Installing a seal on a gas meter

Types of fillings depend on their material and manufacturing features. Currently, gas supply companies use the following varieties of seals:

  • Plastic. made of plastic, which is a flat washer with a marked symbol; a hole is made in the washer, through which a fishing line or wire is passed through the special brackets on the meter;
    installing, seal, meter
  • Lead seals. similar elements cast from lead;
  • stickers. strips with an adhesive layer applied to the contact surface; contain a holographic image, antimagnetic elements or a conventional designation of several letters and numbers;
  • Plasticine. this material is filled with the head of the bolt hole, so it is impossible to disassemble the connection without damaging the protection.

But despite the efforts of the provider of resources, it is possible to bypass the protection, although one should not forget about the severity of the consequences in the case of detection of consumer interference.

The need for sealing occurs in the following situations relating to the operation of the meter:

  • After the initial installation;
  • During periodic verification;
  • In the event of repair or replacement;
  • In the case of intentional or accidental damage to previously installed seals.

Sealing protects metering devices from third-party interference to distort the measurement results. The presence and integrity of the seal confirms that the consumer or a third party has not tried to change the current reading in order to steal resources.

Who has the right to seal water meters and according to what law

Who has the right to seal water meters? The answer to this question can be found in Article 25 of the Federal Law of 07.12.2011 г. 16-FZ “On water supply and sanitation. This document clearly regulates the relationship between the consumer and supplier in terms of the procedure of sealing. It states that any means of measurement designed to meter the consumption of cold and hot water must be sealed by organizations that perform contractual water supply and sanitation. There is no charge for this, except in some cases.

Thus, after the consumer has installed a water meter, in order to have it sealed, he should apply to the provider of the relevant services. Most often it can be a management company or HOA, as well as directly the organization-provider of water, etc.д. Exactly how this service is provided is stated in the Resolution No. 54 “On provision of public utilities to owners and users of premises in apartment buildings and houses” of 06.05.2011. In the same, in paragraph “y” of Art. 31 also says how to properly seal the meter:

  • After the installation of the meter, the consumer should not later than the next month to apply in writing to the Executive;
  • After the sealing and commissioning of the measuring device, the payment for water from the 1st of the month following the month in which these works were carried out, is made according to the meter readings;
  • If the provider, for whatever reason, delays the process of sealing and commissioning the meter, the consumer has the right to appeal to a court or regulatory agency, such as the housing inspection.

Who seals the meter of hot and cold water

The answer to this question follows from the answer to the other. who is the most interested in ensuring that the accounting is correct, and, at the same time, to avoid possible interference in the work of the device? Naturally, this is a resource provider, which is the only way to control this process, especially given the fact that the meter itself is the property of the user and is usually installed in his room. Of course, periodic checks allow you to monitor the condition of the meter, but their purpose is different, namely. to verify the accuracy of reading and recording readings. And the presence of seals (which may be more than one on the water meter) is a guarantee against tampering with the mechanism of the device.

However, not only the supplying organization is engaged in sealing water meters, often this function can be delegated to management companies, HOAs and other utilities, which service the apartment building or residential and other facilities located in a private settlement. Also sealing of water meters can be performed by specialists of specialized companies that have the appropriate credentials and accreditation.

Sealing a gas meter

I removed the gas meter for state verification, and after the state verification gas service employees installed the gas meter in its place, but did not seal it. The customer service is responsible for the sealing, and the gas meters are installed by the operating organization. I filed an application for sealing a gas meter, attached to the application an act of seeding a meter, an act of state verification, an act of the gas meter installation, indicating pokokozany of the meter, where I put my address, phone number and subscriber number back in September. The employees of the gas service did not come to seal the meter, and I paid for the consumed gas according to the meter readings at the cashier of the gas service. Two months later, the employees of the gas service on their computer disabled my gas meter, so I can not pay according to the gas meter, and began charging gas consumption per square meter standard. I reapplied in November to seal the gas meter, and to this day they did not come to seal the meter, and accrue for gas in square meters, and I pay monthly by post office in the meter, the squares come out more than the meter, it’s in the hands of gas companies, they get in debts, please tell me how to solve this so I can solve the gas bill and who else to apply for sealing the meter for gas? Thank you in advance.

Why, when replacing the gas meter, until the new meter is sealed, the gas service does not calculate the gas consumption according to the readings of the new meter, but according to the area of the house. And at the same time they are dragging their feet on sealing.

There was a gas leak on the meter, emergency service was called to fix it. They have broken the seal, and now they want to seal it, but they charged us for sealing it and gave us a payment for gas consumption by the number of people registered in the house book and by the number of gas sources consumed, not by meter, even though the meter is in place. Is it lawful for gas suppliers to act. The gas suppliers and the person fixing the damage are different organizations.

Is it legal to demand a standard payment for gas, saying that the meter is not sealed? The meter was installed by the company. Payment was made monthly on the meter. Three months passed between the installation of the meter and its sealing.

