Inexpensive automatic washing machines with vertical load

best washing machines with vertical load rating for 2021

The vertical washing machines differ from the front ones in a special location of the charging door. Here it is located on the upper wall, which facilitates the extraction of laundry. Often, such units are somewhat lower than counterparts with a front filling system, and their drum, less. Thus, it is possible to fit the appliance even in the most compact room.

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In addition, models of the vertical type have a number of advantages:

  • They are considered more reliable, rarely fail, due to better distribution of centrifugal force.
  • Able to withstand light overloading.
  • Convenient filling, no need to bend over.
  • The possibility of additional loading of laundry during operation.
  • Ergonomic location of the control panel.

Nevertheless, when planning the place of installation, it is worth considering that the described units can not be built into the kitchen set or cabinet, because of the design features.

Washing machines with vertical loading are conventionally divided into the following categories:

Today we will talk about automatic products. When choosing them you should pay attention to:

  • Brand Reputation.
  • Drum capacity.
  • Quality of materials used.
  • Spinning speed.
  • Power consumption level.
  • Availability of necessary options.

Introducing the rating of washing machines with vertical loading 2021. The top 12 models that were selected by our experts based on user reviews and ratings.

Rating (2021) Prices, ₽ Country
The best inexpensive washing machines with vertical loading
1. Midea MWT 60101 Essential from 20,000₽ China
2. Hotpoint-Ariston WMTF 501 L From 21000₽ Slovakia
3. Candy CST G260L/1 starting from 21000₽ China
4. Indesit BTW A5851 from 23000₽ Slovakia
The best washing machines with vertical loads in the medium price segment
1. Electrolux EWT 0862 IFW from 27000₽ Poland
2. Weissgauff WM 40275 TD from 28000₽ China
3. Zanussi ZWY 51024 CI from 26500₽ Poland
4. Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL 601 L CIS from 28000₽ Slovakia
The best premium vertical-loading washing machines
1. AEG LTX6GR261 from 70000₽ Poland
2. Electrolux EW8T3R562 From 58000₽ Poland
3. Zanussi ZWQ 61226 CI from 42,000₽ Poland
4. Haier RTXSG584TMHR from 43000₽ China

Front Load vs. Top Load: Which Washer is better?

Most owners of upright-loading drum-type washing machines like their small size. These appliances do not need to have space for opening the door of the loading hatch, which is obligatory in front of the front units.

They are often bought when there is not enough space for installation. If you are faced with such a problem, then the best solution would be to buy a washing machine designed for simultaneous washing of 4-5 pounds of laundry.

Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL 501 L

This washing machine is equipped with a collector motor. It emits a noise of no more than 76 dB at any mode of operation. The model has 18 standard programs, including a fast, economical and delicate washing. The control panel is located behind the door and consists of a rotary knob and a number of electromechanical buttons. There is a light indication of the selected parameters. Delayed start function for up to 12 hours.

The top lid is equipped with an end handle and detergent dosing device. The operator can select the wash temperature and spin speed. The automation system includes foam level control, achieving a weight balance and a lock in case of leakage. The estimated service life of the product is 10 years. 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • The maximum load of 5 kg;
  • Energy efficiency class A (167 kWh/year);
  • The maximum spin speed is 1000 rpm;
  • Overall dimensions 40x60x90 cm.

Output. Comfortable and economical washing machine for an average family. Most users note the good price-performance ratio.

Indesit BWT A5851

The washing machine has a rotary control mechanism with a choice of 12 programs. Spin speed and heating temperature can be adjusted. There is a timer for 12 hours of delayed start. At any moment it is possible to stop the machine and finish loading the forgotten items.

There are the options of depressurization protection, child lock. The machine controls the lifting height of the foam and achieves the optimum weight balance before spinning. Depending on the stage of the washing process, the noise emission reaches 61-73 dB. The warranty period 1 year.

  • Optimal set of programs.
  • Spin speed can be adjusted as needed.
  • Protection against children’s curiosity.
  • Easy control.
  • Economical power consumption.

