If the boiler does not turn off for a long time

What to do if the boiler is constantly working and does not turn off

From this article you will learn everything about independent repair and diagnosis of heating electric boats. Review of the most common malfunctions of electric boilers, as well as ways to solve them.

First you need to understand how automation works in modern boilers. Most models provide for the following scheme of work:

  • The user sets the desired temperature value on the thermostat.
  • The system begins heating.
  • Temperature sensor all this time removes temperature indicators.
  • At the time the set value is achieved, the sensor sends the control signal responsible for the shutdown of the boiler.
  • With a decrease in the temperature in the circuit, this is also fixed by sensors, there is a re.Inclusion.

One of the most common reasons why the electric boiler does not turn off is the temperature sensor malfunction. Because of this, the system simply “does not understand” that the required temperature is achieved and you need to turn off the unit. The boiler works constantly, and in this mode, it not only consumes a lot of fuel, but also works for wear.

The elimination of the problem usually consists of four steps:

  • Diagnostics of sensors;
  • Checking all connections, if necessary. Tightening of the wiring;
  • Stripping oxidized contacts;
  • Replacing faulty components.

If the problem is not in thermal attews, we can talk about low temperature in the return pipe of heating. There can be many reasons for this: poor.Quality thermal insulation of the house, slow movement of the coolant along the contour, so on. The result is one. The coolant cools quickly, and the boiler is constantly working to maintain the desired temperature.

Very often the largest heat loss is on the roof. Understand that the roof is poor thermal insulation, you can, by and large. The more there are, the worse is the insulation.

The cause of cooling the coolant often becomes its slow movement. Most often, this is caused by the following factors:

  • Filters clogged. Small garbage, dirt, etc. Gradually accumulate on the filter. Clean it carefully enough. Usually filters are cut off by shut.Off taps, so you can block water and clean them without troubles.
  • Pump malfunction. The pump can work incorrectly due to a breakdown, improper installation and for other reasons. But often the owners themselves set the minimum speed. Sometimes the problem is solved by an elementary increase in speed.

The third common reason why the gas boiler does not turn off for a long time is the clogging of one of the heat exchangers. Due to such blockages, the turbine continues to work continuously, constantly pumping liquid. At the same time, the pressure becomes weaker, water is slower. Such phenomena are caused for the most part by a large volume of magnesium and potassium, which is contained in ordinary tap water. Gradually, they accumulate on the elements of the heat exchanger during heating.

In some models, you can independently clean the tubular radiator. But there are some particularly complex (for example, bittermic), for the purification of which it is imperative to attract masters.

Other reasons why the boiler works without turning off

Sometimes the reasons are completely elementary, and the solution to the problem occupies literally a couple of seconds. In addition to the above reasons for the incorrect operation of the boiler, we can add:

  • The minimum value on the thermostat. If this value is not enough to fully heat all the required power, the system will simply work continuously, consuming a lot of fuel, but without giving the desired result. To solve the problem, it is often enough to increase the value on the thermostat.
  • The burner is incorrectly configured. The problem often arises with burners with flame modulation. You need to make sure that there is enough its power for the desired heating. If not, it is enough to increase this value.
  • The programmer on the outer thermostat does not work. If problems are found, it may be necessary to install a new programmer. But the decision to replace it should be entrusted to the expert with experience.
  • The installation was originally incorrectly completed. Such situations are also not uncommon. Especially with independent installation or installation of inexperienced specialists. At least you need to check whether the sequence of the strapping according to the scheme is observed. If there are at least some shortcomings and violations, this may well cause incorrect work: the boiler will rot, not turn off, not gain the desired temperature, etc. D.
  • The electronic board is faulty. The problem is not widespread, but if it occurs, you need to contact the master. He will conduct diagnostics, repair, and if necessary, replacing the board with a new. We do not recommend doing these manipulations independently.

Why is the correct operation of the heating boiler so important?

In addition to the financial side, there is even more important. Health of residents. It is believed that the recommended temperature for residential premises is 21 degrees Celsius. For the bedroom. 18 degrees.

When the temperature is above 24 degrees, a person has fatigue, weakness, the skin is overdried due to moisture deficiency in the room, natural sweating is disturbed. The temperature below 20 degrees increases the risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases, reduces resistance to SARS, increases blood pressure.

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Why the gas boiler is constantly turned off? Reasons and ways to solve

The gas boiler system is responsible for several functions. Heating the room, ensuring hot water supply. Sometimes in the coldest period a failure can occur, leading to the equipment of the equipment. An unpleasant situation most often occurs precisely in the heating season, therefore, for the speedy elimination of breakdown, it is necessary to know the main causes of breakdowns.

