Installing a Gas Meter Outdoors

Installing gas meters for a private home

Installing a gas meter requires certain financial costs. The main ones are as follows:

  • purchasing a meter;
  • Paying for the development of “Technical Conditions”;
  • The cost of creating the “project for the installation;
  • payment for installation work.

To exclude the claims of gas service specialists when commissioning the meter, it is worth knowing the basic requirements for its location. They are regulated by SNiP 42-01-2002 and SP 42-101-2003. Regarding the gas meter, the rules are as follows:

  • Location must be accessible for installation, maintenance and repair;
  • installation height (from the floor to the meter). at least 1.5 m;
  • The meter should be placed at least 1 meter away from gas consuming equipment (column, stove, boiler);
  • Meter can be installed in the adjacent room, separated from the equipped with gas appliances wall, which has a doorway;
  • The counter should be set 3-5 cm away from the wall to create anti-corrosive conditions.

demanding outdoor gas meters for private homes. The price of their installation is much higher than that of the room version due to the need for more work and materials. Conclusion of the gas meter outside. it is additional pipes, making a canopy or box to protect the device from sunlight and precipitation.

How to choose a gas meter for a private house

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Gas in a private home, if it is connected to the main line, is rarely used only for the gas stove. As a rule, such objects have an autonomous heat supply, and, accordingly, to use gas for these purposes. the most rational option than, for example, solid fuel or other types of boilers.

Accordingly, gas consumption in the household is quite large, and therefore the question of how to choose a gas meter for a private home, because without it, if you pay according to standards, the supply of blue fuel will be very expensive. In addition, given the volume of consumption and in accordance with the legislative norms, metering device is also mandatory, so you can’t do without installing it.


Can you take the gas meter outdoors?

In a private home you may need to consume large quantities of natural gas. In this regard, a small electronic meter (such as in the kitchen in the apartment of a multi-storey house) may not be enough.

And installing a bulky and creaking meter inside the house is not very practical. Fortunately, you can find a lot of outdoor gas meters for a private home, which can be easily installed outdoors.

Such devices must be equipped with a special function that compensates for the temperature of the environment, so that the readings would be accurate in any weather. Meters with a thermal correction usually have the letter T in their name.

In addition, the body of the device must protect the internal mechanisms of the meter from mechanical damage and various precipitations, whether rain or snow. For greater safety you can place the meter in a special cabinet for the gas meter, which will create an additional barrier between the meter and the environment.

Popular models of gas meters for apartments

We have tried to make you a rating of gas meters available and popular in Russia. Presented in it models of gas meters have long been on the market and have already proved themselves.

BK (G4, G6)

Diaphragm gas meters of this brand have proven themselves in the gasification of private homes. But they are also suitable for installation in apartments, in case they use gas boilers for heating. There are many modifications, we are interested in only two:

Left- and right-handed versions are available. They work at temperatures from.30 to 50. Withstand pressure up to 50 kPa. Due to the sealed casing they are perfect for outdoor installation, even without protective cabinets. Verification interval 10 years. Service life. 24 years. Warranty 3 years.


Grand electronic small-sized gas meter, widely used in Russia.

Available in the following modifications (the figures indicate the capacity):

Models are available with temperature correctors and special outputs for remote data collection. Can be installed on both horizontal and vertical pipes. Thanks to the robust housing it can be installed outdoors. Verification period. 12 years. Service life of 24 years.

SGBM (Betar)

Bettar” meters are noiseless, do not vibrate, do not interfere with radio devices. These meters are predominantly installed indoors in heated rooms, as their operating range is from.10°C to 10°C.10 to 50 °C. They are easy to install thanks to their dimensions 70x88x76 mm, weight of 0,7 kg and possibility to install both horizontally and vertically on a gas pipe. Due to the presence of ½ threaded nut, installation is carried out without welding and other connecting elements.

