic parts of the device. Therefore, they should first cool at least up to 70 ° C.
  • Do not use the usual blender nozzle with knives for making potato puree. Due to the fact that the knives rotate too quickly, you will get a delicate and homogeneous mass, but its taste leaves much to be desired. Cooking mashed potatoes using a blender only using a special nozzle for brewing.

Safety precautions when using blends

When working with devices, it is necessary to carefully comply with safety measures and operating rules. Unlimited amounts of time can be used with bleeders, but products should be processed with short pauses. If this is not done, the motor can burn out.

When operating a submersible model, it is lowered into the bowl only until the middle of the nozzle. It is important to ensure that the products do not get into the engine. If you use a stationary model, do not remove the lid from the bowl before the knives stop.

You can not clean the knives of the bowl or blender, while the device is included in the mains. In order to avoid lesions of the current, cleaning should only be performed after turning off the blender from the outlet.

The blender must be stored away from the kitchen slab and other heating devices. Before using the device, inspect the cord for its integrity. If the device has broken, you can not disassemble it yourself. only experienced craftsmen should be addressed for repair.

Cleaning the device

After the grinding process is completed, the blender should be washed. In this case, certain rules must be followed:

  • The element where the engine is located should be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • All the nozzles that are removed and the bowl must be washed under running water.
  • If necessary, you can use special detergents.

Such is the instructions for the use of stationary and submersible blends.

What can be prepared using a blender

When choosing a kitchen appliances for the home, it is necessary to determine what can be done using such a blender and whether he will cope with the tasks. Each model is multifunctional, but not all of them provide a high result. In addition, some nozzles, despite the external resemblance, cannot be used for other purposes.

Thus, a knife for cutting vegetables and ice codes, having almost identical blades, differ in several parameters at once:

When trying to cut ice with a vegetable product, you can simply break knives, and using an ice nozzle when cutting vegetables, the effect of crumpled products is obtained.

The list of what can be prepared only with the help of a blender depends not only on the specific model of the device and configuration, but also the qualifications of the cook. Any kitchen technique is just a tool in the skillful hands of the master.


Quite often the reason to buy a blender is the desire to regularly prepare soup puree. Initially, such a dish is prepared for kids who refuse or still cannot eat first dishes. Both stationary and submersible models do well with the preparation of soups-puree.

Any blender will cope with the preparation of a soup-puree

It is important here to choose the right nozzles and accurately follow the recipe and recommendations of manufacturers of kitchen equipment:

  • Beat warm, not hot products;
  • The products should not be tightly compacted, for the best effect at the initial stage, a little water should be added;
  • begin to grind at small speeds, from time to time stopping the operation of the device.


Stationary models do this task perfectly, although when it comes to preparing mayonnaise, it is best to use a submersible blender. The advantage of blends is that with their help you can initially prepare certain products: grind garlic and pepper, and then mix them with other components.

For mayonnaise, it is better to use a submersible model

The capabilities of any blender allow you to easily cope with this task, it is enough to change the nozzle.

How to use a submersible blender for cooking mince? It is enough to load meat, onions and seasonings into the bowl and turn it on for several minutes. Thus processed pork, beef, bird, fish. The main thing that should be paid to special attention. the absence of bones. Fish bones are not processed, unlike a meat grinder, and meat bones can disable the technique.

To prepare minced meat, put the products in the bowl and turn on the device

Regardless of the size of the container, the meat should be loaded in small portions, not more than 300-40 ° C. This allows you to get light, air minced airy, perfect for cooking cutlets, plumans, meatballs.

Vegetable and fruit puree

Unlike soup-puree, for standard vegetable and fruit puree, a chopper or a special nozzle for potatoes is used. The shape of the blades does not allow you to accumulate a processed product and mix puree thoroughly so that at the end of the procedure there are no lumps left.

The capabilities and functions of the blender are so diverse that you can cook mashed potatoes not only from boiled products, but also from raw or allowed.