Replacing the gas. of the meter due to the end of the interval of verification, paid sealing, failure to issue a receipt to pay for the service of sealing, charging for the time of replacement and the norm and the monthly average at the same time.

Do I have to get a technical condition to install and seal the gas meter in a private house?? The house is connected to gas.

This year I installed gas. While connecting the gas (wiring work ended in September) gas hooked up on November 6, heated with electricity, burned 8000 The supplier of gas marked the date of sealing the meter 20.11.2014, which I had forgotten due to my age (I’m 63 years old) since I was warned about the meter reading, a month had passed. The next date of sealing is 18.12.2014 Mezhraygaz billed for the heated area 10200 for November-December, the meter has burned 3500 to date. Do I really have to pay this crazy money if only because my memory fails me?

Hello! Please tell me if I change the meter of gas consumption by the deadline, do I have to pay for its removal and installation of a new meter, as well as its sealing.

I want to install a gas meter myself, t.к. The cost of this service is way overpriced (the cost of installation is about 150 percent of the cost of the meter), so I have two questions:

1.What is the fine for unauthorized installation of a gas meter?

2.Can I refuse to have such a meter sealed??

Do I have to pay to have my meter re-sealed if the seal was broken because of a gas leak?? The meter was installed in June 2014.

The meter was not sealed when the gas meter was installed and connected by the installer.

After the provincial inspection comes and a fine is imposed for not installing the meter. What steps can I take?

Installed a gas meter, do I have to pay for sealing.

Is it necessary to seal the gas meter at the customer service point (the meter was installed in December 2014)?) To submit a copy of individual maintenance contract with Oblgaz?

Two months ago due to groundwater leaking into the gas pipe we had problems with the gas supply in our house. Emergency service, without looking, first ordered to change the counter, which was immediately done by mechanics Mezhregiongaz, although as it turned out in the end, the problem was not it. I was not informed about the need to seal the meter to put it into operation (I unknowingly thought that it was installed and I would pay according to new readings). Now, two months later, when the inspector came and told us that we must urgently write an application for the sealing of the meter, until then its readings are invalid. And now we are required to pay the standard rate. Our house area is quite a large 179 square meters, the standard is 29.7 per meter, it comes out a large sum against 2500 on the meter. Can I privately write an application for a recalculation of the meter and its readings for this period to pay according to the meter and not the standard? Ignorance of the law does not exempt from liability, but still, I am a mother of two young children, my husband is constantly on business trips, all the emergency work on the gas and installation-dismantling of meters were carried out only in my presence, and I was not warned that the meter is not valid in fact until it is sealed. Can they agree to meet me and let me pay for the gas meter after it has been sealed??

Please tell me what documents are needed to seal the gas meter. of the meter?

According to Regulation 549, the supplier must install a seal on the metering device, which is the gas equipment, and from the moment the seal is installed on the metering device, its readings are taken into account.

However, the gas supplier has installed a seal on the Meter under an illegal act of Meter sealing, the form of which is unknown to the law. And now, whenever the supplier wants, their chief gas man makes lists, and collects on top of the meter for 20. 100 thousand.

METER. is a serviceable part and a CREDIT CUSTOMER is formed by putting it into service with the issuance of the OPERATING BOOK ORDER by a specialized organization and a note in the meter passport about its putting into service that it is a current CREDIT CUSTOMER.

The gas Supplier according to the item.2 of Regulation 354, the right to put the metering device into operation is not entitled to. Thus, the initial gas supply start-up works have not been finished and the METER has not become a MAINTENANCE BREAKER.

So, the passport of the meter is not filled out, and there is no note on the commissioning of the meter, i.e. е. the meter has become a metering device and according to the act of sealing the meter is sealed.

Appealing to the court does not help, they refuse to put a seal on the counter and right in the decision states that the seal is installed on the counter, but the Act of sealing the meter is not responded to.

Appealing to the fact that gas companies supply gas through faulty meters, organizing uncontrollable terrorist attacks, does not lead to anything.

The word Meter in Rules 354, Rules 549, 261-FZ “On Energy Saving” and other laws. No, except for the SNIP for design.

Question: How do I tie this to a violation of the Constitution that the seal is installed on the meter, not on the meter, and this equipment does not allow me to use the gas.

Sealing the gas meter

At the next calibration controllers Omsk interdistrict gas. installed the gas meter. Have made sealing. And left a receipt from the bank to pay for sealing. The question is on the basis of what law, they want to pay for the sealing?

I had a gas meter installed, but it has not yet been sealed. Gas consumption on the meter was more than before it was installed by the norm. Is it possible with a gas meter installed not to register and seal, and continue to pay the standard? If after one year, for example, we decide to have the meter sealed, the gas consumption will be recalculated from the moment the meter has been installed or the payment will be calculated from the moment the meter has been sealed. Won’t they charge me for the gas debt for the year when it was not sealed??