The automated meter is electronic, the power source is a lithium-ion battery with the lifetime of 5-6 years. Service life of the device itself 12 years. Operating pressure 5 kPa

It is possible to buy ÑGBM counter in the following modifications (figures mean flow capacity):

There is a built-in function “Calendar”. it allows you to record the moment of power off during the operation of the counter. Temperature-corrected counter available as an option. It will take into account the ambient temperature and adjust it to a temperature of 20 ° C. Which allows you to consider the volume of gas, regardless of external conditions. It is possible to equip BETAR meters with a pulse output for automatic remote reading acquisition and transmission.

SGM. electronic device for flow measurement of natural or liquefied gas. Small dimensions (110x84x82) and weight 0.6 kg. The body is sealed and resistant to mechanical damage. Can be mounted on vertical and horizontal tubes. The counter display rotates. There is a modification with a pulse output for connecting to an external metering system.

For autonomous power supply the device is equipped with lithium “АА” class battery. Max. pressure 5 kPa. Assembled by means of ½ union nut. The counter works at temperatures from.10 to 50. The proof test interval is 12 years. 12 years manufacturer warranty.

It is possible to order the version with pulse sensor for remote indication of gas consumption.

Diaphragm counter made of sheet steel. Operates at temperatures from.20 to 60. M302mm nipple thread. Both left- and right-handed. Max working pressure 50 kPa. Dimensions 220x170x193, weight 2.5 kg.

The following models are available, which differ in numbers that indicate the nominal gas flow rate.

Service life. 20 years, the interval between checks. 10 years.

Arzamas SGBE

Household electronic meters of “Arzamas” mark are produced in two modifications:

The device is compact, without moving parts, reliable, lightweight and durable. Easy to install. Powered by lithium battery, which lasts 8 to 12 years. Service life. 24 years.

Gasdevice NPM

The NPM diaphragm meter varies by model:

Left- and right-handed design is possible. Operates at temperatures from.40 to 60. Has the standard dimensions for membrane devices 188x162x218 and weighs about 1.8 kg.

Time between replacements 6 years. Service life 20 years, 3 years warranty.

How to change an old gas meter to a new one according to the law

Any work associated with the installation, replacement or verification of measuring devices is always associated with the need to strictly follow the rules of law, but in the case of gas meters requirements are even stricter, since the maintenance of gas equipment can only be performed by licensed professionals who have the appropriate authorization for this. This point is clearly regulated and regulated by the Russian Government Decree of 19.09.2013г. 24 “Rules of replacement, commissioning of meters”. Therefore, the question of whether you can replace the gas meter on their own, the answer is unequivocal. of course not! Any kind of work connected with maintenance of gas appliances (even replacement of a hose or a battery) is dangerous and only specialists are allowed to do it.

The Decree #24 also clearly states that in order to replace the meter in a private home, it is obligatory to have an approved project of gas supply of the facility, which includes not only technical parameters of the system and the number of consumption devices, but also the type of measuring devices and types of equipment.

Therefore, if after the replacement of the meter is planned modernization of the gas system at the facility, as well as an increase in devices of consumption, it will require the development and approval of a new project. But if it is not necessary, there are still objective reasons, on the occurrence of which you can not do without replacing the gas meter:

  • The maximum possible service life of the meter has expired;
  • The device has not passed verification;
  • The measuring device broke down as a result of a breakdown, and repair is impractical or even impossible.

It is important to note that sometimes the expiration of the verification interval can be a reason for replacement, but the decision in this case is up to the user. But if the gas consumption is going to be increased and new meters are going to be installed, it is likely that a new meter with the appropriate technical parameters will be required.

Choosing a meter installation company

If you are not satisfied with the in the gas supply company, you can use the services of commercial third-party firms engaged in the installation of gas equipment. The chosen firm must have a permit from the gas supplying organization to work.

In the absence of a permit, the firm is not allowed to perform work on the gas. These firms will help you to prepare all the necessary documents, make a project to install the meter and make installation. They can also transmit documents to the gas station for you, for this they need a power of attorney.