Causes of frequent inclusion of a gas boiler

It happens that the installed new device after setting, commissioning begins to turn on too often and off. Such a device, although it should automatically regulate its work, however, such a process clearly indicates failures in the system. This can adversely affect the deadline for using the device, because the working elements begin to wear quickly, and the device itself will fail.

There are reasons why a heated boiler is often triggered. In any case, it is better to contact a specialist if there is not enough professional experience, because when manipulating blue fuel, you must be careful. The main reasons for turning on-off heating equipment with frequency frequency:

  • Incorrect selection of the device. The power is provided for a large room, and the installation of the unit was carried out in a small room;
  • Incorrect installation of the circulation pump;
  • The temperature range is incorrectly set;
  • There is no thermostat in the room, for this reason the adjustment of the operating condition of the device occurs according to the temperature indicators of the coolant.

Important! This problem is quite simple, but there are times when you have to replace the device with another model.

Problems of open.Type atmospheric boilers

There are a number of reasons affecting the workflow of the apparatus, which worked properly for some time, and then sharply begins to wander.

boiler, does, turn, long, time

Problems with traction

To check the device for the presence of this problem, the lit match should be brought to the main window. If there is a craving, then the fire will deviate into one of the sides, in the absence. The flame burns smoothly.

The main factors affecting traction violations:

  • Lack of proper ventilation. Air fence is carried out from the room, it is necessary to have a ventilation window. To support the flame, natural ventilation is required. Open the window to resume the operation of the device.
  • Weather. Adverse weather conditions negatively affect the workshop work process. If an extraneous subject fell into the mine, a reverse traction may occur, leading to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Scraping. The accumulation of condensate on the mining walls leads to icing the part, and the barrier for normal traction and the removal of smoke is consequently formed. It is necessary to eliminate this reason as follows. To knock down the icing layer, insulate the walls of the mine.
  • SAST CLEASE. The simultaneous connection of a gas device and a solid fuel model leads to a similar problem. In this situation, it is better to resort to the help of utilities.
  • Pipe burning. The detail should be completely replaced.

Healthy! The high.Rise building, located next door, can block the house, for this reason the chimney is in the leeward area, which negatively affects its work. The recommended height of the mine above the roof of the structure of more than two meters.

Reduction in gas pressure in the highway

If the craving in the chimney is present, then you need to go to the next step in checking the unit for fuel supply. A sign of reduced gas pressure at the entrance is the causeless extinguishing of the burner, when burning flame on the faint.

Troubleshooting if a Thermostat is BAD: Explained!

The main factors affecting the decrease in the supply of fuel in the highway:

  • Clogging, counter breakdown. Extraneous noise may proceed. A working counter changes the readings properly, when failing, you will need to contact a specialist. Contrasting the disguise is strictly prohibited;
  • The operation of protective sensors. Modern models are equipped with gas control and temperature sensors. When fuel leaks, equipment is blocked. You can identify an unfavorable area in a simple way: a soap solution is applied to the joints, when the bubbles appear, the gas supply should be blocked, open the windows to ventilate the room and immediately call the gas service;
  • Clogging of the fuel filter. You need to clean the mesh part, and at the end of the cleaning, the wick and the main boiler room burner is fired.

Important! Before performing any manipulation with a gas pipeline, you should freely block the supply of fuel with a cutting crane.

Freezing of the head

The head of the boiler is called the head of the boiler, if ice forms on its surface due to low atmospheric temperatures, it is impossible to knock it down completely. To eliminate such a factor, you will need to remove the part and defrost.

It is quite possible to run the unit in this state, however, before starting it should be heated: twist the gas supply valve, after which gradually unscrewing, you need to set fire to the burner. The feed should increase by little until the whole structure is heated before thawing.

Lack of air

Normal work requires the flow of supply air through the ventilation channel or from other rooms. You cannot also allow drafts that can extinguish a low.Power burner.

With a lack of oxygen, you can easily activate the extinguishing, in this situation it is enough to open the nearest window and observe the behavior of fire. If the combustion stabilization has occurred, then the attenuation passes.

  • Hermetic plastic windows stop the air influx into the room.
  • Interior doors were replaced, due to which the saphenous gaps decreased, thereby the passage of air decreased.
  • A powerful kitchen hood pulls part of the air mass.
  • A forced hood in the bathroom and toilet was established.

