Installation of an exhaust fan in the ceiling

How to install an exhaust fan in the bathroom

Installing a ceiling fan with your own hands is as simple as a chandelier. Before starting work, electricity in the apartment is disconnected.

  • A hole in which the hook is installed is broken in a concrete base.
  • The fan is suspended.
  • Connect the device to wiring. There are 3 wires in total: painted with green or yellow. grounding, the rest. zero and phase, which are connected to the corresponding cable wires.

If the device includes a bracket, then it is attached to the ceiling using metal dowels, and then the fan itself is fixed with screws to it. The connection passes according to the same scheme.

Even in the presence of more modern systems for maintaining optimal climatic conditions in the room, ceiling fans do not lose popularity: their reliability has been tested for years, and a diverse design allows you to choose a device that fits perfectly into the interior.

The principle of work and functionality

Cooling ceilings are very comfortable in use, as they do not create ice flows, unlike air conditioners, evenly cool the room, do not need to arrange air ducts, introduce ventilation grilles and bulky internal blocks.

The surface of the ceiling is covered with mats of polypropylene capillary hoses, the diameter of which varies within 3.5-4.3 mm. Products are permissible to cover with a decorative layer of plaster. Water with a temperature of 16-18 ° C circulates through capillary tubes, cooling the room.

The scheme with a parallel connection and a small distance between the elements provides a uniform temperature on the entire surface. The circulation pump is responsible for the movement of the liquid. The basic configuration includes the following components:

  • polypropylene pipes in capillary mats;
  • reinforcement of the locking-regulating cycle;
  • Innovative control and automation elements.

Distilled water acts as a working environment of the cold ceiling, it is prepared by a specialized refrigerator

The cooling of the premises is based on the principles of radiant exposure and natural convection. The flows formed as a result of natural convection raise warm masses up, the latter in contact with the cold ceiling system cool.

Their specific gravity increases, as a result of which the air drops down, a uniformly comfortable temperature is created without drafts. The radiant effect is manifested in the fact that heated objects and surfaces give their heat to objects with lower temperature.

The use of cooling blocks

Air conditioning with cold flows can be based on blocks of column, cabinet, pipe. Blocks can act as independent working units or used in combination with capillary mats to drain air, strengthen the power of the system.

The blocks do not have a limit on the temperature of the working environment, they do not establish restrictions on the humidity of the air in the serviced room (here the removal of the drop.down condensation in the sewer is affected by assembly in a special tray). Often this technology is used to arrange wine cellars, as it provides a constant temperature and optimal microclimate.

Capillary heating systems

The mats used in the cold ceiling system in the autumn-winter season can be used as additional heating devices. To do this, the capillaries launch warm water with a temperature within 28-35 ° C, due to its circulation and radiant exposure, the room quickly heats up.

If it is decided to equip the main heating using capillary mats, you need to additionally introduce them into the floor, walls. The increased heat exchange surface, enhanced return, the minimum installation thickness provides comfortable and economical functionality. Thanks to low indicators of the temperature of the environment, it becomes possible to introduce heat pumps into the work circuit.

Features of microclimate in the bathroom

Constant increased humidity. the main reason for the appearance of the fungus in the stretch ceiling

The bathroom is considered a premises with a special microclimate. Humidity is often increased here, so fungi, mold and other microorganisms develop.

Only when fulfilling certain requirements can ventilation be done in the bathroom. This applies to finishing building materials, and electrical equipment, and furniture if they are installed in this room.

All of them should have such characteristics:

  • resistance to high humidity;
  • water resistance;
  • resistance to mold and fungi;
  • Antiseptic properties.

DIY ventilation in a private house

The requirements for ventilation of the bathroom of a private house are higher, which is associated with the features of the structure, materials of interior decoration, furniture, etc.D.

For example, a wooden house does not tolerate high humidity. Dampness will quickly bring him unusable. Large moisture levels are also destructive for him, from this the tree may crack. Here, emphasis is on high.quality natural air exchange with elements of forced convection.

The question of how to make ventilation in the bathroom of your own house is decided at the design stage. Must be laid ventilation shafts with exits to the bathrooms, kitchen. It happens that the house is built without a correctly established ventilation scheme. Then the ventilation of the bathroom in a private house is subject to adjustment. With certain skills, it is quite possible to bring the air exchange system with your own hands.

