Is it possible to clean the hot refrigerator

Is it possible to put hot in the refrigerator?

Baby son came to his father, and asked the baby “Why can’t you put hot in the refrigerator? My mother forbade me to put jelly! And I want it to cool quickly! In the refrigerator, it will freeze faster, dad!”

Father, as a rule, vigorously dating: “Because it will break!”. But, this explanation does not satisfy the child and he simply decides that the next time he will cook jelly when there are no extra eyes at home. To explain to the child what will happen to the refrigerator, I would not hurt to know for sure why this is happening. In this review, you will find out why it will not be and what will happen if you put the hotter in the refrigerator.

Why you can’t put hot food in the refrigerator with drip cooling?

This technology is called “crying”. When the refrigerant circulation on the back of the refrigerator, condensate is formed, which freezes, turns into a layer of hoarfrost. The compressor works cyclically, in moments of turning it off, hooks melting and drainage into special containers.

The main threat to the refrigerator is a thick layer of ice on the back wall.

The vulnerability of such a system lies in the fact that when placing a hot pot in the chamber, the load on the compressor increases extremely. Trying to cool the air in the refrigerator, the compressor is forced to work with high intensity. If under normal conditions the engine is turned on about 10% of the time, then cooling hot food, it can operate without stopping for several hours. Of course, the compressor wear increases, the life of the refrigerator decreases.

Another acute problem of drip cooling. Evaporation from the products is very intense, especially if hot soup or meat in open dishes is cooled. The volume of hoarfront on the back wall becomes excessive, it freezes. And, as you know, water in the solid state of ice is an excellent thermal insulation. Overheating of the engine, combustion of its winding may well occur. The probability of such an outcome is especially high in domestic refrigerators that do not have protection against ice.

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And one more important problem is an increase in electricity consumption. Until the temperature in the chamber drops to the optimal 2-3 ° C, the “gluttony” of the refrigerator will be several times higher than the norm, problems with the operation of other household appliances may arise.

Real disadvantages of hot containers in the refrigerator

You can not put warm or hot containers in the refrigerator, t.To. This is fraught with various problems:

  • Glass shelves can be deformed. This leads to cracks that reduce surface strength.
  • To cool hot soups and other foods requires more thermal energy. As a result, the consumption of electricity increases.
  • Hot products increase the temperature inside the chamber. Because of this, the refrigerator compressor begins to work in an enhanced mode, so over time it can burn out and fail.
  • Due to the evaporation of hot air, ice forms on the rear wall of the refrigerator, a large amount of which reduces the coefficient of useful action (efficiency) of cooling.

Why is it impossible and what will happen

The operating instructions say that you cannot put hot food in the refrigerator. The manufacturer warns of a decrease in the service life of the device in case of violations of the rules of use. First you need to cool the product to room temperature. Then the food will be better preserved and the technique will last many years. To answer the question of why it is impossible to place hot products in the cooling device chamber, several aspects must be considered.

Wear of technology

What if you put hot? True, the technique can break? In order to understand matters, you should study the principle of operation of the cooling device. Of the two most common freezing systems (drip and “No Frost”), know Frost more persistent to such loads. But over time, if you often practice cooling hot soup, the technique will first cool worse and at the end will refuse to perform its functions. With an increase in temperature in the device, the motor receives a signal that you need to work in excess of the norm and fails premature.

Bad influence

The second question is about the freshness of products that are already in the refrigerator. If you put a hot pan in the department, it will immediately begin to secrete heat and steam. This adversely affect stored food. She heats up again, then begins to cool again. This is especially harmful to perishable products, for example, dairy, chilled meat, etc. D. In some food, under such conditions, harmful bacteria may appear, the use of which can cause diseases.

Change in taste

Does the taste of the hottest dish are changed in the refrigerator? Yes. Housewives know secrets prohibiting to quickly cool the dishes. For example, unheated milk will curl up, and pastries will settle. These are the most common knowledge, but not all. Some housewives claim that the dish should cool at room temperature, otherwise it will not infuse, and its aroma will disappear. Therefore, before putting hot products in the refrigerator, you should remember the possible change in their taste and aroma.

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When the hostess decides to put the disguised dishes in the refrigerator, they begin to intensively release heat and steam, as a result of which condensation appears. It adversely affects the operation of the device, especially with the drip system. At first, hooks form on the back wall, a crust of ice appears in the future, which can lead to overheating of the motor and breakdown of the technique. At best, you will have to carry out an unscheduled defrosting of the device. The situation is better with the No Frost system: ice is not formed there, but there is an additional load if you constantly put hot dishes in the refrigerator.

Damage of dishes and shelves

In addition to the main reasons, there are also others that not everyone pays attention to. Each buyer chooses household appliances not only in terms of technical characteristics, but also for internal filling: someone is convenient for some glass shelves, someone-metal lattices. But they can deteriorate if you put a hot pot. The upper layer of the grilles can mourn and become unsuitable. Shelves, even if they are made of hardened glass, can fly up. Favorite cup and other dishes can also deteriorate. Due to sharp temperatures, the enamel cracks, the paint breaks off.

How the refrigerator works

The equipment was created in order to extend the shelf life of food: many products in the cold may not deteriorate so fast. Here, in order to cool in the summer, you can remove the following types of drinks: lemonade, water or juices.

Thus, they will be colder, refreshing. It is better to store in the refrigerators themselves or freezers and that food or drinks that should not warm up (most alcoholic beverages, ice cream).

