In which oven to put puff pastry

How much stove puff.Free dough. How to bake puff pastry in the oven? At what temperature and how long. Yeast, boundless. Fkkusnofacts about layers

If you bought frozen puff pastry, it should only be thawed at room temperature.

Roll the dough in one direction so as not to violate the structure of the layers. The thickness of the rolled sheet should be at least 3 mm.

Cut the dough with a sharp knife. So the edges will not stick together, and the dough will rise well when baked. A stupid knife will doubt the edges, and they will not “bloom”, this will affect the splendor.

By laying the filling, do not lubricate the edges of the products with an egg, otherwise they will stick together in the oven and will not be able to delay.

If you put the filling into the dough, pierce the finished products with a fork in several places. This will allow them to bake well, and the dough will be even, without bubbles.

It is not necessary to lubricate the baking sheet with oil, since the puff pastry usually contains a sufficient amount of oil. If you are still afraid that it will stick, lay parchment paper and lay on it puff pastry or simply sprinkle with flour. Some housewives also recommend simply pouring a little water into the baking sheet. When evaporating, it will give the products additional splendor.

Before baking, heat the oven well.

During cooking, do not open the oven, even if you really want to check the readiness of the products. If you open, the dough can settle due to lowering temperature.

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How to defrost stiffen

It is best to defrost the dough in the refrigerator. Remove it from the freezer, remove the packaging and transfer it to the refrigerator. If you leave the dough in the package, condensation forms inside. He will moisturize the dough, and this should not be allowed. Defrost time see the packaging.

You can defrost the dough and at room temperature. Take it out of the freezer, cut the packaging, open it on the table and leave it so. So the thawed dough does not stick to anything.

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If frozen layers are not separated, then the dough was stored incorrectly. Put it on the table with a “one piece”, and when he thaws, gently share. It should not be too hot in the kitchen, defrost the dough away from the batteries and the oven turned on. At temperatures above 25 ° C, the dough dries and when baking will crack on the surface of the product.

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Whether it is necessary to roll out the finished puff pastry.

Puff pastry should always be rolled out in only one direction, the dough layer should not be too thin.

Cut the dough with a knife or recess so that less waste remains. The residues of the dough before the new work should only be folded on top.

The edges of the layer of dough and the edges of the trim should not be lubricated with egg yolk, otherwise the baked product can turn out to be untreated if you need to tightly connect the edges of the dough, it is enough to moisten them with cold water or pressed tightly with a fork.

The most suitable baking temperature of puff pastry products. 190-200 ° C. When baking, you should definitely follow the time, otherwise the baked dough will have a bitter taste.

Obside of baking puff pastry should never be lubricated with any fat, you can only rinse them with cold water.

Puff pastry should be baked in a well.Heated oven. Take your time to check the readiness of the product.

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With puff pastry, you can use sweet or hearty, saturated with spices of fillings.

Puff pastry products are especially tasty when the dough is fresh. With prolonged storage, the dough can purchase an unpleasant taste.

Baked product with sweet filling is covered with sugar glaze, while the product is still warm.

Bought puff pastry can be stored in the freezer at least six months, provided that the packaging has not yet been printed. Thus, it will not absorb extraneous smells. If you have already printed the dough, but did not use it completely, then you can wrap it in a food film, and then in foil, and freeze again in this form.

Puff pastry is best thawed at room temperature. It will become too soft from excessive heat and it will be hard to work with it. Products from a defrosted dough must immediately be put in the furnace, or put in the refrigerator.

Puff pastry thicker than other types of confectionery dough, and it is quite easy to cut. Cut it comfortably with a small sharp knife for cleaning vegetables, and cut it with a glass, glass or cookies for cookies.

Baking from puff pastry acquires a beautiful shine if lubricated with a beaten egg. In addition, sugar, cheese, spices and other sprinkles will stay well on the egg.

Carefully follow the temperature in the oven. Puff pastry should be placed in a heated oven and immediately reduce the fire to the weak

When using the finished frozen puff pastry, you must wait until it thaws. If the dough is frozen with layers, then they should be separated from each other and defrost separately. After that, each layer of dough is wetted with cold water, laid in a pile and rolled into a single layer to the required thickness and size.

Cooking Tasty Layers: Proper Ingredients

According to classic recipes, the layers of fresh puff pastry should contain about 300 layers, and the layer of yeast dough. From 24 to 96 layers. At home, this is unlikely to be possible, therefore, housewives often use simpler recipes for an early puff pastry. There are some subtleties whose knowledge will help you cook delicate and airy layers.

For delicious puff pastry, choose flour with high m gluten. These are the varieties “Extra”, “Kruitka”, the highest and first variety. It is advisable to sift flour. Take the water not ice, but cold, while some housewives replace part of the water with milk or add only one milk. It turns out tasty, but the dough loses elasticity. The dosage of salt is also important, since with its lack, the layers of the dough may blur. To improve elasticity, culinary experts advise dripping when kneading a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice.

Use oil or cream margarine is a matter of personal preferences. Of course, it is tastier with oil, but modern margarine for baking with a high melting point is also suitable for layers, since it is especially done with air pastries. But you should not use spreads and cheap surrogates of butter for the test. Before working with the dough, the oil is usually cooled without freezing, otherwise the thin dough is torn when rolling. Sometimes eggs or yolks, slightly cognac or other strong alcohol are added to the dough to improve taste.

What is the difference between yeast and non.Annoyed puff pastry?

The main difference in calorie content and the result: non.Annoyed puff pastry (“fresh”) contains more oil and therefore it is more high.Calorie. When the yeast puff pastry is prepared, the yeast is also added and two components work at once in the process of baking at once: water vapor and fungal organisms (yeast).

