Is it necessary to turn on the air humidifier in the summer

Moisturizer: answers to typical questions

A humidifier is needed to maintain normal humidity in the room. Reducing humidity in heated rooms in the winter period does not affect the condition of the respiratory tract. Due to dryness of air, the mucous membranes dry out, solid crusts from dried mucus are formed, interfering with free air movement in the nasal passages. As a result, the protective properties of local immunity falls sharply, the likelihood of clogging of the respiratory tract and the nasal sinuses, and developing against this state of severe bacterial complications, increases. It is especially important to maintain normal humidity for babies and children of preschool and primary school age, since they are much more sensitive to dryness due to smaller respiratory tract and metabolism.

Normal humidity for a healthy, often walking and sleeping at a maximum of 18 ° C of a child will be humidity from 40% to 60%. Over, 40% is a minimum. Well, for a often sick child or a seriously ill, reducing the level of relative humidity in the children’s room to 50% and below is fraught with aggravation of the severity of the condition and the probability of the development of complications. However, moisture is more than 60–70% impractical.

Adults are much more resilient and better adapted to low air humidity, but for their health, normalization of humidity will be extremely useful.

Based on this, we can conclude that the humidifier is needed for health first of all children, but adults will also be useful.

Why humidity in the room in the winter does not meet the norm?

The solubility of water in the air directly depends on the temperature. The higher the temperature, the higher the solubility, the more water in a gaseous state can be kept in the air. In winter, at minus 10 ° C, the air contains no more than 2 grams of water in 1 cubic meter of air. Getting into the room and heated, the air continues to contain the same amount of moisture as on the street. But the potential air capacity in relation to water when heated to room temperature increases sharply. For example, the absorption of the air has changed from 2 grams at.10 ° C to 17.5 grams at 20 ° C of water in a cubic meter of air. Accordingly, air saturation with water vapor has changed from 100% to 11.5%, or, in other words, the relative humidity of the air when heated decreased from 100% on the street to 11.5% in the room.

The presence of pasteurization in the device not only reliably solves the issue of suppressing the growth of microorganisms, but also significantly increases productivity due to the presence of the thermal component.

The disadvantages include the fact that, together with water, all impurities and minerals dissolved in water are thrown into the air, which, after drying microcaples in flight, continue to smoothly fly around the room, gradually settling on all surfaces on all surfaces. This feature of the principle makes additional requirements for water mineralization. Distilled water will not attack, and boiling, adding trouble, only partially reduces the level of lime, leaving many other components that will fly around the apartment for a long time, painting the flame on a gas stove in different colors. In many cases, hot water from the crane has the level of impurities with which you can put up. But still, water from the first stage of the reverse osmosis of the home filter system is more suitable for such a device.

What are the advantages and disadvantages compared to other types of steam humidifiers have?

The main advantages are high performance, little related to the level of humidity, the absence of impurities in evaporated water, sterility.

The disadvantages include the need for frequent service to remove scale and relatively high electricity consumption in some models.

If you need a device that is guaranteed to quickly fill the air with pure moisture without impurities, then this is quite a good option if the model is quite productive.

But in emergency cases, in the form of an alternative, any vessel is suitable. A bucket, a basin, a kettle or a pan. Installed on a safe source of heat.

What are the advantages and disadvantages in comparison with other types of moisturizers with the natural principle of evaporation?

Their main advantage is the “naturalness” of evaporation: water evaporates from a large area of ​​constantly wetted surfaces. The intensity of evaporation is regulated by humidity. The less humidity, the more intense the process is ongoing. Humidity rose to the upper boundaries of normal. Evaporation slows down. Plus moisture during evaporation immediately goes into a gaseous state, and all impurities and minerals remain in the liquid phase inside the device. Air, saturated with moisture with the help of such a device, is perceived more comfortably, of course, than when using an ultrasound moisturizer. The result of the work of such a device is equivalent to a pool in the room with an area of ​​1-2 m², which is constantly blown by a fan.

Devices of this type include “air sinks” and various devices with wetted wicks, nets, with a turbine spraying water, and many others. In my opinion, only air washes with a set of flat, driven disks installed on a rotating axis are really effective. We will consider this option, and the rest of the designs will be ignored as obviously unsuitable.