My meter is leaking. We have been billed heavily for the last three years. It turns out I was not sealed by the gas company. When I put the meter to me gas workers sealed it and I paid according to the meter. The gas operator says I do not have a seal report.

We got a new condo. Gas meters in all apartments were installed by representatives of the gas service of the city. When we turn on the gas and seal the meter in the apartment, it turned out that the gas meter is faulty. Said they would take the meter off on a first come, first served basis. And that’s at least another month. I had to have my meter checked.к. It is under warranty. It’s still a month. Then I have to wait in line to get it fixed and sealed. Another month. Question how to make repairs in an unheated apartment. It’s now November. We have heating with gas. But I also have to pay for gas according to the norm. All this time. It is not my fault that the gas company installed a meter that does not work.

Is it legal?? And at what point should I pay for gas according to the norm??

Sealing of the gas meter was carried out within a month of its installation. Now the gas service for this period calculates the amount of payment according to the norms of consumption, rather than the actual meter. Are their actions legal?? The meter reflects the real size of the gas used.

Gas workers demand to replace the meter at my private house. When installing a new gas meter, they demand to pay 380 for its sealing. I think it’s illegal, it’s a thief’s service imposed on me. I think, that the sealing of the replaced gas meter, should be made FOR FREE.

The gas meter was installed in 2003. In accordance with 549 of the rules of gas supply, the RSO sealed the meter free of charge. The verification interval expired in 2013, we decided to put a new meter. Gas supplier is charging a fee for the sealing, says this sealing is considered a repeat sealing because they have already sealed it once for free. But the meter is new, and the filling is done for the first time on this meter, so the sealing-primary and do not have to pay for it. Who is right in this situation?

Is the gas supply company supposed to seal the gas meter within 5 days after starting or replacing the meter, or is it necessary to apply for it to be sealed??

After filing an application to seal the gas. The meter within 15 days of the district. Gas did not come what to do.

The meter was sealed within a month from the date of installation. Can the gas service require payment for this period of time according to the standard consumption, rather than according to the meter?

When checking the gas meter. The gas company turned off the gas supply, then removed the meter. On the spot within 5 minutes they checked it was working, put it back in, immediately installed the seal. They wrote a verification report and the act of sealing the meter. After that, they turned on the gas supply to the house. There was no seal on the meter for 15 minutes when they checked it. The gas is paid in full, but the organization wrote me a debt of 40. The debt is explained by the fact that for one day they took the norm. Is it legal?? They are referring to the 549 Regulation.

The builder, according to the contract, installed water, light, gas meters in the apartment. Before signing the act of acceptance of the apartment, the foreman gave me the keys, passports of meters, etc.д. When sealing the gas meter, there was a discrepancy between the serial number on the meter and the meter number in the passport. Builder denies and hangs up the phone. What should I do??

The gas meter was dismantled by a licensed organization to replace it because the meter’s verification interval is about to expire. The gas supplier was warned in time (3 days in advance) of the date of removal and installation of a new meter. No representative from the supplier came to take readings and unseal the meter. What is the legal status of the dismantled gas meter. Is it necessary for the gas supplier to seal the newly installed meter?

Gas meter was installed a month and a half ago. But it has not been sealed yet. There is a certificate of acceptance of the meter installation installation of a household gas meter was handled by employees of the gas service Are there any binding terms for the sealing, in connection with the absence of the seal on the device we are charged on the square meter with the debt of whose fault.

Do I have to pay for gas from the start-up until the meter is sealed?? How do you calculate the figures for this period?? Meter was sealed on time.

I had a gas meter installed 18.10 it was sealed and the meter was 22.11. When the meter was sealed, the reading was 386 cubic meters. At the time of the reading 440 cu. I paid for 440 cubic meters. The receipt comes with a debt. I call the gas company and they say I was billed at 386. Instead of 2097.79 I have to pay 4726.24. Can this amount be disputed?? I could not use more gas than on the meter.

At what moment will the meter be charged for gas if the gas was installed on March 12 and the inlet and outlet pipes were sealed on March 15??

We installed the gas meter in September 2013, called the gas meter sealer, who came and refused to seal it. Then we did not live in the apartment and moved in in April 2015 and had the meter sealed. Now the gas company bills us for the time period from 2013 to 2015 according to the number of residents. Is it legal??

The inspector read the gas meter. Took a picture of the meter and wrote out a report that there were no violations. After a while I get a warning about the debt of 11 thousand for violations of the stigma on the mastic that was put by the metrologist after the meter verification in 2013.It’s 11 thousand in 6 months. I had my meter checked again and the meter reader wrote a certificate of verification until 2025. The specialist also said that the meter had factory seals and there had been no tampering with the meter. I wrote an application to have the meter sealed at Interregiongaz after verification, but they refused me. They say they won’t seal the meter, it’s defective and I need a new one. But time is ticking away and they will charge for gas consumption. Do they have the right not to seal the meter and charge me the standard rate for 6 months, if I have been paying according to the meter all that time.