The installation of exhaust devices should be compensated by the air flow so that the chimney not to decrease and does not overturn the other way around. Special supply valves are installed in plastic windows, and in the case of forced extracts, a mechanical influx from the street is organized.

Why does the boiler not turn off

The work of wall and floor boilers is controlled by automation. Whatever the model you have (“Bosch”, “AOGV”, “Lemax”, “Navien”), upon reaching the temperature you have set, it should turn off. How does this happen:

  • You set the value on the thermostat.
  • Heating begins.
  • The temperature sensor measures the indicators.
  • As soon as the necessary values ​​are reached, the sensor sends a control signal that turns off the boiler operation.
  • As soon as the temperature in the circuit begins to decline (this also fix the sensors), the unit automatically starts.

For what reasons, the technique is constantly working? We will analyze in more detail each item.

Automation does not turn off, a thermal attempt does not work

A similar sensor is installed on the feed and reverse line. If one of them fails, the system “does not understand” that it is time to stop the work, because the signal does not receive. As a result, when a temperature set, the technique does not turn off.

  • Diagnose sensors.
  • Check their connections, tighten the wiring.
  • Stir oxidized contacts.
  • Replace faulty elements.

During the repair of the automation unit, you can observe

Insufficient temperature in the return pipe of heating

This happens due to poor thermal insulation of the room: windows, walls, roof. As a result, heat loss is increased, which is why the circuit cools quickly. The unit is trying to maintain optimal values ​​in the room. The problem is characteristic of the dual.Circuit boilers “Ariston”, Panther and other brands.

You can determine the poor thermal insulation of the roof by icicles in winter. Snow accumulates upstairs, as a result of a large heat loss it melts, from this the icicles grow. And the more they are, those are worse than isolation. The only way out is to additionally insulate the room or install fireplaces for heating.

The technique does not turn off at all when the liquid moves very slowly through the pipes. Possible reasons:

  • Filter clogging. Clean them from garbage and dirt. A rough filter is often cut off by shut.Off taps on both sides. Therefore, its dismantling and cleaning is carried out easily.
  • Problems with the pump. Check the pump adjustment. If the minimum speed is set, then change to the maximum.

Blocking one of the heat exchangers

Then the pump turbine will constantly work, bending liquid. In this case, the pressure is reduced, and the water heats up for a long time. Tap water contains potassium and magnesium salts. They settled on the details of the heat exchanger when heated.

You can clean the tubular radiator yourself. Bittermic models are characterized by a complex design. This is a pipe inside which there is another cruciate pipe. One of the heating coolant moves one at a time, according to the other. For DIS. The problem is that the fluid in them heats up at the same time, as a result, the scale is quickly deposited. It is impossible to clean it with your own hands.

It is enough to dismantle the usual coil, connect the pump to the hole and pump it with a reagent.

After befalled after rinse with running water. In order not to clean too often, experts recommend installing magnetic filters. They purify water from salts.

Other reasons

A minimum value is set on the thermostat. This temperature is not enough to heat the entire area, so adjust the indicators.

The burner is incorrectly adjusted. If your model has a burner with flame modulation, make sure that its power is enough to heat. Perhaps it is better to set more meaning.

The programmer does not work on the outer thermostat. Check the details, when malfunction, install the in.Line elements.

Incorrect installation, strapping the heating system. If you have a connection yourself, check the binding sequence according to the scheme. With the slightest failure in the installation of the circuit, it may function incorrectly.

The most serious problem is an electronic malfunction. Its diagnostics, repair and replacement is better to entrust a specialist.

What is the conclusion? First. Select the equipment correctly, taking into account its power and area area. Second. Carry out connection only if you have a similar experience. Third. Regularly carry out a technical inspection and cleaning of the boiler. These are the main criteria for prolonged and successful operation.

Types of gas boilers

By type of installation, boilers are divided into wall and floor units.

Floor gas boilers are characterized by greater power, which means the ability to heat large areas of the premises, the long periods of service, associated with the fact that heat exchangers for such heat generators are made of steel or cast iron. For floor boilers, a separate room is required. Furnace.

Floor gas boiler

Wall boiler units are more compact and have less weight, which allows you to install them on the walls of the premises. This type of heat generators is characterized by a restriction on power, a lower service life, increased requirements for the quality of cleaning of the coolant and heated water. Malfunctions of a gas boiler can be different depending on the type of installation.

Wall gas boiler

By design, the boilers are divided into single.Circuit, used only for the purpose of heating the premises, and double.Circuit, designed, except for heating, for heating hot water.