In the “Air washing”, the disk set is placed on a rotating axis and partially immersed in water. During rotation, the discs are constantly wetted in the bath, and dry over the surface of the water under the influence of air flow from the fan. When passing between the disks, the air is saturated with moisture, and the dust contained in it partially settles on the surface of the wet disk and then washed off in the bath. So, these devices have a double effect. Moisturizing and removing dust from the air. For all the simplicity of the design, there are devices made according to 2 different design schemes. According to one scheme, the water in the bath for wetting the disks is supplied from the removable tank, and according to the other, the discs are in the bath, which is itself a tank. The difference is, it would seem, insignificant, but significant.

In the first type of structure, the water in the bath changes only when the device is fully maintained, and a removable reservoir is used for valves, the water from which is supplied to the working bath, it should be noted, with a loud enough to wake up, sound. Thus, during a valve with water, impurities also receive, the concentration of which is constantly growing, increasing by the end of the first refueling by 10 times, and by the end of the second. 20 times. In seven days, the concentration of impurities can reach a hundred times value compared to the source water. In parallel, both the concentration of dust and the concentration of microbes and algae are growing. In my opinion, using an opaque muddy cocktail as source of moisture is unpleasant and incompetent.

Heat: air conditioning and humidifier

The main problem that appears in the summer is a high ambient temperature, which cannot be reduced by ventilation: hot everywhere. As you know, the respiratory system, in addition to its main function (gas exchange), plays a huge role in maintaining the thermoregulation of the body. Whatever the inhaled air, passing through the respiratory tract, it heats up to body temperature and is saturated with water vapors to 100%. Thus, exhaled air has a moisture content of 100% and temperature, approximately, 36.6 ° C. It turns out quite logically and obviously that if the child breathed the air of 20 ° C, and exhaled 36.6 ° C, then in the process of inhalation-loud the body loses a certain amount of heat.

The fundamental feature of warm.Blooded animals in general and humans in particular is that the process of life is accompanied by constant heat production. The peculiarity of the cubs, and the human cub is no exception, is a more active metabolism in comparison with adults, therefore, they (cubs) produce much more heat per unit time than their parents.

The process of heat production is called thermal products. The heat should be disposed of, and this process is called heat transfer.

Nature has provided two main methods of heat transfer:

  • Through the skin (direct heat transfer in contact with two environments with different temperatures plus sweat evaporation);
  • Through light (heated inhaled air).

The fundamental feature of children is the immaturity of the sweat glands, therefore, in childhood, the main method of heat regulation is precisely breathing, and this position is the more relevant than the child younger.

The high air temperature leads to the fact that the body cannot give heat through the lungs, as a result, the load on the sweating system increases sharply, the body loses a lot of fluid, the blood is thickening, and the blood rheology (thickening) is reflected in the rheology of mucus (for the worst direction. Of course). And in conditions of illness, the development of the inflammatory process is accompanied by an increase in heat production, which makes the high temperature of inhaled air even more undesirable. The main condition for the normal functioning of local immunity that ensures the fight against the disease is to maintain the proper rheological properties of mucus.

The high humidity of inhaled air prevents the thickening of mucus. This is good and quite obvious. The high temperature of the inhaled air worsens the mucus rheology. This is bad. If this statement does not seem obvious, you should just imagine how you are running out of the heat and you have dry in your mouth.

All of the above is an attempt to physiological justification of a simple recommendation: a temperature of 18 ° C and the relative humidity of the air 60–70% are indicators that are optimal for the room in which the child is located, especially the child who is sick with acute respiratory infections.

Two practical questions follow from theoretical knowledge:

How to control the temperature and humidity?How to adjust the temperature and humidity?

As a rule, it never occurs with anyone and no one to control the temperature. Indoor thermometer (liquid, spring, electronic, etc. P.). The thing is quite affordable and simple in circulation. It is recommended to place it at an altitude of 1 m from the floor, and it is very desirable at the same time that there are no heating devices nearby.