What else is unusual you can cook in a blender? Cocktails: dairy, fruit, low alcohol. Mixing various drinks occurs using a corolla or a standard nozzle.

If necessary, you can pre.grind the fruit, making the drink not only very tasty, but also as useful as possible. Just change the nozzle, and then continue to cook a delicious cocktail in the same bowl.

In a blender, you can cook any cocktails

Stationary models

Features of stationary blends

You need a stationary blender if you are going to quickly turn a large volume of vegetables and fruits in mashed potatoes, cook smoothies for the whole family, grind meat into minced meat. This device is a tank for whipping with an engine on a stand equipped with a control panel. Unlike submersible models, needs its corner in the kitchen. But in comparison with the same kitchen combines, a very compact device.

When buying a stationary model, pay attention to devices with an option of It allows you to effectively wash the bowl from the inside with one button touch. As for the capacity volume, it should exceed the one that is needed to prepare your favorite dishes by 200-300 ml. Pay attention to the material from which the bowl is made:

  • Glass. Easy to wash, looks beautiful. But such a container can easily break, and the replacement will not be so easy to find.
  • Plastic. Durable, light material. But over time it is covered with scratches, becomes dull, absorbs smells.

In their purpose, stationary bleeders are universal, they:

  • knead meat minced meat;
  • Grind fruits, herbs, vegetables;
  • crush nuts and ice cubes;
  • mix smoothies, cocktails, sauces, creams;
  • With the help of special forces, the role of a coffee grinder is played.
  • High power. equipment is able to crush ice.
  • Independent work. just put the products in the bowl, select the required mode and enable the device. The blender will do everything himself while you are doing your business.

How to use a stationary blender correctly?

How to use a stationary blender correctly?

The operation of a blender of any model, any manufacturer is understandable and intuitive. No need to watch a video how to use a blender to understand:

  • If it is necessary to crumble hard and large products (apples, potatoes, carrots, onions), first cut them with slices or cubes.
  • When you add bone fruits and berries, bones must be pre.removed, otherwise they can damage the knives of the device.
  • If you want to cook mashed potatoes, first add several tablespoons of water, milk, broth to the bowl.
  • Download chopped and prepared products into a work bowl. To use the blender correctly, make sure that the loaded mass is between the minimum and maximum mark. Experts do not recommend rebooting the bowl: firstly, the products will be crushed or beaten poorly, and secondly, increased load reduces the life of the engine. If the contents are less than the lowest mark, it is not scary, but inconvenient for you: the products will be smeared along the walls of the bowl, you will have to collect them with a spoon for a long time.
  • Close a lid and be sure to check that it snapped tightly, otherwise you will have to wash the whole kitchen from spray.
  • Select the necessary mode, degree of power.
  • Some bleeders are equipped with a special lid that allows you to add products during mixing/knocking down. This feature makes it possible to use them to knead liquid dough for pancakes and pancakes, preparation of sauces and creams consisting of many ingredients.
  • Turn on the device, wait until it completes the work, unload the bowl.

What should not be done with a stationary model?

Safety precautions when working with a stationary blender

For your unit for a long and regularly, you need to use the blender correctly:

  • Do not put in the device too large, too dense products with a small share of liquid. Grind them so as not to remove the knives, the motor is out of order.
  • If the instructions for the blender do not indicate that he is able to grind ice, it is definitely not necessary to experiment.
  • Do not lay hot products. Neither plastic nor glass bowl is designed to work with them. High temperatures adversely affect knives. Wait until the products have cooled to at least up to 70 ° C.
  • Do not keep the motor on for a long time. Modern blends are powerful enough to grind a kilogram of the product in a couple of minutes. If you have a long work, say, for autumn blanks, do not forget to let the engine cool down and relax.
  • Long and continuous work can easily disable equipment. If you plan to actively use a blender, pay attention to the models with overheating.
  • Do not use to knead dense dough. yeast, dumpling, puff. The blender is suitable only for liquid mass, the dough of medium density. Too thick and viscous consistency will simply disable the motor.

