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What dishes are suitable for induction plates: select correctly

Increasingly, the choice of housewives stops on the induction panel, the principle of operation of which differs from such familiar gas or electric stoves. Such a kitchen slab has a number of undeniable advantages, for example, the time of cooking is significantly reduced, as well as the safety of use. The main difference is that the plate itself does not heat up, and instead hears the bottom of the pan or pots. However, what dishes will be needed for an induction stove?

The operation of the induction panel is based on electromagnetic induction. In simple words, the occurrence of electric current occurs only under the influence of magnetic waves. It turns out that the plate simply cannot work without special dishes. You will not even burn if you touch the working plate with your palm. Actually, no heat will come from her. Similar tiles only source of magnetic waves.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that any previous utensils will be useful to you for cooking on the induction panel. Aluminum and ceramic pots and pans do not have the necessary ferromagnetic property, therefore they are useless for cooking on the induction surface. Even if you put such utensils on the stove, nothing will happen in it. However, if you are sorry to part with your favorite pots, you can independently determine whether they are suitable for new tiles. How to determine whether dishes for an induction stove are suitable? You will need only an ordinary magnet, which must alternately apply to the bottom of the kitchen utensils. If the magnet sticks to the pan or pan, you can leave it with a calm soul.

Is the dishes suitable for induction stoves

The easiest way to make sure that the pan and the pan will heat up on the induction panel is to pay attention to the recommendations of the manufacturer. The necessary for you is the one with the symbol of the spiral with the inscription Induction. If the packaging is lost, bring the magnet to the bottom. It is attracted. It means that the capacity contains ferromagnetic alloys, therefore, suitable for use on the new plate.

Bottom thickness-at least 2 mm. The subtle is easily deformed, since the plate heats up very quickly and cools down. As a result. The effectiveness of the hob will decrease. An unpleasant side effect may appear. An unpleasant whistle when cooking.

Diameter of the bottom. Most induction plates have the minimum is 12 cm. With a smaller panel, it will simply not heat up. With a larger, the spiral will not heat the edges, which will affect the quality of the dish.

The number of layers of the bottom is a factor, a little less important. Actually, the layer can be one, but be sure with ferromagnetic material. Better. Of course, multi.Layer. Different types of metals in it complement each other. Aluminum is responsible for the heating rate, the outer layers of steel. For the uniform distribution and preservation of heat.

Induction plates

WMF can be recognized by a special icon in the form of a spiral or inscription “Induction”

To make food on the induction stove, you need dishes, the base of which passes electromagnetic waves and has ferromagnetic properties. These are cast iron, steel and enameled metal pots. Aluminum, copper, heat.Resistant glass, ceramics and Faoim are not magnetized, but some manufacturers integrate a special magnetic disk into the bottom of the dishes from these materials so that it can be used on induction hobs.

You can recognize dishes for induction plates by a special icon in the form of a spiral or inscription “Induction”. Marking is usually located at the bottom of the products from the outside and on the packaging box.

Dishes for an induction stove should have a bottom thickness of at least 5 mm. The thicker the bottom, the better. The food will prepare faster and more uniformly. It is difficult to prepare on dishes with a deformed or very thin bottom. Food can burn food from above, remaining raw inside. Well, if the sizes of the dishes correspond to the diameter of the burner. Pan or pan can be slightly smaller, but not much. Ideally, the burner should be busy at least 70%.

induction, stove, whether, special

It is also possible to use your favorite dishes that does not have ferromagnetic properties on an induction stove. For this you need to purchase a special adapter in the form of a flat steel disk with a handle. The disk is placed on the turn of the induction stove, and a Turk or any other “non.Induction” dishes are placed on top. The disk is heated. The dishes are heated behind it and its contents are prepared in the usual way.

What is worth buying

The rules for using induction plates determine the list of what dishes are needed for cooking on an induction stove.

Special dishes for the induction hobs are sold in stores along with plates, it is made from a stainless steel alloy and aluminum. The inside, as a rule, with anti.Stick coating. Special induction dishes are the best option, such products do not distinguish any harmful allergens under the influence of heat, they have excellent quality, and durable. Their cost is slightly higher than usual, although specialized pans or pots are considered the best dishes.

Cast iron dishes are also great for cooking on an induction stove. It is environmentally friendly and often found in the “arsenal” of the hostesses, but is characterized by considerable weight. A massive cauldron or fried can split glass ceramics, not to mention the fact that not everyone can “control” with such a burden. You will have to treat it carefully so as not to spoil the glass.Ceramic surface, which is not supplied to the repair (it can be completely replaced in the service). In addition, cast iron products are fragility, when they fall, it is easy to split them.