A device designed to measure air humidity is called a hygrometer. There are several types of hygrometers, fundamentally different from each other in methods of measuring humidity (chemical, electric, hair, condensation, etc. D.). You should know that a truly accurate hygrometer is not easy, often bulky, as a rule, expensive. At the same time, any household needs may well satisfy a hygrometer that does not claim to be the last instance and allowing an error of 3-5%. It is such a hygrometer that is compact, affordable, inexpensive. This is something that looks like a clock. Either arrow or electronic.

As soon as we are talking about watches, we emphasize that from a practical and economic point of view, electronic multifunctional devices are most convenient, combining a clock, a thermometer, a hygrometer and, if desired, uninhabited, much, much more (calendar, barometer, barometer, barometer. Lunar calendar, weather forecast, etc. D.).

Having sorted out control methods, we will now consider the methods of regulating temperature and humidity. The main thing to take into account is the close relationship of these parameters.

The main difference between the heat of the summer from the heat of the winter. Nowhere is there cold air, t. E. There is obviously absent air in which there is little moisture. Therefore, in most regions in the summer it is warm, but not dry.

The high ambient temperature, as we already know, leads to the fact that the child loses a lot of fluids, since he is forced to regulate heat transfer with sweat. If this fluid manages to return back in the form of plentiful drinking, the situation is quite controlled and for local immunity it is not dangerous. And if you can’t return? Well, he does not want to drink, for example, or sweat so actively that he can’t drink so much. This is already more complicated and more dangerous, and the optimal solution in such conditions is to cool the air. The main and well.Known device for cooling air is air conditioning.

Starting information regarding air conditioning may seem paradoxical. Judge for yourself: air heating leads to a decrease in its relative humidity, and air cooling. Also leads to a decrease in its relative humidity. Nevertheless, small, but very fundamental clarification: not just cooling, but cooling with the help of air conditioning.

The fact is that the theoretical basis of air conditioning is the property of liquids to absorb heat during evaporation and secrete. During condensation. We will not affect the subtleties of compression, thermoregulation and ventilation here, we will not discuss the nuances of the circulation of liquid and gaseous freon. We only state that during the operation of the air conditioner there is an air contact with a cold surface, and this is accompanied by moisture condensation, which is excreted from the premises through a drainage hose.

As a result. Air conditioning leads to drying of air. (By the way, the first industrial use of the air conditioner in 1902 was not used for cooling, but for air drilling!)

Using a humidifier of air in the summer

In summer, the use of a humidifier of air is also necessary as in the winter, when heating is actively working. The humidifier helps to clean the room from various kinds of allergens, dust and pollen of plants. Under the influence of the device, they dive, become more difficult and thanks to this settled down, where they are much easier to remove, and they no longer reach the respiratory tract. It becomes much easier for a person to breathe and the risk of pulmonary diseases decreases.

necessary, turn, humidifier, summer

In the summer, a person’s skin is exhausted and suffers greatly from the heat, the skin of the air also helps to improve the condition of the skin. In addition, the air at this time of the year is too overdried because of the heat, and the city has a lot of asphalt and few green spaces, so the coolness does not occur even at night. Also, air conditioners and other household appliances work in the premises, which also dries the air, and the humidifier helps neutralize the negative impact and create favorable conditions for the human body.

necessary, turn, humidifier, summer

In addition to harm to the skin, dry air does not have a very good effect on the entire human body. He inhibits the process of self.Cleaning of the bronchi, can cause drowsiness, absent.Mindedness, deterioration of general well.Being, and also leads to a decrease in immunity and, as a result, performance.

There is also information that the overdled air contains a huge number of positively charged ions that lead to a decrease in stress resistance and an increase in nervous excitability. Therefore, the use of a humidifier in the room in both summer and winter can seriously help improve the general condition of a person and maintain his precious health.

Features of summer weather

Despite the generally accepted opinion, in the summer, not everyone opens windows and balconies wide open. Many provide the necessary microclimate in the apartment in other ways. All kinds of air conditioners serve for this. And not all of them are able to provide the necessary humidity.

