Is it possible to clean the pool with a detergent vacuum cleaner

possible, clean, pool, detergent, vacuum, cleaner

Is it possible to clean the pool with a detergent vacuum cleaner

Considering the remedy for detergents, you need to first distinguish more all.Outness brands. Cleans are divided into watery and dust.Like compositions. Any of the presented brands contains both varieties.

  • Whirpool is a recognizable South American manufacturer of household appliances, which now has several branches throughout the country. Washing vacuum cleaners began to produce exclusively at the end of the 20th century. Specifically for them, dust.Like products for a vacuum cleaner were developed, which in the upcoming modernized in watery shampoos. They can be used not only for the same technique, and other grades of vacuum cleaners.
  • Topperr. German detergents that are used to clean furniture, carpets, floor, windows and the whole house in general. In the main tool, they allow you to perform classic wet cleaning, water have an antistatic and anti.Allergic effect.

Topperr shampoos are the most popular

Each of the brands contain detergents and powders for vacuum cleaners, which allow you to rapidly and perfectly clean the cleaning.

How the vacuum cleaner works in the pool

The developers of devices for water purification combined two technical ideas: the vacuum cleaner itself and aquafilter itself. The resulting device is so simple in design that most home masters will be able to create a vacuum cleaner for the pool with their own hands.

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According to the principle of action, the devices are divided into:

The former act on manual force, they are used to clean small containers. Large pools are best processed with electric or other drive devices (for example, from an internal combustion engine, if there are no electricity sources in the summer cottage).

A manual vacuum cleaner for pools consists of a bar with a nozzle. To the nozzle, in shape resembling a brush from a conventional vacuum cleaner, a bag for garbage and hose for pumping water is attached. The liquid circulates due to muscular efforts, passes through a bag, on the inner walls of which all the dirt settles.

Mechanical models are arranged similarly, but the pressure in the system that promotes water movement is created by the engine. Modern vacuum cleaners for cleaning pools generally resemble classic models with a bag on the handle. The drive is attached here, so it is easy to control with such a machine and just for the hostess.

For large volumes, you can buy a special robot that effectively copes with its duties, and does not require human participation. Robots can work both at the bottom and on the walls of the pools.

Cleaning methods. Than to arrange?

Many people think that it is easy to replace water. But this method has a lot of shortcomings. Firstly, this approach is relevant for small containers. And constantly draining a few cubes is quite problematic. Secondly, all microbes will remain on the walls of the tank and will live in a clean, in your opinion, water. Thirdly, the temperature of the updated fluid is unpleasant for bathing, and you will have to wait until it heats up. And, fourthly, today water is one of the most valuable resources for which you need to pay. Based on all of the above, it is clear that this method is not only uneconomical, but also ineffective.

Effective physical cleaning, that is, the use of underwater vacuum cleaners and special devices. With their help, you can remove visible mechanical particles. But this is not enough, they get rid of smaller impurities through filtering. There are several types of cleaning installations. Sand filters occupy a leading position due to the low cost. In this case, the filter element is quartz sand and gravel. They need to replace once every few years.

Excellent degree of cleaning can boast diatomic installations. In them, filtration occurs by diatomic mixture. They delay particles of several microns in size. The disadvantages include only too high cost. The optimal option is a cartridge filter. Several cartridges are located inside the case and remove particles up to 10 microns in size. They are more effective compared to sand settings, and are much cheaper than diatomic. Plus some reusable cartridges.

possible, clean, pool, detergent, vacuum, cleaner

But there is little to clear water from mechanical impurities, because the organisms living in it are a real danger. It is impossible to fight them with your own hands, but the technique will help us. Electrophysical methods of disinfection are highly effective. These include ozonation, ionization with silver or copper and ultraviolet irradiation. All these methods are absolutely safe for the human body. But this will require special expensive equipment.

Ozone is an active form of oxygen and is able to decompose harmful bacteria. However, only the liquid is disinfected, but the microbes settled on the walls of the pool may well survive. Installations for ionization of water consist of electrodes, a direct current passes between them, and as a result, ions are formed. Water passes through the camera where these electrodes are placed, and all microorganisms in it die. Ultraviolet radiation changes the structure of the cell of bacteria and algae, which contributes to their destruction.