By the type of removal of combustion products, heat generators are equipped with systems with natural or forced thrust. In the first case, units are connected to a traditional chimney, which is displayed on the roof of the building, and the exhaust gases are thrown out due to natural traction. To provide it, ventilation ducts are arranged according to certain rules. One of them. The upper level of the chimney should be located above the roof skate by at least 500 mm, or at the same level with it at certain distances from the ridge. The reason why the gas boiler blows is non.Compliance with these conditions. Boiler units with natural thrust are equipped with open combustion chambers or atmospheric burners, the air for the burner is taken from the inside of the room.

In the second case, the boilers are equipped with a coaxial chimney, which is the design “pipe in the pipe”, which is displayed through the wall of the room. The air is received on the outer pipe from the street, the air of combustion products are displayed on the inner pipe. In boiler unit with forced traction, combustions are installed.

Traditional and coaxial gas removal systems

And finally, according to the method of ensuring the circulation of the coolant, the boiler units are divided into energy.Dependent and energy.Dependent. In energy.Dependent boilers there are circulation pumps operating from the power supply and creating pressure in the heating system. In addition, energy.Dependent boilers are equipped with complex automation that controls and supports established operating modes, including an electronic ignition system. Energy.Dependent heat generators do not require connection to electric networks, and the movement of the coolant occurs due to natural pressure drops as a result of its heating. The ignition of power.Dependent boilers can be carried out using a piezoelectric element, pressing a button.

boiler, does, turn, long, time

Proper operation of the gas water heaters (tips and recommendations)

Other reasons

Sometimes the reason that the gas boiler works continuously is incorrect settings. Perhaps the thermostat is set an insufficient temperature for heating the existing area. Then it is necessary to adjust the optimum temperature.

If your unit is installed in the modulation type, you should make sure that its power is enough to heat. Perhaps you need to reconfigure it to a more productive level. Another reason may be a faulty programmer of the external thermostat. Check its performance, replace faulty elements.

The continuous operation of a gas boiler is sometimes associated with errors in a strapping. It is necessary to control the correct connection of all nodes.

The most serious reason, which cannot be eliminated independently, is a malfunction of the electronic control board. Its diagnostics and repair should be carried out only by a specialist in the service center.

Reasons for the attenuation of a gas boiler and how to eliminate them

There are several main reasons why the gas boiler constantly goes out. Most of them can be eliminated without calling a specialist.

boiler, does, turn, long, time

Insufficient pressure of natural gas

The low pressure of the gas entering the boiler can be caused by both a lack of pressure in the gas pipeline and problems with the equipment of the heating system.

  • In the presence of a gas pressure regulator, its settings should be adjusted.
  • Damage to the gas meter leads to the fact that the boiler itself is turned off. It is necessary to check the smoothness of the movement of numbers on the device, the absence of noise, otherwise you will need to repair or replace the counter.
  • With the leakage of the gas supply system, sensors of protection against fuel leakage are triggered if they are present. You can install the presence of a leak using a soap solution. In the places where the gas passes, bubbles are formed.
  • If the problem is with the filter, it is necessary to clean it.

Reverse traction is one of the frequent problems

If the reverse traction occurs, it is necessary to find out what is the reason for its appearance.

This can be a constructive chimney error, lack of supply ventilation, or clogging of the ventilation duct. With such problems, the system cannot gain enough air. The boiler burns all the oxygen in the room, then begins to take it through the chimney from the street. This leads to reverse traction, a draft that extinguishes the fire of the burner.

Important! Reverse traction is a dangerous phenomenon, t.To. Some models of past generation boilers do not have protective sensors, and combustion products accumulate indoors.

boiler, does, turn, long, time

You can eliminate this problem by changing the design of the chimney (for example, increasing the number of turns along its length, but there should be no more than three). An additional strong air flow will also save the situation.

Elimination of problems with chimney

Problems with the chimney can be both a project nature and arising during its operation. The reasons why the gas boiler goes to rot

  • Ice, icicles that are formed on the head of the chimney and make it difficult to move the air. It is necessary to clean the chimney from ice and, as a private decision, insulation of the chimney.
  • Clogging the chimney with garbage, web requires channel cleaning. In order to avoid this, deflectors are installed on the heads. Umbrella is undesirable to use.To. The formation of icicles on them can clog the chimney.
  • The wind gets into the chimney and extinguishes the burner. The elimination of this problem can be achieved in different ways. Change the design of the chimney, install the deflector, change the height of the chimney, replace the pipe in case of destruction. If the chimney enters the wind support zone (there is a high.Altitude object nearby), it is necessary to transfer it from this zone.