In addition, summer weather is far from always ideal. Even in the northern latitudes, summer is no worse than in sugar, that is, not only with high temperature, but also with a highly reduced humidity level. And the humidifier in the summer can be very helpful.

Air humidifier device

Modern humidifiers for the most part consist of the following components:

  • Ultrasonic membrane;
  • Water level indicator;
  • Fan;
  • Steam intensity regulator;
  • Vaporization chamber;
  • Spray;
  • Water tank.

There are models in which ultrasonic membranes are installed with a special coating. Such a constructive solution prevents the formation of salt plaque. In houses where very hard water is usually very useful water will be very useful.

Installation of a humidifier

The owner of this device will not need to reflect on where to place it. On the wall or ceiling. This rather compact device must only be put on a horizontal surface. A shelf of a rack, a bedside table or a table. The main thing is that the basis does not stagger and be stable. But still, several rules must be followed:

In summer, the device must be included in the following cases:

The humidifier is simply necessary if the air conditioner is constantly operating in the office or house. Doctors noticed that the performance of people who are constantly in premises with the air conditioner is significantly reduced. They also often suffer from acute respiratory infections. Even in hot summer, patients manage to catch a cold. All because the air conditioner simply cools and cleanses the air in the room. And the air from the street from the total volume is no more than a third.

Condensate appears during cooling and filtration of air. But this moisture evaporates and is discharged from the air conditioner. When working this device, humidity in the room may drop below 40%. This, in turn, leads to the irritation of mucous membranes, and then acute respiratory diseases. Therefore, a humidifier is needed in the summer.

The humidity of street air in some regions may be less than 40%. In this case, a humidifier is needed regardless of the time of year.

How much time a humidifier should work

The time is considered optimal during which the desired level of moisture is achieved. The duration of work directly depends on the type of device. The best is considered a humidifier that automatically stops its functioning after reaching optimal parameters. The operation of the device depends on the model, such as the room and its area. To achieve the desired humidity, the humidifier must work:

The room must necessarily contain plants that love high humidity. Operating time also depends on the volume of the room. The more, the longer the humidifier has been working.

If it becomes difficult for a person to breathe, he has a dry cough, the device can be left on all night. Even a few hours of work, helps to remove the attack of coughing.

Note! Always remember that each device is distinguished by its functionality. Very often insufficient power causes the use of the device for a long time.

How to use the air humidifier in the apartment in winter and summer

Instructions for the use of a humidifier for the apartment is quite simple. In order for the device to be useful, it is necessary, first of all, to pay attention to the quality of the water.

What water can be poured into a humidifier

The rules for using the air humidifier recommend pouring into the device the device only clean water without unnecessary impurities. In particular, for the device they are suitable:

In moisturizers of traditional and steam type, you can use any of the listed liquids. It is better to pour only distilled and additionally demineralized water into ultrasound devices. Devices of this type do not heat the liquid, but spray it in the form of cold fog. Hard particles do not settle at the bottom of the container, but fall into the air in full, and even a small amount of them leads to the appearance of a whitish plaque on furniture.

Attention! In steam and traditional devices, if necessary, you can use water boiled water. For ultrasound units, it does not suit categorically.

The operating guide of the air humidifier recommends to regularly rinse the device reservoir, regardless of its type and model. The algorithm looks like this:

necessary, turn, humidifier, summer
  • The remaining water is completely drained from the capacity of the moisturizer.
  • The tank is thoroughly washed under the crane.
  • A vinegar solution of weak concentration is poured into the container and left for 30-40 minutes.
  • After time, the tank is again rinsed.

Regular maintenance helps to prevent the formation of lime plaque.

Even distilled water contains solid particles that settled at the bottom and walls of the container

Is it possible to use a humidifier as a nebulizer

Nebulizers and air humidifiers work according to similar principles. The latest devices, like inhalers, produce an intensive stream of steam or, when it comes to an ultrasound model, cold fog. At first glance, it seems that you can use a humidifier instead of a nebulizer to deliver a sprayed drug to the respiratory tract.