The problem is that when I bought an apartment, the gas was turned on, but the meter was not sealed, three months later I got a big bill for the gas, I applied for a sealing, can I then apply for a recalculation and pay the meter instead of the general rate?

The gas meter was broken, they called a brigade and put a new one. A week later, after the sealing, this meter also broke (began to wind even when the gas is shut off, the pipeline is shut off). We asked the organization to replace the meter (after installation passed 2 weeks), they agreed, but require another 500 p for registration of any documents.-Is it legal??! And about the sealing. it will be their fault, and pay for a new one to us. do they have to pay us for the sealing?

16.10.2016 I found that the gas meter is faulty (the numbers do not change), called 04, I got a deed of malfunction of the meter. 19.10.2016 I had a representative of the gas company and made a report of the removal of the seal. I exchanged the meter with the defect report at the store for a functioning meter. 24.10 I had my meter replaced and sealed. Today the gas bill came for 9326. called the gas service, it was explained to me that the meter was defective 20.04.2016, because according to their readings and my pay stub on the meter is 764 m 3. I explained them that the last gas movement was on the receipt of 20.04. I paid for it, from 01.05 to 15.10 I had gas meters turned off and I paid those months by 1 and put the reading 764 m 3. The gas company claims that I concealed the failure of the meter in April, so they charged me for 6 months according to the standard, reasoning that the faulty meter is the figure 760 m 3. What should I do, do I have a chance??

Gas inspectors during the inspection stopped my meter with a magnet, before it was checked and sealed 1 year ago for 5 years. The seals are intact, we have not opened the meter and have never used a magnet. However, they wrote an inspection report and demanded a fine of 60000 rubles for half a year. and replacement of the meter.

I installed a gas meter in December 2013. The meter was not sealed until February 2014 (the sealing was delayed due to the fault of “Regiongaz”: there was too long a queue for the sealing, the specialist did not have time). As a result, I paid for gas in January 2014 according to the standard (the meter was not sealed). I did not live in the apartment until July 2016, I did not use gas (meter readings remained zero). Do I now have the right to ask Reiongaz to offset the money paid for January 2014 (when there was no actual gas consumption) against the gas consumed now? What normative documents can be referred to?

How much will I be charged for gas before the meter is sealed?

Unauthorized gas connection, t.е. Without the gas company’s approval, but with a meter. The house is listed as construction in progress. One company under the contract brought the gas and installed a meter. After that we had to conclude a contract with a gas supply company, the second company to adjust the heating (when starting the equipment) unauthorized gas connection to the house. But, most importantly, the meter worked! Controllers came and drew up a statement. They counted more than 100,000 square meters, but not the meter, while promising to turn off the gas.

Question: What should I do in this situation??

After the meter was installed, we received a report of work, on the basis of which the gas supplier seals the meter and puts it into service. Is it true??

In 2013, conducted the gas, it constantly froze in winter, the team that we called to purge the system has removed the meter, of course the seal was torn, but no act of a torn seal we were not given (that such is issued, we learned later). The guys from the brigade told us that since the gas is constantly freezing, I should not put a seal. The head of the gas service in the district was V. Malyasov.Н. Then he was transferred to Yuzhnouralsk, where the main company is located. And knowing very well the whole situation, he came to check the sealing of the meter. We were recalculated in the amount of 10851.18. The sealing was done on 08.12.16. And for December we were charged 3667.62. Although in reality, according to the meter, we owe 600 What to do in this situation?

Do I have to pay to have a gas meter sealed if I buy a new one because it has reached the end of its working life?

My gas meter has reached the end of its working life. I want to put a new meter. I made a request, the inspector came and wrote an inspection report with the meter‘s last info. It was on January 19, the meter replacement will be on January 23, the sealing. January 24th. How long will they charge me the average rate starting from the day the meter reader’s report is filed or after I replace my meter?? Thanks.

Meter sealing: What to do if you’re forced to pay to have a seal put on your water, electricity or gas meter?

To pay or not to pay? To seal or not to seal? No, this is not a mental dialogue between the dentist and his patient in the chair, but a real headache for many homeowners. We are talking about sealing water, electricity and gas meters after repairs or replacement. According to the law, the managing company (MC) must pay for sealing, but many utilities require money from residents for this operation.

Do managing companies charge money for sealing meters?? Survey results

In November, VCHERA.At the request of the Real Estate Commission of the Consumers Society of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, com conducted a survey among its users about the installation of meters. During the two weeks of the survey (from November 18 to 30), 1032 respondents participated. Answers to the question Do you personally pay for sealing your meters? Why has the problem become acute now, distributed as follows: up to 200-300 30.3% of respondents, yes, 300 and above 30.7%. No, sealing is free of charge answered by 21.1%, and 15% of respondents did not know anything about this issue.

Why the problem has become urgent now? After the adoption in September 2009, the Federal Law on Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation, all homeowners were required to install individual meters for water and electricity (in turn, the deadline for installing gas meters was extended until 2015). And now many homeowners are nearing the end of the useful life of water meters.

