Installation and connection of a built -in dishwasher Becco

Installation of the facade of the BEKO dishwasher

The difference between the installation of the dishwasher and a separate model is that additional design of the front wall is required. the car door.

It is assumed that the decorative panel is chosen under the surrounding interior, and then the facade is installed on the dishwasher.

If experienced craftsmen cope with this operation quickly, then to beginners the task seems quite difficult. To deal with the features of the facade installation, you should carefully study the instructions and get acquainted with some nuances of installation. And about all this we will tell in detail our article.

How To Install a Dishwasher Door?

Features of the design of PMM

Assortment of models integrated into kitchen sets is much wider than individual analogues. This is explained by the principles of ergonomics and saving the place laid down in the concept of building the interior of the kitchen. To get acquainted with the best brands specializing in the manufacture of PMM models, please cross this link.

For the installation of a dishwasher, a separate cabinet will be required, or rather, a niche in the headset. It differs from the usual kitchen cabinet in that it does not have a back wall and bottom.

The machine is installed right on the floor, on 3 or 4 supporting legs. The absence of the back wall allows you to freely place the hoses. the supply of water and the drain.

The cabinet must have reliable walls, to which the body of the dishwasher is attached, and the “roof” is a countertop. The facade panel is fixed not to the walls, like in ordinary cabinets, but directly to the car door.

It is not necessary to experiment with mounts: manufacturers have provided installation features and prepared special holes for screws. Detailed briefing on the installation of the model of the dishwasher, we brought here.

What is the facade for PMM? This is a decorative panel, most often from the same material as the front surface of the entire kitchen set. It is made of wood-fiber slab, plastic, laminated wood-bearing plate, wooden array or combined materials.

There are several ways to make it:

  • order with the kitchen set if the size of the car is known in advance;
  • They make themselves from the doors of the disassembled kitchen cabinet;
  • If there is no suitable “extra” facade, selected in a similar style and color design.

The first method is considered the most practical: when ordering, all sizes of the machine are taken into account, so the facade “rises” perfectly. But this method is far from always applicable. With options for building a dishwasher in a finished kitchen.

Choose the installation site of the dishwasher

From the very beginning it is important to determine the place where the dishwasher will stand. It is necessary to take into account the removal of the machine from communications, the method of embedding and a dangerous neighborhood with another technique.

Remoteness from communications

The place where the dishwasher will be located must comply with the conditions of safe operation of the unit. The case of the machine should not in contact with the wiring, water and sewer pipes. For effective ventilation of a closed space, the back panel of the machine should stand from the wall at a distance of at least 50 mm.

The socket for connection can be installed in a convenient place, extending the wiring. The wires should not be behind the dishwasher and under it. Remote from the sink should be minimal.

The closer the siphon under the sink, the more efficiently the drained water drain into the sewer from the dishwasher will be carried out.

Method of embedding

There are two solutions to this problem. The machine is hidden in one of the existing kitchen cabinets or built into a pre.prepared opening between floor cabinets. The installation of a dishwasher in the second option is directly related to the hitch of the facade, which will be considered in this article.

Dangerous neighborhood

To ensure long and uninterrupted operation of the dishwasher, you need to pay attention to the advice of specialists for the proper placement of the washing machine relative to other household appliances in the kitchen. Here are 4 tips on this subject.

  • Dishwashers cannot be installed close to heat sources, which are heating batteries, ovens, gas or electric plates. Violation of this rule leads to frequent overheating of the unit, which leads to a refusal. For example, the distance between the machine and the oven should be at least 40 cm. If, due to the embarrassment of the kitchen room, such a condition is not possible, then a slab of foil polypropylene or foam is laid between the devices.
  • The junction of the washing machine should not be allowed to the washing machine. Waste in spin mode can vibrate greatly. Vibration will be transmitted to all “neighbors”, which will soon adversely affect the technical condition of the unit. The simultaneous operation of two devices can lead to a battle of the dishes inside the washing camera.
  • The neighborhood of a microwave oven can affect the work of electronic filling of the dishwasher. It is best if the stove is at a distance from the car 0.7. 1 m. Experts recommend hanging the microwave on the brackets, and not leave on the table.
  • Close proximity to the refrigerator and freezer is allowed. A slight heat release and the weak vibration of these devices does not threaten the dishwasher in any way.