But in fact, it is not recommended to use a device instead of an inhaler. The reasons are as follows:

Dehumidifier or AC ⚖️ comparing the options

  • Even when using a real nebulizer at the time of spraying, about 30% of the drug is uselessly dissipated in the air. When using a moisturizer, the loss will be about 90%.
  • Devices for normalizing microclimate in the room are designed to spray pure water without impurities. If you pour a medicinal product into the device, then at best filters will fail, and at worst, the device itself will break.

To use the unit as a nebulizer is allowed only as a last resort and in a one.Time manner. For constant use, you need to buy a medical inhaler.

Is it possible to use an air humidifier without a filter

You can use an air humidifier without a filter only if we are talking about a steam device. Such an unit heats the water before serving it in the room, and hard particles present in the liquid settled at the bottom.

Ultrasonic models act on a different principle. Using a high.Frequency membrane, they break cold water into microscopic particles, and then serve in the surrounding space in the form of fog. All mineral impurities remain as part of a wet suspension. The use of an ultrasound device without elements holding lime particles leads to the fact that the latter not only settle on furniture, but also fall into the respiratory tract of a person.

Most humidifiers are supplied along with filters in the kit. But from time to time, elements require replacement. The average duration of the filter service is 3-4 months. The exact dates depend on the quality of the water and the intensity of operation of the device.

A good humidifier should be additionally equipped with coal, antibacterial and non-films

necessary, turn, humidifier, summer

How to use the air humidifier for babies, in the children’s room

In the winter season, the humidifier is especially in demand in the children’s room. Babies sensitively react to overdry air. If the microclimate in the apartment is far from the ideal, the baby may develop chronic asthma or allergies.

The mode of use of the air humidifier in the nursery generally standard. The device should work continuously in the winter period when central heating is turned on, and in the summer it is enough to run it for a couple of hours with real need. In this case, it is recommended to take into account several more nuances:

  • The humidifier must be placed so that the child could not reach him on his own. In particular, this applies to models that produce hot steam in the surrounding space.
  • The humidifier must stand so that the water suspension does not fall directly to the sleeping place of the child or to where he usually plays. Dampness is dangerous for the health of the baby no less than excessive dryness.

Air humidity in the nursery should constantly be at the level of 45-62%. But if the child is sick, the indicator can be temporarily increased to 70%. This will help prevent the development of bacterial processes in the respiratory system in the baby.

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Kulemala Russia, Moscow

HELP. Hello! I have the next question. I use the humidifier from the period of pregnancy, after reading the books of Dr. Komarovsky. The baby is already 1 year and 2 months old, and during the heating period we cannot solve the problem with humidification of the air in any way. On the batteries are regulators that are constantly turned off, open pipes are wrapped in a special material to reduce heating, but our bona fide Zhekov workers heat them so that it is not possible to be in the room without open windows. When the window is not open, the humidifier constantly works. When the humidifier does not work, the hygrometer shows the mark below 0. In order to moisturize the room up to 50%, the humidifier must work all night, with the window closed. But then the temperature of the room rises. You open the window and all the moisturization of the drainage. What to do, we no longer imagine. Followers of the school of Dr. Komarovsky say that, supposedly, at a low air temperature in the room (18 degrees), all the same, what humidity is in the room, but it seems to me that this is nonsense, because breathing is still hard. Conversations with Zhek do not lead to anything, since there are many grandmothers in the house who is already cold. If anyone knows, help how to moisten the room and at the same time maintain the temperature.

Doll Ukraine, Mariupol

Catherine, Ukraine, g.Mariupol. Tell me please. Bought an ultrasonic humidifier.They started to turn on the day and at night when the children are sleeping.(Elder daughter 8 years old, younger 3 years).After two days of use, a dry cough began in the youngest (4 days before turning on, younger was discharged from the hospital, abstractly abstract bronchitis).Scared, stopped turning on and the cough stopped.How do we be and what’s the reason, they thought with a humidifier to children will be better.Really looking forward to the answer.Thanks.

