If the refrigerator does not freeze know frast

Repair refrigerators Knou Frost with your own hands

In the late 90s, refrigerators with the NOU Frost system were widely included in our everyday life. Durable, good quality, resistant to voltage drops, but like any technique, these units sometimes break. Unlike the crying system, in the know.Free repairs to repair a lot easier. The fact is that the main breakdown of such refrigerators is associated with the failure of the automation, that is, either a sensor, or a fan or thaw, can also burn an electronic control module. I will say this, all of the above, it changes without difficulty, of course, if you have spare parts. Now I want to say a little about spare parts, or rather about their comparative cost and simplicity of replacement, firstly, many sensors are interchangeable, and secondly, the price of a sensor is not higher than the same thermostat, as for the control module, there are really fabulous here but this mainly applies to promoted brands, such as Bosch, Whirlpool, Liebherr and so on. In the refrigerator with the know.Frost system, Freon’s leakage is extremely rare, but if it happens, then it will cost it even cheaper than on a refrigerator with a crying system. The rest of the details, such as for example, Tenni thaws or electromechanical damper, also change without difficulty. Read about all this in this category

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Samsung no frost refrigerator and ways to eliminate them

There are two types of Samsung refrigerators with the NOU Frost system, in any case I decided to divide them, that is how. The repair of each of them is peculiar in its own way and is largely different. Now let’s look at the first type, which is already more obsolete, we are talking about refrigerators with mechanical control. In these refrigerators, a mechanical clock is used, the thermostat turns on, it does not need to be confused here, this spare part, with a thermostat that turns off and turns on the motor of this unit. Running ahead a little, I already said that the engine is turned off using a thermostat. In general, I briefly listed almost all the details that guide the work of such refrigerators, the only thing, here we need to add the heater, the fan, the mechanical damper and the engine, the case and the condenser (heat exchanger, on Soviet colds, it is made in the form of an iron lattice and stands in the back ), I will not take into account. About the causes and the search for faults, I will tell you in the full version of the article, and now I’ll add a few words, about the electronic control system. In modern Samsung refrigerators, this type is now used. A distinctive feature of it is that there are no mechanical spare parts, all processes are guided by electronic sensors and the control module. If in the first type the damper was mechanical, then in these refrigerators it became electromechanical and controlled by a rugal, this is a kind, also a sensor. There is no need to be afraid of anything, everything is quite simple. Samsung does everything so that repairs can be done with your own hands. Click the button in more detail and switch to the full version of this article

The refrigerator of the know.Frost refrigerator does not turn off. When you can eliminate yourself

These are the common reasons for the long.Term operation of the compressor, which you can cope with yourself.

  • New refrigerator or you recently turned it on. Before you reach the standard operating mode of the compressor, the refrigerator needs to dial the temperature. Therefore, the NO Frost refrigerator engine is constantly working and does not turn off. In time, the refrigerator can dial a temperature up to 24 hours. Time depends on the number of loaded products, room temperature and some other factors.
  • The “Superfrost” or “Supercool” (Supercool) (Supercool) mode is enabled. These modes are designed to quickly freeze products in the freezer or rapid cooling of a large amount of food in the refrigerator compartment. Typically, the modes are turned off automatically after 24-48 hours or they can be turned off manually. The description of how to turn off is in the instructions for your refrigerator.
  • The maximum cooling mode is set in a hot room. Putting cooling for a maximum in the heat is a common user mistake, which it seems that there is too warm in the refrigerator. It leads to enhanced compressor operation with rare shutdowns and, even, to its failure. Put standard temperature settings: 4 ° C, 5 ° C. In the refrigerator and.Eighteen.19 ° C. In the freezer. Or move the refrigerator to a colder room.
  • Incorrect installation. It is necessary to place the refrigerator away from heat sources (plates, batteries, etc.D.), the minimum distance. 3 cm. In this case, direct sunlight should not fall on it. Also, the refrigerator should not be pulled point blank to the wall. Good ventilation of the back wall of the refrigerator is needed so that the capacitor (the lattice from behind the refrigerator) effectively gives heat. If you have not followed these rules, then your refrigerator No Frost can work for a long time without disconnects.
  • They laid a lot of products. A large volume of warm products increases the temperature in the chambers and “forces” the refrigerator more intensively.
  • Often open the door. This leads to warm air enters the chambers and rare shutdown of the compressor.

The lower freezer in the refrigerator stopped freezing

The lower freezer can use heat removal in two ways. Shelves with attached evaporative tubes with manual defrosting or air cooling system are used.