Necessary tools and materials

Before starting the installation of the dishwasher, you need to prepare tools and consumables.


To install the device, the following tools will be needed:

  • A cruciate screwdriver for adjusting the height of the legs, the mounting of the facade, the fastening of the clamps, etc.;
  • laser level for monitoring the horizontal and vertical of the washing cabinet;
  • Passatigi for fixing parts;
  • worships for connecting a bulk hose, installing a tee and water supply supply;
  • a peoporator with a concrete crown and brickwork for installing a socket and a device of hidden wiring;
  • screwdriver;
  • roulette, square, marker.

Expendable materials

Additionally, the following materials will be needed, in case of their absence in the machine delivery kit:

  • FUM-toe, plumbing adhesive tape, gaskets, screeds;
  • Flexible hose with fasteners (united nuts);
  • a corrugated hose with a sealing cuff and a rug nut with a gasket;
  • siphon with a pipe for draining water from a dishwasher.
  • A socket with a socket.
  • Two.core wire.
  • UZO-automatic on the electric shield.

Review of the dishwasher Beko DIS25D12

Review of the dishwasher Beko DIS25D12, which will perfectly fit into any interior and save its owners from everyday routine operation to wash dishes.


The ability to connect to hot water: there is


BEKO DIS25D12 dishwasher is supplied in reliable packaging of foam, wooden bars and polyethylene. There is a sticker with the designation of the model, color, country of production (Turkey) and so on. The dimensions of the dishwasher in the package 86x50x66 cm. Mass: 32.1 kg.

Beko Dis25D12 is a dishwasher, which is installed in a specially provided compartment of the kitchen set. Building dimensions: width 450 mm, depth 570 mm, height varies from 820 to 920 mm.

Dimensions of the dishwasher itself 818x448x550 mm.

The entire front of the dishwasher is occupied by the door opened down, on which the furniture facade will be hung during installation. Door size 442×630 mm. In its upper part there is a handle for opening a dishwasher. Along the edges. recesses for hanging the furniture facade.

There are also various technological holes through which the furniture facade will be fixed during installation.

There is also a sticker with the designations of the energy class of A, the average consumption of electricity per cycle (0.83 kW/h), the average consumption of water per cycle (10 l) and the noise level (48 dB).

The appearance of the lower front part, which during the installation process is closed by the base.

There are also plastic screws for adjusting the height of the legs. Adjustment range 10 cm.

There is a BEKO logo at the upper end of the door and marking available programs:

  • ECO-MOCE 50 ° C, lasting 205 minutes.
  • Intensive 70 ° C, lasting 115 minutes.
  • Clean Shine 65 ° C, lasting 120 minutes.
  • Quickshine 50 ° C, lasting 58 minutes.
  • Accelerated 35 ° C, lasting 30 minutes.
  • Function “tablet”. improves the characteristics of drying when using tablet detergents.
  • Function of half loading. saves water and electricity.

Five keys are a little to the right, with which the necessary parameters are entered (from left to right):

  • Turning on/off
  • The choice of the program or its cancellation.
  • Selecting the “tablet” function
  • Selecting a half loading function
  • Selecting time of the delayed start.

The center has a small display, which displays information about the type of selected program, function and upcoming washing time. Using the function of the deferred start, you can delay the launch of the dishwasher from 30 minutes to 24 hours.

There is a sticker on the upper end of the door, talking about the close cooperation of Beko and Finish companies.

After launching the washing process on the floor, a red spot is projected from the LED indication signaling the work of the dishwasher.

The process of choosing programs, launching washing, indication and cancellation.

A soft sound.absorbing material is located on top of the body of the dishwasher.

Under it is a vibration isolation material glued to the tank of a dishwasher. Similar sound and vibration-insulating materials are located on all four sides of the tank- qualitatively reducing the overall noise of the dishwasher.

There you can also consider the door opening lock.

On the reverse side are the drain, pouring hose and power wire. Their length:

Dishetic machine connection options

Now the automatic dishwasher has passed from the category of luxury to everyday necessity. Many owners of apartments and private houses already have such devices, and their mini brothers are found even in hostel rooms. If now people have a demand for this apparatus, we will tell you how to choose a place and how to install a dishwasher in the framework of this article. Actually, the installation itself is not at all not difficult, this work can be done independently, but it is worth talking about the nuances of installation work.