Recommendations for the care of a stationary model

How to properly care for a stationary blender?

One of the advantages of stationary blends is the technique does not require long and careful care:

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  • If the products are accidentally sprayed onto the stand, wipe it with a damp cloth or a rag.
  • Wash the bowl from the inside with a dishes.
  • Rinse the container under the crane.
  • Wipe dry dry with a napkin.
  • Leave to dry.
  • Return a clean dry bowl to the stand.

It is best to care for technology immediately after use, so as not to waste time shaking of old pollution and fat deposits.

General information about submersible blender

How to use a submersible blender?

Submersible blender is an excellent assistant in a compact kitchen if you live alone or a small family. The device will help to quickly cook mashed potatoes, creams, dairy cocktail, vegetable or fruit fruit.

When buying a submersible blender, pay attention to several important points:

  • Recommended power. from 300 watts. Such devices work faster and more efficiently.
  • Nozzles should be made of stainless metal. they are durable, durable, easily washed. Plastic ones quickly fail and do not cope with solid products.

Depending on your preferences, nozzles may come in handy:

  • Cubacle slicing: crops for salad fruits and vegetables.
  • Shinkovka: grinding in chips of fruits, vegetables and cheese.
  • Grinder: quickly grinds not only fruits, vegetables and herbs, but also meat, hard cheeses, chocolate, nuts and ice.
  • Venko: whipping like a mixer protein, cream.
  • For potato mashed potatoes: turns boiled potatoes into delicious and air puree.
  • Hooks for kneading medium-ghost dough.

How to use nozzles for a blender? It is enough to install them on the basis, immerse them in a bowl of food and start the unit.

A manual blender can be used to prepare a mass of dishes:

  • fruit and vegetable puree;
  • batter;
  • children food;
  • creams;
  • desserts;
  • sauces;
  • cocktails;
  • confitures;
  • jam.

The advantages and disadvantages of a submersible blender

The main advantages of submersible models are obvious:

  • Compactness: the unit takes up a minimum of space, understands the composite parts. Miniature mixers are kept suspended by rail, more larger models. in a box in a locker.
  • Manual control allows you to personally control the consistency of the mixture, the process of whipping or grinding.
  • Unlike a stationary one, a whole set of nozzles can go to the immersion, allowing to beat the cream, knead the dough, crush ice and even play the role of graters.
  • You can use any container from a bowl to the vat. the main thing is that it is deep enough, otherwise the products are sprayed throughout the kitchen. You are not limited by the volume of inpatient capacity. Many manual models come with comfortable bowls.
  • Submersible bleeders do not work on their own. You need to constantly keep the device in your hand, control the course of cooking. In some models, you also need to clamp the turning button with your finger during cooking.

Home made nut butter with hand blender

How to use a submersible blender correctly?

How to use a submersible blender correctly

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work, properly, manual, blender

The rules of operation of stationary and submersible models are largely similar, so we only focus your attention on the differences. Here’s how to use a submersible blender:

  • Lay the necessary products in your chosen capacity you have chosen. If they are solid, large, pre.chop.
  • Install the required nozzle on the device.
  • Immerse the corolla in the container, turn on the device.
  • Usually in manual mixers, limited selection of speed modes. How to use a submersible blender correctly? Many models are equipped with a “turbo” button, which allows you to activate the motor at high speed. But in order for the blender to serve you for a long time, it is not worth it with the “turbo”. it is only suitable for short.term inclusion, after which it is worth transferring the unit to medium speeds.
  • If the device supports smooth speed switching, do not make sharp “jumps” from high to low and vice versa. Use smooth, gradual switching.
  • Mix, beat, grind to the right degree of readiness.

Basic principles

How to use nozzles

Nozzles and additional accessories greatly expand the list of tasks that the device will cope with. Important: always turn off the device when changing the nozzle!

