Installation of a gas hob in the countertop

Connection of a gas hob


Victor did everything in good faith. During the work, questions arose with approval, due to which I had to slightly postpone the end of the hob installation. Victor took adequately, agreed and finished everything. 10/10, ready to recommend as a specialist in his field!


A very good specialist! I arrived within an hour. I did everything quickly and accurately. I believe that a professional. This is a person who is ready for surprises and is not lost. The old drank a little curve in the countertop. He measured, adjusted. Connected a new hob, it does not work. Calmly tested all the wires, dismantled the shield with machine guns. I corrected everything. Works! I am very pleased with the work of Alexander.


Thanks to the novel! Connected a gas hob and oven. A pleasant person in communication and it is clear that a professional. Ready to meet to make the case to the end and find a solution to the problem.


The work is done perfectly! The novel was very high quality and scurriously embedded the refrigerator, connected the hob panel. At the same time and hit the castle! Recommend! Handyman.


Pavel joined the hood. Installed a fork for connecting to a socket. The hob and oven was also connected. Everything was done well. Since it was necessary to install a socket, the one that was lying at home was used. If it were not, I would have to buy and the time of execution of the order could drag on. Because of this I put 4.


Everything is done very professionally. The hob is connected, checked, and the oven also. Everything is done quickly. Recommendations for the use of technology are given. I recommend this performer.


Nikolai arrived promptly, as required by the task. The work is performed at the highest level, competently and efficiently. A gas oven and a gas hob was installed and connected and connected. Additionally, dielectrics and emails were also installed.Fork on the wire of the oven, insulation is made. The arising nuances during the installation process were resolved. Consulted in detail on the principles of working with gas consumers. Recommend! Great master!


Very polite master, arrived at a convenient time for me. He crashed into a countertop and connected the hob and oven quickly and efficiently, bought the missing fork fork. I will turn again.


Changed the hob (panel). It turned out that the old one had more narrow landing parameters in the countertop. Stanislav took a hacksaw, adjusted the size for a new one, installed it, connected! Well done! Stanislav did not even stutter on the for additional for additional prices.For additional costs, of course, I paid. Confident practitioner who knows his job! Recommend!


Connected: stove and hob. The work was completed, very, promptly, for the agreed value. Literate. Qualified specialist. Polite and positive person. Extremely positive recommendations!


Yuri came on time, connected the hob, checked with a device and foam. Advised add. Protection for countertops. I categorically recommend Yuri.


Everything is done quickly. Before that, two offers offered their services refused by phone: difficult, a lot of work. Vaagn managed for almost an hour with the installation and dismantling of the hob panel. Recommend.


The task is completed qualitatively. Over, at my request, a number of Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the electrician in the apartment were eliminated, and even a very serious mistake was found, made during the repair of the apartment with previous repairmen, which could even lead to a fire. As a result: the hob is connected, all the lamps in the apartment are burning, errors in the wiring are eliminated! Very satisfied! Recommend!


The master is great well done. Highly recommend. No retreat in price. I did the work quickly and efficiently.

Connection of the hob to the mains

Experts note how to correctly and quickly install a new hob in the kitchen countertop and connect it to communications. The device can be connected to a separate electrolyan if there are RCD machines on the shield. In houses with a power supply of 380 volts, you need to make a uniform load on the phase.

A separate outlet may be required for the panel, so first you have to dismantle the headset. The channel is prepared, strengthened, closed with a layer of putty or cement. After these works, they proceed to cut holes and installation of the slab.

A separate socket may be required for the hob

How to independently install a gas and electric hob: step.By.Step guide

First of all, the most suitable place for installation (insert) is determined. The following conditions and parameters are taken into account:

  • Sufficient in terms of dimensions a place on the surface of the countertop (length, width, depth) for inserting the panel;
  • Distance to the connection point of the gas supply;
  • The presence or possibility of wiring and connecting a separate power supply with a grounding line and a protective shutdown device (RCD);
  • The ability to install an exhaust device;
  • Exclusion of all possible fire hazard factors;
  • The presence of unhindered access for the repair and maintenance of devices and elements of engineering networks.

The next step is to prepare tools and auxiliary materials. For installation and connection, you will need:

  • Electric drill with a drill on wood with a diameter of 8-10 mm;
  • An electric jigsaw with a fine canvas on a tree;
  • Roulette, marking construction line and pencil;
  • Dense cardboard, 10 cm in size superior to the dimensions of the panel in area (if there is no template in the factory configuration);
  • Acrylic or silicone sealant, spatula, sandpaper;
  • Screwdriver, pliers, pieces-pins, divorce key;
  • Sylphone flexible supply (hose) with gaskets for gas connection with a length of 1 to 1.5 m;
  • Grounding socket, cable segment of the desired length, circuit breaker (if necessary, autonomous power).