Choose a place technique, which the dishwasher belongs to, has one feature. It perfectly fits into the interior at the stage of integrated repair of the entire room.

And if such a global restructuring of the kitchen space begins, it is better to take care of in advance:

  • Project development;
  • How and where, your technique will be connected;
  • Lay pipelines of water and sewage;
  • Conduct additional electric lines;
  • Installation of kitchen furniture;
  • Installation of a dishwasher.
  • There are restrictions on the size of the kitchen itself and this must be taken into account;
  • The maximum allowable distance to the sewer plum in the apartment should not be more than 1.5 meters. If this distance will be larger, then its own pump of the equipment may simply not remove the load on the pumping and fail;

And the later you plan to buy a new equipment for your kitchen, the more cost it will be.

In advance, the project relieves you of the risks that the size of the dishwasher will not fit into the size of your kitchen furniture. And all the necessary connectors for connecting can be carried out in a hidden way, which guarantees aesthetic design of the entire room. In addition, this guarantees compliance with all safety regulations for connecting electrical equipment.

Celebrate the choice of place to install the car:

All devices of this type are divided into several categories:

Based on the type of unit, you must in advance the installation site where your dishwasher will be installed. The main condition is that the unit must be placed as correctly as possible relative to the connection points:

It will not be superfluous at all if the installation and connection of a new dishwasher occurs in such a way that there will be a kitchen box for dishes and various necessary accessories that passed the washing procedure in the PMM.

When a suitable place was found for the device, you can proceed to the next stage. connection.

We study the instructions

As a rule, manufacturers of kitchen equipment give a guarantee for their products for a period of one year to five years. Chinese devices can most often be handed over for a guarantee during the year, European. up to two years.

But in any case, it must be understood that an independent installation, and even if it contradicts the requirements of the manufacturer of the device, can forever deprive the warranty repair and free replacement of the device.

This means that the instruction becomes the main document and the leadership of how to install a dishwasher. It is in it that there is a detailed guide on how to properly put and connect the machine to the network of water supply and sewage.


Additionally, it sets out the required parameters of electric networks, the desired pressure in the pipeline supplied cold water and so on.

And, of course, all the parameters of the purchased dishwasher are taken into account.

We start the connection

So, the decision to buy a mechanical dishwasher has finally formed. This means that it is time to take care of the supply of her electricity, cold water and still provide uninterrupted drainage of dirty water into the sewer network.

Installation of your outlet

All manufacturers strongly recommend not to be used to connect various kinds of extension cords, network filters or tees to the power supply. All these intermediaries between the power grid and the device are practically guaranteed to withstand the load, melt and may become source of fire.

This means that the first thing we need to install a dishwasher is to purchase a separate moisture.proof Euro.zeta with an exit for grounding.

It is also necessary to supplement the connection of a three-dimensional copper cable type VVGGNG-LS.

Purchase an electric fuse type of RCD or dipavavtomat for 16 A with a leakage current of 30 mA.

All modern electrical devices must correspond to class A or A. Nevertheless, the manufacturer recommends, before connecting the dishwasher, to make a cable channel for a separate cable line in the wall.

But what if the repairs of the premises have already been carried out and the desire to disturb the neighbors with a delicate breakdown of the penetrator in order to re.stroke the walls, there is no completely? You can connect to an existing euro.zoom and preferably, with the protection of the RCD.

The recommended height of the euro.outlet on the wall is not higher than 90 cm from the floor level.

In addition, the outlet should be located on the right or left of the PMM, but not on the wall behind it.

How to connect Beko 28124 dishwasher

scissors or knife for opening boxes, wrench, screwdriver, alcohol level

Grounded network connection without forks and elongating wires, water supply, draining water

How to Install a Dishwasher Step by Step. It’s Easy!

90-120 minutes to install a new device

Installation of the device can be complex and even dangerous, so before starting work, be sure to read these warnings and instructions.

