Installation of the corrugation of a mobile air conditioner in the window

Installation of a mobile air conditioner: installation in a plastic window in the apartment, proper connection of the kit with your own hands

The gadget is easy to move, transfer to another room or apartment without dismantling, making it convenient in operation.

Important! You can use the electrical appliance immediately after the purchase, since to start working with the device, the owner does not need to carry out a long and complex equipment setting up.

All about air conditioning air conditioners

The only external difference between instruments with air ducts is the presence of a corrugated pipe of large diameter, along which warm air is excreted outside the window. However, the difference relates not only the design.

How to install a portable A/C unit into a casement window

Analysis of technical characteristics

From the point of view of production power, floor models with an air duct are not much different from simpler analogues: they are also designed to cool (or heating) of rooms with an area of ​​20-25 m², less often-30 m². This restriction is due to the size, the noise of the compressor and the load on the mains.

Comparative refrigerated power table and sizes of various types of air conditioners. When choosing an air conditioner, it is also necessary to take into account the volume of the room and the average temperature in the room (in a hot period)

The built.In compressor creates a noise, the level of which can reduce the comfortable stay in the room. When choosing, you should focus on the indicator of 45 dB, but the values ​​of most modern models, unfortunately, are 50-60 dB.

Dimensions are chosen depending on the capabilities of the installation. For large rooms, it is better to take devices with a large case. As a rule, they are multifunctional and have increased performance.

If you plan to move the device often, a compact mini-model on wheels is suitable. Do not forget that each installation site requires a separately equipped opening for an air duct.

The functions of models with a hose are the same as in alternative options without ducts. Additional moisture, drainage, heating, ventilation, more thorough air filtration, etc.

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We go to the point that distinguishes air conditioners with an air duct. To their installation.

Features of connecting the device

The main guide that should be studied before installation is the manufacturer’s instruction. It lists the requirements for the premises and the procedure for installation, and the schemes and drawings are also presented. And we will analyze the question of where and how the duct is connected.

The duct is a plastic corrugated pipe of large diameter, one end of which is fixed on the body of the device, the second is displayed on the street

There are three ways to withdraw the pipe out:

Installation in the ventilation channel is sometimes associated with structural difficulties. The standard length of the duct is not more than 2 m, while the distance to the entrance to the mine is usually greater. Making large holes in the walls of high.Rise buildings is strictly prohibited, one solution remains. The window.

During the construction of a private house, you can consider all three options, for a city apartment the most acceptable is only the only option. Entering the pipe into the window

Why is it not enough just to put the hose on the lower partition of the window? Hot air will go out of the room, mix with a fresh flow and partially return back.

The effect will turn out to be minimal. So that the exhaust air masses do not return through the opening, window or window opening should be modified.

Usually free space is simply overlapped with a plastic partition, in the center of which a hole is cut under the diameter of the hose. To protect the hose from friction on plastic, a smooth short pipe or silicone (rubber) cuff is used.

When the mobile device is moved to another room, the hole is covered with a plug. Companies selling air conditioners usually offer all kinds of accessories. Plugs, frames with doors, special panels.

Option for the output of the duct to the window opening. In the gap between the window sash raised up and the windowsill, plastic blocks with a hole for the pipe are inserted

If the opening for the duct is in order, it remains to install and connect the air conditioner itself. To do this, completely unpack the case and all components, then make assembly strictly according to the instructions.

For connection, you need a 220V network and preferably a grounded outlet. Be sure to study the instructions to find out what condition the refrigerant is in. It may be necessary to twist a pair of valves so that it spreads over all heat exchangers.

When equipping the holes in the wall or in the double.Glazed window, attention should be focused on its diameter. If the form does not correspond, part of the spent air will be returned through the gaps, but when squeezing the corrugation, the problem increases. It is possible to change the output volume of air, which also affects the performance of the unit

Drainage tubes for air conditioners

The condensate removal system from air conditioners includes drainage tubes, which are presented in the modern market two positions on raw material material. These are pipe from polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene. And two positions in the form of manufacture: smooth and corrugated.