How to clean water in an inflatable pool in the country

The first option for cleaning an inflatable pool is a mechanical. For its implementation, they use:

Maximum automation greatly simplifies the solution of current problems, but involves certain costs. The brushes are chosen soft. They should effectively clean and not damage the walls. This applies to the option with the barbell and the nozzles for the vacuum cleaner.

Bar and net. A budget option, depending on the model

Funds for cleaning inflatable pools contain the following components:

The most expensive tool for cleaning water in an inflatable pool is active oxygen, the rest are cheaper, sold in any pharmacy. Do not exceed the dosages, as this will negatively affect the characteristics of water, can cause allergies and even damage the design of an artificial reservoir.

  • Strict adherence to the instructions is mandatory;
  • For storage of substances, you need to choose dry places protected from the sun;
  • You can not mix different chemicals at the same time;
  • The remnants of chemicals are not poured into the ground, it is harmful to plants.

With a film coating, concentrates are not used, they negatively affect the surface, can damage it. Tablets, if cleaning is planned with their use, is pre.Dissolved in water in a separate container. The calculation of the amount of funds is made taking into account the area.

Why clean the water and walls in the pool

Proper care extends the service life of the pool without overhaul and breakdowns. How to clean the pool correctly so that it pleases all summer?

What filters are there

The filtration system is one of the main nodes without which the operation of any vacuum cleaner is impossible, whether it be a robot, a washing or ordinary apparatus for dry cleaning. In primary filters, large and fine garbage settles, non.Filters delay the smallest dust dust and protect the engine from pollution. Starting to clean the vacuum cleaner at home, first of all, vacuumers are washed or shaken. If this is not done in time, the absorption of the device will decrease and the quality of cleaning will decrease.

Filters are several types, and each requires special care.

  • A vacuumber in the form of a fabric or paper bag is the most familiar and common filter type. It can be disposable or reusable. In the first case, we are talking about paper packages, which when filling out require a replacement. Fabric bag as a filter can be used as many times as you like. When filling the fabric vacuum cleaner, the garbage is shaken out, and the fabric is washed with a detergent.

Water filter is a plastic container filled with water. The absorbed dust enters the liquid, gets wet and settles at the bottom of the container. To clean the filter, you need to pour dirty water and rinse the plastic container under the crane. In a vacuum cleaner with a cyclone filter, contaminated air passes through a special container in which dust and garbage are compacted and settled. To clean such a filter, it is enough just to shake it and rinse the grooves and excavations in the structure with clean water, and then dry it. The manufacturer recommends doing this work after each cleaning. Negro filters are designed to detain microparticles up to 0.3 μm in size. They protect the engine from dust and purify the air thrown out by the vacuum cleaner into the room. These elements also require cleaning.For the manufacture of disposable negligns, use paper or fiberglass. They cannot be washed, but you can shake or vacuum. If the thin cleaning filter has been used for a long time and is strongly contaminated, it is better to change it.

Reusable negligns are made from fluoroplast, so they can be washed. To clean the filter, along with a cassette for several minutes, soaked in a warm soap solution, after which it is washed with running water and well dried.

Varieties of filters used in modern models:

  • Synthetic or paper bag. Can be disposable (thrown out after each cleaning) or reusable (you can wash);
  • Cyclone. Is a system of a large container for the collection of dust, large particles of garbage and several plates, sponges designed for filtration;
  • Modern highly effective filters of thin cleaning (Neo), which purify the air of pollution, allergens by almost 100%. Such filters are used in cyclone and simple models, can be disposable and reusable;
  • Aquafilters (water). During cleaning, dust is moistened with water and gathered at the bottom of the container.

Is it possible to clean the pool with a detergent vacuum cleaner?

If your pond is constantly overgrown with silt, seeds and leaves of trees fall into it, to clean the bottom and walls, it is worth using a water vacuum cleaner. The principle of operation of the unit is the same as when cleaning the premises, only instead of air the dragged water leaves the device from the other side.

The use of the filter that goes with the pool; catching large garbage from the surface of the water with a special device. A set; the use of chemical solutions that disinfect a hydraulic structure; Mandatory cleaning of the bottom and walls of the pool from the formed plaque.

Chemical methods

The use of chemistry is an effective, simple, fast and inexpensive method. These drugs can be released in the form:

Chemical cleaning allows you to disinfect water, get rid of algae, other extraneous particles. At the same time, it is important to monitor the optimal PH value.