The meter for hot water serves three years, for cold water five years. They have to do calibration or buy new ones. In any case, the management company should seal the meter and take note of its data, explains Anna Gorbenko, a consultant to the Real Estate Commission of the Consumers Society of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Seizing the opportunity, management companies have begun to demand money from the owners for drawing up a statement and sealing the meters of energy (cold and hot water, electricity and gas), which is illegal. The survey confirmed our fears.

Sealing the meter: what the law says?

On September 19, 2013, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree clarifying the procedure for commissioning water, electricity and gas meters after their replacement or repair. Meter is considered out of order if it has expired, shows wrong readings or is mechanically damaged. Then the homeowner must replace or repair the meter at their own expense. But the management company must accept the new meter into operation, putting a seal is included in the procedure completely free of charge.

To put into operation a new (or repaired meter) the homeowner must send an application to the Managing Company (as well as HOA, HCC or other utility company). According to the new rules, the application must contain the following information about the consumer: full name, passport data and phone number. If it is an organization the name, place of state registration and contact telephone number. The information about the meter to be specified in the application includes: expected date and time when the meter was put into operation, type and serial number of the meter, place of installation, information about the organization that installed the meter, meter readings at the time of installation, date of the next calibration. The application must be accompanied by a copy of the meter passport and documents confirming the results of the last meter inspection (this does not apply to new meters).

The decree requires utilities providers to respond within three days of the application and agree on a date of the visit, and within 15 days of sealing the device is completely free.

Meter sealing: what to talk to utility companies about?

Despite the fact that a new law came into force on October 2, many managing companies continue to charge residents for meter sealing. What to do if your managing company demands money for meter inspection?

Here are two options, explains Anna Gorbenko. If a resident does not want to argue and he needs to seal the meter as soon as possible, he can pay for the service and take the utility receipt, and then put them on a written complaint due to the fact that the free service will be charged money. But it must be written on the receipt that it was necessary to pay for sealing the meters.

The second option is longer. The homeowner must write a written statement to the company with a demand to come and still perform the procedure. If there is no response within three days, you can safely apply to the state housing inspectorate.

And what to do with the meter during this period? You can draw up a statement (in the presence of at least two neighbors), indicate the date, names of those present and meter readings, and send the data on the meter to the management company in this way. If the utilities do not accept the document, this is another reason to go to the housing inspectorate and subsequent litigation.

Meter sealing: never go along with the utility company on the issue of payment

Despite the fact that now the city’s utility company is aware of the new rules of sealing, the problem remains a pressing complaint, calls and letters from tenants continue to come to the real estate commission, says Anna Gorbenko. The expert advises not to go along with the utility company in any case.

This service is included in the payments that we make to the HOA or the management company. That is, in fact, the sealing has already been paid for, so in any case, it should be done at the expense of the company.

Installing a seal on a gas meter

I am replacing the old gas meter with a new one, because the old meter is about to expire in May or verification of the old meter for renewal. I went to the gas service to register a new meter to replace the old one. Demanded a new meter to verify and record the number and the installation of a seal on the reader and demanded payment for the installation of the seal. Have they got the right to put a seal on an uninstalled meter?? 2) They have the right to charge for the seal? If so, on what grounds?? Thank you.

Tell me please, when buying an apartment, there was no antimagnetic seal on the gas meter, (during the routine verification of the counter gas service discovered the absence of the seal, made a report, and on this basis, recalculated, it was 102 thousand, lived in an apartment year, paid on the counter regularly, no debts) former owners argue that they have not installed it, but in the gas company, the computer marked the installation of a seal, a request to provide a log of anti-magnetic seals, followed by the answer that no such journal, verification was carried out by a technician of the gas service, and the inspector who drew up a report on the absence of the seal. On the basis of what is carried out recalculation? Is it lawful not to show the log of the antimagnetic seal? Where is the proof that the seal was installed?? This is a reason to complain to the prosecutor’s office? Thank you!

After installing a gas meter, gas service workers are not willing to install a seal, although I have applied to them twice to install a seal. I can’t pay for my natural gas without the seal being installed, as the meter data is missing in the computer. Please advise me who I should address this issue of sealing the meter. Thanks in advance.

The housing cooperative refuses to accept the application for installation of the primary seal on the gas meter in the apartment. They say that we should obtain the installation of seals from the company that installed the meter, but she refuses. Is it legitimate for utilities companies to refuse to install a seal?? What to do?

I am being refused to replace the gas meter that is still under warranty because there is no seal of the manufacturer on the meter there should be 3 and in fact 2! We were not present when the meter was installed t.к. We were given an apartment in a new building and everything was installed! Two seals show that the gas meter was not opened!