  • Corolla. Thanks to this simple nozzle, you can perfectly beat the eggs to the air mass. Use a corolla for thick mixtures is strictly prohibited. Despite the fact that a metal nozzle is made, it can easily break when the endurance threshold reaches.
  • Puree nozzle. Is a set of sharp blades operating at high speeds. Before use, preliminary cooking is required, otherwise instead of mashed potatoes you will receive a porridge mass that is unsuitable for further cooking.
  • Grinder. As a rule, this is a staging nozzle. It is used to grind solid products: hard varieties of cheese, nuts, caramelized onions, cocoa beans, coffee and so on.
  • Hooks. Need to knead the dough. An honest manufacturer warns the buyer in advance in the instructions that the nozzles for a submersible blender are not intended for too cool the test. the equipment may break.

Here is the first rule that you should remember after buying a submersible blender: the device must be washed immediately after use. It will be very difficult to remove the dried products of the products, especially from the non.vegetable elements located close to the main body of the device.

In order to clean the blender, you need to perform three actions:

  • Disable the device from the mains;
  • disconnect the nozzle and accessories from the main body of the device;
  • Wash in warm water with the use of a vessel washing product, accessories and bowls (about the possibility of washing in a dishwasher, read in the instructions).

Sometimes the remains of products can get into the main body of the device, hiring on the rotor. In this case, partial disassembly of the blender and manual removal of such contaminants are required. Be sure to be careful when cleaning the pollution from the knife blades.

Be sure to study the instructions before using. It is likely that the manufacturer recommends contacting the service a few years after the start of using the device for maintenance. This will extend the service life of the blender.

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Stationary blends

Stationary bleeders look like small kitchen combines. They consist of a stable convenient stand, inside of which the motor is located. A bowl for grinding products is installed on top of the stand. The control panel is usually located on the front side of the device.

Stationary bleeders look like small kitchen combines.

The main advantages of these models are:

Blenders, depending on control, are divided into mechanical and electronic. The presence of software control is very convenient. It is enough to choose the right program, and it will determine the time and speed.

Blenders, depending on control, are divided into mechanical and electronic.

Operating instructions for stationary blends

There are no difficulties in how to use a blender. it is very simple and convenient to operate. Before starting work, it is necessary to decide on the type of nozzle and install it in the bowl.

There are no difficulties in how to use a blender. it is very simple and convenient to operate.

Then assemble chopped products in the bowl, close it with a lid and install it on the working platform. After that, you need to select the necessary function and start the device. Bleader will do everything else himself.

Then assemble chopped products in the bowl, close it with a lid and install it on the working platform.

Some models have special sticks for promoting products in the bowl during grinding. The removable bowl and knives are washed quite simply in running water or in a dishwasher.

Some models have special sticks for promoting products in the bowl during grinding.

Blenders functions

Stationary blends will cope with the grinding of vegetables, meat, herbs, nuts. They are ideal in the preparation of smoothies, cream, sauce, mashed potatoes or cocktails.

Stationary blends will cope with the grinding of vegetables, meat, herbs, nuts

powerful models have additional functions. For example, cocktail lovers are suitable for the brand brand mulinex, which will break the ice without any problems. And the additional coffee grinder of the Centek blender will help to grind the grain of coffee in a matter of seconds.

For example, cocktail lovers are suitable for the brand brand mulinex, which will break the ice without any problems.

The moment of free hands during the operation of this model is very important. It is enough to place chopped and cleaned products in the bowl, select the desired mode, press the start button and the blender will do everything himself.

It is enough to place chopped and cleaned products in the bowl, select the desired mode, press the start button and the blender will do everything himself.

The cup for products is most often made of transparent plastic or glass. Which model is better to choose everyone decides for himself. Some housewives believe that plastic is more reliable, since when it falls it will not break.

The cup for products is most often made of transparent plastic or glass.

But the glass remains transparent, it does not scratch in the process of work, and the plastic after some time will be covered with small scratches and will become muddy. It is not safe from the formation of cracks in the fall, and with grinding of very solid products.

But the glass remains transparent, it does not scratch in the process of work, and the plastic after some time will be covered with small scratches and will become muddy.