Enameled pots or other containers, in general, a suitable option, if the coating does not have any chips. It is worth paying attention to the quality of the product: when the bottom is thin, and the coating does not inspire confidence, then the pan or pan can be touched, deformed or make various sounds (clicks, whistle) during cooking.

Dishes made of stainless steel can be used on an induction stove, but due to nickel content, it can cause allergic reactions.

What is induction technology and how it works?

Traditional gas and electric plates are heated regardless of operation, while the induction stove uses magnetic energy created by electric current. Magnetic energy connects to your pots and effectively turns it into a heat source, which makes it a very effective and safe way to cook food. Magnetic induction is achieved only when the chain is closed by placing the pan on the stove.

However, this does not necessarily mean that you should go and buy a new pan. With an increase in the popularity of induction plates, many dishes now also make them suitable for use with induction.

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What is the icon on the dishes for induction plates?

Manufacturers put a special icon on the dishes by which you can understand whether it is suitable for use with induction equipment. Carefully study the marking. Often sellers give out pots and pans for induction, but in fact it is not. Therefore, it is important to know and recognize special designations.

The icon is presented as a horizontal spiral. As we recall, the current in the induction plate flows through a copper wire in a coil. So this wire is located in a spiral. Therefore, the choice of image for indicating is quite justified.

You can see all the designations by turning the dishes up the bottom up. The icons are applied either with special paint, or using engraving, or “pressed” into the dishes.

Why for induction hobs you need special dishes

Such plates work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. In this case, if you have an effect of magnetic waves on a closed circuit, an electric current will occur in it. In other words, the pan prepares, and not the plate itself. The plate is source of magnetic waves, and cooking occurs directly in a closed circuit, utensils. That is why in the usual aluminum or ceramic pots and pans will not work, because they do not have the necessary ferromagnetic properties, respectively, nothing will happen in them.

To find out whether this or that item for cooking on a new hob is suitable, just bring a regular magnet to the bottom of the pan. If it sticks. Dishes are suitable for cooking on a new stove. The pan and pans for induction plates should have a magnetic bottom, not too thin, smooth and even, in order to avoid scratches on the glass.Ceramic surface of the plate and to ensure a good fit to the surface.


Determine whether the saucepan is suitable for a new slab is simple enough. Since modern products have an inducing inscription at the bottom or in the documentation, as well as the induction icon in the form of an elongated spiral.

However, it is not necessary to change the entire set of kitchen utensils if they do not have a given designation. Some of the available items are probably suitable for the hob.

The main condition is that the magnet is attracted to the bottom. This means that it has ferromagnetic properties.

If the material does not magnetize, then using such dishes will not work: it simply will not heat up. It will definitely not be able to use the products:

  • Glass;
  • Copper;
  • Ceramic;
  • Aluminum;
  • Brass. The material, although he magnetizes, but there are few ferromagnetic particles in it, so heating will be ineffective.

From the materials of both new and ordinary dishes, for the hob are suitable:

Strong and light utensils of stainless steel will be a great choice. It is resistant to oxidation, which means that in it you can without fear of storing ready.Made food in the refrigerator. Beautiful stainless steel. You can buy both matte and shiny surface.

The disadvantages include a high tendency to burn, as well as the inevitable appearance of scratches over time.

Also note that not every stainless steel is suitable for a new induction stove. To recognize the necessary sign that we talked above will help. If you plan to use the existing dishes, then just put it on the stove. Not basking? So the material, unfortunately, is not suitable.

Favorite cast.Iron pans and cauldrons are durable, evenly distribute heat, do not release any chemicals in food. However, the porous cast iron easily absorbs smells, which means that it is not recommended to store food in such utensils. In addition, without proper care, cast iron is corroded.

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The problem can also create a large weight of the product: if you miss it, then the glass.Ceramic panel can break, and the cast iron itself is quite fragile and is able to split.

It can be an alloy of stainless steel and aluminum. Outside, the devices are covered with an anti.Stick layer, which provides protection against handling. There are products made of steel, and enameled.

For the manufacture of walls, materials that do not have magnetic properties are often used. So on sale there are hybrid pots, teapots, for example, from steel and glass.

How to save the surface of the hob

The product should have a flat bottom. And this is another reason why enameled dishes with chips are contraindicated for a new generation of plates. The appearance of any roughness, including escaped and dried porridge, should be avoided.

You can’t use the “intensive heating” function too often so as not to spoil the enameled dishes, and with it, possibly, the burner.

Crossing discs are recommended only on high-quality hobs, because severe heating of this item and its prolonged contact with the stove can damage the upper part of the device.

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