In 2003, the state gas service installed a new gas meter, made the sealing with the number of the seal, about the factory seal in the act not a word. The meter was purchased in their store. In 2011. It was time to do verification of the meter, for this purpose were invited employees of the gas station to remove it from the act again says nothing about the factory seal. The meter was handed over for verification, we accepted it, held verification. For the installation of the meter were again invited workers of the gas station, installed, sealed, handed over the act of installation again about the factory seal, nothing. In 2021 the service life of the meter is out, for his replacement invited employees of the gas service and here’s where it went you have no factory seal on the meter, charged us the amount 20000,0 is recalculated in the norm for one winter month, sue us, threatening to disconnect the gas, I said they would do expertise, they said that we will sue you and then you do, and yesterday have sent a letter that bailiffs will come to us if we do not pay.

Is there a fee for the initial installation of a seal on a new gas meter.

The gas meter was re-sealed at whose expense and I have to pay the money, is it legal or not?

According to Regulation 549, the supplier is required to install a seal on the metering unit, which is the gas equipment, and from the moment the seal is installed on the metering unit, its readings are taken into account.

However, the gas supplier installed a seal on the Meter under an illegal deed of Meter sealing in a form unknown to the law. And now when the supplier wants to, their chief gas man makes lists, and collects on top of the meter for 20. 100k.

METER. The counter is a serviceable part and a MAINTENANCE INDICATOR by putting it into service with the issuance by a specialized organization of a MAINTENANCE ACT, and a note in the Meter Certificate about its putting into service that it is a MAINTENANCE INDICATOR now.

The gas supplier in accordance with the clause.No one has the right to put into service a metering device. Thus, the work on the initial start-up of gas has not been completed, the Meter has not become a METER.

So, the Meter Passport is not filled in, and there is no note on MAINTENANCE OF THE MACHINE, i.e. there is no mention of its putting into SERVICE. е. that the Meter has become a METER, and according to the act, the seal has been installed on the Meter.

Appealing to the court does not help, I was denied to install a seal on the counter, and directly in the decision states that the seal is installed BREADWATCH, but the Act of the meter sealing does not respond.

Appeals to the fact that the gas company supplies gas through a faulty Meter, organizing uncontrolled terrorist attacks, lead to nothing.

The word MACHINE in Regulation 354, Regulation 549, 261-FZ “On Energy Saving” and other laws. No, except for SNIP for design.

Question: How can one connect this to a violation of the Constitution that the seal is on the meter, and not on the meter, and I am not allowed to use the gas with this equipment?

Do I have to pay to have a seal installed on my gas meter when it is replaced at the end of its term.

Do I have to pay to re-install the seal on the gas meter if the gas workers ripped it off. Was leaking gas at the meter at the nut. I was called and told that I have to pay about 180 p for the re-installation of the seal. Do I have to pay if I miss gas because of them? Wasn’t screwed on properly?

Gas meter date of issue January 2007. Installed it in October 2007. It’s been 8 years since the gas meter was issued. To install a new meter we buy a gas meter date of issue January 2015. Signed a contract to install a meter and paid for the seal, installation January 30, 2015. Gas service installs new meter on February 08, 2015. Performance deadline (meter installation) in the contract is 5 days. Brought a receipt for payment for the month of January for sq.м. The employee of the service said. What in February we take according to the meter with the old and what will be charged with the new, we get a double payment. Question. On what basis was the receipt written on the square meter.м. For the month of January if the test interval of the old meter ends in January and the contract for the installation of a new meter we conclude in January 2015. Can you advise how to argue the employees of the service, so that we were charged for the January readings of the old meter, and not kv.м. Thank you!

In a private house installed a gas meter, not only that the gas companies have overdue under the contract installation period so still require to quickly resolve the issue with the installation of the seal and for this need to bring and take their person in private transport, plus they say that the calculation on the meter will begin with the installation of the seal, and the meter is already running a week! Are their actions lawful??

I had a gas meter installed (the meter was replaced because 10 years had passed since it was installed and the gas company ordered me to replace the meter to a better model with a “T”) and they told me to pay 1000 euros to have it sealed and glued to the meter. It is their safety not to steal gas! Why do I have to pay for sealing the meter? Electricians did not ask for money when they put the seal.

I applied twice, two months apart, for a gas meter to be sealed. I also wrote a statement to the gas service, which would give in writing the reason for not sealing the gas meter. But I have not sealed the gas meter and I have not received any letter about the reasons for not installing the seal. Is it possible to punish the head of the gas service for negligence in sealing the gas meter? Thanks.

The gas meter was installed in 2012. It is guaranteed for 12 years. The company that installed the gas meter has a contract for the maintenance of gas equipment. In 2016. From the gas meter lost the indication of the readings (probably the battery died) all the seals are in place.

Who will pay for the replacement or installation of a new gas meter, its subsequent commissioning and sealing?

The gas meter was made in 2006., installed in August 2006 by my parents. The meter has a seal, so the state must be a record of the installation of the seal August 2006, but for some reason the meter inspection ended in January 2014. I checked the meter in January, and carried out a seal, but for 2 months in 2014 counted 11 thousand for 87 square meters lived 2 people.