The principle of operation of the device may vary based on cooling systems. Two types are distinguished today: drip system or “no frost”.

The first works thanks to a special coolant circulating along the back wall. Previously, Freon was mainly used, but then they practically refused to use it: the substance was toxic.

Steam may come from wet food, which when cooling becomes hoarfrost. Когда подобное имеет место, система включается, чтобы позволить инею растаять.

In the lower area there is a special compartment where drops are placed that formed during melting.

The second mechanism can act using fans. They can disperse cold air. A similar solution is more new.

Than the hazardous hot foods for the refrigerator are dangerous

Someone thinks-since the refrigerator, then it produces cold, but this is not so. In the process of cooling the inner area of ​​the device, it takes away heat. As a result of this, if you recall physics, cooling occurs inside the refrigerator. And if you put a pot of hot food in the refrigerator, then the volume of heat grows significantly, which is unacceptable.

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Products with a shower

If the device is powerful and there are many products in it, then from one container with hot, nothing terrible will happen. If there is little food and the unit is low, then heat will begin to diverge through the chamber. The products lying nearby are heated 5 °.10 ° above the norm and will become unusable.

possible, refrigerator

In a situation with a strong refrigerator and a large supply of products, the food temperature will rise by 1 ° 2 °. This is normal. You need to know and the question is whether it is possible to put hot in the refrigerator, it will disappear.

Also, if you put hot food in the refrigerator, it will lose all its beneficial properties. This applies to aggregates with a quick cooling system (Samsung, Atlant). And the food placed in plastic containers may be completely harmful to health.

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If the dishes with hot foods are covered loosely, steam will come out of there. In the closed space of the camera, he will not go anywhere. Turning into small drops of water, it will settle on the walls and turn into hoarfling. Here you will have to unlearn the defrost. Otherwise the unit will not work stably.

Damage of dishes

Those who are in a hurry to cool hot food faster, an unpleasant surprise can wait. From sharp temperature drops, chips or cracks will appear on the dishes. What is even worse, it can just burst and the remaining products will suffer. Glass shelves will also not be delighted when they put a hot container on them.

Wear of technology

What else will happen if you put hot soup in the refrigerator. The compressor wear may occur. In refrigerators with an inverter system, it functions on an ongoing basis, but at low speed. In non.Inverter modifications, the compressor works with stops so that there is always a suitable temperature in the cells.

Due to the excessive load, unpleasant things can happen:

  • Tipping tubes with Freon.
  • A burned out bulb.
  • In refrigerators with the No Frost function, fans may break.

If the refrigerant overheats, then the power consumption of the refrigerator will take off, and the products will be poorly cooled.

Electricity overspending

In all refrigerators there is a sensor responsible for the temperature. The work of the compressor depends on it, turning it on and off. If hot food is in the chamber, the temperature in it strives for high and the compressor works in more intense mode.

In inverter units, the speed of the compressor, in this case, higher. Ordinary refrigerators, in general, work continuously. To cool a three-liter pan with hot soup, the refrigerator needs to be spent on 74-99 watts of electricity more than usual. Forgetting, you can put a couple of times hot in the refrigerator. But if you do this constantly, the electricity account at the end of the month can upset.

The danger of damage

Modern refrigerators are equipped with glass shelves, and partitions are plastic. Installation of hot dishes on the shelf is fraught with cracks. Arising due to the temperature difference. The plastic coating can be deformed as a result of contact with hot capacity. Such embarrassment can happen in inexpensive refrigerators. There the plastic is not of high quality.

It is necessary to prepare for the fact that in such a situation, no one will do repairs under the guarantee. Shelves or partitions deteriorated due to improper operation, and therefore the warranty ticket is invalid.

Neighboring products will deteriorate

And here everything is wrong. Even a five.Liter pot of melting will not be able to harm neighbors on a shelf. Their temperature does not reach the one that bacteria is needed for reproduction, and this is 20 degrees. To make the dish cool faster, pour or put it into small containers.

Yes, this can be, but it is nothing. This trouble does not threaten modern refrigerators, the danger of hot is relevant only for old models. Now, if you have a Soviet refrigerator “Mir” in your country, save it, cool your borsch in a basin with ice before putting it in the freezer.

If you put something hotter in an old refrigerator, then a lot of heted is formed on the evaporator, which will entail a violation of the sensors. And this will already cause temperature surges inside the refrigerator. Sensors can even fail. In modern models, hot food can only increase electricity consumption, because the refrigerator will not turn off longer.

New technologies

In our high.Tech age there are refrigerators that can withstand a sharp fluctuation in temperatures. To make sure that you have purchased just such a technique, you should carefully study the instructions. It should indicate that in your device there is a system “West Frost” or “No-Frost”. Modern technology allows you to selectively cool products, which means that it interacts only with those products that are the temperature that exceeds the permissible.

The superfluorous option also appeared. There is a special compartment that does not allow warm couples to spread through the apparatus, which prevents harm to the refrigerator and other products.

The refrigerator may break

In the instructions for each refrigerator, it is written in black and white: to put hot food in it. Of course, if this happened once or twice, you may not notice any changes, but if you regularly “face your foreheads” refrigerator and not cooled food, then sooner or later the technique will fail.

possible, refrigerator

If you are afraid that the dish will deteriorate (and this is really possible), cool it in a water or ice bath, or wrap a towel moistened with ice water. Well, or divide into several servings and place each in a separate bowl. So the food will cool much faster. Finally, if it’s cool outside, and you have a loggia or a balcony in your apartment, you can safely send a hot pot.

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