  • Chlorination is one of the most popular and budget methods. This is the most effective option with a high t water (from 28 ° C).
  • Chlorination provides high quality procedure and prolonged effect: the action lasts some time after the completion of the cleaning.
  • The disadvantages of this method are an unpleasant odor, the possible occurrence of allergic reactions. Also, when using chlorine, water hardness increases.

The drug is most often produced in the form of powder, slowly soluble tablets. Brom. An excellent choice for closed structures of small volume and hydromassage pools. Limited solubility prevents him from effectively cope with significant liters. Therefore, it is often used in combination with chlorine. This substance relieves water from organic impurities, kills viruses, bacteria, fungus.

  • This is a hypoallergenic agent that does not irritate the mucous membranes and skin. Other advantages. The lack of irritating odor, neutral reaction pH.
  • A significant drawback is the high cost.

Active oxygen

The drug cleans water well without changing its properties. The use of this tool is justified in the presence of a small pool.

Active oxygen is ineffective in warm water (above 28 ° C). This drug must be used in a strictly dosed amount. It contains hazardous substances: CL, HCl, arsenic, formaldehyde. Therefore, the product is undesirable to use for a long time. An increase in chemicals contained in a solution does not in the best way affect the skin.

Cleansing should be planned at night, because after the completion of the procedure it is better not to go into the water for some time.

Hydrogen peroxide

This is a fast.Acting drug that provides a long effect. Peroxide makes water sterile and transparent. For pools, you will not need a solution from a home first.Aid kit, but a special composition. They differ in the percentage of the active substance 3% versus 37% in the drug to improve water quality. It can be found in a liquid, powder or tablet form.

possible, clean, pool, detergent, vacuum, cleaner

In contact with water, the drug emits active oxygen that has a disinfectant effect. Due to this reaction, there is also a bleaching of algae. Consumers are attracted by the lack of a pungent odor and hypoallergenicity of this tool.


As the name of the product, it helps to fight algae, which is also called cyanobacteria. The drug also prevents the development of the fungus.

Measures such as the use of chlorine and regular water replacement do not fully solve the problem. Most cyanobacteria remain viability due to the presence of a protective membrane. Under the influence of algicides, the cell membrane dissolves, and organisms become vulnerable to the attack of aggressive substances. These drugs are also recommended to be used in order to prevent the appearance of algae.

Coagulants and floculants

Coagulants and floculants allow us to eliminate the smallest particles of pollution, which the filter cannot cope with. Similar drugs glue the sorcini among themselves. As a result, a kind of flakes are formed, the size of which allows them to filter or eliminate them mechanically. The reagents differ among themselves by the mechanism of action and the value of the received compounds. Floculants lead to the formation of a larger sediment.

To achieve the best effect, it is recommended to use cartridges with coagulants. They are installed in the filter, which ensures constant water purification.

PH levels to maintain

The optimal hydrogen indicator is 7.2-7.4. At the same time, a slightly alkaline environment is created that provides effective disinfection, good condition of the skin and equipment.

  • Prevent the formation of lime plaque on the bowl and pipes;
  • Will minimize corrosion of metal elements of equipment;
  • Will protect the skin and eyes from irritation;
  • Will determine the economical consumption of disinfectants.

To bring the acid-base balance, you can use special drugs to normal: pH and pH-. From folk remedies, baking soda is suitable for increasing the indicator, and hydrochloric acid is suitable for lowering.

Washing the frame pool using household chemicals and mini-muscles is easy. Experts consider ozoning and processing with ultraviolet radiation with silver and copper plates the most effective and safe cleaning methods. Before wintering, wash the frame pool.

The pool must be constantly careful and devoted to it a lot of time. Timely disinfection and daily filtration of water allows you to maintain a reservoir clean. At night, we cover the lids, so that the foliage does not fall, and extraneous garbage does not fall.

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We were tormented with a filter that walked with a frame pool. I had to purchase a new sand from 20 kg. The pleasure is expensive, I’ll tell you frankly. But the effect was very pleased with us. Very reduces the use of chemistry, t. To. Children are mostly bathed, this is very pleasing to us. We clean with the means of cleaning the pool and Kerher.

possible, clean, pool, detergent, vacuum, cleaner
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