Output. Reliable and easy to maintain machine, inexpensive and 100% copes with its responsibilities.

Vertical Washing Machines

The location of the hatch is one of the distinctive features of such appliances. Vertical washing machines have it on the top. Therefore, the machine of this type does not require additional space to open the hatch.

Typically, the washing machine with a vertical load has a width of 40-45 cm and a depth of 60-65 cm. It fits easily and comfortably, even in the tightest of bathrooms or kitchens. At the same time, such a machine is in no way inferior in its functionality to models with a front hatch.

Hardly anyone wants to overpay 30-50% of the price for the status of a premium brand when buying a washing machine, seeing Whirlpool electronics during the repair. Even worse, if you decide to save money on the tank or drum, making a choice in favor of functionality, and then face the unserviceability of the equipment. These and many other questions we propose to discuss in our rating of the best vertical washing machines of 2021, which includes not only useful recommendations from experts, but also reliable models that will allow you to perform the tasks set by developers for a long time.

Firstly, we would like to dispel the myths that the models with vertical loading are somehow better or worse than counterparts presented in our top front-loading washing machines. it is only a conspiracy theory. In fact, the fundamental difference is only in the location of the hatch and bearings. If vertical models have them on the sides, the front washing machines use two parts at once in the center. In terms of reliability they are the same, but in our case there is no possibility of using an additional shelf for bathroom accessories. On the other hand we get space saving.

Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL 501 L

Washing machine size 40x60x90 cm for 5 kg. Executed in white, as well as other brands described. The body is partially protected against leaks. Executes 18 programs, including all of the above. Controls are electronic like all review machines. Spins up to 1000 rpm. It is possible to postpone switching on up to 12 hours. Water consumption 42 l. Power consumption 0.18 kWh/kg. Energy Efficiency A. Noise level is 59 dB (while wringing out 76 dB). Weight 58 kg.

Leran WTL 46106 WD

Model WTL 46106 WD can be safely attributed to the number of good budget narrow washing machines with vertical loading, despite the fact that the manufacturer has not yet enjoy wide popularity in the market. In spite of its low price, it has energy class A and spin class B, which is a good indicator. The maximum spin speed is 1200 rpm. Powerful invention from Leran can hold up to 6.5 kilograms of laundry. The tank is made of plastic. Heating elements made of stainless steel. It is controlled by a durable rotary knob. The problem is that the noise level reaches 78 dB.

Candy CST G270L/1

Freestanding machine in white 40x63x88 cm for 7 kg. All upright washing machines in the rating have a drum that is automatically positioned with the flaps upward, you can add more laundry during operation and the tank is made of plastic. Performs 15 modes, the main ones: wool, delicate, baby, denim, mixed, eco, accelerated, extra rinse, prewash. Smart control, it is possible to connect the app from a smartphone. Selectable heating water temperature and spin speed. Spins at up to 1000 rpm./minute. Or can be fully turned off. None of the rated machines has a drying mode. Features foam level controller and automatic drum balancing. Timer, you can defer the power on up to 9 hours. Class A for energy consumption. Category A for washing and C for spinning (same as below). Noise level 61-71 dB.

  • Narrow, but great capacity
  • stable
  • squeezes out well
  • clear control
  • shows how much time left to finish
  • does not vibrate
  • Lots of programs

Indesit BTW A5851

Compact and functional washing machine with a vertical load is ideal for small bathrooms. Model is equipped with electronic intelligent control. This means that the user only needs to select a suitable mode, and the machine itself will set the temperature and duration of washing. In addition, the laundry can be loaded through the main hatch. Although the appliance has automatic programs, you can set the wash temperature and spin intensity by yourself, depending on the type of fabric. Another advantage of the model is that the manufacturer gives 10 years warranty on its devices, so additional maintenance and frequent repair machine will not need.

Technical specifications:

  • Very noisy in comparison with peers
  • Not a very good quality lid design
  • When washing in most modes, the compartment contains detergent

Washing machines with vertical loading

Looking for where to buy washing machines with vertical loading?