In many models of Polaris there is a cover with an opening hole, which is very convenient when preparing soups-puree or mixing the dough.

Submissive bleeders

Submersible blender is very compact and convenient in that it has a collapsible design. Therefore, it can be stored simply in a box or cabinet. Thanks to this feature, it can easily be taken to the country if necessary.

Submersible blender is very compact and convenient in that it has a collapsible design.

3 Ways to Use a Hand Blender | Yummy Ph

A manual blender has many different nozzles: a universal knife, a whisk for whipping, nozzles for crushing ice, various graters, puree nozzles and kneading dough. Some models contain 1-2 bowls in the set, although when working with a submersible blender, you can use any deep containers.

A manual blender has many different nozzles: a universal knife, a whisk for whipping, nozzles for crushing ice, various graters, puree nozzles and kneading dough.

When using small dishes, it will not be possible to avoid spraying the product, which will lead to additional cleaning of the kitchen.Unlike stationary, it can grind much more products. Using this device, you can cook a huge number of different dishes: sauces, creams, jams, desserts, baby food and much more.

When using small dishes, it will not be possible to avoid spraying the product, which will lead to additional cleaning of the kitchen.

A small disadvantage of this model is that the working with him is busy with him. It needs to be held and at the same time pinch the start button with a finger. It is necessary to keep the entire process of work under control. You cannot, just turn on and at the same time, do something else.

A small disadvantage of this model is that the working with him is busy with him.

Operating instructions for submersible blends

The rules of how to use a submersible blender are identical with the rules of stationary. However, due to the specifics of the design, they still differ a little.

The rules of how to use a submersible blender are identical with the rules of stationary.

To work with the blender, you need to perform the following.

  • Take a deep container or special bowl.
  • Put peeled and cut products into the bowl.
  • Install the necessary nozzle for work.
  • Holding the handle in the hand, lower the blender into the container, pinching the start button with your finger.
  • To complete the work, you need to release the button and remove the device from the bowl.
  • Turn off the device from the outlet.
  • After that, it is necessary to remove the nozzle and rinse in running water.

The upper part with the engine and control cannot be washed! If necessary, it can be wiped with a damp sponge, and then wipe it dry. Submersible bleeders have two speeds and can have an additional impulse mode or turbo. But these modes cannot be used for long.term work, as this can lead to overheating of the motor. It is necessary to take breaks in work.

The upper part with the engine and control cannot be washed!

note! If, in the model there is a smooth switching of speeds, this will extend the life of the motor.

Blenders functions

How it works and what is useful for a submersible blender in the kitchen? The functionality of this blender exceeds the possibility of inpatient. He can fulfill all the tasks of the previous one, and also has additional. With it, you can even squeeze the juice with it.

How it works and what is useful for a submersible blender in the kitchen?

  • A submersible nozzle or leg is indispensable in the preparation of cocktails, creams, mashed potatoes or sauces. Made of metal, it allows you to work even with hot dishes.
  • The nozzle-tolerator is necessary in the preparation of minced meat, chopped meat, grinding cheese, nuts, herbs or fruits. Grinders are divided into compact (0.3 liters), medium (0.5 liters), large (1 liter). Some blends includes two at once.
  • To prepare cocktails, you need a knife for the ice pods. This is a special knife with jagged blades.
  • The whisk is used for cooking: dough, cream, whipping eggs, cream, cream.
  • Cup of the combine with a nozzle for bus and cutting products with slices or knife for grinding. The bowl can accommodate a fairly large number of products, its volume is 1.5-2 liters.
  • Cutting cutting nozzle. Cup volume. 2 liters. The kit is supplemented by nozzles for tires and cuts.
  • The nozzle of Blender Brown “Potato Puree” will prepare the most delicate mashed potatoes in a matter of seconds. The usual submersible nozzle will turn mashed potatoes into an unpleasant fabric.
  • Some Bosch models have nozzles for foaming milk or preparing mayonnaise.

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