Is cast iron cookware suitable for the glass ceramic hob

Using cast iron

This cookware is suitable for cooking on induction stoves. The disadvantage of cast iron products is considered to be their heavy weight, which means that more energy is needed to heat them. Increases energy consumption.

Cookware must be carefully placed on the cooking surface. Otherwise, the metal can scratch the appliance. Pans can break on the stove if placed too high. Because the base is often not flat, the product does not heat up quickly.

Features of a glass ceramic cooktop

The device works with electricity without the need for gas pipes. This makes it convenient and economical, gives the possibility to place it anywhere in the room. Vitrified ceramic surface is smooth and perfectly flat. There are heating zones on certain places, indicated by the outline of different diameters. Operated by touch panel buttons.

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Operating elements of all electric models heat up instantly. Ceramic glass panel material. It is highly durable, able to withstand heavy objects. Burners on the panel can be of two types: halogen with heat lamps or High Light, heated by a strip of special alloy in the form of a snake.

The glass ceramic panel cools down as quickly as it heats up. Can be touched safely just a few minutes after it is switched off. For homes or apartments with frequent power outages, the combined type models are suitable. There are electric and gas burners on the cooking surface.

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Types and details of hobs

As a standard, there are two types of panels and freestanding plates:

  • gas. Gas from a cylinder or central tube enters the burner, which, when ignited, forms an even flame;
  • electric. They are mains-powered, require no gas, no open flame.

In the manufacture of the latter materials are used from steel to glass, the principle of heating of burners can be polarly different. But it is the glass ceramic that interests us. It is the coating of the electric cooktop with special performance and aesthetic properties (it has the technological name of “ceran”). Such a hob is durable and beautiful, its smooth surface is good for the whole image of the modern kitchen. But the principle of cooking zones heating may be different:

This parameter affects the choice of cookware for a glass ceramic hob.

Electric hob/oven

We all remember the old electric stove with big “pancakes” instead of gas burners. Nowadays, the worktop looks much more aesthetically pleasing. Under the flat mirror of the glossy hides burners of different diameters. Only the circumscribed cooking zone is heated; the rest of the glass ceramic cooktop remains cool.

  • hi-light or ribbon burners are heated with special high voltage ribbons twisted into a spiral. Fast heating, high temperatures and operational reliability make hi-light stoves the market leaders in this category;
  • Halogen. Burner in the form of a hollow spiral filled with gas. Heating up immediately, the diameter of heated surface can be adjusted. However, the lifespan of halogen appliances is comparatively shorter;
  • Rapid burners are also spiral-shaped. High temperatures and heating speeds ensure almost instant availability.


This burner is also powered, but the heating is due to the magnetic properties of the cookware and the generator in the body of the hob. The energy of the magnetic field heats only the bottom, while the surface itself remains cold or barely warm. This is very convenient, but if the cooktop is both induction and glass ceramic, the requirements to cookware are doubled. Such a stove only comes in contact with a ferromagnetic bottom. Or have to buy a special adapter, if you want to throw away old, but pretty decent pots.

As the demand for vitrified clay is growing, most manufacturers began to add these products to their range and offer them to consumers. Before choosing from the abundance of products, we suggest considering what a ceramic stove is, and its main features.

This is a household appliance, which is a kind of electric stove. Smooth even surface distinguishes it from other types, the panel is made of glass and ceramics, actually that is why it received such a name.

As a rule, the basis of vitrified clay is a material called “ceran”. It has a high strength and can withstand heavy objects

These types of stoves are considered more economical, unlike other electric stoves.

Types of cooktops made of glass ceramic

Area and color of the surface, the number and size of burners, control features. all these points are very important for the buyer and are often decisive in the choice, but the main difference between one type of hob and another is hidden from view.

  • Glass ceramic hobs. These models use halogen or ribbon heating elements: the heat is transferred to the surface of the hob, which in turn heats the bottom of the pot or pan. Next, in this article, we will call such pans. conventional.
  • Induction hobs. Cookware is heated by interactions of eddy currents with metals that have ferromagnetic properties. This is the kind of material that pots for this type of cooking surface should be made of.
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Thus, when looking for a suitable cookware, it is necessary to clearly understand the principle on which the glass ceramic hob works. At best you won’t be able to cook food and at worst your new stove will be damaged.

Which cookware is not suitable?

One important thing must be said: Any old cookware is completely unsuitable. First of all, it is not suitable because it may have a damaged or rough bottom. It applies to any kind of damage. If the bottom is deformed, cracked or rough, then it is not suitable for a cooking surface.

Metals such as brass, copper, and aluminum are also unsuitable. They leave marks when heated which stain the surface and cannot be removed.

Using tempered glass. Due to the fact that the surface is a long transfer of heat, the power consumption increases several times over. This is not a ban, but simply a restriction.

Characteristics of the ideal base for glass ceramic cooktops

There are important requirements that are imposed on the surface of the cookware to be used on the glass ceramic surface. The most important thing is for the bottom to be flat. This is the main requirement. Therefore, in order to use pans or pots on a glass surface, they must have a flat bottom, with a dark or matte shade.

It is better that the bottom was not even a little engraving, then the adhesion will be maximum. It is worth considering that the diameter of the bottom must be such that it fits perfectly to the surface to be heated.

Cookware with an uncoated aluminum or copper base must not be used because they are much harder, but these metals react with the plate surface and leave marks on it which have a negative influence on the service life and appearance of the hob.

  • Cast iron;
  • Ceramics;
  • Aluminum with a special coating;
  • Various variations on the theme of non-stick coatings, but preferably not Teflon;
  • Stainless steel.

Ceramic glass cooktops, their possibilities and varieties

Fiberglass is a relatively new material used in the production of kitchen stoves. Melting the glass in a special way gives the surface a very beautiful appearance and special technical characteristics. Thanks to these properties, the cooktop is resistant to mechanical damage and well tolerates temperature fluctuations.

Their design can complement any kitchen interior.

The glass-ceramic surface is very easy to care for, just wipe the surface with a cloth with a cleaning agent. Manufacturers do not recommend the use of cleaning agents with abrasives in composition, it is better to get special compositions for such panels.

In addition to appearance, glass ceramic stoves have a number of features and advantages.

Can you use cast iron on a glass cooktop?

cast, iron, cookware, suitable

Stoves with a glass ceramic surface are equipped with different types of heating elements: the usual pancake and double-circuit with an electric heating element, which allows you to adjust the diameter of heating depending on the shape of the bottom of the dish. As in this kind of stoves use induction, which saves energy.

The main feature of the stove. it is a vertical surface heating, all the heat is given to the dishes and is not wasted, which greatly saves time for the hostess to cook dinner.

Those who have already purchased such appliances wonder what cookware is suitable for a glass-ceramic stove?

This can be a built-in flat panel or in a set with an oven of varying volume, from 40 to 80 liters and a variety of functions that make it possible to grill in the oven. Stoves with mechanical regulation or touch control panel, which is equipped with a variety of additional functions for easy cooking.

Stoves with glass ceramic surface by type refer to electric cooking equipment.

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