The freezer loses functions if there is a failure in the control system, removal of cold or defrosting. If the lower camera of the refrigerator does not freeze, there are several reasons:

  • Refusal of an electronic control unit or air sensor;
  • The system of defrosting of the know.Frast or freezing of the chamber is faulty, with manual defrosting;
  • Refusal of the temperature sensor in the freezer;

In order to find the cause of the malfunction, you should defrost the refrigerator until it dries completely and turn it on again. If the freezer does not gain cold, and the compressor works, there is no freon in the cooling circuit.

It happens that the freezer in the refrigerator freezes weakly, the compressor does not turn off, the cold. Blinking is heard in the system, pouring fluids through the tubes. As a rule, at this time the refrigerator freezes only the freezer chamber. Perhaps in the system a lack of refrigerant or a capillary tube is clogged. A specialist can find a reason and eliminate it.

Electronics dependent on the voltage difference in the network. The device must be connected through a voltage stabilizer.

Clouded blocks of ice violate heat transfer in the chamber. Perhaps the frozen door closes loosely, creating the conditions for further icing. The compressor, bending the cold, works continuously, for wear.

If the air cooling system is faulty, the heating system does not turn on, ice grows on the evaporator, the fan cannot spin and also stops. The motor burns from the load. Ice accumulates inside the camera.

Possible problems

In the design of refrigeration equipment, a piston compressor controlled by a special launch relay is used. Due to constant mechanical loads, the distribution node fails, due to the breakdown, the lower camera does not freeze (in models with 2 compressors) or the equipment is not cooled entirely (modification with a single compressor). The refrigerator chamber is also damaged, in which the refrigerant tubes are destroyed or an unpleasant odor appears.

Malfunctioning the launcher

The start.Up relay is designed to control the operation of the compressor electric motor, the product is located on the side of the case. The relay works together with the temperature sensor, distributing the supply of power to the engine winding. When damaged or handling the contacts of the node, the compressor does not turn on or works without stopping. For part of the models on the display, error information is displayed. Before contacting the service center, the user independently checks the condition of the part and decides to replace the node.

It is possible to check the relay on the refrigerator using a test device, which measure the resistance of the sections of the circuits. For testing, you need to remove the product from the refrigerator, and then dismantle an electromagnetic switch from the body. If a mobile core is broken in the solenoid, then you will need to replace the assembly assembly. You can purchase a new relay for refrigeration equipment in the company’s service centers Indesit.

If the refrigerator does not turn on after the prevention, then it is recommended to check the correctness of the installation of the distribution box. Control arrows are applied on the relay and compressor housing, the direction of the indicators must match. If the compressor cannot be launched, then the user should check the engine performance (direct power supply).

Freezer does not freeze

If the refrigerator Indsitis is not freezing or a decrease in performance is noticed, then the cause of the malfunction is the breakdown of the thermal regulator or the departure of the refrigerant from the highways. A similar defect occurs when destroying or improper installation of rubber sealing edges on the doors. Indulf refrigerator repair is to diagnose and replace worn or damaged parts. Rubber cands are installed on guide selection, torn nodes are recommended to be replaced.

In cases where the upper chamber does not freeze in the refrigerator in the refrigerator, it is necessary to check the operability of the fan that distributes air flows. When the impeller stops, air exchange is disturbed, only the wall adjacent to the radiator of the heat exchanger is cooled. The problem occurs when the tubes are destroyed and the refrigerant is leaving or with excessive radiator is overwhelmed (due to the breakdown of the automatic defrosting unit). Intended ice is able to jam or damage the impeller of the fan.

When the freezer does not work, it is recommended to check the position of the temperature regulator, which should be between the 3rd and 4th step (corresponds to cooling before.18 ° C). On 2-compressor models, it is required to check the condition of the compressor responsible for the operation of the freezer compartment. The problem arises when the sensor circuit is refused or cut off that measures the temperature inside the compartment. The malfunction is determined by a long pause between the cycles of the compressor electric engine. Similar symptoms accompany the failure of the thermostat.

In equipment with the NOU Frost block and a single compressor, a special valve is used that distributes the refrigerant flows between the freezer and the refrigerator. When jaming the node in an intermediate position, the compressor tries to cool the upper and lower equipment chambers at the same time. Due to insufficient performance in the freezer, the temperature rises, which leads to ice and defrosting stored products.

When cleaning the refrigerator, the accelerated method has a risk of damage to the tubes that pass inside the freezer. The refrigerant goes through cracks, the gas has no color and smell, it is visually impossible to notice the leakage. When the equipment is re.Starting, the compressor begins to work idle, without ensuring ice formation or temperature reduction. Another reason for the breakdown is the refusal or failure in the operation of the electronic control unit, which is flashed or changes to a similar product.

There is also a defect in which the refrigerator does not cold, and the freezer works normally. The malfunction occurs due to overheating of the upper section of the equipment with warm air (for example, from central heating batteries). The reason is improper temperature adjustment in the refrigerator, on 2-compressor models the problem is manifested when the compressor of the upper compartment is damaged. The breakdown also occurs when jaming the camshaft in the position of the refrigerant only in the freezer chamber.