  • Before proceeding to remove the old device, make sure that the power supply and water supply are disconnected.
  • Before starting the removal/installation procedure, make sure that the old/new device is disconnected from the mains.
  • Install the device only on an even stable surface that can withstand its weight. It is forbidden to install the device for the carpet. This will limit the air flow to the electrical components in the lower part of the device and will lead to their overheating.
  • When receiving the device, make sure that it has not been damaged during transportation, that all spare parts and accessories are in stock and correctly equipped.
  • Make sure there is a grounded electric outlet protected by the fuse. Working parameters and design of the outlet must comply with the table of technical characteristics in the guide of the Beko user. Do not connect the device to extension wires. Follow the fact that the food wire is not pinched and not pushed.
  • Do not touch the fork with your wet hands. Do not take out a fork out of the outlet, pulling the wire. Hold on and pull the plug body.

Make sure water supply and network power supply are disabled. If the device was fixed in the closet, turn out all the fasteners. Remove the device from the place of its installation.

Remember that the dishwashers are heavy. So move them with caution. To facilitate the removal of the device, tilt it back and put the old carpet under the front legs. It will be easier for you to put out the device outward, stretching the carpet.

After that, you will get access to the rear section of the device and you can disconnect the power supply, supply and drainage of water. To loosen the compounds, a wrench or pliers may be required. Install an empty container under the water supply tap and lower the supply and drain hoses into it so that the water does not vive.

Check the local rules for the disposal of household appliances. Perhaps in the local administration you will be recommended for the waste export service. If you are going to shoot the old device yourself, remember that you will need help to raise and move it.

Make sure that in the room where you are going to install a new device, there is enough space to unpack it. To remove external packaging, use scissors or knife. Do not cut too deep. This can lead to scratches on the device case. Fully remove cardboard and foam.

Parts of the package can be under the bottom of the device. Carefully lift the body to extract them. Remove all the labels and stickers from the display as soon as possible. The longer they remain in place, the more difficult it is to shoot them.

After unpacking, make sure that all spare parts and accessories are in stock and correctly equipped. This is a user guide, a basket for cutlery, a funnel for loading salt, a test strip for monitoring the level of PH and a soundproof tape (not in all models). The kit may include additional accessories.

In the back of the case are the water supply hose (dark), the drain hose (light) and the supply wire. Hoses are held by two plastic clamps.

Place the device next to the selected installation site and make sure that you have all the necessary tools at hand.

If you replace the old device, you already have a place for a new dishwasher, as well as holes in the walls of cabinets for hoses and wires. If you install a new device in a new place, you may need to drill holes for the hoses and the power wire in the walls of the cabinets.

If a water supply system is already equipped for a dishwasher, this will facilitate your task. If it is not, you will need to buy a double valve to connect to the sink water pipe. There are two holes on the valve. With it, you can connect two hoses to one tap pipe. Valves have different design. Read the installation and use of the valve.

Connect the supply and drainage of water. Free the hose for supplying water from the clamp that holds it. Do not release the drain hose. It must be constantly connected to the body so that the spent water does not get back inside.

Connect the end of the hose to supply water to the water supply (to a separate water supply or to the aforementioned double valve). Fix the connection by turning the plastic bolt with the effort of the hand. After the water supply is connected, water can enter the car from the water supply network.

Then it is necessary to install a drain connection. When connecting the drain hose to a separate output or to the drain pipe of the sink, the drain hose should be 50–100 cm above the floor level.

If the wall already has a drain hole for the dishwasher, just insert the end of the drain hose into it. It is necessary to push the end of the drain hose into the drain hole by about 12 cm.

If there is no separate drain hole, connect the drain hose to the sink’s drain pipe. The drain pipe is located under the sink. On the U-shaped pipe knee there is an additional hole for connecting the drain hose. If another dishwasher was previously installed and this method of draining was used, perhaps the connecting element has already been attached to the U-shaped knee.

If you install the device in this place for the first time, you may need to connect the connecting element on your own. It is quite simple. Turn the plug of additional drain opening and plunge the connecting element in its place. Make sure that all plastic plugs and limiters are removed from the connecting element and the U-shaped knee.

Connect the drain hose to the connective element. Put on the rubber end of the drain hose to the connecting element and fix it with the attached metal clamp.

Note. The length of the drain hose is more than 4 meters negatively affects the quality of work.

By connecting the supply and drainage of water, you can make an electrical connection. The device should be connected directly to the network outlet. The switch must be connected to the circuit interruption.