It should be remembered that the house is equipped, as a rule, several bathrooms. Therefore, it is recommended to install high.power exhaust device, under the roof.

How To Install a Bath Exhaust Fan

It is recommended to pay attention to the following moments:

  • The best to acquire ventilation elements from materials resistant to high temperatures.
  • It is impossible for the ventilation system to fit the wooden elements closely. It should be attached at a distance from them.
  • Ventilation in the bathroom must be equipped with fire valves. If a fire occurs, the valves are closed to stop supplying air from the outside.
  • During construction, you need to leave a small compensation space near the ventilations, designed to shrink the house in the future.

The bathroom ventilation system is simple, but at the same time the responsible point in the list of necessary repair elements, housing construction. It can be carried out independently without spending additional financial resources. over, the advantages of good air exchange are significantly higher than the spent time and effort.

Natural ventilation

Natural ventilation in a private house bathroom looks approximately as follows.

The influx of fresh air is provided by a special slit 2-3 cm wide. The clearance is between the door and the threshold. The size of the gap is set when installing the door leaf, calculated on the basis of the project.

Modern doors do not require the implementation of this rule due to the presence of special holes or nets.

A vertical ventilation shaft leading to the street, to which a ventilation of the toilet and bathroom is connected, is a vertical ventilation shaft in a private house in a private house. Typically, the design implies the connection of the highway to the riser through the wall or the hole in the ceiling of the room.

An additional element that increases reliability is the check valve, which plays a large role in the operation of the system in winter. The main function of the device is to prevent the reverse traction effect and cold air.

Compliance with all installation rules, the qualitative implementation of all calculations ensures the effective natural air exchange of the room, guaranteeing protection against the development of mold and fungus.

What makes it difficult to natural ventilation

The system of natural, or running, ventilation is very simple. However, her work is very unstable. Modern houses have more and more obstacles to the normal operation of communications.

There are several factors that make it difficult to function, all of them are listed below.

Installation of sealed windows, doors

With air permeability of windows and doors, the so.called natural rod is not created. In other words, for ventilation, you need a large volume of moving masses of air.

And when sealing the premises, they have nowhere to get, in view of which ventilation fails.

Channel narrowing due to contamination

The reliability of the system is reduced due to the possible contamination of the mine due to the accumulation of dust, web, the streaming of the walls with mud and t. D. When they lead to a significant reduction in the cross section of the channel, there is a difficulty in outflow.

This is fraught with a decrease in performance or a complete cessation of ventilation operation.

Incorrect project hood

The main complications may occur with incorrectly compiled design documentation or the error of workers establishing the system.

There is one subtlety here. Physically the air moves according to the same principle as the liquid. Therefore, ventilation must be mounted taking into account the least resistance of the air flow.

In simple words, communications should be built with a minimum number of bends, steps, various obstacles. It is necessary to avoid the bends of the pipe, knees and so on.

Windy weather

When a strong wind blows outside, the appearance of the reverse traction effect is possible.

Just speaking, under strong pressure, air masses can change the direction of movement, and instead of hoods you get a supercharger.

Drywall Pro X [exhaust fan]. Install Video

Poor insulation of the mine

With improper insulation of the ventilation shaft at low temperature, a quick cooling of air is possible. As a result, he does not have time to rise high enough, the flow of the flow is violated.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that this type of structure very often gives failure. Therefore, there is a tendency to replace natural ventilation with forced ventilation.

Types of ventilation for a bath and toilet of a private house

Left. a natural scheme, on the right. forced ventilation

The choice of premises ventilation method is usually determined at the stage of development of the house plan. This document determines what type the communications will be.

There are three types of ventilation in a private house:

  • Forced ventilation. Carried out using fans.
  • Natural. Does not imply compulsory air injection, works due to the temperature difference in the room and on the street.
  • Combined. Includes the above methods, allows simultaneous or parallel work.

Features of the bathroom

The bathroom is a room with a separate microenvironment. The humidity indicator is constantly increased here, mostly warmer sedentary air. Together, this contributes to the occurrence of mold, fungus, the appearance of other microorganisms in hidden places.

The listed factors determine the requirements for furniture, finishing materials, electrical equipment that are installed or will be used in the bathroom:

  • high humidity resistance;
  • protection against direct and possibly long exposure to water;
  • water resistance or, conversely, hygroscopicity;
  • resistance to mold;
  • Antiseptic properties.