Unpleasant odors

Another malfunction of the Indesite refrigerator is the appearance of an unpleasant odor in the chambers. It is recommended to remove food from the compartments, and then wipe the surface with a clean towel. A container with water is installed in the chamber, in which lemon juice is added (concentration 1-1). After that, the door is locked, the equipment is disconnected from the network for forced defrosting. After removing the remains of the ice, the walls of the chamber are wiped with a solution of water and lemon juice, after 5-10 minutes a re-wiping with a dry cloth or towel is carried out.

The freezer does not freeze in a one.Compressor refrigerator

Refrigerated units with one compressor are the most common. The refrigerator compartment in such refrigerators has a drop.Free system, freezing. Requires manual defrosting. Each camera has its own evaporator. There is a difference in control types. The models are simpler have one thermostat for both departments. Advanced. Received independent control in the cells. This allows you to make an electromagnetic valve that switches the cooling modes of chambers.

refrigerator, does, freeze, know, frast

What can be done yourself

If the refrigerator has not thawed for a long time, the freezer clogged with ice loses its performance. A thick coat of ice gives the opposite effect, as in the needle of the Eskimos: the products do not deteriorate, but they do not freeze as it should. Disconnect and defrost the refrigerator. If the problem was an overabundance of ice, after the hike and the “rest” of the refrigerator, everything will return to normal.

What to do if the freezer does not freeze, although everything thawed, and the refrigerator “rested”? Will have to call the master, and look for a malfunction.

Troubleshooting a No Cool Fridge. Door Left Open

Malfunctions when a freezer does not work in a one.Compressor refrigerator

The list of faults is almost the same as for two.Compressor, but signs of breakdowns are different.

Compressor. From 1900

Since the motor is one, when it breaks down, the cold disappears in both chambers. In the refrigerator, it quickly heats up, in the freezer. The ice melts. The engine is silent, turns on and immediately turns off or buzzes strainedly, but in idle, because it jammed. The motor is not repaired, but changes to a new.

Compressor launcher.Protective relay. From 1600

Performs the functions of starting and emergency shutdown of the motor when it overheats. When breaking the relay, the motor does not turn on at all or turns on and immediately turns off. The master changes the failed relay for a new.

Thermoregulator or temperature sensor. From 1400

In refrigerators with one thermostat, both cameras stop freezing. With independent temperature control in both departments, the refrigerator compartment will work regularly, and the freezer will stop freezing. The master changes faulty thermostat (in models with electromechanical control) or temperature sensor (in models with electronic control).

Freon leak. From 1800

At first, the compressor works without rest, but cannot lower the temperature in the departments to the desired. Then the motor does not turn on at all, and the freezer melts.

  • Heating circuit of the perimeter of the freezer;
  • Soldering joints of evaporators with other parts of the system;
  • The evaporator of the refrigerator.

The master finds the leakage, seals it, checks the tightness of crimping, restores the vacuum in the system, changes the filter-dryer and refuel the system with freon. If the “flows” the stained evaporator in the refrigerator, it is cut and the new one is installed on the back wall inside the refrigerator compartment.

My Freezer is Cooling But Not Freezing!

Blockage of the capillary pipeline. From 1800

The motor-compressor works almost without stopping, but with the cold in the compartments-trouble. The capillary blockage of the interaction of freon and oil from the compressor prevents the refrigerant entering the desired pressure into the evaporator, and the cold.Productivity of the technique drops.

The master will clean the capillary tube or its replacement. Then hesitates, decorcums and refuel the system with a refrigerant.

Electromagnetic switching valve. From 1300

The valve operates in two modes: “Cooling the freezer and refrigerating chamber at the same time” or “Cooling only freezers”. If the valve is jammed in the first mode, the freezer does not have enough cold, and the temperature in it is increased. The failed valve will have to change.

refrigerator, does, freeze, know, frast

Control unit. From 1900

The refrigerator works in an incomprehensible mode, not including the freezer compartment with the desired frequency. The refusal of the control unit is due to damage to the part of the board responsible for the minus compartment. The master will test the fee, change faulty radio components or restore the burned paths. Sometimes it is impossible to repair the control module, you need a complete replacement.

Spare parts are not included in the price and are paid separately.

Choose a new refrigerator from ASKO

ASKO company. One of the European leaders in the production of high.Quality household appliances for the home. ASKO refrigerators have a large resource of work, which is achieved by the use of proven spare parts and very high assembly quality, which is controlled by electronics. Also, the Asko technique has a stylish design that allows you to use it in a wide variety of interiors. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, refrigerators consume significantly less electricity and at the same time emit much less noise.