The former are most often used if the drain itself has a short length, in other cases, corrugations are used. At the same time, the second variety has one great advantage. High flexibility of the hose. Therefore, in the process of installation, there is no need to use additional fasteners, as is the case with smooth tubes.

Attention! It is not recommended to install gardener hoses and corrugations for wiring electrical wires on a drainage fishing line for a trimmer of air conditioning.

Flexible duct and corrugated pipe for a floor air conditioner

The principle of operation of the floor climatic system, which provides for the installation of a detached corrugated pipe, differs from the principle of operation of the split system. A flexible air duct for a mobile air conditioner is at the same time a positive and negative line: on the one hand, it is possible to transport the unit, on the other, you need to find a way to bring corrugation to the street. Disputes and creative sentences do not subside. What is the best and reliable way.

Typically, the air duct for the air conditioner is complete with the equipment, and it does not need to be selected on your own. The problem arises if it happens:

In case of damage, the tightness of the structure is disturbed, warm air will enter the apartment through the holes. Therefore, the pipe needs to be changed to a new.

The duct has to be lengthened in the following cases:

  • The air conditioner model has too short corrugation, and the window or window is high. It is necessary to either install a monoblock on a high.Rise, or lengthen the corrugation. In this case, the power of the device is reduced, because the volume of the output air increases. The forums offer to install additional pumps that will help to remove warm flows, but for this it is necessary to have knowledge and skills in order to independently select the pump and carry out installation.
  • The only place for fastening the corrugation is the balcony, but in front of it there is a loggia and the pipe does not reach the window. The loggia is large and will take most of the cold air produced by the equipment. As a solution to the problem, they propose partially lengthen the corrugation, and part of the pipe adjacent to the air conditioner to pull out as much as possible so that the volume of the output air does not increase much.

To choose the right air conditioner model, you need to calculate in advance the distance from the expected place of installation of the monoblock to the place of the pipe output. It can be a door, a window, a window, a sandwich panel at the bottom of the balcony door, wall.

Some manufacturers of climatic equipment actively advertise such systems without any air ducts.

Are they actually working? On the one hand, it seems that this is an ideal option. No pipe, no noise, use and enjoy cool.

But all this pure water is deception and divorce. Inside these devices, water evaporates through a porous filter, which in turn is blown by a stream of air.

With such evaporation, the heat really leaves, but in such meager quantities that the same effect can be felt from the usual fan or air humidifier.

And he also greatly increases humidity, even if you did not ask him about it.

So is it worth overpaying? Most decides that no. Therefore, they choose a mobile version of another performance.

Small floor conditioner

Electrolux Eacm-10ag with an exclusive design and original appearance. The device with the air purification function provides uniform distribution of the air flow in the room. The air conditioner operates in three modes: ventilation, cooling, automatic.

The innovative remote control is integrated into the device case. The design is equipped with an electronic thermostat, a three.Speed fan and a timer.

  • Power. 2.93 kW;
  • Working area. Up to 15 m2;
  • Electronic control;
  • Modes: ventilation, cooling, automatic;
  • Air flow. 4.67 cubic meters. M/min;
  • Noise level. 45 dB;
  • Functions (automatic removal of condensate, anions generator, memorization of settings);
  • Dimensions. 43.6 by 79.7 by 39 cm;
  • Weight. 28.3 kg.
  • Innovative control using the remote control;
  • Functionality;
  • Low noise level;
  • Air filtering system;
  • Compact sizes, transportability.

All ways to install a mobile air conditioner in a plastic window

One of the optimal ways to significantly lower the temperature in the room in the hot summer is to install a mobile air conditioner. It is available in value, has a number of additional functions and can freely move from one room to another. But at the same time, the question arises of the withdrawal of a corrugated pipe with hot air outside the room.

What is the difficulty?