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Washing machines with vertical load prices

Take care of a clean closet and become a reliable assistant in the home can be a washing machine with a vertical load. It fits easily into the intended space of the unit and provides quality washing. Since searching for a model that meets your needs will take a lot of time, it is much easier to choose through a special Aporta catalog and buy it at a suitable online store.

Model range parameters

Easy loading, economical operation, flexible programs, and use of the latest washing technologies. all this and other interesting innovations you will find in the line of washing machines with vertical loading. They have different parameters:

  • Freestanding or built-in;
  • loading volume. 1. 8 kg of laundry;
  • control type. mechanical and electronic;
  • width. 34. 80 cm;
  • depth. 330. 660 mm;
  • height. 44. 93 cm;
  • energy efficiency. А. А30%;
  • spin speed. 680. 1350 rpm.;
  • delayed start. 3. 24 hours;
  • the presence of the display;
  • child safety feature.

On sale you can find a washing machine with a vertical load and with a top hatch width up to 21.5 cm, which makes it much easier to place and remove things.

Don’t want to hang laundry. Find your options with drying capabilities.

Vertical washing machine is equipped with typical automatic programs: washing jeans, wool, delicate fabrics, outerwear. In addition, it has the functions of positioning and fixing the drum in automatic mode, super rinse, fast washing. Most models have a leakage protection and foam control.

Washing machines with vertical loads are produced by almost all known brands of home appliances. Bosch, WHIRLPOOL, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, INDESIT. When choosing, you should consider that the higher the washing class and energy efficiency, the more expensive will be the price of the washing machine. The cost is also affected by the brand.

Aport price comparison website will help you find the most suitable model of home appliances.

Intellectual capabilities of the machine, it is not only the number of speeds of its operation, but also the ability to monitor the washing process. From the list of products you can choose a machine with such programming as:

  • Extra rinse;
  • Delicate washing;
  • Foam control;
  • Fast wash;
  • Washing with a refill of things;
  • Childproof;
  • Overflow protection, etc.

Top Load Washers vs Front Load Washers

And that’s not all. The technique can be configured to wash different fabrics: cotton, jeans, wool, synthetics, etc.д. It is necessary to note, that washing machines with vertical loading can count to 18 programs, but if a person is not interested in peculiarities of washing, then the variant without software will suit you.

Washing machines

Modern washing machine. indispensable solution for clothes care. Nowadays the range of this type of equipment is incredibly wide: professional and household, with horizontal and vertical load, narrow and full-sized. Some machines are equipped with a drying or steaming function, which greatly expands their capabilities. With us you can buy models of different configurations and sizes from world-known manufacturers such as AEG, Asko, Hotpoint-Ariston and Indesit at an attractive price. All items presented on this site have an official manufacturer’s warranty.

How to choose a washing machine

The main criteria for choosing such a unit are:

  • Type of placement. Recessed models are optimal for installation in the niche of the kitchen unit or in the floor cabinet in the bathroom. Freestanding automatic machines are more versatile and, if there is sufficient space, can complement the room of any configuration. For owners of a small-sized apartment, a wall-mounted machine will be a salvation. This novelty, which has not yet managed to be widely recognized by consumers, amazes by its small size.
  • Drum Volume. A family of 3 or 4 people will suit a device with a loading capacity of 7 to 8 kg. For young couples without children or single people there are compact models that hold no more than 4 kg.
  • Spin speed. The higher the spin speed, the lower the residual moisture content in the laundry.
  • Number of programs. Most modern models have special modes for care of wool, silk and other delicate fabrics. Also useful options for families with small children can be “Anti-allergy” and “Night Laundry”.
  • Safety. Having a leakage protection will help avoid flooding of the apartment.
  • Economy. The higher the energy efficiency class of the washing machine, the less electricity it consumes. So if you don’t want to overpay, it’s worth choosing Class A, A and A models.

What else do I have to pay attention to?

After we understood the basic functionality of automatic boiler we should pay attention to less important, but not unimportant parameters.

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