You can choose both separate refrigerators and built.In models that are easily installed in furniture and can perfectly fit into any interior solution due to the possibility of installing any facade panels. In the assortment of our store you can find high.Quality single.Chamber and two.Chamber refrigerators. Lovers of soft drinks should pay attention to the models equipped with ice generators. The user can choose classic form factors or refrigerators equipped with an additional freshness zone. ASKO cares about all customers, therefore it offers a choice of a model equipped with a drip system of a thaw or Nofrost technology, which works only in a freezer chamber. Models equipped with “Full Nofrost” system are also available.

The control module is faulty. From 2200

The control unit is a microcircuit with radio elements in which the refrigerator algorithm is laid. When the module fails in it, radio elements burn, the contacts and/or paths of the microcircuit are burned out or oxidized, the firmware is lost. When the module is faulty, the Samsung refrigerator with knowing Frost behaves differently:

It is necessary to identify burnt elements and replace them with new ones, pluck suspicious paths and/or contacts of the microcircuit. When firmware failures, the module memory is evaporated, reprogrammed and sold back. In difficult cases, when the microcircuit processor fails, the control module changes completely.

Why does the Indesite refrigerator not freeze. The reasons

The cooling circuit can refuse due to a malfunction of one of the parts. Most often, the cause is a lack or a complete leak of freon in the refrigerator Indesite. The malfunction can be detected according to the following signs:

  • In the freezer, the temperature holds, and the refrigerator gradually increases;
  • The compressor is buzzing without ceasing;
  • The gurgling of liquid with breaks is heard, the temperature continues to fall;
  • The capacitor. A grill on the back of the refrigerator, cold;
  • After stopping for cleaning from ice, the freezer does not freeze, the compressor works, very hot.

Why the Indesite refrigerator stopped freezing precisely after cleaning? The agent was enough to support the regime in the frozen chamber, and during a long downtime, the gas finally evaporated in leaks. Perhaps the circuit was disturbed when cleaning the tubes mechanically.

Before refueling the system by a refrigerant, the master will have to find a leakage, perhaps muffled the heating circuit. One of the signs of a fistula is to swell the wall wall. Black oily spot is observed.

Often the refrigerator indesi is poorly freezing as a result of a blockage of a capillary tube. White precipitate. A product of the reaction of freon and oil, clogs the capillary. It is required to replace or repair the node. Rarely, but the compressor is faulty. It does not create the right pressure in the gas environment.

The reason may be in the control system of the Indesite refrigerator. The compressor turns on and stops depending on the team of the thermostat, the leading process using sensors and relay. The thermostat in a one.Compressor apparatus is installed in the upper chamber. Therefore, when the starting relay fails, at first the upper chamber does not freeze.

However, often customers complain that in the plus chamber it freezes greatly. The reason is also a malfunction of the thermostat of the refrigerator Indesis. At this time, the walls of the camera freeze because the compressor works without stopping.

Indesite refrigerator will freely freeze if the chambers are overgrown with ice, which does not conduct heat, is an insulator. At the same time, an ice fur coat can violate a tight fit of the doors. The incoming jets of warm air will be the cause of additional ice. Eliminating freezing, you should check or clean the hole for the drainage of condensate in the drip system of defrosting. Make sure that the thaw is turned on and works.

refrigerator, does, freeze, know, frast

Determine that the Indesite refrigerator began to work poorly on the constant operation of the motor or the absence of compressor launches. You should pay attention if the compressor turns on for seconds, turns off with a loud knock. It happens that the starting relay clicks, and the motor does not turn on. But if the light bulb is burning in the chamber, and the refrigerator does not turn on, start checking with thermorel.

Breakdown in conducting systems

If the refrigerator does not work, and the freezer works properly, first of all, a violation of the function of the capillary system should be assumed. The cooler goes a fairly long way. If the blockage is formed in one of the sections, its movement is stopped. This leads to a change in the temperature regime inside the chamber. The main causes of blockage: getting into a system of moisture, oil or pollution that got there due to filter pollution.

This problem is often hidden. Signs of disruption of the unit at the same time are the same as in the case when the evaporator fails. To understand what caused the temperature in the main chamber, you need to check the operation of the pair compressor-motor. If these nodes are not subject to intensive heating, it means that the main factor contributing to the violation of the temperature regime of the unit is blockage.

When the problem is detected immediately, it can be eliminated on your own.

In this case, light tapping on the tube will help, where it can be clogged. You can not exert pressure on the pipeline, t. To. It can be deformed, which will contribute to a complication of the situation. If after such manipulations the problem was not eliminated, it is better to invite a specialist. The advantage of this measure is the possibility of replacing freon, purging the tube, eliminating blockage and installing a new filter.

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