What happens if ventilation in the bathroom does not work?

It often happens that for certain reasons, ventilation for the bathroom is not installed, the natural air flow is absent or organized poorly. This, as a rule, leads to sad consequences:

  • Condensation constantly accumulates on the walls, ceiling, especially after long use of hot water. This increases the percentage of humidity even more, damp staggering.
  • As a result, black mold appears, a fungus, which are not as harmless as it seems at first.
  • The seams between the tiles, the slots of the suspended ceiling, which will have to be replaced over time.
  • Due to dampness longer than usual, wet things dry.
  • Wet air does not disappear from the bathroom.
  • The furniture gradually deteriorates.

With poor ventilation on the seams between the tiles in the bathroom, cloudlessness will form

The installation of a bathroom will be avoided by the installation of the listed troubles: a fan is inserted inside the ducts or other pipes, connected to the mains.

At the stage of making a decision on additional air exchange, it is thought out:

  • Fan model, functionality;
  • Where exactly the hood will be installed, whether it is necessary to lay additional communications for it;
  • where to place communication boxes if necessary.

The fans are exhaust ceiling

All the Extra.Ceiling Fan Products presented in the section are produced by well.known and well.proven high quality companies by companies.

installation, exhaust, ceiling

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Features of the stretch ceiling

Manufacturers indicate various physical, performance characteristics of stretch ceilings. On the issue of ventilation of the inter.first space, the throughput of the material from which they are made are made to the forefront.

Film canvases (polyvinyl chloride) are distinguished by absolute water resistance, air permeability. In certain situations (for example, flooding by neighbors from above), this will save the apartment from an unplanned repair. In general, the complete tightness of the space between the ceilings will turn into problems in the future (accumulation of condensate, mold, sagging, etc.D.). The exception here may be oral film canvases that can pass air.

Textile stretch ceilings are made of synthetic fibers. They are able to pass air and partially water. The textile canvas is less susceptible to the effects of pressure drops in the separated planes, it is not so noticeably swaying when opening doors, windows due to its bandwidth.

Features and characteristics of the stretch ceiling

Ventilation under suspended ceilings prevents condensate formation

Stretch ceilings made of polyvinyl chloride film are at the peak of popularity and there are reasons for this.

The main advantages and features of structures from PVC canvases:

  • Fast and relatively clean installation. the material is attached to the frame around the perimeter of the room;
  • even and homogeneous surface, sagging of which is compensated by lamps;
  • A pleasant gloss that has a different degree of reflection of interior items;
  • a long service life, which in quality products can reach 25 years;
  • the possibility of repeated removal and re.installation of paintings with edges of the harpoon type;
  • Water resistance.

To increase the aesthetic characteristics, the cracks between the wall and the canvas are sealed with silicone skirting boards.

Mold and condensate. the result of the lack of ventilation under the stretch ceiling

The positive properties of suspended ceilings are the causes of such undesirable phenomena:

  • Condensate formation in a closed volume. Drops of water can cause a short circuit and corrosion of metal in electrical appliances. This is especially characteristic of this phenomenon for the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, where increased humidity is constantly present.
  • Fungus and mold development. It covers the film and the floor slab, the spores through microscopic cracks fall into the room and poison the air in it. If the house is wooden, its supporting structures will be quickly destroyed and will come into emergency state.
  • Slowing the canvas. It occurs due to heating, accumulation on its inner surface of moisture and mold.

The hood under the stretch ceiling allows inexpensively, but effectively solve all these problems. You should deal with the rules for choosing equipment and the technology for its installation.

Fire detectors behind a suspended ceiling

To date, there are a large number of detectors who differ among themselves in the degree of reaction to the fire. As a rule, the choice completely depends on the type of room, budget and the requirements for.

  • Linear infrared. the most expensive model that is responsible for the entire fishing line for a trimmer in the room;
  • point. work on smoke and fire in a specific place of the room;
  • Autonomous. the availability of a battery is required for work, an excellent option for small rooms;
  • targeted. work only if the fire occurred as close as possible;
  • two.point. have 2 sensors at once.

When choosing a model, you should pay attention to the quality of finished products. Attention! Ceiling detectors can work on smoke, fire, high temperature.

paano mag lagay ng exhaust fan sa kisame / how to install exhaust fan ceiling

Attention! Ceiling detectors can work on smoke, fire, high temperature.