Dimensions for the hob in the countertop

The dimensions of the built.In part of the panel in the interior under the countertop in the place of the alleged insert are preliminarily applied. For this purpose, a cardboard template is used. The manufacturer is attached to some models of such templates.

If there was no such device in the kit, it is made from cardboard. The size of the built.In part of the hob panel is transferred to it and cut out. The rectangle obtained as a result and the remaining frame is useful as a result.

Rectangular cutting is applied from below countertops to establish the exact position of the future cut. It is important that the landing site of the panel during installation does not rest on the cabinet and there is enough space for placing a hose, cable and other connecting elements.

The method of projection by the cutting shape is transferred to the outside of the countertop, where another part of the template will be needed. The frame. Provided that the template is made in strictly geometric rules, it is enough to circle the inside of the frame. In another case, you will have to, noting the angular points, apply the marking using a ruler.

When marking, individual attention is paid to ensuring the gap between the faces of the cutout and the landing site of the panel. With sufficient cleanliness of the cut, such a gap should be 2 mm. Insufficient experience with an electrician leads to the need for a greater gap, but it is not recommended to do more than 5 mm.

Reference. If the furniture set is made by an individual order, the sizes for the sink and the hob are reported to furniture workers when ordering. They will make recesses at the manufacturing stage.


Drill at the angles of the marking drill holes for deepening the canvas of the jigsaw.

Smoothly, without jerking, moving an electrician in a straight line, they make a cut from the hole to the hole or to the corner.

Experienced masters pay attention to the insurance of the cut part of the countertop, which seeks to fall under its weight with unfinished several centimeters and damage the edge. It is easy to avoid this, if you provide supporting planes or glue with tape the already cut sides.

The cut surface is treated with sealant, allowed to dry and then cleaned with sandpaper or special file.

If the kit has a damper tape, it is glued to the treated cut surface. Such a tape can be purchased in a construction store or apply a flat layer of silicone to the cut of the cut.


Before proceeding with the processing of the cut edges, it is recommended that a trial landing of the hob panel. It should be in effort and have the same gaps from all sides. If necessary, the cut increases.

Fastening of the hob

Before installing the hob, we lay and fastening communication carts. A flexible sylphon hose is fixed in such a way as to ensure its connection to the output fitting of gas supply to the panel. The device of the outlet and the cable laying are also carried out before fastening the hob.

There are models with a combined resource (gas. Electricity). In this case, both connection procedures are carried out in parallel, taking into account the current fire safety standards for electrical gas devices.

The hob is placed so that the tag of the belliphone supply is free, without a critical bend screwed onto the fitting. If necessary, use an angular adapter. All threaded joints are compacted by winding.

Check the compounds for gas leakage: after connecting the supply, open the gas supply tap and apply soap solution. The lack of bubbles will show the tightness of threaded parts.

Important! At the stage of checking the correctness of the connection, you should contact a licensed specialist.

How to install a hob

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The idea of ​​independent installation of the hob can be somewhat frightened. After all, you will have to deal either with electricity, or with gas and at the same time work with a fairly expensive kitchen equipment. Nevertheless, none of the steps to install the hob is particularly difficult. You just need to do everything carefully and in the correct sequence from moonshine to the end.

  • You must know for sure that the power panel power is disabled. For verification, you can use the tester by probing all the wires. If a light bulb lights up on the tester, then there is still electricity.
  • Be sure to remember how the wires of the old hob, since the new hob will be connected similarly. You can sign the wires and take a picture before turning them off, so that later it is easier for you to remember.
  • Seek for help to someone to remove the hob from its nest, as it will be quite heavy. [1] X Source of Information

How to install gas stove | kitchen stove installation | install gas stove | kitchen gas hob install

  • If there is no camshaft, then you need to contact a professional to install it.
  • You should also check that the old hob that has the same current requirements as the new one, otherwise the work of a professional may be required to connect it. Many old hobs have only a 30-ampere electric circuit, while new often go 40-50 amperes. [1] X Source of Information
installation, countertop
  • Measure the length and width of the hob and subtract 1.5-2.5 cm on each side to determine the opening parameters for installing the hob panel. [2] X Source of Information
  • You may need to remove the tile from the countertop (if it is covered with tiles) around the place of work before starting to cut the hole.
  • To cut a granite countertop, you need a circular saw with water supply. As an alternative, you can hire a professional for this work, as granite is difficult to saw carefully. Also, after cutting the holes, the stone should be treated with sealant before placed the hob in the hole. [2] X Source of Information

Remove all removable elements from the hob so that it is easier for you to put it in place. The hob can have removable burners, protective screens and other details, which should be temporarily postponed to the side. You also need to not forget to remove all packaging materials from the hob.