In almost all apartments and houses, wooden windows were replacements with metal.Plastic structures. They are sealed, the sash can open in several modes, and plus to this.Do not require special care. However, when buying a mobile air conditioner, it is their positive qualities that are the main obstacle to the installation of a corrugated pipe through which hot air goes. The set for its installation is almost unchanged for each model of a mobile air conditioner. It includes a plastic outlet tip and a case for its fastening on the surface of the window (wall). In wooden windows, it was possible to cut a hole in the corresponding size in the frame, and in the winter, set a plug. However, if plastic windows are installed in the room, this is strictly prohibited. This can lead to the following consequences:

  • Violation of tightness of the entire structure. A sharp drop in heat transfer resistance coefficient will lead to freezing the frame in the winter period.
  • When trying to cut the hole in the double.Glazed window, its tightness will also be disturbed. In addition to the appearance of condensate on the windows, this will cause a decrease in the energy.Saving characteristics of the structure.

These consequences will lead any changes in the integrity of the window. Drilling a frame, a sash or impost, installing a single glass with a hole, instead of a full.Fledged double.Glazed window, an attempt to make an air channel in a cement screed under a windowsill. But what a way out of this situation? Consider several options for installing a mobile air conditioner in a plastic window.

Open sash

The easiest and hardest way is to take the pipe to the street through an open sash.

However, at the same time, the effectiveness of its work is significantly reduced. Some of the chilled air will come out. Along with this, other unpleasant moments will appear. An increase in noise, a large amount of dust, etc.D. This method can only be applicable if it is impossible to make small changes in the window. Most often. This is characteristic of rented apartments, where the owners simply disagree on such a step.

Changing the window configuration

Most of the window structures are divided into 2 parts. The sash and the “deaf”. To install the hose, you can change the appearance of the sash by adding several elements to it.

The design in the lower part is separated by a horizontal impost and instead of a double.Glazed window, a sandwich panel is installed. A hole of the desired shape is preliminarily made in it. This method makes it possible to maintain all the characteristics of the structure and at the same time it is possible to quickly connect the outlet pipe for the air conditioner.

However, he has several negative moments:

  • Financial. It is necessary to install impost and replace the old large double.Glazed window for a new.
  • Laborious. When the winter period occurs, the sandwich panel with a hole is replaced by a sealed double.Glazed window of the same size.

In addition, the appearance of the window structure does not change for the better. The lack of symmetry and a decrease in the light opening.

Installation of plexiglass

One of the optimal ways of installing a mobile air conditioner is the use of a plexiglass as a enclosing and fixing structure.

This will need to perform the following actions:

  • With an open sash, measure the light opening. The distance from the outer parts of the frame and impost. 4 cm is added to the resulting value.
  • According to these sizes, a sheet of organic glass is purchased up to 3 mm thick. It cuts a hole for installing the pipe.
  • A set of mounts for the Anvis mosquito grid is purchased. Steel corners. They are attached with the help of self.Tapping screws so that when taken out through an open window, it is possible to fix them on the wing of the frame and impost. This is clearly shown in the figure with a mosquito net.

To improve tightness on the ends of the plexiglass, you can install a tubular rubber seal (as when warming using Swedish technology). And now it is enough to install the resulting structure in the light opening by analogy with the mosquito net, fix its position using fasteners and connect the air conditioner air duct. At the same time, it is not necessary to make expensive changes in the design of the window, and before the onset of cold weather the plexiglass is just as simply removed.

Ineffective methods of installation of split systems

The following methods considered are not very good, since the main property of PVC structures suffers-tightness. Among the installation methods of portable air conditioners that are not recommended for use include:

The seemingly simple and effective option should be raised immediately, because this way the air conditioner will work in vain. However, the window can be slightly supplemented, while increasing the effectiveness of the cooling system. To do this, you need to find a plastic plug with a dialing hole in the size of an open area. Putting it in the place of glass, a portable split system will work as it should.

The method is going on the previous, but more effective. Instead of a plug, a narrow plastic insert is used, usually supplied with mobile climatic technique. A corrugated pipe joins the segment. To bring a mobile air conditioner into the window, you need to open it and place the insert in the vertical hole.

Alas, there are minuses here. Part of the chilled air leaves the room out through the horizontal cracks of the window opening. Also, such a solution contributes to dust and dirt from the street, a decrease in the soundproofing properties of the PVC focus. With a strong wind, the sash will move, so you will need additional fixation of the insert.