Connection of a dishwasher. location, installation features, installation

Read is required

The choice, purchase, delivery of the dishwasher, as the happy owners of this useful kitchen unit have already made sure. far from the most important thing. The largest number of difficulties arises before connecting the dishwasher. How to choose the right place for a kitchen assistant? How to properly carry out installation and connection? Which outlet is better to use? There are a lot of questions for inexperienced owners, for the first time starting a difficult process, so it is better to find answers to them in advance, this will help to cope with the task with dignity.

Where to place a dishwasher in the kitchen

Before connecting a dishwasher with your own hands, you will have to spend a little time choosing a place to install a kitchen unit. There are several simple rules that will help to greatly facilitate the task.

Beko Q&A: Zmywarki. Jak zainstalować zmywarkę do zabudowy?

Attention! The kitchen designer earned on our site. You can familiarize yourself with it and design your dreams for free! The designer of the wardrobe designer may also be useful.

When choosing a place for a dishwasher, you should be guided by the following rules:

  • Observe the distance between the dishwasher and other household appliances, the minimum indentation is 15 cm. It is even better to leave the gap of 40-50 cm and place the cabinet between the units.
  • It is optimal to arrange a dishwasher between two cabinets. this will provide maximum stability.
  • If possible, install the dishwasher near the kitchen shell, which will greatly simplify the connection process. it will be enough to purchase a regular division.
  • The individual characteristics of the housewife should be taken into account. it will be more convenient for left.handed manner that will have a device near the left hand, the right to the device will ensure that the location of the device on the right will ensure.
  • Make sure that the kitchen unit is near the cabinet with household chemicals. do not have to move all over the kitchen, the necessary products will always be at hand.
  • The kitchen device should be near the outlet, which must certainly be with grounding.

Make sure that the length of the drain hose is no more than one and a half meters. Otherwise, the load on the pump will be too high, the risk of breakdown increases several times.

Features of installation of a dishwasher

Before connecting the dishwasher, it is recommended to carefully study the features of the installation of the kitchen device. Each unit, regardless of the brand, has its own technical documentation, which is better to familiarize yourself with in advance. usually the features of the installation of this particular model of the device are described in detail here.

Connection occurs in several stages:

  • The choice of a place, the provision of a horizontal stable position (if necessary, a wood-based slab is attached to the wall, which ensures the reliability of the installation).
  • Preliminary preparation of all systems necessary for the uninterrupted operation of the device.
  • Connection to the energy carrier, drainage system, water support.

Inattention made when connecting errors threaten an imminent breakdown of the unit, stopping the warranty. Landing fluid, short circuit. only a small part of the problems that can occur with improper installation of the device.

What you need to connect a dishwasher

To install a dishwasher, you will need certain tools and components (some are included in the aggregate). It is better to immediately make a list and have everything at hand. this will not be distracted in search and quickly install the device.

To install the dishwasher, you will need to stock up in advance:

  • Kusachki;
  • sharp knife;
  • ball crane; (ordinary tee for the sink);
  • socket (necessarily with grounding);
  • connecting hoses (often already included with a kitchen unit);
  • fixing clamps;
  • level;
  • drill with several nozzles.

You will also need divorce keys and several screwdrivers with different tips.

How to install a dishwasher yourself

It will help to quickly and without any problems establish a dishwasher careful study of the instructions for the kitchen unit, ingenuity and little experience. Even the beginning host will be able to cope with the task. regardless of the model, the installation is carried out according to the same connection diagram of the dishwasher.

The first step is an attentive inspection of the unpacked unit. If external damage is detected, it is recommended to immediately contact the store and replace, otherwise there is a risk of an ambulance. If there are no visible chips, there are no scratches, you can proceed to the installation.

Installation of a dishwasher

Having decided on the most suitable place for a full.line dishwasher, having previously collected all the tools, components, you can start work. To install the dishwasher in furniture, the dimensions are of no small importance. It is recommended to carefully measure all surfaces several times. a mistake of several millimeters will make you change the unit or spend a lot of time, show ingenuity to conduct installation.