  • If you had to remove the tile, then you will first need to re.Lay the tile to the end in the surface of the hob, before installing the latter in place. You will have to wait until 24 hours until the solution freezes, before laying the hob in place. [1] X Source of Information
  • Red and black wires (colors can vary) the hob should nourish it with electricity. Attach these wires to the corresponding wires with the phase in the camshaft.
  • The white wire is neutral and serves to close the chain. The neutral wire of the hob should be connected to a neutral wire in a camshaft.
  • Usually a green wire is designed for grounding. Attach the grounding wire of the hob to grounding in a camshaft.
  • Connect the wires with each other using insulating caps for twisting wires. Comers the connected pair of wires and twist the cleaned ends. Wrap the cap on the twisted wires. The insulating cap will protect them from contact with other wires and potentially protect you from the occurrence of a fire. [2] X Source of Information

Install the previously removed removable parts on the hob. Return the burners, protective screens and other removable details to the place.

Connection of a gas hob.Official installation with a guarantee

Installation in the countertop and connecting a gas hob. The task is not as simple as it might seem to be a non.Professional. A comprehensive approach is needed here: a gas equipment specialist should also have the skills of an excellent carpenter.

When installing a gas hob, you need to take only two steps:

  • Select and buy a suitable model.
  • Call specialists of the company who must have a permit for the installation of gas equipment in residential facilities.

Pay attention to the stages of installation and connection of the gas surface:

  • First, a hole of the desired size is cut in the countertop. The width and length of the opening should be neatly fitted under the panel.
  • Modern gas panels have the function of electric lighting, so you need to install a grounded power outlet. These works should perform a professional electrician.
  • The gas panel fixed in the prepared opening is connected to the gas line (or to the gas cylinder, if you live in rural areas).
  • The master checks the tightness of the eyeliner and tests the serviceability of the gas stove in different modes.

Whatever actions are carried out with gas equipment, they must comply with installation requirements and safety regulations. Therefore, we recommend that you contact only verified organizations. Pegaz has all the necessary official licenses and certificates that you can find on our website.

installation, countertop

Installation and connection of a gas oven often occurs simultaneously with the connection of the gas hob (surface). By law, Mosgaz may require an additional gas crane. When contacting Mosgaz, you will have to not only install an additional gas valve, but also pay for welding work. All this will come out at about 25-30 thousand.

Since welding will take place right in your kitchen, that is, the risk of damaging wallpaper and furniture.

Yes! Our company proposes to solve this issue by installing a special gas tee and the use of dielectric hoses. This will significantly save your money, and your cuisine will remain intact and unharmed.

Be careful when choosing a company installing equipment related to household gas.

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the work related to the installation of household gas equipment is entitled only to organizations with appropriate permits and tolerances.

If you need proper installation in compliance with all norms and requirements. Contact us!

Pegaz has all tolerances and permits for installation work with gas equipment. We have honest prices, without cheates and overpayments. Having completed the installation, we give you a receipt by which you pay for the work. All services are provided with a guarantee, a corresponding mark is placed in the warranty card.

For installing a hob

Name Units. Izm. Price,
Installation of the hob PCS. 950
Installation of the hob (on ready.Made communications) PCS. 950
Installation of the hob (without communications) PCS. 1150
Drinking holes under the panel in the countertop PCS. 600
Connection of the hob PCS. 400
Unlocking the hob system PCS. 8200
Replacing the hob PCS. 1250
Dismantling the hob PCS. 600
Calling an electrician For free
Diagnostics (when providing services) For free
Diagnostics (in case of refusal) 600
Departure of the master For free
Minimum order 1990

We do any work!Call 7 (499) 390-53-90 or leave a request.We will definitely help solve your problem!

Basic for services are recorded in the price list. The final amount will be called the estimate after familiarizing themselves with the equipment model and the type of connection, as well as determining the complexity of installation work. The agreed price of installing the hob in the countertop is entered into the official agreement. Preferential categories of the population and regular customers can count on the provision of a personal discount of up to 10%.

Step.By.Step instructions for installation

To install electrical built.In devices, an electric carrot of 220 V is required. It is advisable to install it in advance and choose the most suitable location before installing the headset. An electric outlet should be placed below the built.In technique. Thanks to observing this rule, it is excluded that the spray of water and fat in the cooking process is excluded.


To embed a new furniture set, you will need a set of tools to make holes in the case and countertop:

  • Drill;
  • Electrician;
  • Construction knife;
  • Roulette;
  • Screwdriver Set;
  • Gas key;
  • Passatigi;
  • Voltage measurement device in the electrical network.