Installation of fire detectors behind a suspended ceiling: Norms

When installing detectors on the ceiling, regardless of the type of premises, it is recommended to adhere to general norms and rules, among which it is worth noting the following:

  • A sufficient distance should be left between the ceiling in the suspension structure;
  • In order for the installed system to work effectively, it should be chosen taking into account the total area of ​​the ceiling surface;
  • Electric wires should be from each other at a distance of 30 cm or more, according to the general safety rules;
  • Installation work must be performed according to special documentation.

As a rule, the detectors are not required to install in cases where the electrical wiring is masked by special pipes made of steel.

Rules for installing laid firefighters

Installed fire sensors are allowed only on supporting structural elements or on cables. You can mount fire sensors on ceilings, walls, suspended structures, columns. In addition, the radius of sensitivity should be taken into account.

Thus, if the ceiling has a certain slope, then it is necessary to choose devices available to the projection of the sensitive zone on the horizontal plane. During the installation work, you can use the scheme of a square or triangular lattice.

Distance from the fire detector to the lamp

For the usual premises of non.specialized purposes, it is best to choose multi.point detectors for the ceiling. If the installation is planned in the inter-first space, then a certain distance should be observed: 0.1 m from the wall and 0.1-0.3 m from the ceiling ceiling.

It is forbidden to install equipment between the surface of the ceiling and the wall. The distance between the lighting device and the sensor should not be less than 0.5 m. In addition, the installation should be carried out in such a way that there is a distance around the detector within a radius of 50 cm.

If there is no ventilation in the room, then the detector must be installed behind the design in the upper part. If a non.adverse sensor is selected, then it is mounted on a separate train above the main detector.

Attention! For all sensors, a remote light indicator should be provided.

How to do the ceiling ventilation?

Ventilation systems are placed in the ceiling area of ​​the premises in the presence of appropriate conditions. the presence of a suspended or stretch ceiling, increased humidity and other features.

The use of modern building materials, plastic windows and hermetic doors requires a different approach to the ventilation system, since the natural influx of fresh air ceases. The installation of a more productive ventilation system using forced air exchange requires a certain space, and suspended ceilings are the most successful way to hide the air ducts and other ventilation elements.

In the suspended ceiling

Installing the ventilation system in the suspended ceiling allows you to organize high.quality air exchange with many options for placing ventilation grilles. They are on sale and are installed in the slots of the suspension system in the same way as the main panels.

The need to manufacture the passage of the lattice through the canvas is excluded, which makes it possible to independently install both the most suspended ceiling and the ventilation system. If necessary, you can even install it after installing the ceiling, which is impossible to use stretch structures.

An important point is the possibility of ventilation of the space between the suspension system and the ceiling plate. If this is not possible, then water vapors will begin to accumulate in the resulting cavity, condensation will form. Sooner or later, this will lead to a short circuit and fire. In addition, the ceiling panels are unstable to the effects of moisture and immediately sag, swell and their systems come out.

It is recommended to install ventilation and the ceiling system in parallel. This will allow the use of the supporting design of the ceiling to attach ventilation ducts and other elements. To protect against condensate, you can use vapor barrier materials, but the problem can be completely solved only by organizing air exchange in the ceiling space.

In a stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings are a continuous plastic or fabric cloth. To organize air exchange, you have to install ventilation grilles that violate its integrity. This makes the correct choice of installation points important, since it will not be possible to transfer the grill without consequences. the hole in the stretch canvas will remain, it is impossible to close it in perfectly in any way.

In addition, the design of the stretch ceiling does not allow the use of the supporting system to install the ventilation system, which forces to install the air exchange complex first, and then the tension canvas.

The maintenance and repair of ventilation equipment is difficult, since there is no access to it.

If you need to perform any maintenance or repair actions, you will have to dismantle the stretch ceiling, and at the end of the work, it is extremely difficult to establish it.

How to install exhaust fan Ceiling mounted ; Paano mag kabit ng Exhaust fan Ceiling mounted.

Installation of ventilation grilles should be carried out exactly in places of input and output openings of air ducts. At the same time, they often install unconnected lattices.

This allows you to balance the pressure in the ceiling space and organize natural air exchange in it, which improves ventilation and allows you to remove water vapors.