But there is a more simple and reliable way. You can apply to have a meter installed at your local gas utility. They will also give you a list of documents that you need to bring yourself.

After signing the contract, representatives of the organization will install, seal and issue all the supporting documents, after which you can pay your gas bill based on the readings of the installed meter.

How to install water, electricity, gas meters

You can see the contacts of your management company on the portal “Moscow House”.

After the meter has been put into operation, you will be able to pay for water and wastewater services according to the readings of the meters, starting from the 1st of the following month.

After a certain period of time, you will need to have your water meters checked to make sure they are working correctly.

How to install electric meters?

Check with your housing management company to find out which electricity supplier or supply company services your home: Mosenergosbyt, Trinity Power Supply Company or EnergosbytHolding. You can see the contacts of your managing organization on the portal “Moscow Homes”.

Contact your electricity retailer or supplier. they will install the meter (or replace it free of charge if it is out of order or has expired) within six months of contacting you.

From July 1, 2020, commercial organizations engaged in energy sales activities are required to purchase, install, replace and put into operation electric meters or other equipment, including those not owned by the guaranteeing supplier, as well as to carry out their subsequent operation. On the order of installation and replacement of individual electricity meters you need to contact AO Mosenergosbyt.

On how to submit readings of meters, you can read in our instructions.

How to install gas meters?

To install gas meters, you need to submit an application to Mosgaz or any other organization that has the appropriate license. Mosgaz accepts requests online or from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 22:00, by phone: 7 (495) 660-20-01. Installation of meters must be paid in cash on the same day, using strictly accountable forms after signing the act of work performed. The specialist must also make a note (put a stamp) on the installation in the gas meter passport.

After installing the meters invite the representative of the gas supplier. this is OOO “Gazprom mezhregiongaz Moscow. He will seal the meters and take readings. After that, you will be told your personal account number, through which you can submit readings to the meter and pay for the gas supply. You can get the contacts of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Moscow offices in your area on the company’s website.

Sometimes when installing meters, you may need to redo the gas distribution inside the apartment and/or rearrange the gas appliances. These works are done by Mosgaz, you can read more about them on the website of the company.

You can read about how to submit meter readings in our instructions.

What you need to know about installing gas meters

Constantly growing utility rates have a negative effect on the financial mood of consumers, so they strive to optimize consumption and, consequently, their costs. But reaching a consensus in this matter can only be achieved if there is a possibility of control, and achieving this is quite easy if you install a gas flow meter.

In accordance with the Federal Law 61 of November 23, 2009, installation of gas meters is mandatory for consumers who use gas boilers. In this case, if the house or apartment is installed and operated gas stove, even in tandem with a gas boiler used to provide hot water, the presence of meters is not a mandatory norm. However, this solution is temporary and is only valid until the end of 2019. But even after this period, consumers without meters, though becoming potential violators, but for them has not yet developed a system of enforcement measures and penalties. At the same time, despite the loyalty of the law and the rather stretched in time period intended for the installation of meters, the need to install flow meters is an urgent task for consumers of all categories, so you should know the basic rules and requirements for the installation and commissioning of gas meters.

Installing the gas meter

In accordance with the requirements of Art.13 Federal Law of 23.11.2009г. 61-FZ “On Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” owners of residential buildings, owners of premises in apartment buildings are obliged to equip such buildings with individual and common (for communal apartments) metering devices for the natural gas used, as well as commissioning the installed metering devices.

Is it compulsory to install gas meters in apartments and houses??

There is no obligation to install gas meters in apartments where the maximum volume of consumption of natural gas is less than two cubic meters per hour. This exception is specified in item 1 of Art.Article 13 of the Federal Law of 23.08.2009 On changes to the Law of Ukraine “On Gas Metering”.11.2009г. 61-FZ “On Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation. These include homes and apartments where gas is used for cooking and hot water, i.e.е. installed only gas stoves or gas stoves and flowing water heaters (columns).