How to use Humidifier

Elena Russia, Pyatigorsk

Girls, everything is interconnected here! Here is a doctor Komarovsky:.Humidity 40-60 %(it is better to measure in several places of the room).Temperature is not higher than 20 (it is better to measure in several places of the room).Lack of dust, wet cleaning.I ventilation. It is important to comply with all these conditions! If you moisturize the air and do not cool, you get the effect of the sauna (roughly speaking), which is contraindicated in patients with many heart and bronchial-and-leaf diseases. If you do not ventilate, it makes no sense to do something with the air, if there is not enough oxygen in it. And from heat with moisture, oxygen is absorbed much worse. And do not trust blindly testimonies built into the moisturizer of the hygrometer. It is better to buy a separate one. Better a couple. And, for the sake of experimenting to measure humidity in different places of the room. My old hygrometer showed average humidity, but nevertheless I stubbornly fought shock, removing a semi.Synthetic robe! Here I realized that our humidity is far from normal! A bad humidifier can moisturize the air around him, and not in the entire room. An important thing is the size of water particles. Therefore, the humidifier must definitely be ultrasound at least. And IMHO- 6 liters of water per night- a lot! This is the same for the largest rooms- maximum performance-12l. Per day!

Polina80 Ukraine, Kyiv

If you buy the right humidifier, then there really will be no problems with diseases, so I completely agree with Komarovsky. I bought BONECO. Humidity really needed to control that it is very difficult and a bunch of steam in the room (I do not use it, I just threw out the money). Then I also tried many different devices and ionizers and cleaners. Now I use Panasonic. Humidifier, cleaner, ionizer, all in one. This device is automatic, without steam, without smell like Daikin, one can say not noticeable, simple, understandable. Generally describe for a long time (you can read this in the description) http: // panadom.Com.UA/Index.PHP?Route = Information/Newsnews_id = 3, here about moisturizing http: // panadom.Com.UA/Index.PHP?Route = Information/Newsnews_id = 6 as a result. A child with adenoids who needed an operation, we breathed a nose at night, had no snot for a long time, doctors are surprised (we don’t pass any treatment). The second. Allergy to dust and flowers (all flowers were removed in the apartment, they did not start any animals). For six months now, a cat has been living with us, they began to buy indoor flowers a little, no problems. I have been cleaning the main filter once a week with a vacuum cleaner, for it a guarantee of 10 years. There is no limit to my enthusiasm. We have this device a little over 1 year. And further. The colder the water is to fill it into it, the colder the air comes out of it, so in the summer in the room with the cleanser. The humidifier is cleanly cozy and pleasant and does not “hang” in the air. It is not cheap, but it costs.

Sonina_mama Russia, Podolsk

Kulemala, we have one in one situation. The optimum temperature and humidity together is not possible to combine in one room. I had to choose one of them, we chose the temperature, as it is much more comfortable to breathe cool dry air than warm and wet.

Podolol Russia, Moscow

Marina, we have the same. Bought a humidifier, used a month and all a month I coughed to a pain in my chest. I don’t think it’s normal. They stopped using it, sorry. That would be where the doctor’s Комментарии и мнения владельцев on this subject read.

Iron Russia, St. Petersburg

I bought a humidifier, and now I’m afraid to turn it on. After all, in the kindergarten and school, dry air, as the climate change will affect children?

Marina Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk

Hygromometer in the moisturizer built.In, moisturizing is carried out automatically, as soon as humidity drops below 50 %. I begin to admit the idea that it can be broken, too many unpleasant coincidences!

Marina Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk

I wake up at night from suffocation. Bought 3 years ago the most expensive ultrasonic. Swiss humidifier for 6 liters. (cold steam) used by all rules. In the evening, water purified by the osmosis. Supported the correct temperature and humidity. After the first days of use, we realized that we did not like this thing. Put a humidifier in the children’s. We sleep in a room with a child in turn. I wake up at night from suffocation, and in the morning I definitely cough. My husband shouts that I am arranging a cellar from the apartment. Mom in the morning complains of a deterioration in well.Being. They took to the garage after 2 years the second child was born. Repeated an attempt to make friends with this device. During the winter, I turned it on at night 4 times, and the next morning I woke up with a temperature. Husband is malicious. Up to moisturized ! Why is this happening? Maybe this thing is not so safe? And there are people who antipauasan is such humidity? But there is no shades to the device itself. Plings like a beast. 6 liters per night.

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