In addition, in this way it is possible to eliminate sagging or retraction of the canvas that occurs due to active movement over it of air flows that change the position of the plane of the film.

Which is better: the supply valve on the window or into the wall?

Ventilation grates

Ventilation grilles perform several functions:

decorative design of the input hole

Protection of the internal space of the ducts from the penetration of birds, rodents, garbage and t.D.

installation, exhaust, ceiling

There are many varieties of ventilation grilles. There are specialized designs designed for the standard installation in the nests of the suspended systems. For suspended ceilings there are their own species, characterized by a small area and a neat appearance.

There are other species that have different forms and appearance. With all the differences, they perform the same functions and the fundamental difference in this regard do not have. It is customary to be guided by the logic of conformity. for suspended structures, gratings of their type are always acquired, for stretch or other types. corresponding.

The choice of the type of lattice is always dictated by purely aesthetic considerations, in terms of functionality of restrictions there is no. There are structures that form special forms of movement of air flows, but they are relevant only for large rooms with high ceilings. For home use or in relatively small office premises, they are inappropriate, since the speed of air flows is limited, and at the same time the effectiveness of the gratings falls.

Features of installation

Installation of ventilation grilles is carried out exactly in places of location of the output openings of air ducts. In suspended systems, this is simply organized, it is much more difficult to provide the desired accuracy in stretch canvases. The hole in the film is made with preliminary gluing enhancing washers.

In order to find the center of the hole as accurately as possible, the output of the ducts of the ducts should be mounted as close as possible to the canvas so that it is possible to feel them through it. The choice of a lattice is made with maximum compliance with color so as not to violate the decorative value of the stretch sheet.

The use of exhaust fans allows you to effectively remove excess humidity, temperature and exhaust air along with bad smells. The flow is released into a standard ventilation channel available in kitchen rooms, bathrooms and bathrooms.

installation, exhaust, ceiling

If the system is mounted in a private house, it is necessary to provide a common exhaust channel with the release of the spent air above the roof at a height of at least 0.5 m. Some sources recommend raising an exhaust channel above the level of the roof skate, which is explained by the need to exclude the influence of vortex winds of wind.

The productivity of the complex should correspond to the size and specificity of the room. For example, for bathrooms, the frequency of air exchange is 10 times, and for kitchens. about 15. It must be borne in mind that the multiplicity does not always correspond to the true need of this room, so it is recommended to calculate it using an online calculator. The data obtained are used when choosing a ventilation complex or a separate device.

Ceiling ventilation of suspended ceilings in the apartment

Your choice of stretch ceilings is not made by chance. The speed of installation, the boundless choice of colors and quality characteristics. bowed the scales in their favor. Of course, to make preparatory work for finishing, and the ceiling coating is much more difficult than mounting a stretch ceiling. But is everything so simple?

What to know about ventilation in a stretch ceiling?

Stretch ceilings hold water, which means that the space between the ceiling and the canvas is sealed. If you do not make natural ventilation of the stretch ceiling, then there will be no circulation of air, and this can cause the formation of the fungus, mold.

Even if in the process of preparation you carefully treat the ceiling with an antiseptic primer, this does not guarantee that its effect will last forever, and it is difficult to control this process, especially in the initial stage.

This can only be found out when there is a musty smell.

Some who have a stretch ceiling have existed for a long time may object that they do not have this phenomenon. You can agree with them. Here, natural ventilation is present through the holes of spotlights that are located around the perimeter of the room, or movement occurs according to another scheme, which means they were lucky. There is a movement of the air flow. the inter.volume space is ventilated.

Instructions How to install a ventilation grill for a stretch ceiling

The installation companies of the tension systems have technological accessories of ceilings, including ventilation grilles of different sizes and colors. For suspended ceilings, the best choice is light plastic grilles with installation thermal rings. You can choose others, but most of them cannot be installed without a special suspension. For self.installation, choose a simple design.

The canvas is in a stretched position. Before making a hole, apply glue to the thermal ring around the gluing circumference, attach to the installation site, press for 5-10 seconds. Make sure the ring fit tightly to the canvas. Put a ventilation grill or diffuser.

installation, exhaust, ceiling

Have ventilation grilles or diffusers diagonally in the corners. They are similar in shape to lamps and do not spoil the common type of ceiling, and installing them for ventilation in the bathroom is simply necessary.