But in homes and apartments where gas is used for heating, the installation of a meter consuming natural gas is a must. The law requires you to do this by January 1, 2019.

How much does it cost to install a gas meter?

Before you decide to install a household gas meter, you should know how much it will cost and how soon it will pay for itself.

It should be noted that you will pay not only for the meter itself, but also for its installation. To avoid trouble and even danger, you can only trust the installation of gas meters to professionals, that is, workers who have special training and skills. As the most acceptable performers for installing the meter are employees of specialized organizations servicing gas networks and gas equipment.

Installation of the gas meter in our organization will cost 4100 (the are valid at the time of publication) not including the cost of the meter. This is provided that no additional work is needed to rewire the gas line or relocate the gas appliances.

complicated installation involving the transfer or replacement of internal or external gas pipelines is more expensive and requires a preliminary design. The cost of these works is determined individually after the examination of the house or apartment and the preparation of estimates for the expected work, which is provided to the customer for approval.

In addition, there is the possibility, and in some cases the need to install the gas meter in the street (outside the heated room). Devices with a built-in thermal corrector are used for outdoor installation of gas meters. Many consider the installation of the gas meter on the street a much more convenient option for many reasons: there is no risk of damaging wallpaper and furniture during welding work, and you do not have to think about how to fit the device into the interior. Some owners of private homes want to install a gas meter outdoors, saying that they do not want to let strangers in the house to take readings. But in this case, you will have to pay extra costs, because it is necessary to install a heat meter.к. Gas meter with a thermal corrector is more expensive than a standard one, and for its installation you will need to buy an additional protective device.

Relocating my gas meter

Pluses and Minuses of Installing a Gas Meter.

Compliance with the requirements of current legislation in the field of energy conservation. The plus may seem very doubtful, especially since there is currently no penalty for non-compliance with this law. But how it will go in the future and what will happen in a year, for example??

Payment for the actual volume of gas consumed. It should be noted that the use of a gas meter, albeit indirectly, forces the consumer to use gas more efficiently, which leads to savings and, as a result, a reduction in the monthly payment.

The presence of seasonal factor. In summer, early autumn and late spring in our climate the heating is not used to the full extent, which makes it possible to significantly reduce payments during these periods. This is also relevant during vacations when people are away from home for a significant period. In this case, you do not have to pay for the gas not actually consumed at an average tariff, and there is no need to contact the gas supplier to recalculate the cost of the tariff for the period of absence.

The need to monitor the owner to conduct periodic checks of the gas meter. Produced today, gas meters have a longer interval between checks, which for some models is up to 15 years.

The decision has been made. What’s next?

According to the information of Astrakhan Gas Distribution Company, there are over 5 thousand houses and apartments that are heated by natural gas and, contrary to legal requirements, are still not equipped with metering devices in Astrakhan and the Astrakhan region. These are mostly private residential developments in Astrakhan.

For these residents the company now offers special conditions for installing gas meters. the procedure has been greatly simplified.

What you need to do to install a gas metering device in your house.

To make an application for installation of a gas meter to “Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Astrakhan” at 41, Astrakhan, Russian Federation, tel.Astrakhan, ul.Akhsharumova v.76, tel. Tel: (8512) 50-02-35, fax: (8512) 35-15-03, 49-82-00 e-mail: After accepting the application, in the near future, a specialist from our organization will contact you to agree on the time of his visit for consultation on site.

You should wait for a specialist, who will assess the technical feasibility of installing the meter, on the agreed date.

The final stage. installing the meter. The contract will be concluded on-site. Several payment options are available. Employees of Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Astrakhan immediately seal the device, and they also pass information about its installation to the gas supplier.

That is, you don’t have to go anywhere, just call and a specialist will come and do everything.

https://www.astroblgaz.You have to press the left or right key several times until the display shows a numerical value of the desired temperature, e.g. 37 [/spoiler]

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