The configuration includes fasteners, they are attached in accordance with the instructions. Installation to the countertop is carried out after preparing holes. The fasteners of the hob is produced in the following sequence:

  • They lay the seal.
  • Install the hob, it should be based on the countertop.
  • At the bottom, fasteners are tightened.
  • With the help of a knife, the protruding parts of the sealing material are cut off.

Preparation of the panel for installation

The hock panel should be unpacked before installation and check the presence of all fasteners. The electric panel can be connected to the network to check its performance.

Count of the countertop and cutting holes

In the countertop, you need to cut the opening, in accordance with the dimensions of the built.In device. Detailed instructions are attached to the manufacturer. It is recommended to make a cardboard layout if it is not included in the kit.

  • The layout is installed on the surface of the table and circled with a pencil. 1-2 mm between the landing corps part and the edge of the table is the gap that must be observed between them.
  • For thorough marking, you need to prepare a pencil and ruler. If the countertop is made of pressed sawdust, and the upper layer is decorated with an artificial stone, a hole located closer than 5 cm to the edges is not recommended to be cut in the table cover. Otherwise, thin areas will quickly collapse.
  • With the help of a drill, a hole is drilled in the corners of the marked zone. Suitable drill for 8-10 mm. The tool should be kept perpendicular to the surface during operation.
  • It is recommended to install a nozzle intended for a tree on an electric jigsaw. Thanks to small teeth, the saws will turn out without chips. The tool canvas is inserted into the prepared hole and sawn along the marking line. The jigsaw should be tightly pressed to the surface.
  • Then they are trying on the integrated technique. She should enter the prepared hole without difficulty, let’s say a small gap. If the hole is not large enough, the edges are cut to the desired size.
  • The ends of the slot should be protected from moisture exposure. Therefore, at the preparatory stage, the walls of the cut are lubricated by sealant. To supplement the protection, the ends are recommended to glue with heat.Reflecting tape or foil. After that, the sealant is adhere to.
installation, countertop

Installation of the panel

To attach the hob to the countertop, it is carefully inserted into the prepared hole, and the junction is lubricated with silicone sealant. Without strong pressing, the built.In technique is besieged before the edges of the edges to the surface of the table.

Press on the surface during installation should be carefully, especially if it is made of glass. Particular attention should be paid to the evenness of the location of the countertop. Otherwise, if heavy objects are put on the surface, cracks are formed.

The final step of installation work is the fastening of the panel using special complete clamps. Clamps are attached at the bottom, so the case is fixed. The acting sealant should be removed. If the installation of the oven is provided nearby, a thermal insulation layer must be laid between the devices. The gap between them should be at least ten centimeters.

Connection of the panel

Devices can be gas and electric, so the methods of installing them are also different.

How to install gas stove][ kitchen stove installation with outside cylinder

Connection of a gas hob

Before installing the furniture, a flexible hose is connected to the gas pipe. The sylphon hose is not recommended to be attached directly to the gas valve. The docking is carried out through plumbing drives or nozzles for connecting.

  • Before connecting the gas hose, a thread of twisted linen is wound on the carvage. The winding is made clockwise.
  • After the winding, the linseed thread is lubricated with special paste for gas equipment.
  • Next, the nut of a flexible gas supply is twisted, it should be tightened with a gas key. The element is twisted to the stop, but without unnecessary efforts. Inside the sealing gasket.

Is it possible to save?

The company “Gazotechnik” carries out work with the provision of a guarantee. This means that the price of connecting the gas hob will pay off by the owners by saving on the repair or replacement of equipment, which will inevitably be required with independent installation with errors. Expensive equipment needs a professional approach during installation. Only in this case it will delight you for a long time and the manufacturer warranty conditions will be extended to it. In addition, the complex process of coordination with Mosgaz will cost more and take a lot of time and effort. This can be avoided by trusting the problem of the problem for experienced masters.

Employees of Gaztekhniki are highly qualified specialists, professionals in their business with all tolerances and permits for work related to the connection and installation of gas columns. We will help you with the choice of the model of the column and consult for free by phone: 7 (495) 240-80-77

Gaztechnic has all tolerances, will perform a professional installation of gas states, taking into account all the requirements, norms and rules (including those set forth in SNiP).

Let’s install the gas column on the day of circulation! We provide a guarantee, carry out technical support. We carry out installation and connection of gas columns of various models.

We will replace the old column with a new one, carry out all the installation work and connect new equipment. Important: when replacing the old column with a new one, approval with inspection authorities is not required.

Our company has been working on the market for more than 10 years. During this time, we have formed a team of professionals who have all the tolerance and licenses necessary for this work.

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