It’s about time to give my gas meter a routine check. The gas station explained that I have to buy a new meter or look for the glass in the meter dial by myself.к. They don’t have it in stock. The point is that on this meter, they drilled a hole to install the seal, and according to their new standards, the glass should now be intact. As a result, I bought a new meter. Question: can I reimburse them for the cost of a new meter?

Meter installation date is 2011. Today there was a gas inspection and I saw the meter stopped reading. At whose expense will the repairs be.к. Calibration it has 01.05.2011 г. Seal in place, no external damage.

12.01.2016 was installed gas meter SG-1 YASHIU. 407369.001 by the gas company. Paid for the meter, for installation, for the seal. 10.07.2020 meter reset all readings and started a new count. Called the inspector 24.07. I was told I need to buy a new one and put it back on in 2020.е. replacement at my own expense, although the manufacturer guarantees 6 years from the date of manufacture (Date of issue 07.09.215 г.) Installation, purchase, service contract and seal cost more than 5 thousand. For a pensioner, it is an expensive pleasure to pay 5,000 every 4 years, and the gas consumption per month is not more than 3 cubic meters X 9.20=27.60. What are the grounds for paid reinstallation? Can I replace the batteries or have it checked and the gas company that installed it send an application to the factory. It turns out no one is responsible but the consumer, great job!

The gas meter was installed a month and a half ago. But it has not been sealed yet. There is a certificate of acceptance of the installation of the meter installation of a household gas meter was handled by the employees of the gas service Are there any binding terms for sealing, in connection with the absence of the seal on the device we are charged by the square of the debt whose fault.

I have already asked this question, but now the neighbors have the same situation. The gas meter was replaced and a protocol filed to show the readings of the old meter and the seal number. Asked to come on an appointed day and bring the old meter, ostensibly to be checked by a specialist on the fact of tampering with the meter and reconciliation of readings. Do they have the right to conduct such inspections?? And is it legitimate to check it after the installation of a new one if there were no problems during the dismantling? (The act of installation is available)

Replaced the gas meter, when installing the gas workers took readings from the old, checked the seals and installed a new one, then called from the gas station and said to come write a statement to seal the new and bring the old meter allegedly to verify the readings. Why is it necessary?? Is it legal??

Expiration date of the old meter was expired 14.03.20.At the end of February, we applied to the gas company for a replacement meter (and we paid for the seal, the labor, etc).e) The meter itself has been changed 11.03.Immediately after replacement, called the company, with a request to install the seal. The answer was that the employee comes out once a week, on Tuesdays (installation of the meter was 11.03-Wednesday), respectively, the seal was put on 17.03. (IT TURNS OUT THE DEADLINE FOR SEALING IS LATER THAN 14.03). FOR WHAT, I WAS FINED. Is it lawful to use the gas service?? And what are our next steps?

Replaced the gas meter, during the installation of the gas workers took readings from the old, checked the seals and installed a new one, then called from the gas station and said to come write an application for sealing the new and bring the old meter allegedly to verify the readings (they were removed during dismantling). Why it’s needed? Is it legal??

Decree on free installation of gas meters Government 24 of September 19, 2013. And I just installed the meter the other day, having bought it, as told by the relevant authorities. Is it true that I was cheated?? The seals are also installed free of charge?

Bought an apartment. There was a plug on the gas pipe without any seals. We didn’t know it was a stub. Called an employee of Oblgaz to install a meter. He removed the plug and installed the meter. The same day, we went to the state gas company to transfer the personal account, and we were declared guilty of unauthorized connection of gas and threatened a large fine (Is it all legal??

In early June 2018, the gas company’s counterparts in the Krasnopartizan district of the p.Rukopol Saratov region was raided to check the gas meters on Cooperativnaya St.23 п.Rukopol, it was found that the meter seal is broken “rotted from time” On what we were told that it is necessary to replace the seal, but no one has not changed it just left and all. Soon afterwards, on September 28, 2018. Contractors of the gas company came to the same address and found that the seal is missing from the meter. I went to the gas station on the same day of the.г.t Gorny of the Krasnopartizan district and paid for the installation of the seal. The dealers hung up the seal and sealed the meter, I asked them if I owed anything, they said no. Passes a month I get a receipt that I have a debt of 17.000 rubles I went back to the gas station in the village of Gorno-Krasnopartizanskogo district. I went to the gas station that day and asked why I was in arrears, I was told it was for the period from June to September, supposedly because I broke the seal and my gas was calculated based on the general rule. Then another month later I was told that he allegedly did not pay from December 2017 I have not paid for the gas supply, I went again and we looked at the computer from December 2017 to November 2018. It turned out that a month, there is a payment, no charges and vice versa, and so on until November 2018. That they don’t have all the months paid in their database. But I have all the receipts for payment, and receipts came with the correct readings only the amount was from 5000 tons to 7000 tons p when the maximum for the winter period burned 2000 rubles. I could not prove anything to the gas company employees.26.03.2019 The gas company’s supervisors came and under the pretext of checking the meter while one employee was distracting me, the other quickly put a lock on the gas stove. Under the pretext of not paying these 17.000 rubles. The same day I went back to the gas station to pay the debt. And asked when I will connect the gas stove I was told within 7 days, I said that I have two minor children 1.5 and 5 years. In general, they told me that they were not interested in how many children I had and how old I was. Although even the brigade of contractors did not even have time to leave the village and could have joined them. But I was denied at all. Can you tell me how to be in this situation? Thank you so much.


