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How the blocked washing machine opens if it is blocked

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Everyone is used to it that household appliances facilitates life, helps with cleaning the home, when restoring order. Partially frees a person from physical work, giving the opportunity to devote the time to more important matters. So, the washing machine does all the difficult work: it erases, rinses, squeezes, and the hostess only needs to load the linen into the drum and get it at the end of the washing process. She only opens and closes the door, and between these two actions can do other matters. However, the equipment can fail and break. A frequent case of breakdown-the door of the hatch does not open, as a result of which it is impossible to get things out of the drum, then the question arises of how to open a washing machine if it is blocked?

Why do difficulties arise with opening?

If the car door after washing does not open for the first and second time, you should not repeat attempts, increasing the pressure and applied strength. This approach will only aggravate the situation and add a broken lock or a torn door to the blocking. It is more productive to understand the reasons for the current situation, which can be only five.

  • Standard auto.Blocking during operation of the machine. After the next cycle is completed, Samsung should pass at least 1-2 minutes, after which the door will take off on its own.
  • System failure. A technical violation in the washing program is possible. The failure is provoked with sharp surges of the voltage, disorders in the supply of water, a sharp shutdown of power supply.
  • Failed castle block. It is possible that the castle jammed. Natural wear, inaccurate loading/unloading of the tank or gross opening of the door. All this negatively affects the shut.Off mechanism.
  • Clogging. In this case, the water does not merge from the tank, so the system does not give a signal for unlocking. Even if the cycle was completed.
  • Blocking from children. A special protection mode can be turned on by accident.

Search for the cause of the locked hatch is among the listed points. The most ideal option is to open a technical passport or instructions for the available Samsung model and see the procedure for each case. If there are no papers in the house, we understand what to do next, on our own.

Ways to open a hatch in different cars

In different models of washing machines, emergency opening of the door during washing is carried out in different ways. Consider the most common options.

  • Samsung washing machines. In these machines, it all depends on the sensor that determines the residual level of water in the tank. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends when stopping during washing, open the door, drain the water through the drain filter or emergency drain.
  • Atlant washing machines. These models provide a special emergency opening of the door. To do this, manufacturers brought a cable to open the lock lock, it is in the same place as the drain filter.
  • Electrolux and AEG washing machines. These machines have a “pause” button, when pressing the car stops. Over, if the water temperature in the tank is below 50 0 s, the water is below the level (in frontal models) and the drum does not rotate, then the lock lock is automatically unlocked.
  • LG and Beko washing machines. In these machines, to stop and open the drum hatch, you need to install the machine in the pause mode. Then turn off the power and wait from 1 to 3 minutes. Then a click will be heard, notifying the unblocking of the hatch.
  • Bosch washing machines with bell proofure. These are frontal machines in which the Start button also includes the function of bell bellication. If after turning on the mode, it became necessary to stop the process and open the hatch door, then you need to click on this button. And if the “Yes” appears on the display, then you can open the door. When reporting “No”, you cannot open the hatch.

Thus, it is forcibly to open the door of the drum during washing only in particularly emergency cases. Indeed, in most machines you will have to turn off the equipment from the network, and this may affect the performance of the electronic board. Therefore, before pulling out a fork from a socket, think that worse is a coin dangling inside the drum or repairing a fee.

How to drain water immediately

This is done manually, and water merges through the filter, into some capacity. This hose is located in front of the machine, under the hatch, but it is hidden from the eyes with the lower panel. You need to remove it and you will see a hose that is closed with a traffic jam and lies in a special nest, in a convertible state. Remove it, remove the plug and drain the water into the substitute.

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If there is no hose, then there is a plug in any case. Of course, with a hose is much more convenient, and without it the water gets to the floor, so you need to lay a rag in advance.

And, of course, after such a manipulation, the program is lost and it will be necessary to re.Exhibit it. Therefore, use this method only in cases where it is extremely necessary. Suppose a valuable thing was discovered in the drum, or the one that can greatly water and this spoil the color of the rest of the underwear. Or, a very terrible case: the pet came into the drum and you turned on the wash.

In any case, in order to remove a coin from washing, do all of the above do not.

The reasons for the appearance of the door with the door

The washing cycle ended, but the door does not open from the first or the second time? Do not use strength and try to “pull out” it. So you will aggravate the situation and you can break the lock. It is necessary to reflect well and find the reason that led to a malfunction. There are five of them:

  • Door lock provided for by the washing machine program. Such a function is on almost all modern devices. After the washing is completed, you need to wait a couple of minutes, and the door is unlocked on your own.
  • System. Perhaps the programmed cycle was violated by an unexpected voltage jump, turning off electricity or water supply.
  • Damage in the lock block. It is possible that the case is in the door of the door. Inaccurate operation, careless opening and closing the door, a tank overload. All this can lead to malfunctions of the lock.
  • Zasori of the drain hose. Leads to the fact that water cannot merge from the tank after the end of the washing cycle. As a result. There is no signal to unlock the door, in order to avoid flooding.
  • Protection from children. Perhaps you turned on a special mode by chance.