Two of the given methods are good in cases if the user lives in a rented apartment and is not ready to make radical changes to the design of the windows. Those who are ready to go to more bold steps, you can use the third method.

From the point of view of the effectiveness of a mobile split system, the method is the most correct-the double-glazed window remains intact, cold air does not get into the apartment, the hole can be sealed with various materials. But the disadvantages are crossed by all the advantages. Firstly, the dismantling of the capital wall of an apartment building is complicated by definition. Secondly, on the facade of the building there may be third-party equipment, which is easy to damage in the manufacture of the hole. If, for example, we are talking about the installation of a system inside the building, which is an architectural monument, the drilling of the hole is excluded. The option is more suitable for owners of small summer houses, especially wooden or built using frame technology.

Insert in the window for a mobile air conditioner buy

How to withdraw the corrugation from a mobile air conditioner into the window?

Ventilation of a mobile floor air conditioner!

In the field of our activity, it was necessary to solve more non.Standard decisions on how to bring the corrugation into the window of a mobile air conditioner with your own hands?

Insertion of a mobile air conditioner into a plastic window

Window insert (frame) for a mobile air conditioner from a plexiglass.

Orgagla frame Orgshela frame into the window opening Soft glass frame (PVC film)
Read more: Read more: Read more:

Insert in the window for a mobile air conditioner

We have always paid attention to the questions, suggestions and reviews of our customers. And faced with such a question as ventilation of a mobile (floor) air conditioner, in particular the conclusions of the corrugation (pipes) in the window for ventilation of the mobile air conditioner, without damaging the windows of windows

Of course, there are many solutions, for example, make a hole in the windows for the output of the corrugation, from a mobile air conditioner or replacing parts of a window structure with a hole, for the output of the corrugation of a mobile air conditioner, also the installation (output) of the corrugation in the deaf windows, with the alteration of the window wings. We are certainly doing it. But this does not suit every client, t.To. People do not want to redo their windows. Based on this, taking into account the interests of customers, our company has developed a window frame, offering an excellent solution for ventilation of a mobile air conditioner.

Insert in the window for the air conditioner mobile air duct

This is a removable, light frame with transparent material in the aluminum frame. It is also installed as a mosquito mesh, in the same mounts. No need to make extra holes. Transparent material is very durable, not afraid of rain, sun. If heavy rain goes outside, you can easily disconnect the corrugation (pipe) from the frame without removing it (frame) from the window, while closing the window. It is also possible to produce different colors, any complex window design, taking into account the wishes of the customer.

How to install a mobile air conditioner in an apartment with plastic windows?

Our work begins with your call. You are connected with the master, you can ask the master of questions that interest you about the ventilation of the mobile floor air conditioner. Agree on a meeting with a master at any time convenient for you. Order an application indicating the phone number, the exact address where the master needs to drive up. Before leaving for you, the master will call you, will inform you after what time he will drive to the specified address. Will remove the measurements, tells you about the cost of the product. Within 2 days, we will manufacture, install the frame for ventilation of the mobile air conditioner, connecting the pipe (corrugation) of the floor air conditioner.

Measurement, manufacture and installation up to 1 m2. 5500 rubles. From above. Area X for 4500 rubles.

Without measurement, only manufacturing and installation up to 1 m2. 5000 rubles. From above. Area X for 4500 rubles.

Without measurement and installation (pickup) up to 1 m2. 4500 rubles. From above. Area X for 4500 rubles.

Measurement, manufacture and installation up to 1 m2. 7500 rubles. From above. Area X for 6500 rubles.

Without measurement, only manufacturing and installation up to 1 m2. 7000 rubles. From above. Area X for 6500 rubles.

Without measurement and installation (pickup) up to 1 m2. 6500 rubles. From above. Area X for 6500 rubles.

Measurement, manufacture and installation up to 1 m2. 6500 rubles. From above. Area X for 5500 rubles.

Without measurement, only manufacturing and installation up to 1 m2. 6000 rubles. From above. Area X for 5500 rubles.

installation, corrugation, mobile, conditioner

Without measurement and installation (pickup) up to 1 m2. 5500 rubles. From above. Area X for 5500 rubles.

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