During a routine maintenance of the gas equipment agreement HOA in the apartment building locksmith revealed a small leak at the point of connection of the meter to the gas pipe in this place there was a seal, the locksmith took it off, the leak fixed, said that now I have to go to the state gas station to install a seal. I called the gas company to find out how to do it. I was told I needed to go in person and write an application to get the seal installed. Electronic applications are not accepted. I told them I was 66 years old, disabled and it was hard for me to get there.But the gas station is a long way away from my place of residence. I was told that they didn’t make up the rules and I had to come in person and write an application. What should I do??

We have installed two gas meters in the apartment separately for the gas stove 1 and separately for a gas boiler 1. The installation of seals, referring to the fact that the installation of 2 counters can not be installed must be one. How should we be? Who’s right who’s wrong? Where to go? The company that installed the meters have already applied, they sent a written refusal to refund the money, allegedly you can so. And the specialists came to seal it, they said it was impossible and gave a written refusal.

How much does it cost to seal a gas meter

If the seal was broken as a result of negligent actions, or because of the removal of the meter for verification and replacement, you will have to pay for the work of the master and the consumables necessary to install protection. A single amount does not exist, because it varies, depending on the conditions of the region. However, the average value is around 300-400 and allows a relatively inexpensive way to get the opportunity to fully use the gas again. You can order this service from a company called RosAccount.

What we need to know about the gas meter? Installation, sealing and features of gas meters

What is the difference between a gas meter and a water meter? Who can install the gas meter, and who can repair? What should be the initial reading of the meter after installation and what is the procedure for sealing it? These and similar questions visitors to EnergoVOPROS.I asked Igor Marchenko, specialist of “Consta” company. We asked Igor Marchenko, specialist of “Consta.

Gas meter: what are the features?

The gas meter is a device that is part of the gas supply system to determine the amount of natural gas consumed by gas appliances. Gas meter looks like a water meter, indeed: gas flows through one pipe and water through the other, the numbers run, according to the readings the payment is made. But it is not quite so. There are two fundamental differences:

  • Gas meter is an element of a dangerous gas supply system, which requires compliance with special safety requirements;
  • the amount of natural gas, as well as any other gas, in the same volume, depending on temperature and pressure, unlike water, can be different, this fact requires a special adjustment of the meter readings.

Installation of the gas meter

Start-up of the gas supply system together with the gas meter placed in it is performed in the following sequence:

  • Test the gas line for leaks for 5 minutes;
  • Blowing the gas line to remove air from the gas supply, since the mixture of natural gas and air is explosive;
  • taking a gas sample after purging;
  • Sealing the gas meter and entering the readings into the record.

When you blow out the gas line, some of the mixture of natural gas and air will go through the gas meter, so the readings will no longer be zero. To prevent you from having to pay for the gas that was flowing through the meter during purging, you must record the reading in the report.

If you need to move gas equipment or perform other work on the pipeline that requires you to turn off the gas, the above steps must be repeated in the same sequence. Only service personnel, who bear responsibility, including criminal responsibility, for the safe operation of the gas supply system, have the right to carry out work on the working gas pipeline and gas start-up work. In addition, to find the place of the leak requires special equipment, which is not in the standard set of plumber.

Gas meters for industry and private homes

Industrial gas meters consist of a normal meter that records the amount of gas that has passed through the pipeline, a thermometer, a pressure gauge and a corrector, as well as a mini computer that brings the readings of the three devices to the amount of gas at normal pressure and temperature, that is, to the readings at which the payment for gas consumed is calculated. In private homes, simpler versions of gas meters are used.

In this case, if the meter is installed on the street, it is recommended to install a model with a built-in thermometer, whose readings will adjust the payment for consumed gas depending on the temperature of the outside air. This is not necessary for meters installed indoors, as the temperature rarely changes throughout the year. In private households, gas is always supplied to consumers at low pressure, so there is no need to readjust the gas meter to match the pressure.

Sealing the gas meter

If a gas meter is installed, it must be sealed before the gas supply is started. The number of the meter is written in the record. This is why changing a gas meter can only be done in the presence of a representative of the gas supply company. In the passport of the meter the date of the last, usually factory, verification, as well as the frequency with which verifications should be performed. Consumers must ensure that their gas meters work properly. If the gas service representatives find that the meter has stopped counting gas consumption, the owner will be fined.

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