The installation of a kitchen unit is made of several stages:

  • Remove the shelves from the selected locker, you can install a small dishwasher under the sink, remove the door (it is advisable to choose a model with adjusting wheels for a dishwasher, it will be easy to twist them to the required height).
  • Put on a pipe with cold water a tee (if there is no valve, install it immediately, then it will be quite difficult to do it).
  • Wrap all joints with a fum tone that will serve as an excellent sealant.
  • Install a siphon.
  • Make a hose, make sure that it is at a height of at least half a meter from the floor, attach to the wall, the walls of the nightstand, and use special clamps.
  • Connect the hose installed siphon, bend at the required angle. If the length of the hose is insufficient, it is not recommended to finish. the flood will subsequently cannot be avoided.
  • Push the compact dishwasher to the nightstand, if possible, immediately install in the right place.
  • Join.

How to integrate a dishwasher in a finished kitchen

Work begins with the choice of installation location. Before installing the dishwasher, it is necessary to measure furniture modules and determine which of them are suitable for accommodation. Dishwashers can have compact and large sizes. The former provide more installation options. You need to start work with the study of instructions for installing the device.

If there is a wide low cabinet near the sink, it can be prepared for the installation of a dishwasher. The advantage of this method is the ability to connect the hoses to the finished pipes located under the sink. The installation scheme includes the following stages:

  • insertion into a water pipe with the installation of an adapter and ball crane;
  • connecting the drain hose to the siphon fitting;
  • dismantling the shelves and the back of the cabinet;
  • installation and alignment of the machine in the locker;
  • The assembly of the facade (front panels are assembled from the dismantled doors of the cabinet or purchased separately).

Partially models do not require facades, which facilitates the installation.

In a separate module

If there is no free furniture module in the kitchen, and the area of ​​the room allows, they purchase a separate cabinet. It is installed near communications. This helps to integrate the dishwasher independently and without unnecessary costs. The car must be put in a closet, aligned and securely fixed so that the device does not vibrate when operating. Communications are conducted along the wall, so you can get access to them without dismantling the dishwasher. If the machine is placed under the overall working surface of the kitchen set, during the repair, the device has to be removed from the niche.

If the design of the headset provides for the presence of a niche for installing compact household appliances, the space can be taken for the introduction of a dishwasher. The dimensions of the device are indicated in the technical passport. If the niche is far from the pipes of water supply and sanitation, you will have to purchase long hoses.

So that the technique does not stand out, it is hidden by decorative facades.

Manufacturers think over different installation methods. Schemes can be found in the instructions, which facilitates the installation of a dishwasher with your own hands. Mini-devices are built into the niche, which contain no more than 6 sets of dishes.

Choosing the installation site

In residential new buildings on the project, a place for household appliances is already provided for. But if this is a development of past years, then more often furniture in the kitchen was bought earlier than PMM, so you have to install Bosch dishwasher in a finished set in the kitchen. With this option, some problems may arise, in particular, you will have to redo some cabinets, and sometimes completely dismantle.

If the kitchen already has furniture, the best option is to install a Bosch dishwasher under the countertop. From the models, choose a non.separate PMM, the dimensions of which are quite large, and the model of the dishwasher. In such models, the width does not exceed 45 cm. Most of them are equipped with wheel legs that can be adjusted in height. In this case, the car easily moves into a niche, which is convenient. models are equipped with special mounts, so there are no difficulties with their installation in the niche.

If you install a dishwasher in the kitchen set yourself, then in this case, the first.level kitchen modules are most suitable for the model. these are cabinets that are on the floor. But you can choose a compact mini-model of the Bosch PMM for your kitchen and install it above for more convenient use.

A separate question is the installation of the facade on the dishwasher. This is necessary when the installation of PMM is made in a finished kitchen set.

On models of Bosch machines, there are finished templates, which allows you to fix the facade on the door of the dishwasher without complications. It remains only to follow the instructions, and then you can easily install the unit.

But first of all, the machine should take the place intended for it. The pen is fixed on the facade, through which PMM will open. Then mounts are installed to connect the unit with the facade. Screws with nuts for mounting you need to take longer, then the connection will be more reliable. The final stroke can be mounting on the door of the decor elements.

Installation rules

The main rule for the installation of any household appliance remains strict adherence to the instructions that indicate the stages of work and their sequence. If you do not allow any liberties and comply with the rules of the instructions on how to install Bosch dishwasher with your own hands, then the completion of this process is guaranteed to any home craftsman.