A universal method suitable for all models

Having removed the top panel of the washing machine, you can unlock the hatch in any model. So this method is the most universal. However, it requires some skills and tools. In some cars, the panel is attached with two bolts that can be removed with a conventional screwdriver, but this is a rare case. Usually, in order to remove the panel, you have to use Torx keys, and their size is not the same for different models. These may be the following options:

open, samsung, washing, machine

Spin the bolts on the back wall, you need to move the lid back and then remove it. After that, you need to stick your hand to the part where the lock (side of the tank) is located, and squeeze the latch. Before removing the lid, you must turn off the equipment by pulling out the cord from the outlet, and drain the water.

Adhering to the recommendations presented here, you can open a machine during washing and during emergency situations. However, if you do not have skills in servicing equipment and are not confident in your abilities. Call the master, and he will definitely open your machine.

Emergency situations

Often forced to cancel the mode on the washing room emergency situations. So, the machine stops washing with a sudden disconnection of electricity. In this case, you only need to wait. Modern Samsung can remember the stoppage of the stop and continue the cycle in a given mode when the electricity is turned on.

Equipping a fork of a working washer from the outlet is allowed only in extreme cases. The system reacts sharply to voltage drops!

open, samsung, washing, machine

If the machine is hung and does not respond to user commands, it is better to turn off the unit from the outlet and repeat the launch in 15-20 minutes. The reloading of the system drops the washing, after which you can restore management. At the next “hanging” it is worth completing the cycle and calling a specialist of the service center.

In situations where it is urgent to leave the apartment, it is also recommended to force the cycle forcibly complete. It is extremely dangerous to leave working washing workers unattended. The machine can light up or leak. Therefore, we do not risk, before leaving, click “Start/Stop” and wait for a complete stop of the machine for 5-10 minutes.

In what cases it is necessary to call the master

Knowing how to open a stopped machine gun, if it is blocked, you can extract loaded things from it, but you will not always be able to restore its performance. For all problems with the control unit and in cases of breakdown of responsible parts, you should contact the repair workshop. To do this, you had to perform the simplest preventive measures as much as possible:

  • Open and close the hatch carefully, without unnecessary effort;
  • Do not exceed the boiler loading rate;
  • When the first signs of a malfunction appear, take measures, not allowing a serious breakdown.

Watch the video about what to do if the door of the washing machine is blocked

Possible malfunctions and methods of elimination

In the instructions attached to the washing machines, there is usually a layout diagram of the hatch door. If the instructions are lost, then you can open it yourself.

  • Turn off the car out of the outlet;
  • Make sure that there is no water in the drum. If it is available, water should be drained through the emergency drain system;
  • Open the lid of the drainage filter and look in the hole of the emergency door opening cable. Most often it is yellow. Eating a cable eat, then you need to pull it over and the hatch should open;
  • In the absence of a cable, in order to open the hatch, you will have to dismantle the upper panel and tilt the car back to move a little tank. Then push the lock blocking the door.

If the handle broke in the washing machine, then you can try to open it without resorting to the help of a specialist:

  • Use emergency cable;
  • Close the rest of the broken handle with pliers and pull on yourself until the click is heard;
  • Open the lock through the top cover;
  • Open the hatch with wire or rope. Sticking it around the perimeter of the loading hatch.

Important: with independent unlocking the hatch of the washing machine, you cannot:

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  • Carry out work when included in the electrical network;
  • Try to open the door with great effort, if there is water in the drum;
  • The malfunctioning code that displayed on the display should be deciphered only using the instructions or recommendations of the manufacturer;
  • Repair an electronic fee or dismantle the wiring if there is no necessary experience in the repair of washing machines.

Many manufacturers equip their machines with special protection against children’s actions, such as a Hotpointan Ariston Aqualti and Samsung Eco Babble model. If you bought such a washing machine, the user did not carefully read the instructions and accidentally pressed a combination of buttons, then this function may turn on.

In this case, the hatch will not open, and a smile and lock will blink on the display. To remove the door lock, press a couple of buttons on the edges of the figure of a drawn man. In the machines, Ariston Hotpoint, after turning off the electricity, the door is also blocked and you will have to look for an emergency cable to remove the lock, from the bottom of the device near the filter.

You can open the hatch of most washing machines using an emergency cable, as well as using the method specified by the manufacturer in the instructions. If you select the Baby or “light ironing” mode (as in the Daewoo Direct Drive model), then the drum is slowly rotating. Choosing the “silk” mode, washing will be without drain from the drum. To drain the water, you need to press the pause button or start, or enable the “light ironing” mode.

We suggest watching a video on how to open the door of the washing machine:

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