Puff pastry is always baked on a baking sheet, but not lubricated with oil, but with cold water. The water during the baking process evaporates and gives an additional volume to the test. If these layers were incorrectly processed, too cool mixed, flour gluten does not allow liquids to evaporate and the dough does not lay.

Puff pastry: 10 cooking secrets

Secret: Correct flour

Choose for the test of the highest grade flour. Be sure to sift it several times. So you saturate the flour with oxygen. The dough will turn out more magnificent.

Secret: salt and citric acid

Salt affects the quality, elasticity and taste of dough. If there is a lot of it, then the taste of the dough will become worse. And if there are few salts, then the layers may blur. The same can be said about vinegar or citric acid. The sour environment helps to improve the quality of gluten in flour.

Secret: Water or milk

Typically, a simple cold water is used for dough (not ice). Sometimes they take milk instead. This improves the taste of the dough, but the elasticity is reduced. You can add a mixture of water and milk in equal proportions.

Secret: oil, margarine

Oil or margarine to knead the dough is used in cold form, but not in frozen (layers of dough can break, it will be difficult to roll it). The higher the fat content of oil or margarine, the more magnificent the dough is obtained.

Secret: Roll the dough correctly

One of the main secrets of puff pastry is rolling. The more times you roll it, the more layers will turn out. When rolling the dough, do not go beyond the edges so as not to violate the structure of the layers.

It should also be remembered that you can roll the dough in one direction (from yourself). In this case, it is necessary to exert uniform pressure on the rolling pin.

After each rolling, the dough is folded threefold or four times and put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Thus, the chilled dough does not stick to the table, it is better to roll out, does not drag out when forming products. This procedure must be repeated 4-6 times.

Secret: sharp knife

Cut the dough only with a sharp knife so that it rises well. Otherwise, a stupid knife can mix the edges of the dough, and this will affect its splendor.

Secret: Pierce the dough

Before sending puff pastry to the stove, make punctures on the surface with a sharp knife (fork). This will allow you to go out when baking. So the dough will not bubulate, and the surface will remain even.

Secret: Lubrication

If you lubricate the products with yellow, then it is advisable not to cover the side sides with this mixture. When baking, this will not allow the test to rise.

Secret: A baking sheet

Battering for baking does not need to be lubricated with fat, it is enough to rinse it in cold water. Since there is enough oil (margarine) in puff pastry, additional lubrication is no longer required. The finished products do not stick to the surface of the baking sheet. As an option, you can cover it with parchment paper.

Secret 0: Baking temperature

It is recommended to bake products from puff pastry at a temperature of at least 220 degrees. At a too low temperature, the fat can drive out, and the finished pastries will be dry and low. And with a too preheated oven, over 250 degrees, the layers may not bake, quickly harden and burn.

All recommendations are quite simple, but it is very important to follow them. Then the result will really please you.

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Ready puff dough is sold in all supermarkets. Working with him is simple and convenient, but there are nuances that we will talk about. We prepare traditional baklava, stolen “hearts”, apples pie, onions, Hungarian cheesecake. As well as dishes “with a highlight”. A cake with kiwi, curls with tomatoes and a stridel with meat and cabbage.

For all our recipes, the finished puff dough must first be defrosted. Anna Elovikova, chef and gastroizer told us how she works with ready-made stratum tests.


The most tender biscuit dough is loved by all fans of pastries. It should be prepared at a temperature of 190-200 ° C. Thin cakes, no more than 1 cm thick, bake for 10-20 minutes. Large products-35-50 min. Large cupcakes with raisins. One hour.

The operating mode of the oven is set depending on the type of filling and the degree of its readiness. If it is raw, then the regulator needs to be installed on the average indicator so that the pie is baked evenly with the filling and does not burn outside. Baking with ready.Made ingredients is prepared as usual.

The baking temperature of the fish pie in the oven with raw filling is 170-200 ° C. Time. One hour. The meat cake with raw minced meat should be baked with the same indicators.


With yeast dough, you will have to work a little longer, but it needs to be less rolling less, because it turns out not very layered. Dissolve 80 g of sugar in half a glass of milk, add 1 h. L. Salt and 500 g of flour. Dilute 11 g of pressed yeast in half a glass of warm milk, pour it into a milk-moutum, add 100 g of softened oil and knead a steep dough.

Leave the dough in the food film in the refrigerator for 4 hours with a rocking rod, and during this time it will increase in volume by 2 times. Roll the dough into a rectangular layer, put 250 g of butter on it and act in the same way as described in the previous recipe. In this case, 3 cycles of rolling and freezing will be enough.

Surgery dough

How much to bake puff.Free dough? In the case when baking without yeast, the oven is warmed up in advance to the required degrees. Two hundred and twenty, warm up the oven and you can safely send pastries for fifteen minutes. After a quarter of an hour, visually evaluate the product, if pale-hold for another five to ten minutes until blurred.


Summing up the answer to the question of how much to bake puff pastry in the oven, we come to the conclusion: an average of half an hour is enough at permissible temperatures, from 220 degrees to 250. If there are doubts about whether the baking has been baked qualitatively, take a clean wooden toothpick and carefully pierce the product. Dry ray. A sign that the product is ready inside. However, outwardly, only the hostess to solve the degree of browning the layers.

Do not experiment with the temperature towards its decrease. Most attempts to bake puff dough at lower temperature values ​​than two hundred and twenty degrees can lead to dryness and gluing products. An oven, heated more than two hundred and fifty degrees, a way to burn pastries outside, but leave raw inside inside.

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