The dishwasher refers to household appliances. Most modern sets of furniture for kitchens provide for recesses for PMM, equipped with special mounts for fixing the dishwasher unit. They are standard. Rarely execution differs from accepted sizes. Type of fastening elements and for which models it can always be used in the instructions that are in the furniture kit.

Install the dishwasher in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations contained in the instructions for installing the Bosch PMM. Then you can already make sure that it is installed correctly with a test mode of operation.

The most important thing is that the selected Bosch PMM model should fully coincide with the size of the niche and freely enter it. Therefore, it is worth arming with a tape measure to measure all the parameters of the recess intended for the PMM.

The main nuances of the installation

Some models are an additional section of the kitchen set. They are equipped with wheels and are easily pushed into a niche under the countertop after connecting to the mains and communications.

Basically, dishwashers have fixed dimensions:

In order for the dishwasher to be built without changing the size and shape of the furniture, manufacturers of models take several millimeters from typical sizes. Boxes for equipment are also produced with a small margin. In the configuration with all equipment, elementary instructions for its installation are delivered with your own hands.

Правила, по которым производится установка встраиваемой посудомойки, подразумевают 50 миллиметровое вентиляционное воздушное пространство за задней стенкой агрегата.

Some installation schemes of dishwasher include special templates on which holes are drilled for hanging decorative doors of the box. The power supply control module is located in the end part of the “native” door of the unit. As a rule, all stationary household electrical appliances are equipped with legs with adjustable height, which allows you to tightly fit the car to the box and properly set the horizon. For more rigid fixation, some models of dishwashers include fasteners, which the unit is attached to the box with self.supporting screws.

TOP-5 best manufacturers of dishwashers

The section contains information which companies should pay attention to by choosing dishwasher.

The brand is popular due to excellent quality, modern innovations, average price.

The floor full.size Beko Din 26420:

  • Number of programs. 6 pieces.
  • Capacity. 14 sets.
  • Water consumption. 11 liters.
  • Energy consumption. a.
  • Sushilka. turbocharger.
installation, connection, built, dishwasher, becco

The classic design will look stylish both separately and under the countertop. Silent (46 dB), equipped with protection against leaks, children. The height of the internal trays is adjustable. convenient when loading bulky pots. There is a special compartment for tablets.


The famous German brand. High quality synonymous in the market of household appliances. One of the advantages and at the same time of the disadvantages is extremely sensitive sensors. They instantly respond to drops of network voltage, water pressure. Therefore, when purchasing the technique of this brand, make sure that there are no periodic interruptions in electricity, unstable water supply. for the most comfortable operation. Bosch SMV44KX00 series “Standard”:

  • The modes. 4.
  • Capacity. 13 sets.
  • Water consumption. 12 l.
  • Energy consumption class. A.
  • Drying is condensation.

Equipped with the functions of loading capsules, tablets, connecting hot, cold water, a projection beam notifying the end of the cycle. There is also a meidity sensor, a delay in the launch.

installation, connection, built, dishwasher, becco


The Italian brand specializes in the high quality of new technologies, making Accent in simplicity, convenience of operation.

Narrow, full-built Candi CDI 2D10473-07:

  • Programs. 7.
  • Loading sets. 10.
  • Uses water for the cycle. 9 l.
  • Energy consumption. a.
  • The dryer is condensation.

An economical model with a purity sensor that determines whether additional rinsing is required. Plus protection against leakage, sound signal of the cycle, output of information on a digital display.


ESF 2300 DW. this compact partially PMM from the Electrolux brand can also be successfully entered under the countertop. This model, like other Electrolux options, is characterized by high energy efficiency, stylish design, pleasant color scheme.

  • 6 sink modes 4 temperature regime.
  • Accommodates 6 sets.
  • Spends only 7 liters per cycle. Energy consumption. a.
  • Condensation dryer.
  • The machine is equipped with indicators of detergents, partial protection against leakage, postponed up to 19 hours.
  • High.quality washing of the highest class A.
  • Durability (there are reviews confirming the 10-year service life).
  • Little. only 48 dB.
  • There is a water purity sensor.
  • You can use funds for “3 in 1”.

On a note! Experts recommend not loading completely dirty dishes into any dishwasher. it is advisable to clean the plates of food residues at least with napkins or a damp sponge.

installation, connection, built, dishwasher, becco

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