Stretch ceiling deformation from the pressure drop

The pressure difference under the ceiling and behind it causes deformation, the deflection of the canvas in one direction or another. The reasons can be:

  • An air flow through the cracks of the interchange space;
  • Outflow of air in a ventilation shaft when working a kitchen hood bred into a shaft (creating an injection effect);
  • Air flow from the ventilation shaft;

These deformations are not so noticeable, but the cause of extraneous odors will have to be eliminated by installing an exhaust fan. To align pressure and organize natural circulation in the room will help the installation of ventilation grilles in a stretch ceiling. There are diffusers governing the direction and number of transmitted air. To install them yourself will not be difficult. It is more difficult to take the smells of the kitchen through a stretch ceiling into a ventilation shaft.

We mount air ducts for ventilation over the stretch ceiling

Together with the kitchen hood, a box with a round or rectangular cross.sectional adapter is sold. Before installing a stretch ceiling, make a main duct above the stretch ceiling. There are such options:

  • A duct made of drywall, a frame made of stainless metal profile is made, the GKL is sheathed, and is laid to the ventilation shaft.
  • Hopper.flexible air duct.
  • Plastic rectangular or round duct, attached to the ceiling or wall.

For independent installation, the last option is preferable.

  • Tightness of the compounds;
  • Noise absorption and thermal insulation;
  • Assembly speed;
  • Corrosion stability;
  • A light weight;
  • Flat section, takes little space when attaching to the ceiling;
  • Low price;

They are equipped with adapters from a round section of the hood to rectangular and vice versa, as well as connecting nodes, turns. Collect the duct in size in a convenient place, then try on and mark the mounting places.

This is what the air box looks like under the installation of a stretch ceiling.

The distance from the ceiling to the lower edge is only 6.5 cm, if they were made from the PVC pipe, then this distance increased by 2 times, with the same channel section area.

Attention! It is not worth it to close the gaps of the entrance gaps into the ventilation shaft. If in a stretch ceiling on the opposite side, insert a ventilation grill, we will get natural ventilation of the kitchen with an idle extract.

In apartment buildings, the ventilation shaft runs next to the toilet or bathroom.

This is done so that natural ventilation directs the flow of contaminated air from the rooms to the grate of the ventilation shaft: to the toilet or bathroom, and maybe in a combined bathroom.

The specifics of these premises are such that they need a separate exhaust ventilation that would remove the smells of these rooms in the shortest possible time. It is necessary to install an exhaust fan in each room.

Like the kitchen, select a plastic rectangular box and draw an air channel through the wall to the ventilation shaft.

In the toilet of the exhaust fan will stand into the lower hole. So there will be ventilation under the stretch ceiling. If in the toilet insert a ventilation grill or diffuser into the stretch ceiling, you will get natural ventilation through a stretch ceiling with a fan turned off in the toilet.

From the side of the bathroom, the hole around the pipe is sealed with foam, the wall is lined with tiles, the fan is mounted in the hole, in the stretch ceiling the hole for the ventilation grill can not be made, the openings for lamps will be enough for the lamps.

  • Installation of ventilation in a stretch ceiling;
  • Ventilation gasket through the wall of the bathroom;
  • Electric installation work;
  • Other construction work.

Installation rules

Typically, the ceiling fan mounted in the bathroom is installed in the stretch ceiling, above which there are ventilation ducts.

When installing a fan in a stretch ceiling in the bathroom, the following rules and procedure must be followed:

  • The exhaust hole should be located opposite the front door.
  • If necessary, a narrow opening in the wall can be expanded. This will require a peorator.
  • Before starting installation, it is necessary to clean the existing ventilation ducts.
  • The air duct hidden in the ceiling is connected to the wall ventilator at one end, and the other is taken to the room.
  • First, it is required to fully mount the ventilation system, and only then you can start installing the frame of the stretch ceiling.
  • After installing the hinged structure, the fan itself is installed.
  • The next step is to connect the device to the mains.
  • The final installation of the fan is.
  • Decorative panels are placed only after a complete check of performance.

Installation of a ceiling exhaust fan in the bathroom may solve problems associated with impaired air exchange.

A constant influx of fresh air allows you to reduce humidity in the welded room, improve the microclimate.

At the same time, the life of finishing materials and electrical appliances will increase significantly.

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