Important! The head of the chimney should protrude 50 cm above the roof level.

Faulty ventilation

In household gas boilers (except for units with a coaxial pipe), air is used from the room, so with insufficient ventilation, the system may turn off. It is necessary to ensure a constant flow of air in the boiler room.

Important! When burning 1 cubic meter.M. Gas is burned 10 cubic meters.M. Air.

Expensive models are equipped with an electric fan, which provides forced ventilation. If the fan fails (after disconnecting continues to make noise), it requires repair or replacement.

Interruptions in the mains

Energy.Dependent gas boilers are affected by voltage drops and power interruptions. With voltage drops, the sensors automatically turn off and turn on the equipment. If the problems in the energy system occur regularly, interruptions occur several times a day, it makes sense to put UPS.

Problems inside the boiler

Part of problems can be found inside the boiler itself. Some require a more qualified approach.

  • Problems in the work of the burner:
  • The wick does not light or weakly burned. It is necessary to clean the nozzles of the burner;
  • Flame control sensor (thermocard, electrode of ionization, photocurrent) has failed. It is required to repair or replace the element;
  • Problems with the security chain of a pilot burner (traction sensor, maximum thermostat). You should check the state of contacts for oxidation, clean them.
  • Problems in the operation of the pump. With a faulty pump or errors when it is installed, poor circulation of the coolant is observed, and the automatic shutdown of the heater.

Top 4 Problems Why the Blower Fan Motor Won’t Shut Off! Continuously Runs!

Why does a gas boiler not turn off, constantly works

Apartments and private houses are often heated by gas equipment? The sensors are controlled by their work, and the regulators on the panel allow you to independently choose the heating temperature. It is believed that this method of heating is much more economical. But what to do if the gas boiler does not turn off? As a result, a lot of fuel is consumed, and the technique works for wear. Main causes: crash breakdown, low temperature in pipes, blockages and incorrect settings. Consider the ways to eliminate them in detail.

Why does the boiler not turn off

The work of wall and floor boilers is controlled by automation. Whatever the model you have (“Bosch”, “AOGV”, “Lemax”, “Navien”), upon reaching the temperature you have set, it should turn off. How does this happen:

  • You set the value on the thermostat.
  • Heating begins.
  • The temperature sensor measures the indicators.
  • As soon as the necessary values ​​are reached, the sensor sends a control signal that turns off the boiler operation.
  • As soon as the temperature in the circuit begins to decline (this also fix the sensors), the unit automatically starts.

For what reasons, the technique is constantly working? We will analyze in more detail each item.

Automation does not turn off, a thermal attempt does not work

A similar sensor is installed on the feed and reverse line. If one of them fails, the system “does not understand” that it is time to stop the work, because the signal does not receive. As a result, when a temperature set, the technique does not turn off.

  • Diagnose sensors.
  • Check their connections, tighten the wiring.
  • Stir oxidized contacts.
  • Replace faulty elements.

During the repair of the automation unit, you can observe

The next video describes the situation with the attenuation of the boiler with a strong wind:

Frequent repetition of shutdown/turning on any modern gas boiler directly indicates its unstable operation. And therefore, there is a malfunction or incorrect configuration, which is the cause of accelerated wear of equipment. Therefore, having identified the problem, you should immediately begin to eliminate it.

And you had to face interruptions in the operation of a gas boiler? What kind of problem had to be faced with and how it turned out to get their position? Please share your experience with our readers in the block with Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Noise in the middle of the container

If the boiler rustles, then you need to listen to the sounds.

If the boiler is noisy evenly and monotonously, then there are no problems with its work. The source of noise is the heating of water. This noise can be weak, or it can have a greater volume. It all depends on whether the heating system is open or closed. If it is open, then the boiler is no longer loud. The reason is the presence of air in the coolant.

You can get rid of noise by converting an open system to a closed.

When the boiler is noisy and cod is heard, this. The reason may be a scale on the heater. The high temperature of the heater makes the scale heat up, which is accompanied by an enhanced noise. The unevenness of sound and crackling occurs due to the fact that the thickness of the scale in certain areas of the heating site is different. The noise is formed like this:

  • First, subtle deposits of limestone heat up. They do not make noise too much.
  • Next, thicker deposits are heated. Their heating is longer. Therefore, they buzz stronger than thin deposits.
  • The crack is published by a very thick plaque. This sound can also create a plaque that began to lag behind the heating.

You can get rid of noise by regular cleaning of the heating element from scale.

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